GMA LIVE! (02.19.13)

Josh, Amy, Lara and Sam discuss Robin's return to 'GMA' and the 11-year-old basketball prodigy.
3:00 | 02/19/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.19.13)
-- -- -- Can we get started on bookings Marshall until we get rob Roberts has just come back again tomorrow I'd love to have a transient and -- No no. No -- -- female actor rob because of Robbins. Specializing in the a lot of -- he has been a lot of -- here -- packaging idea and I haven't passed when there's reporters here. Let's put this show way yeah. We suggest that you pick one of your favorite GM he lives -- Do it tomorrow yeah. There are good guys guys -- off that it could wind watch that that was again what I have molested it's really well they know yeah. Action -- that I don't think we wow yeah. At any problem though no words and that's one of them the on the nicest way -- yeah. We got to pull us today but that's what made our guests from the big show first Michelle Williams -- -- Oz the great finally she is essential. I mean I'm left here yes it was fantastic mission associated issues like what time do -- to get up in the morning. You know I think a lot of people have a parents. We cannot support Emma Robinson a lot of PetSmart yeah battery alarm clock usually his -- -- -- -- he slowly and leave my car. I need about. Two more -- to talk to the east -- stories. I just wouldn't happen here me singing -- why didn't I yeah. Is he -- right now. Look like watching. I'm no tires so why don't you what do you want to get out of the blocks and his want to know I'm going to hit other kids right husband has -- is now children. What would you prefer that anything for piling -- Should not have middle all clothing and -- national let hung -- I think you I had a regular -- you couldn't write the word that Dreier is elegantly you know Amy is the front frustrated crooner and -- -- Lady Antebellum also on today bullish outlook that I was watching -- basic needs like. Like I she's still want and you can't just. -- commercial breaks like any regard good. And gets it is easily yeah at the bottom line like yeah England of the music teachers on Saturday Night Live when they sent alcohol. Don't know and again they're finding. You know not -- what about -- -- harper. What this is one of my favorite favorite memories ever her surprise birthday party generally go to what was the name. The marine Grayson -- surprisingly is price -- a panel tomorrow. And everyone gets around the piano bar and. Let's show tunes and we -- is just like that -- the most beautiful place on the planet for me because you just sit around and using showed students how does your husband do you make -- -- other penicillin access sultan ha yes. And I will actually -- gave Samuel. What you can -- you can sort of gently well this one why do. -- -- in the corner singing every word of every song they sang for like three hours and around just own the show to. Black gentlemen -- data showed. Oh yeah it is very sad -- -- just happens I'm back and Marsha Walton I I may have busted out and -- few quiet in the corner showed you may have gotten bomb. Luncheon for. Your sexual preference I'm -- -- I'm and -- would run yourself down let them. That's right let's move forward -- also making a very rare appearance today on the show and head -- that foul mouth Teddy bear. We haven't. No you aren't you glad that I'll probably -- because it was so well done. -- -- -- Some people on Twitter -- asking what I angrily cursing out now ten does not really cursing -- was saying words I think that I didn't just. What I was I was making sure that. They were not even really lottery really and he has what is actually in the video -- ingested into the G this system and and lives there forever so I was to really be using foul language. Well that Gortat I should -- -- -- May or may not have been made I'm. Sources say sources say may have then it sounded like a long -- right because then that tape would live. In the system gas bill so no I do not -- he would never do that yeah I'd actually are you saying arcing free agent. That's every time I want him to -- by said the retreat generational lines. -- -- right here where she is just desperate immigrants back to GM who lives. And that's when I was -- yeah. Atlanta I think my mind. Can we can we get a little sneak preview of what it might be like winning another member of the GMA actor's studio and now legally allowed I love means a larger than life really the only way to -- -- because -- actually able to get -- interview with Daniel Day-Lewis. You -- -- -- and so the Daniel Day-Lewis behind the scenes on assembling in. Body was the day after he was talking sandwich right it's so secretly -- to save -- for child who don't company I had -- -- -- have been that -- -- coming on Thursday and I believe we actually have scenes deleted scenes from the