GMA LIVE (02.13.14)

Sara and Ginger revisit their recent engagements and also check out other couples' proposal photos on 'GMA LIVE!'
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (02.13.14)
Ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. Do you live and kind of quiet in here and I'm joined by Sarah Haynes -- you know before -- -- to -- -- ten day celebrations. We are very excited primary guy you know what's next in the C level find out later -- short. And we do want to mention the weather because it's -- of -- fund that's Good Morning America Canada hello competition that we had at -- yes Connor Patrick. It -- and that was -- That Warner I'm just haven't been finding you do not have snow pants on that note note that was a -- -- -- and still feeling a bit. It still doesn't -- that look at. -- Snow angels are the best way to get ready for cross country skiing which -- -- on next yet this. Closest to the excellent portly and add something weird so we had to put the flag into a hockey -- into the you back apparently can only give your and he used -- haven't -- -- original. Let you see it. They happen they -- getting games he -- noting that you have to have an underdog to report. I had a lot of fans think about it -- -- and -- seen how snow it is we knew that this was coming we had -- -- every day is right with my whole team. And it's so different than finishing -- at centuries sought two notice the difference there's Times Square. And then we have I believe video -- Arnold picture there Amy. I think that's a tank top and a frozen drink fanning herself. And her shoes aren't even on as if she's on a beach temperatures there in the sixty's -- student and that nice. The temperature while we were out there right there is when the wind started to -- and -- -- little. I believe that was that -- and that's the thing is winning that's what -- -- at 35. I think every -- You know I think you deserve extra point for really braving the -- you do it all the time that we heat have never been on cross country ski -- people -- -- they'll -- do. Hazard -- My friend -- and her friend's foot. Yeah helped the earlier she's whenever they don't. Now that she was helping me to -- the snow well back from the one to four inches within an hour it was pretty spectacular. I get very excited about her little thing out of in addition -- the Olympics so we are celebrating. Here on you -- live yes sounds nice day up Connor that's -- if you don't have a plan for our viewers could show you how to create a romantic night. Fun and outscored and all that delicious look at it. I'm focusing on the chocolate left on the -- you not eat -- maybe this is something you could stepping up instead ordering quite back to class it up a little bit better than just ordering from seamless we might -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- that you can bet that room we have yet you don't -- I'm. -- -- are you having love. All week -- I have now and he is too much I really before we get over -- I guess I have to play because it's amazing he decided to do something every day leading up to Valentine's Day and last -- was my favorite. That's how they brought up that beautiful picture of my behind again thank you falling and happening not yet that's what. Well this story ends -- I think and maybe -- -- -- Paula quickly Earthlink kind of -- want to be very private and their construction workers but there was also a group -- group. -- on that he was doing as an out of erupted in applause final -- -- think it's an email. That said the pictures not great. But I recognized injured and you and I wanted to ascendancy -- this is a moment you'll want to remember and this little woman bridges and that's the only picture we have. Actually we didn't have one you can't tell who it is it is -- -- -- it would break the night I found it on that her off -- -- at a that is not flattering pictures the cat and if you and they had -- but it doesn't matter that our Valentine's celebration -- definitely starting early here on GMA life. I -- all -- -- fun with it means that you guys might -- -- and iron. As it's often a picture nearly Gator got everything in the and we didn't he didn't -- happened early in the morning really early while ginger -- happened that's fountain and work up close in the afternoon you know makes it look so I'm pretty got up from an -- That's -- good -- -- both the little woke -- yes definitely we getting access to fresh. That's what that -- Got a -- and an -- -- a year is you just look up he asked you that it's only can he catch me not talking and any good news I'm. -- the day had not touched -- yet found. Well where either way get married at some ethic and until recently should -- by -- and actually walked over and meet Stacy cast -- -- She's coming here we'll come on up bringing another thing. To the CEO of how he acts. Carried out this -- your favorite story yes Al -- dot com we feature tons up from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know his mind was not captured. Maybe it was only -- and that beautiful image floods in new trends are that wary of the upcoming months we'll