GMA LIVE! (02.18.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara talk with the "kid president," and Zelda the Border Collie performs tricks.
16:52 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.18.13)
-- -- -- -- Eight -- welcome everybody gimme this gimme some -- because that was a move -- that. -- -- why -- that case you couldn't tell from that tracking shot. That was Scorsese like we are -- Atlanta welcome welcome welcome. And we are also now fewer than 4048 hours away. Yet tomorrow will be the last Robin. Episode of GM and so excited and in normalcy returns and yeah I've got a lot of -- -- about this weekend. I was down in. Freaking -- Linda was 5 degrees this morning because not it was six with the windshield and -- it was -- you know people. It's you can think people now are aware that she's coming back into the -- -- if you think they are. I'm really -- -- look what it will actually eat like. We -- she -- because I -- will be in the show but. This it this is this clears I'm sorry and that. Letters flying -- -- Red Robin cannot wait gotten -- she just -- months ago she loved that he's that we had on the show today hopefully cottage. About women other women have gone through the same thing she has and about getting back in the saddle and I think that's really inspirational there's the -- she sent. Just moments ago on -- and I. And it's nice and to have this time after -- a sort of just sort of that -- -- to take it and gotten -- will then -- just -- talk about much more down let my -- and a and -- I think that we should do more is more stories like because people. So many families struggle with a loved one who is going through. Carol you know something and they come out the other side of it if I think it's so encouraging and shall -- To to hear those stories and success. Yeah hang out no doubt that you can say see I can do that and -- -- -- -- take off right now we could use her. Because he does he -- that you've -- the -- fish Seattle art and bad -- live right now failure also very live an entire six -- my. -- I will -- I can't wait. For -- to get back. After she -- this is one of her favorite things you do which could really play along as much this year but -- it -- Really made it work -- we -- we all -- about about seven costume changes which you'll see throughout the week as we gear up toward Oscars have we have a law almost too much fun I think -- playing dress up. You can see the back hallways of GMA -- Allen -- on our wings and our. Outfits on the way until we -- gonna try out a trial was trying to do this morning to -- the behind the scenes pictures of when we actually make things. Because he is. The emotional -- reality we just all hang out in character well and we and I go yeah. Yeah for what I mean. You guys were didn't you know made up you sort of -- -- your office door opened you just weeks you can hear this matter to send somebody walk by. Dressed as like a martian or -- With and I just want it. During a -- children in. Tune in for -- because it turns out. It's CIA agents came in all shapes and sizes and analyzes and then covers it. Some of those wanted to relive the seventies and this is are -- I -- it and was ongoing undercover and they your star yards by the way. Yours however it was it was channeling old Dustin Hoffman intense -- yet -- CIA agent was undercover as -- I think it. And not I want that might could invited Taylor yeah as here's what will you lie ahead and -- water Platt. Things there weren't numbered and they -- you have been on the air cargo pants -- I. Error but yeah I stands -- about is the guy this is the man I was supposed to be. Oh yeah and many is tweeting and -- that I don't miss him. And it's and he knew mr. character I did was weird -- was an act fascinating so yes and that's all coming up this week. And what we every now -- -- -- don't think she really say happy president Hamid did you just -- He's the -- -- -- demand are that ice on it this is a sampling of what you'll see this is what you'll see later in the week everybody in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you for coming thank -- is strong. I think that is okay. And -- spring here obviously -- now blowing up with Whitfield with the wearing of the state -- literally absolutely. -- -- to highlight this morning of course for Robin and then we saw spike in social conversation around your piece them. Which one -- dagger at the tiger that happened a lot of tiger did I want to have yet totally positive we wanna give a shout outs or friend Bethany between us you staying home sick. But he says the best part is watching DNA and then -- -- their lives about anything. The question. And this comes about actually do any solid -- -- as we get to the control room this. At each spring Erica we just -- -- -- -- -- address us