movies yeah from all the Oscar nominees that you really don't want us now -- -- extract -- -- about double what we do. -- -- -- -- Top entries here in Britain for the show begins aren't great -- -- Gets us on the air on the Internet and it. And she says you know its interest in Allen Hunt -- And my husband actually -- you know one can't retrace as -- -- -- -- And so she's you know that's what they call me. And he says look -- call -- trees and she says. So you can grassy areas of marital discord do we get him on the phone and now we get him on the phone Jack his eyes when we got and we got to make. I'll bet protecting your bottom of that so that working -- in the meantime. Where is that race officially hands of -- -- are our social media glare right hand and my colleague getting a haircut yes. Fantastic you know -- -- -- simple -- feel it looks Bieber affect yeah. It's oh well no actually I just give us -- 180 and stop when the opinions about what they like -- here. -- -- -- -- -- Feed without saying how to did a fantastic job didn't he Dennis springer. Who. Now I'm all flustered I thought well but I actually -- -- to talk about. But doctor Porter Collie was not yesterday -- of the dog the positive balance except the global -- -- an ABC news and. We ask you what you want to see him balance on his head and you voted overwhelmingly for -- -- -- -- -- -- And so it and -- plot has not could the quartet the dirty -- a regular day I could handle that Honeywell ball and seeing things not been -- but now that the magic of technology I'm gonna press this button and we're gonna see the video. For what you voted for program that yeah true. Here we go. Oh wait it's gonna start over -- dollars in -- -- good. And -- -- -- Get that that's. -- get injured content. They got he did it how how wonderful but it's what I think people are really talking about we've gotten thousands of tweets literally thousands -- -- the week. About Robin coming back to march -- a -- a couple of these -- that out this morning. Never before have bright -- -- meant so much to so many. -- our friend DH and Iowa. And then we have services you know certainly you the definition that humans have found determined and a role model for thousands classy man and -- Tomorrow we're gonna -- -- tell you right now this is my notes of the anchors. We're gonna use the tax welcome back to rob and come back -- -- -- back but that's tomorrow morning you know what I -- whether you can start that now let me I want this I want. These trends and don't -- -- now so we'll be held tomorrow tomorrow morning we're gonna start -- and fired on the welcome back rob. About that Bob but the real quick we have a special guest and part of ABC family. Julie demand from WP LG my home -- Yeah he's been easy and you -- by the way you bring the weather got him citizen in mind. Guidelines are still better job we'll see on loses and musical -- whether to -- it doesn't it he rubs it in. Win win win whenever we go there wouldn't be 81 degrees today. Yeah -- trying to read here what do you think about what you what you think the Sam's job. I let this job yeah. How does he performance and he has a great job. I guess I learned from the best friend -- not to say anything mean yeah. He is -- -- you know I assure you there. I mean things to -- I don't know I don't know and I don't know I mean she's fantastic Miami is very very lucky to have. She is amazingly -- -- -- No they have filling in for right now let's get 81 degrees and Sunday it's Miami not that her -- I'm not you not that -- in the weather forecast today he. You know come tropics it gets very details yes of course everybody's so glad I'm yeah. All right so I'm cougars basketball loop where. Blair is that young legend from -- loving. -- You Giuliani -- to have. You watch -- nationally in government and sister Jane Smith you were in fifth grade urine and you're in the third period. I don't what did you want to point out as I point out to you that this four foot. Five inch fifth graders actually the star point -- -- -- high school team Norway finally however spot and that these two are dropping like sixty plus against -- there an age their respective courts. I don't want to point out. You are a straight a student so you -- you hit the books -- you gotta stay eligible. Aren't you glad you like watching -- rather play and Mickens and are you ever worried about him when he's up there you've got my -- and here. Yeah -- he can handle Brent. Do you guys play a lot together once you do. How did she single. She's known him he's we Sox dad come on. So again we were talking on the big show. -- You know we all put balls in that the hands of our. Of our kids but I mean. We what did you see when these little -- were just three years old. They -- -- taken pat I have tremendous passion for the game Mosul and they bulls he played -- -- we have