be captured and of the of of the shares that enjoyment everybody have a go on how to -- and I I say that I -- managed to ask her what you do because that go about -- -- front of -- surveillance -- just get it can't get them -- and yeah that you remember it isn't only remembered the I don't know if you lockdown -- company Gaza cannot and you know -- -- blacked out. The president we have is Luke and charity has tell us about this proposal Stella -- charity this is great because it was -- that the they had their family -- so they hadn't had family who. Added they Wear and productions and they are shooting as the video for asking is there. Production company and they wanted to have a couple is getting -- -- they -- that they use this couple as a mop up. And so Lucas so cute he's recommending -- like getting on one knee and charity is saying this looks -- just looks bad and then a -- that it turns into an actual Bob. Okay. Randy -- yes and she added that she was -- for accidents outside at least double the lots panicking we also have -- him. I yelled hi Mark -- had I don't know if you -- a hot in. The had a great night. I'm so he is something which is trending huge lately it's incorporating all of the memories from your relationship -- -- important friends and family into -- -- proposal. So what he's dead why is -- had all of their friends and family -- little love notes for her and he decorated his parents' backyard and all these gorgeous romantic flights. I'm with these photos and notes printed sounds a lot of five. I still can't watch this without tearing up and she is just adorable and -- you know after he says all the great words about what you know she means to him and and obviously he's someone easily on -- happens hanging out Valencia avenue -- down here the amenities can I was coming can -- -- now. I know it's part snell and part yeah you're -- -- Analysts -- every gag prize at all yeah. Yeah okay it's. What about John Dean against let me ask Jon says this is super -- I'm modest action event planner and so they were also shooting a promotional video. And so they had you know the -- business partners have there. Your boyfriends and husbands their health and the last scene that you know his her business partner said let's have the boys get another shot this at -- EST. Yes I happen next for crying confetti at -- with. -- doesn't it out for the photography -- it isn't open up. -- -- -- I figure I'm scared of it near -- me what's coming here town -- anxious to keep us. -- -- -- You think it isn't like it I'm just -- initiate any wilder. It's -- and doesn't I've been Dana's return a half here is an average story submitted to -- -- I -- and reasonable lineup. Thank you sent many I -- the -- I get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of my good to a -- I want my. How -- dot -- -- -- should also met you know and you know found Wednesday is tons of tons of engagement -- Americans I don't know I think pictures coming GAAP GAAP. So what do we think he's ever seeing ask friends and family involved -- just really very we're seeing. Yeah lots of things over the holiday is in the moment isn't likely -- passionately -- love that 10 -- so huge trend is having photographers capture it. Like we sent but the vote rally like like -- -- -- and get the latest hot hot head gasket Udall in my bed not. Yeah hot hot and this what I left the Chicago lot of -- was -- and well I know them laugh yeah yeah. Found with us right now anyway -- -- -- -- back Kaplan they have this picture for accurately so much emotion is going and had no clue yet upcoming weekend. On how you can see their faces I now that's not what I have -- club. He'll be safe what we -- -- stage and do it again. Fairly -- that not loving your right hand on the look. They need someone from yeah. Sinai yeah -- isn't so great happy bound friend -- now in the area. Proposals you know guys are doing and though there and how he aspect. And says he's seen commercials for flowers of course. That time of year and chocolate -- they had a hard with reminders that it is time to celebrate the holiday and not to forget the by some things. That maybe you wanna ballet. Big ticket items instead of the flowers -- -- -- cute little Fiat. -- played a car. Yeah well are they revenue that is according to video. I'm just playing tricks and won't mind. Yeah. Johnston informal campaign premiering today called. Good thing -- -- that county but we all loved the plane that anything here at their but he just check out looks would be checked them. Yeah -- right. -- something that area and -- -- the all new Ford or Fiat 500 and believe that we be. But wanted to outing not only between Ford or -- -- 500 L. But also -- what hydrate his own brand of performance water the joint venture say okay with Mark Wahlberg. Not a -- him he was in his underwear and his new cable TV network revolt. If that was first reported on in a billboard excellence he's busy cat lot of names at an elementary zoning -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet we call and we're begin with -- I don't think so I think that was a -- means ago. But I don't