you know I don't know if you look this is not representative mountaineers today it's very it's very new Silicon Valley -- they're really I think all women had a lot more there really nail in the I thought -- it -- -- my favorite day because you haven't wasted a single day of the week yet. Now and we asked people what they're doing for op presidents day I can tell you that America's children are asleep right now they are are -- QB at this he committed Taylor. We got this one from Mike he'd be read frog -- I was sleeping -- But this is my favorite because inside the got a day off what do you -- do but -- and. Hey drinks drinks to -- -- we build affordable. I wanna know the -- -- and how we use our -- -- as a part of the board yeah. Actually doing got cast the whole live program in court at what he went inside and -- -- Is growing by admitted committing other than my -- -- Out of -- tip my cap to that wonderful -- you'll be designing that I report -- -- A pact that is all -- Before I if you wanna get. I want I don't want to get to this actually because also -- the the Internet there will be just a month. And Denise in the control room. Passed some -- brand -- by the way who posted. One of my favorite photos. In -- in years gone by. -- -- subcommittee I mean yeah very very eighties Paula Abdul that seriously. It's very odd guy out is how did you skyline. Now tell me straight up no deleterious do you remember this photo but it gets worse -- show the other -- yeah this is great but where's daddy. Look at. You and your hair down all mad and visible and this takes me to the all Mickey years of five years and funny ha -- -- -- -- me. Oh don't ask I don't know and Alice tell -- -- and it was just a couple of I'm so while I think he felt like there was a lot of people living in that -- that they found that it was great -- E. Coli. Eighties -- -- topic I have. They were hired I'm I have like I -- flock of single solid that tell you that there was that just the way it was. I went ahead at the hurt my very already curly hair now yeah. -- -- hair spray can hair dryer. Thank you bigger latter -- more and more out of resume I'd say Spacey and think I look adorable not -- -- -- -- So in -- things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do you wanna just point I want to point out that the hair -- ended because Denise is engaged in there yet and love and -- and he origin a great guy to death. She's a lovely lovely woman all of us from the eighties have have experienced similar pain so just know that we love you -- it company thanked him. -- -- What else you -- want what's happening you do this tell you right because I have no idea what it is hoped that its president six that we want to show you this it's a viral video. It's all videos now viral only -- belongs to you. Why yeah. Why wouldn't -- -- Yeah people yeah Mary Ellen yeah. Him and not. Yeah -- -- We won't let him especially loved her all right then he is here I understand rob we know that can president. -- brother Ahmad best friend Brad Montague. All this is terrific all right so -- president Robbie -- where -- the idea come from U nine year old genius and. Brilliant -- It's funny -- you for content. And -- -- And that's -- I think. Yeah. No I can't see openly and I know it's -- wondering just means the show was -- convenient content companies don't. Again these aren't I see there's a series of inspirational videos that one has received over eight. Million. Views. What can see another jealous you know -- the. -- -- I think the president is yeah. Yeah. -- I didn't. -- Yeah. However that's a great -- I got -- actually that was one of Martin Luther King's earlier drafts of that speech. Then he just tweeted to make in his own about what do you hope to achieve -- these videos. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. -- achieve my friend homeland all of us at C golf I -- about the the -- Robbie Brad Sears -- I want that -- -- interview condos here in New York. Did you go to New York. Who wouldn't know yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Often yeah yeah that's really really Gradison even those videos coming OK Ronnie. -- that you could stop them. I think now he's got -- the Internet he has not -- and we do want to point out you. Poor winds the -- about an ambulance tonight dead and this is why. Now and less than we go right and you know -- -- -- diet means opinion is not -- That's right we all have -- -- should have won't but I have a tools and I don't know hero admiral I. Jeff I'm colonel I have been managed and how are you I'm great -- I -- I still believe I still haven't eaten since he got back from. What we started with a -- yes we did remember and -- we don't appreciate it stopped when the did you guys get in trouble no little bit you know cocktails and love you