GMA LIVE! (02.21.13)

Josh, Amy and Sam check out Tory Johnson's exclusive "Deals and Steals."
3:00 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.21.13)
Okay. We're live and we're down one Samuel. I'm relaxed I'm. Battle and more drugs can't -- -- absurd so and be good enough to stick around will be governments of the -- -- just -- what's your -- -- as -- this where we saw this during the show the big show a bit earlier this is fantastic. Now we didn't -- -- -- that the Robin pointed out that she's on the snowboard and there were on skis and she said yep it's because it -- for some guys thank you. And boy if there's anything better than Lake Tahoe I don't know what it is it's the best thing -- Nevada and Allen and California do together. Thank you so -- -- yeah what -- We are officially now in day one of the rest of our lives here acts. GM hey. And. Oh lose its I. Democrats you know. Proprietary analysts and why it didn't it is bad for bush imagine a little bit -- -- -- -- did you just give us a little while I just wanna see just one bottling line. -- finally -- hello -- go around my every -- Value hi I'm -- yeah well I mean yeah. Because he can well. Senator so confining up. We're counting down to -- Sunday night -- first of all. Let me tell you how much I love you for the mid to high sixties we're gonna -- Los Angeles -- -- almost seven EI right now the morning you're chilly in good morning until in New York the morning's chilly because you're the -- of Los Angeles it's a desert basin. Okay so what's cold that night that's what happens in Los Angeles -- it does warm -- in the long. So you're saying there's no need for forecast is everything. Well I didn't I didn't -- -- you know making completely out gently up without yup yup taxpayers are -- and I can do is log onto next the. And we got our first meeting extended look at a man who. Is as successful as they get in Hollywood largely for what he does off camera I think this might be up first -- look. First some people fat except with fighting a lot of people don't even in the sense that violent and -- because if you aren't a fan of the Family Guy or maybe didn't see Ted -- and mail in -- twenties. A lot of the older women who probably won't be watching the Academy Award that's of the main audience. They don't episode but -- as a young devilishly handsome yes he has is he's yeah I think he -- he's got a great smile but. -- He has largely remain behind the -- into his voice is that we hear him -- made it bullying -- -- -- doing this later this city's been doing voices since he was three ambulances and less room. Working blue. -- -- the man's he's the he's got to go there there's an envelope to be pushed come Sunday night he will be about seven I mentioned this on the show he was very colorful and some of his language but. And he also know. Didn't hold back kind of cutting some celebrities which I think we -- -- -- just to try and be. The nice Good Morning America -- all. Because whenever he was not a hundred feet a lot of us were little I think he will live on space saving it for Sunday night. Yeah I tell wanted to steps that you can't I don't think -- put this in the case yet I set -- what who do you think's gonna be the biggest disaster. And he said. Is -- Anne Hathaway's hair already the biggest disaster -- -- Who does what we didn't put that in a but I just gave Natalie a -- -- Internet and that's I think a little bit of what we might see what you don't do funny we had we -- the data shared in the legendary oddsmakers already weighed in and in his mind. And we already know who is going to be winning -- Oscars and he likes the way. It long low -- in that category so you know I like her and payments amount that would and I go yeah I know I'm telling that we can't -- us on notice and we are all -- Thank you Tracy come -- Tracy for me but I'm not. -- -- And there again that's yeah. Obama something. -- -- how would Stanley Tucci by the way how wonderful it. Because. The man has opened an incredible -- -- lot of work you know IDB for Stanley -- easier you're scrolling and scrolling. But he's always going to be big night for me like. -- always -- Stanley Tucci cooking. And I think he can talk about whatever he wants to talk from the -- good cop he's easy -- invited over to dinner for his in this house tonight 'cause it's gonna be funny conversation -- I -- the Jack -- Giant -- to great film opening march 1 theaters near you check your local list it's about love saying that I don't mistakes I don't know why did -- again I don't know why. -- There is I acted out -- morning didn't industrial we didn't have a -- -- -- -- Robin came back. Now do we didn't think now we didn't reply the local -- we had to -- -- you'd take it paints an interactive. The -- -- I -- I don't really well I had -- -- all right welcome really. They're so good that we can do TV without us doing TV did we -- with us. No we had at one point five the top trading firms on Twitter in the US yesterday and there are related I asked him. And rob and I've got put together the full report but hundreds the first photo that you guys -- remember that -- -- right now -- even the photo at 645. Mets -- has now had a 101000. Life. And inhumane treatment -- a long break I think of that most like diet. Great call we took Robbins most tweeted quote yesterday and -- going to be cut off here and that's. But she said you can be steer bull or fear -- I chose the latter three put us on our FaceBook page -- was -- -- -- 700 times. We have over 101000 shares of this picture alone that's how inspiring. -- -- -- about these great. This like celebrity tweets I loved The Backstreet Boys we did ask on on Tuesday evening so far we -- -- -- you know what I -- about. They were our final summer concert that's amazing and they reunited -- there was a contentious reunion. And when they did it Kevin Richardson who had been the last told I will never forget this facing the first song and -- turn. And he wasn't -- It was an accident that I would I have never expected less and got more I want our. I don't hasn't heard back I had no idea what it. Yeah -- was. They Dayton. Who blew the lines of our earlier Sophia joint it was announced right after Robin lab that -- the day after -- laugh out of -- especially if Carrie Underwood pleaded. I -- so many people. Reached out and tweet of robbing us today from -- -- -- Walt -- were on -- everybody tweeting. I believe that black youth -- -- a lot plan -- -- you've got this week from probably. It's the public look at the serious news man getting ready how big broadcast we -- we -- are catching contest and this is my heart back. -- you look at that snow you look at the book of the dead but not -- Yeah yeah. Can't argue that the winner got Baylor athletic. I hate that you wanted you tweeted earlier today and put it up because you said caption contest Josh took a picture I don't have -- -- -- -- doesn't -- -- there. This is great -- -- on your campaign let me thank you guys for hanging in all ride all right -- -- -- yet and that's all I got there this there. And you -- -- keep -- on the. There's a lot of us -- -- this -- -- contest on that coming right up on the unit at the stage. Thoughts and Smith was -- never I don't know I. You know -- is at my wife and I couldn't get it wide enough but had there been a fifth person in that little shot it would have been one Torre. -- -- Okay. Yeah. I figure that you're wearing my products claim I really wasn't yet on the -- should -- you know slew -- -- body Steve steals and deals and it was yeah. Why because there are bronze to blond -- let her bra underwear a little leopard print on there was -- -- don't -- hair removal again there was some real fix things. 'cause I don't miss S steel's north what method they know me don't hear you just don't hear the word panties on GMA burial ground. General yeah they can't see it may help didn't I say we're not citizens -- -- -- -- in the control room. Yeah. Yeah on like outward now yeah. Show but I believe that the -- on these new idea in my eyes are -- is -- and I don't want finally the messenger -- being slain over here any time it's. You -- -- that we are no yeah. I know what I could then Monday that I'm. And I don't know where it can't be discussing. The yeah -- shapewear body where. Where the city under. -- who along that -- garden omelet and -- in the Barton and -- -- -- yeah Josh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Heat collection there's an enormous selection let me go to Good Morning America that coming out of -- -- -- the two year quarantine normally getting what you -- in this election the average around 400 -- -- -- -- -- five. Yeah. What he's wearing me this is such that -- well Terry -- I just I don't really like -- -- and I don't sell -- So that I. As -- watch I don't know. Do that is that is absolutely. Cannot yeah it looks terrific pilot now -- international banging on and I feel this is relatively -- -- -- -- -- resilient waterproof. Yeah -- to really be an unfortunate date. With the with the name and wasn't waterproof cell -- courts in Haiti GC Robin. Only like a ball and these finch is is about rob is -- blanket -- that. I don't by the way about that I'll tell -- so -- yeah. Yeah. I wanna know I wanted to wait it gets the but I she asked I could remember was that a deal Laura Steele I couldn't remember them. I couldn't remember -- well everything you get sort of big -- -- -- And