GMA LIVE! (02.12.14)

Ginger Zee and Linzie Janis play around with some of the toys featured at the International Toy Fair.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.12.14)
GMA lives. It all starts now live -- stated GMA. -- I have no idea where you didn't -- do you explain how can we are supposed to be inspired by the hurling cans of -- donations right. And then sell I thought at home what I had that in the CDC -- like crazy and you I had to have this at home as it clearly -- not wild enough. I'm like hey I don't know how to make me wanna be liberal -- Could be really helpful in night -- I don't feel about -- We love them he hired hitting he's -- -- -- yeah. Seven -- would. But he can't leave the traffic around him but -- love guns and they -- I'll bet they. And helped out pretty well doesn't see it less than one of the most bizarre sports I have to say is gonna -- yet and that kind of in the real Lindsay Janice. -- -- -- -- Everyone behind us look at their highly. Ever how to -- feeling comfortable about there. -- Yeah and this out for the -- in Latin get a lot of extra is that without. Her. The academy announcing that the Tony award winning. Then they didn't tell India and -- and balance. Can't yet -- is hot as it's time to change -- That it tendency -- -- I'm frozen you haven't nominated for original song why. And then happy which we all know very well that I'm from yeah yeah -- -- -- Ordinary love and -- Mandela along walk to freedom -- and then the -- song from her -- I have seen you have AM didn't have got a lot of love that movie from. Also should mention that Disney is the parent company that ABC news and don't forget an -- into the -- isn't. Aren't second it is that's. The movie right here -- I know and I I. -- worked my way through them before the Oscars personally -- still what have you seen. I -- twelve years is played out -- that's only when I haven't seen I think that was what got Abbott and get back. About Wednesday just a couple of days away and of course the proposals are kicking into high gear -- one that looks like something straight out of a movie. -- she's getting -- -- levels -- -- -- she lands at the airport in Los Angeles her boyfriend Austin. Behind the whole thing staging of the elaborate proposal helped the talented musician friends and here she is she -- out his -- musician friends. He is singing one of the six songs that often has written probably over the course of their wanna happier relationship. A portion of each song -- sung by each of his friends here and then they cut -- in the direction where she's about. Next then he had Austin. -- knows what happened. But I mean -- and think how long distance relationship we're told roughly half of the morning happier to see -- she walked that airport a few times 800. And this often. What -- ham hot and yes. Now this of the new -- this -- the new song me and you know has written perhaps I'm my cast. And down and one needs a point and this isn't he a lot of African. And -- -- I'm thinking hearts and have him back. So he hasn't he hadn't done enough damn thing. We've got an arm. That -- happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- Miliband. I know I'm -- means that you got that. -- -- Newbury Street and militants in the glove. Wendy Libby had not been devastated I don't know we got yesterday was fabulous. -- out of -- this morning knowing -- what's going. 52 carat diamond ring something that would you like that that kind of engagement -- I have to say I have to say no for them. Could be -- until -- enough with the cameras on you know anything in fact. It's just me lineup some pets and my dot. Himself he doesn't like cameras but we of course love the -- and then that still -- credit that they now a lot of people here in the northeast. Are bracing for another snowstorm had been telling me about it all morning that everybody happy about it but they've got -- in the minds. At adorable lion cubs. Just for elf visited central Oregon zoo is a five month old cubs are winning -- -- -- seniors and -- an -- says they can't get enough that. And that they might have now created a new sports. For the next Olympics of course -- no wrestling. You would do that you plant but -- -- and the GMA addition to opening up I can Wear my one they pick -- really yet with the isn't it with Otis would be so afraid of any other animal facing that hearing I would -- -- there. He would I think he would we keep getting on a pack of lions couldn't get enough of -- -- Comes that uneasy -- kind of it's an alone man yeah snow -- via central and Everett as. The frontlines affair I have to say I'm glad that I'm not gotten honoring them islands say that because that she's been so hopeful I'll yet but they love it -- -- -- -- up. I don't -- here's. Doesn't love it though right you put a Kodak now -- her. For his shoes and she does not love it and she's like a medium sized so you know -- might -- like. Into the full addressing my dog thing but it's no Mary it's necessary -- yesterday she adequate and she was like shaking like a -- Music it can Trace his dog and juicy details before I can just take all the hair that -- says I -- make something for you may. -- That committee and how lab instead they get -- anybody. Confined blind yeah he also -- in salt and pepper to govern that she'd fairness dictated Novak -- I get the that we got a great guests that we do Foley's yeah. -- -- -- to play with toys I just realized