know what it is now I don't know all I'm -- off and stuff I didn't I will do that we'll bring that -- live tomorrow and T and -- -- -- -- -- neck I want it what -- just take up a -- and video himself doing the warm because everyone does that occasionally. It seems simple enough but his cat wasn't going to have it. This is adorable and -- -- up. -- Not hot hot hot and you're all. Jesse hardy got -- that was my bomb look at the -- -- totally fine Carolina worm was annoying him. How heck I even know the capped an idea how many times he attempted to video himself doing the worm which is the bigger story here. That's and yeah I think -- that's fine he was trying to -- that's. Outstanding that he didn't think you think like that that's what's so important that we got -- in an -- That's great fanfare and some one now move on -- from the cat bouncing. Ditching the noisy crowd at some tense -- restaurants and now we get to create a romantic night in our very own home and have that romantic night in. It is my focus on the five senses that's right so we're gonna the last summer and he cannot -- -- -- and a Jana -- they need to see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jana yeah if you're here and -- and how fast break out the real stuff that is what to do at home to making it. -- -- Absolutely this is everything -- needs to create a romantic Valentine's night in. And to make it different from your typical routine I think is what I'm really helps make it intimate and romantic -- Focusing on the five -- as you can see here the first one is -- so. There's a reason Matthew -- -- and most of his movies that's because it's so sexy -- -- so -- Create a meal together in the kitchen and it -- -- difference you know I'm course is if you want. Or -- together but anyway it's really picked for a little glass of the and you know start your evening -- and it really. Shared by its let me begin with this -- thinking that I am yeah exactly. Bouquets of the next census cuts so. What about laying out a beautiful plush blanket. Skip V traditional dent dinner table -- and have a picnic on the floor. How how would that be right. Isn't this amazing that he's really not like a dinner daily blanket I'm I'm taking -- except -- yeah exactly what cancer gonna have to do. Yes so now is the next set so. Break out a playlist that means a lot to you is a couple of course this movie residents and in fact -- need inspiration we have a sweet playlist and a sexy play -- that -- dot com. If you need some help but put -- music that mean something -- the couple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- and then the last sentence someone's I didn't -- that's not. And a -- send instant mouth so. Some beautiful sends out a lot of seduction that you know light candles had such a great. Mood lighting and -- -- they -- phenomenal. What's the slightly cooler this deadly Vanilla Yashin Vanilla. These and even back -- Belgrade announced the other price candles and there's a little -- believe it or not where I now. You can kind of -- imagine -- down there's a look -- -- Don't let this record I ever yes exactly. So to top on the evening and now we have a list of twenty questions that -- created that you can download -- steel stock conference to really start the conversation and create a really not romantic. No I can report announced Wednesday ice breaker on the afternoon and -- -- out what what do I do that show you that I -- and Sarah makes no angels with me it's. A special Valentine's Day. Yes I'm the national sleep anyway but what about me stands out the most to you and it -- in a body reference to beautiful China. -- Yes you can download it at -- dot com and that it. Series so all these -- just gonna get you out of the norm and not think he just get out of your comfort -- Do something a little bit different -- because -- wants to go out in this whether -- wearing a white important to break some malls like what. I think it's it's just different than your typical routine so -- its stamp out of the -- -- Valentine's Day you know makes it a little room. -- Ukraine and it says he's doing just just you know again -- continue inspired us to cook. We're gonna change it up this is how we're gonna look to match up ready to go -- after it happened -- And I can't come on Monday and tell -- that you did it kind of taking pictures and treating them. Since then this is the sixth sense this is the one half of -- life. It's your not to have a little mind did and it really big break on -- for me now could I. Think it. Neither did they think all the products in the downloads you can find it feels dot com the outbreak Jeff Francis thank you so much you you being here and steal back -- replacing -- Think below Christina so lovely and and outlaw human -- I -- at my darling yeah. Am glad Sarah lets them let's leave -- the -- video yes that's lead some video have. Only -- Olympic village blowing LA yeah are -- point away. -- really intimate moment. Yes oh wait wait for coming get a head and -- it ended tundra have a great everybody happy and I'm not saying that.

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