here -- yeah. Yeah up. And I is now I ask you you can audio apparently -- to complement and I'll laugh and and then she and it Monday night and then in the air base they exceed what needs to rest yesterday I'm mountains. Wheatley our entire station here -- a Big -- so -- example -- that yesterday. And legal bird let out a little as the local legend of the local legend gas he said on -- don't tell Sam that. Torre likes me a lot better so. Yeah online literary and we don't have -- -- I want. Can we have a weather off. -- That's how that's fine judge released him please please about forty years younger than I am I taught him everything he knows. -- kind of look like Brothers though I will say which is did he -- because he's I believe in his late thirties so I would don't. Yeah. Looking. What a day seven look at. Amazing the engine. I ended this -- -- love and -- you -- -- I'm yeah he's. God joining us and the -- -- and Rachel Sanders they have -- Members of fat how many remember the 47 layer dip. From from -- Doesn't have a -- here I will -- first of all Sam and I got. Notes that day we would the New Orleans for the Super Bowl that. Being. Hats of what it is we made made its way uptown to the ABC news's newsroom not all -- on that day. And -- and we got a note that they stared it. For about an hour and then one person. Sort of ventured into the lions and it all water authority and an. All you may have been off again -- that they're in -- -- and were terrified for a couple of regular and it was over. So we have been sent -- on. Its -- maybe it's also fascinating. It's popcorn and it's what we can do what popcorn which becomes a vessel for what we have here we can do all this at home -- -- -- Sally holly -- apps you can even do four out of five is withholding maker and why not engineer -- favorite having these -- such -- More favorite -- -- not that I know let's not be imminent -- -- I -- here. And that the texture actually really holds together -- work that transforms into something bigger at the top scoring yeah. Yeah I like dessert and a snap column one -- a lifestyle hi I'm glad I. I will -- I I I was worried that. Bacon might not make everything better. -- yeah. Aren't concerned this is that this has been polarized once they -- -- there -- Actually outfit got a little bit that they wanted to -- in -- help -- find out more about these popcorn think you guys had this up so late we can say Yankee got a buzz he's dot com. -- where the food particles into the go right there I think also legitimate website to connect and I technocrats -- I had lost it is. I love so Russia and I love the spicy and this is actually good popcorn. If you haven't -- nasal issue you can just hold it under -- I had ulterior here. Oh yes we'll actually -- yeah I don't know lovely audience get in on the video. The very spicy ones and it's rather than -- dryly yeah taken past taken past. That he wanted to go play evident evident by thank god is it and I'm only gonna do a play that day didn't really hear that involves me. -- -- -- -- OK god let me say -- So let's enjoy. I don't know if you've. Sound like it's all right up. To find -- -- forty years old he's still laughs yeah. -- little of that. Left -- but yeah that's going to be your. That's amazing what's he -- his hand printed. Wait another minute biographical information they have no blackout I am begging you gotta -- we love that he might pottery found. I'd really like I don't mean work on a shoestring budget we had to cut the whole research departments we're just in. That is. That's -- maybe. Get our pilots actually gets around this is understand how Realogy -- -- -- in my cooler. -- And this is fast but if your name and it's. It's Tony best -- Tony and look at this this is fantastic and I do want to point out. She's a fighter she's a real fighter who -- -- how long would what was your what was to come Whitman in the best. Well. Graduate music and art -- -- enjoying since I was. Is that gonna all the pencil and judges that -- -- -- night and cinema disown me get up and do it then decide Oregon on it and funny thing right -- -- -- -- working on a Tuesday to fifth. And I watched GMA is is that he's coming back to work at twentieth not to blow hit I gotta get very. That this is fans that if I decide Oregon on it and welcome while. Welcome won't you know we're haven't had -- contest for all of photos I -- I think got -- caption for this we all one. Yeah all right thank you Tony. I'm very very very Oscars right here on the big show here GMA lot spirit out we make our way but we want to thank you for joining us each and every day here. At 9 eastern standard GMA live. -- -- -- -- --

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