GMA LIVE! (02.05.14)

Ginger and Amy try out gourmet burgers and chat with paralympian Rico Roman.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.05.14)
-- ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now -- -- stated GMA. Yeah -- season it's always get I think some -- a little. You don't which ends in May live -- now hello here for a short time yet -- a plane in just a moment and -- and for your birthday this is my favorite. Stories that you're going to Sochi -- the final destination race. But along the where are we -- I will be spending my 41 birthday in Frankfurt Germany airport and very excited about duty free shopping hot on the give up about what congress is -- -- -- -- it's about 24 hours you take a lay overs and how to get there and it's just not an easy place to get to. And apparently people are -- from their screening and their hotel rooms because the headline today which is so awesome on the day you're about to leave. Is that the waters Browner a school I only emboldened with the color they -- said. And on drinkable and someone said that the hotel told them. When it does the when the water comes back on again -- was -- while it is unsafe to put on your face. There might isn't it -- -- I don't know let's not find out I'm so anyway we've gotten bottled water coming to be -- Robbie. Washing my feet and brushing my seat with car sound like a mile trip that he -- that -- -- on what -- just like my fortieth head its Olympic -- give -- can give at all it is getting exciting there's a lot of great stories to tell teen USA were -- federal watching last since increase Segal when a great name outbreak so I'm I feel privileged gone -- exercise is going to be. An adventure getting there -- so wish me luck every one as we've got you know you known. The icu and -- coming and speaking of whether it is. National weather persons national. Until he's hosting debt forgive five -- -- irony is that my gift I had four inches of snow this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe it doesn't and -- -- Frankfurt Germany for my birthday right not that you ought to stick it. JFK this. Hundreds apparently and -- haven't any of the latest something going on I'll make it the second inning. An idiot yeah OK so what do we -- -- national out of prison David talked about I -- -- it's all the other so whether yet and honored that you bison when you -- what we're we're gonna get you lovely -- it's an old hand shot at him on. Who doesn't like to look at. Well I'll tell themselves and nighttime look what is that you're certain that nineteen you now have been -- to laugh about it. -- Three that's amazing that you know that yet well I know because I looks at home health. -- look at what horrible how you can see the whole thing because I've got that flexing my looks nice that an electric -- casual corner jacket and -- Seattle are. And anybody -- that had black button down and I think islands in the seven of these that there vet told her about did you have matching cobalt blue island and -- I of course -- and I as you can affect the other -- of -- that -- put you know when we didn't play in the corners who don't know why but and any and I think tank here and you know those earrings I had until like last year they were the fish. They looked like schindler's. Well a group from Michigan that makes a lot of spent zero eastern Michigan -- you'll be all we -- -- have. We also have for you this murders is nothing better than -- -- -- -- -- -- Nina what is -- and we're looking at though they are celebrating their fifth anniversary -- Smith find varieties of burger they yeah. Congress do now getting to know how one gets their mouth around one of -- -- -- -- you simply say that because that is part of a study that we're going to get to. -- and let's be let's see what these burgers are all about what -- we lived there originally to should talking mushroom caramelized onions roasted tomato parmesan Chris and a house made the mommy had chopped up and then there's been neck and -- -- is. What this is this is the tuna. Is I thought he burger -- -- Hand chopped he'd tune crush avocado -- the -- -- -- -- truffle burgers and sun and bacon on it -- this -- believe that's what we do an army yeah. And we find out which one we want -- this -- -- Secret Service and yes yes -- last couldn't have breakfast I thought it only on national -- you -- what do you attack by just that. It's so it's probably in my -- -- powdered sugar mommy Naples -- syrup. -- the air be issued though Obama got everything that's like an elephant here. And -- up with the meat and -- penis let's play that I love it I had and didn't you know every love the burger I've got to be honest I usually. Try to do the fun -- may be cut a little have a bad burger eater but apparently there is -- way to do it. And that's -- we wanted to bring him. Philly so funny -- -- ascent because they really did know you're about to show us -- that -- -- you're gonna -- -- was just explaining to me and that it you know most people just -- the full line. But I guess you're supposed to -- it. I've read here yeah the -- is under OK. Wow the proper way and let's keep it works a -- I call it. Wow that's and that's -- sugar on it didn't do what imitate life salty -- them. I'm me that that's pretty rich sorry I didn't know that the -- -- Bridge. Quiet I'm not only did this is nearly holed up like this with your -- is yes but if it makes sense here I haven't seen I have done. I'm still gonna hold the burger together it's I never thank -- -- I was gonna teach me so much. Now we need ended the -- well now man they -- shots of meetings this. I thought I fear that OK it's kind of nice people that are so we've got to play of the day extra -- -- which is fine and we've got one great dad who is willing to teaches kids the importance of keeping your word he and his son Jacob. That about -- -- there was no you can see who lost. I'm not cut your dad going into the ice -- -- Maybe he just wanted to did did he almost ended -- he put those on -- -- on those and then in the video did have a different parents assigned on after news. Again that's all I have done it yet might look at it again -- like -- thank -- screens -- -- don't -- -- -- -- -- Like that -- it. I think -- and can you kind of you know -- an event that's great. Or not ethics committee just hold onto and then yes put on YouTube an -- Arafat about it or investor son. And I and I -- percent