GMA LIVE! (02.06.14)

Jared Axen, nurse at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, receives nurse of the year award.
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.06.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives it all starts now live backstage at GMA. And I. Man I'm -- your favorite moment and this moment. Yes you're not seeing double if not -- -- I'm just one line in the exact same -- I say it's a tough 19 I have so much fashion take them Italians could try to get -- -- button here and it ended it flaps if you don't and it broke -- and it's very. I'm glad we're having this experience -- that everybody. Did you know it -- national -- your verdict it. And no that's true and if we really need another reason to celebrate but on her that very important holiday all our friends yeah he'd let us borrow one of their frozen yogurt machines for the any I want I want -- at my house. -- -- -- -- -- -- This isn't immediately cheese cake and eat that that is -- the ice cream sandwich play there who cares where residents who is looking at the -- right England. Yes. That's okay the rising and what if that Ellen look beautiful -- I think out what do you -- yesterday cheesecake. How -- you are -- little balladares is I never understood the sugar the patriots yet they're about -- -- Because -- -- -- can kind of you hurt your younger. Well let's just where things that -- still Womack. Okay this is the main thing that -- it's our way to get all of you have some -- like some court. In front of the units so rooted really stand here -- now we also gives you a magenta colored top that he line. We have police get a saying -- may appeal -- -- here I -- -- did you watch him having me. I just recently he got into it I'm not caught up but if you're not able to afford. -- coldly down -- -- really honestly who is. Now even us commoners have a shot at where and one of the probably at least crowning -- of the 45 carat diamonds here -- -- nearly -- Mary. At her wedding is now available for rent for a -- I'm here. 2000 dollars. But the problem here this it's a little catch here is there's actually security deposit of 200000. Dollars so it's really the wanted to see more -- and it has it. I'm parents I'm -- -- looked up until forever what I don't like -- love that. People you when you're here we what Trace at one of us to borrow our -- I'm all about looking like lady Mary although I don't think we have seen bodies -- -- -- it. I don't think -- I earning another -- of -- I she looks beautiful and it and blood match what you're -- -- -- it can beat Seattle opened here are working on -- beach. That's apparently where at any time here and I do agree -- -- -- making. Now where -- we getting out as a weakness redolent facing this has given us. And I'm about your restraints when -- -- be happy and say hi. -- and then -- borrowed. A borrowed and hair cropped hair come gas from -- -- oh yeah something -- -- leaving -- little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It took a little pop of color yes yes we we do love that and weddings and we have so much really cut back. Often waits -- great thing -- nothing. I thought that -- -- close. Yeah that's embarrassing you know -- that I ended it entirely the lat night. Only last night away terrorists and -- we wanna do a little agency we haven't got -- a couple days -- period -- -- time for the Forrest Griffin -- That it went. In this -- and -- -- that singing. -- -- This thing that we even tell you about freezing temperatures and you know all of that to slam in the country if the little things though that have brought us warm this winter -- -- -- got in Arkansas. A severe winter weather you know got out there and you -- -- at eight he gets up -- very carefully. If brown and -- his -- Yeah contingents -- But -- want to fight it would seem like common sense but. -- just broke -- see what I think it's broken already the actual it's only -- -- I want. I don't know how unsafe it is I think you for that -- -- don't think yet because I do think there is some other -- we have here here. A little more like anything kindred she yelled at -- I am already rated it sound like an -- to me that one -- times. Let's get a little -- that yeah. She held that is the old school back -- -- They parted trying to on the ground that I keep thinking I should ask you wouldn't I would be -- -- public -- to did you in nineteen. And that. That was pretty adamantly and within cheerleading yes but not like independently gymnasts and sometimes reconsider -- media can still -- it and then I imagine the damage is jumping backwards on your head and that could leave a mark then it would and that. Often got elated there I think that we're gonna try -- later of the beast. But rather the so we have -- -- -- -- this is really really adorable if you're Dan Harris especially because Harlem now how I think he loves cats. But this -- her kittens play in the -- can all. It's like finding an Abbas doesn't look like a -- I guess it does. Or vintage footage as the sentence could pick up. And the furniture kind of thing you haven't got their eyes on each and there is really not a Mary not know how it goes out -- out and -- and we're back. And we're back -- of the Connecticut if you -- busy definitely take days it's been on snow days and around the kittens there. That's really don't have -- -- you wanna get a cat even though we're dog people practice and then in 89 naming next time. You know. And we also have a really sweet story when it comes to singing many people considered a passion but when it comes -- -- -- -- passion that's where you'll find here at accident he's a registered -- he's using music therapy with this patients -- singing them. He's able to simply make your day better and it's very sweet -- And his time. News. Let's and new hair man this and -- slow -- he. -- -- -- -- being. Used. -- -- -- Jerry acts and welcome Larry. -- did take requests. Sometimes not very good Lady Gaga but I am learning wrecking ball -- that bid -- how different Elvis and -- You know all I'm have always been a singer I. When I started nursing Canada an unseen lows giving medications are walking on the floor and I didn't actually tenant. Think about it just happens right -- so patients would stick their heads outside and so in the hallways and start either question community could bring a little bit closer to them our family members who say he can come seem to grandma so in and being useful tool from there. And you you haven't you can hear the compassion your voice when you do it and then when -- just talking out something that's and you. Hadn't have you looked at I think it's hard because in hospitals the patients don't might have advocates especially I think of older folks may -- who don't have family left. That breaks my heart and I don't know if that was the case that the video that we're seeing the DC that a lot of times where you are there. You are -- person. You can see that a lot of -- nods as -- -- sure you kind of feeling whatever role you need to be seeking media. Two years. There waiter on the mend that bush sure they needed -- can -- their family members they needed and he really is. -- -- the stimulus was -- us. And I have to say as a woman seeing a guy seeing -- it really doesn't matter where winner how. And anything you ever put a little extra -- in -- -- -- east. -- There's always morphine. Anyone who helps others in hospitals the place that makes me feel super uncomfortable -- IA and for -- -- heartfelt thank you so much campaign. -- -- Tell -- some nice knowing you can follow Jared on Twitter actually get your act nurse you're singing nurse. And that he put some nice little story you can even in a touch of his hand in the way he like reaches in looks right -- -- that. -- -- -- -- beautiful art contests not thank you so much thank you for joining about the twins today we think. Explaining it to get some some frozen yogurt thank you to -- -- -- and and 9 AM tomorrow and any syllable -- at 7 AM this is GMA -- yeah. I think everybody.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jared Axen, nurse at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, receives nurse of the year award.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22402544","title":"GMA LIVE! (02.06.14)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-020614-22402544"}