I can't change so this is one and one half -- Without -- guy look yeah. -- break I would you and you -- get ready to. Yeah. I did learn play. -- still haven't American international -- point there is coming to the Javits Center this Sunday and it is the first time the media really gets to see the toys. Better coming up for 2014. But I was able to get my hands on a few samples and prototypes have some of them best toys you're going to say we're gonna start with a little winds. So Howard Stern and count and I -- this is humvee attack. And they're great they're they're known for their educational toys for little kids to this is really thinking -- -- numbers and -- he's hungry dine out. -- -- -- -- -- And I'll ask someone just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. -- -- let me update to me and they didn't let me what happened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think analysts. So really cute everything starts in his belly into physical toll Democrats if -- -- about how part of my alerting developments. Out -- It is everyone's favorite act he said it. As all of the broken twice and now staff makes house calls this is -- we're walking -- -- mobile. Hope -- Singh's talks a lot. I have not had wow. She is adorable like love this it's that everything she needs and come to her friend Lanny. It still want -- doesn't make of diamonds. Now they can pretend -- -- dot. This is there of mobile it's -- talking mobile everything they needed -- -- day. Check out since -- heart minded -- -- we have everything we mean we even have our blue balloons and the front. Many come separate but it's just chocolate everything the kids want to be down next Athens isn't going to be the pack and head -- I -- I am I don't -- -- no no indictment stuck sentiment well a little boy and I have to tell you boys -- Love staff -- -- -- -- letting him her forget it doesn't that they love death and they're gonna love all these things just started -- added that product I. Don't really think that. Hello again -- -- won't -- just came out this weekend's. And it out this let -- stay here. Every minute figure it everyone thought wasn't extraordinary. Master builder Cindy -- him with making showing that he stops. People tightly. From -- of the universe together yeah. I don't know that it could uterus -- just like us so this is our -- look at how it is happy this place on earth. I'm -- and Albert Lord is this evil land so that we create all of their favorite scenes. I'm sure they and then basically that that man and Elena imagination -- telling then his love and Doug love this that everything is -- -- -- two sets that you see them. Robots. Robots are big this year and I want to even meet. Yes we can you tell Clinton it stands for -- isn't pretty but. Angela met the -- had this -- that mr. and Kendall McCrary has. -- print until there are going to be calling him OK so -- is an interactive robot. People were on -- most yeah. But of course we do love robots say he's -- into different modes. But like Harry I haven't not robots can dance. Payment yeah yeah. Yeah. And said he did he admit that -- a dance. He and he's got Bluetooth capabilities you can control devices he's got lots of different modes and his lots of -- and you will see a lot of robots this coming out this next one I want my -- -- the heart pounding air paddy. Yeah is Donny is not these are everywhere to -- not saudis. Aren't zombie noon hour strike use -- -- south. This is mainly my cap guns and Mark McKinnon and mark yeah. I don't -- -- be very different at -- opening at the check it is a great lesson doesn't happen and the unit interface. I'll go out and accept and be printed in the glow in the dark -- -- Jeremy Reich and I happen. And there. -- here everybody. Okay. Yeah. Yeah I'm here but they -- in the market next on the side. We -- -- slight positive in Connecticut I want to do this there let's bring enough. Fact that I had forgotten us and helping not bad day. Yeah I want to talk about the -- I think excellent start her. So this has a great -- -- -- kind of a surfboard design but it just skateboard it's got to Hilton the front. And one Caster -- right yep that's that this is the -- -- Wilson the front and it. Like surf board feeling it's an extreme. Skateboard for kids and they can leave the ocean behind it all that urban search. That you Wear an irony here -- -- -- one which I can't add muscle in the prototype is not bald and other. Absolutely let me -- including blending you know. A -- While but. But that's fact that you you can -- -- of an expert -- -- -- right. This is would be extremely high there. Yeah. This is it that yeah. Well that's dad. Prince -- yeah. And until -- in the second hair out yeah. That's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Might this that this is all going to be coming out and what -- what -- everything's gonna end when he fourteen so some of these holidays like got mixed up it's not amnesty to -- flaw. Hot chocolate and sign up will be taking when he took the ball these -- out for spring. And that -- -- Blisters or help restrain health. A little bit of everything lot of very -- -- -- -- -- said Kelly yeah. Haven't you. Union and may be everywhere and for coming and thank you kidding me and I and we aren't here every morning at 9 AME yeah. And tomorrow and I'm CNN at 7 -- wearing the land and yeah. I I am yeah. -- -- -- -- --

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