kept. Just that we're delicately easily escalate ourselves she diverted to see their entire third of that -- -- -- -- unbelievable we're gonna -- -- videotape produced impressive. Yeah she can be diligent when they're OK tell you right here in who okayed. These two kids are already better this than will ever be at anything and our lives. I have added you varsity ball players yeah yeah. He's got. Waiting yeah. Loving yeah. Pitcher OK so just so we're clear I think here we have given the. 20/20 two draft maybe maybe six. Just date remember remember your roots EUS dollars -- is seriously Julian. Congratulations. Oh -- you want you again you know our friend Robin Roberts has come back question tomorrow she's a holiday in his college basketball team. And some may be two Watson home Robin. I know you have handled like this but. He wants to hide Robin welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jason yes I'm here I'll -- my friend. -- You she's got this crazy. I opted out OK so she thought she came up and -- so that we call her -- bet is that an issue. -- dignity do -- color. So she doesn't like it at all really so we should stop selling its own US army train could not him wine. It's the same way he doesn't want me to call the Bernie. Yeah so what -- ironic candidate then you. He concentrates they know what you actually -- what is what he did -- -- the comptroller of what he's saying she calls him ACP JC BI TI -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I and I can't do that in -- -- -- -- Yeah. Total ban your password only she can end yeah we -- But perhaps beyond yeah. Australia and to me -- out easily. It's not fair because that is named for your. You're right we should continue with treason he should continuously because things are very important to loan -- hiring. What -- you know I'm not going to. God. Now ought not to do that what is called an all marketed. We -- amusing thing and it's gonna sound silly song not only do not know I'll -- well let me go ahead yeah. I don't. Don't -- don't do it. I'm begging you sign it and they didn't even seeing kind I get back to you got an idea. I'm happy I'm and good for the studio audience -- yeah. So none now so you really think that's the kind of stuff if you really want to know what happened but stimuli after GM's lineup starting. We. Want sounds lovely addition today is -- -- -- It is seeing that -- at yeah mr. -- do you much good to see his eyes and I think my hands -- and -- -- yeah. Sometimes more -- -- little extra. So -- -- should I got to point out. Mexico's greatest guys. You guys and it's terrific with one of the most beautiful let me let me Barney birthday -- Washington's birthday today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey let's go cool calm. But do you accurately. What you. -- -- I ultimately my pop extract -- is -- -- were it -- time this morning so here you go out. I've ever wondered what a multimillion dollar wedding she might look like he has a lot of soul I'm. While bakery in England has caught ads called. Has. Accomplished as I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Andy reportedly big the most expensive wedding cake in the world cashing in at 52 million dollars no comment on why did it better training and he of the -- -- -- -- nine -- yeah. If you actually eat them. Can your stomach. Let's -- and a half that if he's gotten. I thought this -- literally just -- have gotten. Do you really asked -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He looks good and yeah very and I know I know I -- -- She didn't end -- small -- and never gonna watch this by the way I don't blame you America -- eyes. Not this is what you you know what we Rhode Island during commercial breaks that we clean it up each time I love this city -- in the defeat right now and here he says she I don't -- -- Elaine yeah. What's the call Paul kind of wedding cake would you want to -- -- -- -- there weren't covered in diamonds but what he. -- well he need to tell us. Okay supermarket -- suits me just fine yeah. Custody it's certainly way to go. Or cupcakes I like cupcakes Wright who needs -- pigs. This is just point -- 100 others are you guys had to come in from the cold for this edition of -- -- -- this this. This is torture -- I'm sorry this last holiday I -- Isn't the first time it's really gotten this horribly awry -- I'm sorry I love everybody. I'm sorry. There's only one thing that exhibit -- and threatening. You -- -- -- does anybody has Robbins coming slowly got out I didn't around the world and I don't know why we love you guys we love you will do better tomorrow I promise we'll. -- -- -- -- Thursday right. -- birthday so I'm sure you watch them. Just 7 and I am. Check your local listings and apparently is probably the best we are in the blue pink -- -- America.

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