know ultimately. I didn't know -- what I never knew an emerald introduced me to the arm to go cup. There's been theory in normal -- -- -- never know about the growing up there are eroding again -- Tony -- I never I never knew. Yeah I never knew because there are legal in most places Tracy Wright and nobody in New Orleans they're not pleased Ali all -- have headlines. -- -- -- The shop she can't just drive up in a big Cadillac that weren't. It was not only got a great Saturday night that he can you -- -- happened around you forget. It's a lot of people say it's revelry like what -- it's basically a controlled -- it -- -- it's a riot that doesn't have a way to anywhere to despicable suddenly left out of -- And -- how to control. And everywhere you everywhere you look but again. That city proving once again you could call New Orleans on Wednesday saying -- We need it to -- host to Super Bowl this weekend and they say what they don't work -- I don't know I don't know what is on the NFL that why New Orleans wouldn't be this Super Bowl city every here I don't understand that they are ready for it -- it is so much fun they've got they got room for everybody they've got booed for everybody now apparently. Prodi's for -- -- anything else -- walk around the streets of New York Sam Champion it's like walking around the -- and say it's like a commercial breaks -- I don't know if you walk around New Orleans with -- -- home. It's your town probably -- a -- credible we have a lot of -- I need it. It was and you know and and we are right after Super Bowl you know we went right into monogram. I mean just -- -- -- -- I'm -- I'm thinking about this afternoon must -- yeah doing everything -- I'm all this is it really -- we say but it's -- this is our favorite this is one of the great Britain's did you each every year -- breakfast in bed. He surprised a very deserving. Mother you imagine -- what -- -- surprised the father -- and this -- you do a -- -- Good Morning America dot com and -- you can find out how to enter your -- -- won't deserving woman you know and not just to see -- and like an army of a hundred people. Crawling through a neighborhood. All morning -- but it's -- it's -- fashion -- who did it is too -- to knock on the door and surprised -- looking mom. And then breakfast on top of that it's just unbelievable so -- -- tell -- -- yeah I worry about your mom I promise you could be any abuse those -- is the time to right now. Start writing those stories and government -- -- -- -- letter about me all right one forgotten. Quick fix and -- thank you think your company won't. -- -- stick around stick around -- as we have a very special live -- we have Zelda. That dog. Barack commences operated -- extra. She's a Border Collie Rebecca she can folks this is a balancing dogs and about that on her snout -- -- -- -- on head on there's a picture on the back. I had an organ committee is all right let's say MIC -- sickened opponents -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we -- -- with a few other thing we should point out our colleagues are with the one of the smartest -- she is very nice being real it's -- it was a very fast. My -- a few things that what China -- we can try this. And ready for school. This and -- balance from an Allentown -- pressure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We shouldn't -- -- here mind. I would've failed. I'm NIC. And all of the craziest. She's balanced -- time. Well we have posted a picture of her balancing my dinner -- you can do that we'll try now in the Rendell Valentine's tiny -- -- -- -- -- let's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of -- and -- just a couple of people pacers I don't know if an easier to do what happened. So we're looking at Rebecca and others like the united -- I'm gonna -- that he's no Arnold scenario plane that was when -- -- service the united. Couldn't you balance finalist. Smooth delicious doesn't depend on me. It's not fair and yet balance -- thanks. -- -- I have the right coach. He's -- strain -- I am. And Lisa Allentown and what I never knew what should Zelda try to balance -- that can really alienated choices football paying the banana. Frisbee or I'm actually getting other. Okay won't take writing and will take -- in -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey everybody that Greg garrison -- Murillo. Average I haven't had a -- he was -- 9 o'clock eastern standard to mark.

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{"id":18529431,"title":"GMA LIVE! (02.18.13)","duration":"16:52","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara talk with the \"kid president,\" and Zelda the Border Collie performs tricks.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-021813-18529431","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}