of boys and and we do have a very special had a -- day this morning this one dedicated my best buddy Otis he turned twelve yesterday what does that happy and it -- that 84 years. Human years. I admire what the -- and that's amazing that everything and I'm gonna bring it up at the and that this -- -- trying to take itself he with and he does not love love I've got to tell you. That there on his -- he doesn't like -- says he's the only dog that makes you. Make him happy if I'm very funny -- yeah. But I love them so much so I got a lot of great birthday wishes in return and we got snapshots. From other folks as Connolly yesterday it was. All of Sarah has sent this one and -- -- -- her Pug friend there out of we we had the same -- -- -- and then this one is from Mike. But Vaughn just turned eleven last month he says he still thinks he's three which is really great. -- calls us friendship with -- one that absolutely is second. And none and it got to agree that's the that would be overwhelming theme of everybody right back -- yourself lucky to have target for the nice feeling -- all of our little friends and that means -- well happy birthday to -- and an alternate blue monkeys I don't know and grasslands I think he's being asked in like months. It for myself I just had to like -- -- talk about weather one more time -- for so sick of winter how many more days secure safe -- my friend 43 days till spring might not sound good -- anybody else for the that's the long ago month and then a little bit -- All right well you know we should mention there's only three days or -- is to be opening. Opening ceremonies of -- exciting -- there and Levy that is going to be exciting and it's you know about a way I can't wait to get so she can but it's like fifty pickup. I cannot make enough good warmup at the Winter -- can't wait to leave -- you are blue did tell you speaking -- It's about an incredible story name is Rico Roman. And in 2007. Staff sergeant Roman was nearing the end of his third deployment to Iraq when his humvee was hit by a roadside bomb and ultimately. That would make -- -- one of his legs and then one day he was introduced to the sport of sled hockey which ignited passion. And is given Rico another chance this is amazing to represent the country he put his life on the line -- we -- honored -- As we near the Olympics apparently the -- there are in March to have with us here -- the first war wounded veteran on the US paralympics sled hockey team. Given up -- If so then I -- So a -- want to talk about what happens you do you didn't even realize at first that you were badly injured. -- With every setback you know Liberty Mutual has this thing where you know you have a chance to comeback and rise up from that and so. Yes -- I was running a vehicle checkpoint. And after this -- this vehicle checkpoint we're all -- up armored humvees and sometimes it gave clues wires on the ground. Bomb big bomb right in the middle of the road are taking me maybe even nobody in the wrote -- -- Five to -- didn't see any be signed that day and my vehicle struck Friday and had sustained injuries to both my left and right leg and ultimately. Having to. Do an amputation of my left leg but none of these other things would have happened if that when that happens so. Time now -- my way to -- rested. 46. Will be the official -- by we had. I had a Colorado of the -- -- our training up some more easy. And oklahomans -- -- I'm just be okay. -- let me ask you because Powell what is the road. -- it's not normal again because it's a new normal but what is the road like to get to where you are now. It's it's -- it's rocky -- you know but. I I think my family you know definitely -- my wife my my kids. They definitely motivated me the most to get -- -- of that bed and get right back to work in just meanwhile was before so. I couldn't do without them that's studying -- Out of the bed you've got a line. Sheets of ice -- Gardiner a little bit happened -- that -- -- -- I was doing my rehab I was doing. One that's gonna MS 150 a -- -- a 150 miles than we did it on hand cycle where you pedal with your arms. And from there they asked -- -- should come into the sport of sled hockey. And at first I was really -- I don't come from a hockey stadium with and never watch hockey never played hockey but I wouldn't try to mountain was hooked instantly. How the camaraderie -- that -- locker room we have an all better team there in San Antonio. And it was just an amazing feeling being a part of the team again. You imagine what could be like -- to compete with your teammates I don't think it's hit media I don't think it's getting -- -- killer on the ice. And you know everybody's cheering and you hear those national -- those playing. And the Zamboni come to cut the I think it's time I I think that's politically chances do you think you vehicle I think we can giggled and taken to a and that -- -- -- -- just like this second that's amazing feeling. I believe I've gotten a win gold medal with the team in Norway against the other national teams and that I'm instances of great feeling you know almost feel like you're gonna -- -- -- you know they'll they'll. In -- it's still amazing to share your story to see you how far you've come because everyone so many of us are all facing different like challenges that were unexpected and happened. In an instant what what is -- -- message to people. In terms of which is motivating yourself for one. Foot in front of the other exact and to keep going into reached feared it was no matter what has happened no matter what adversity you're facing because there's something you had to put yourself to to get to where you are. I think so I just little -- you know and then don't taking thru granite. Be happy with what you've gotten you know how -- Carter what you want and always tell yourself you can get it and it'll happen. We are still rooting for you -- thinking -- -- can't wait for your time thank you. We're looking forward to it and then -- he's coming it will lead with a -- silly because I'm. -- -- -- -- Thanks to a move to Miami -- -- we won't want to wreck that listening to anyone here they. -- everybody for joining us today hope you have a wonderful and safe one -- all this mess and you still miss lady pundits that Xena. Happy travels and almost birthday -- that. Haven't CNN live for today in the right here saying yeah. Imagine.

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