GMA LIVE! (02.24.14)

Linzie and Linsey try out gourmet croissants and check out video of a rabbit's unique routine.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.24.14)
Ready for some GMA live through it all starts now live backstage at GMA. Where I was looking yeah everybody that's got to know -- Netherlands -- show and he. Welcome to GMA -- where there's more DNA all -- version in the course of treatment moments in the morning what goes on here behind the scenes for example. Look where people are from where everybody from icy Saint Louis. And Fresno when you can't 3000 miles from -- yeah all. Watch -- -- -- say it really. Yeah. I love you all -- all right we'll -- so bad if we are any audio from -- But -- -- not -- and we got some some. Medals here we'll look Britain. Half marathon. Have a story for you coming. -- -- getting pregnant yet. So our friends at Williams. Sonoma must've heard about how much we love the quote songs because they've won some of the ham and cheese variety. It's to celebrate the launch of their new line open kitchen. And we have creative director and -- here with us. Tell us about the lying about this -- -- and I am not most of you know a pregnant woman this is just like me. I'm so thrilled and excited about these images for signs that tell -- about -- so -- her songs are with god -- his -- -- I think I'm the payments. We sell them online and we deliver them. Frozen and you can put an end if you get them out of the -- -- the night before you wanna use -- -- you don't. Actually had to have this sorry I don't start -- -- matters all of this. Look like I'm now I've got some -- -- except for so he put them. He's got enough and I before you wanna use them and you just they have little -- as a dinners overnight and then you put me in the -- and you get bakery fresh for -- and you can legally illegally and -- life. Having yes Seattle -- finally got Williams-Sonoma -- -- really really good. Like having -- by -- right and really -- it is smell edited so fashion Casey we're gonna eat some of the little so when we're not talking yeah yeah. I think about the -- the -- I think kitchen opens -- -- range as beautiful affordable everyday essentials that we in some Imus. It's like everything from. Cookware to white plates tea towels to Bob tools to tools. I'm really good value and really that's still hot qualities I would -- think. -- -- I played a different signing a couple of tips because I don't clock haven't Everest appetite could probably you know he'd -- look regularly -- I don't know I don't. But I need to get started in the kitchen what are the what are refute what -- pencils essential is a really -- night. And a couple of good -- parents are solid -- -- And some relief like some good tools -- -- but wouldn't stay in might stop with the -- six. Probably a -- like -- things like that I just got her and then you know you'd end up with. That he needs like probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and it is the -- principles they. You very much Jennifer coming and thank you something's happening so much that maybe he thinks he's so funny. These really are good two dozen other -- anywhere you have to say it's good as the job. -- really good stuff and suddenly we're all quiet. They want to tell you all -- digitally savvy viewers about this switching your cat food ads yes working at all yeah -- out. Called charity miles and allows you to raise money while you're running walking or biking as everyone tries to work off all the food that we've all been indulging in -- -- I have. This the long brutal wind -- on the pounds figures how works he basically choose to charity. And a charity miles that's that track your distance and get you sponsor backed companies -- you. Download this app you choose your charity and you just start running. Now charity miles very interestingly is putting up the first million dollars so once picked up -- million dollars hope that everybody will be doing this sharing it with their friends in the -- hoping that other corporate sponsors were coming. Seem to be part of the half marathon to raise money for its. It's -- that -- training. -- and what you do this but I am definitely going and this is a kind of thing actually don't ever say that I'm gonna find something out because I'm never going to put this my husband -- -- -- runners. And we RD -- -- half marathon for after the baby is due in June just kindly keep motivated hopeful that things you never want to do is have to bother people to -- -- page you've given me and money -- -- -- you never want to ask. But this you don't have to do you just actually commit to running -- miles an aide pays 25 cents a mild for -- -- good step up its win win all around. Did they think so -- I think -- -- on the half minute marathon with us. Sure that doesn't sound very. The -- all right this is actually really great videos sometimes a film can actually show us more in a minute that we can see in our entire lifetimes and Rick -- -- And his two buddies and certainly isn't Tim White traveled through eleven countries -- -- 44 days to create this spectacular video look at this. Here it shows Rick literally walking across the world through the magic of video editing you'll be walking. In front of the royal Albert hall and the next second through a Middle Eastern cafe. The friends only had two cameras as they -- 38000. Miles to capture the footage it's one of a three part series that -- says culminated. Into the trip of a lifetime I mean you can imagine he also send us some personal photos that he and his friends took on their journey. -- traveling didn't stop there. Rick also recently released a new film called -- the saw this beautiful time -- film in which he calls a psychedelic. Experience at the canary. I don't panic Canary Islands -- easily traveled right when it got there and and split is that Reynolds -- surviving and I just wonder -- who who can afford to do I would love to them. But you know it's a lot of vacation time I don't -- -- -- guessing you don't know I know -- I didn't want it I went yeah right. I did it never and I don't -- I think I've grown -- but I didn't back texting. But it looks great. They look great I mean it's -- like the guy -- -- model based. You know when you see those videos it's like the most beautiful person in the delivering birds are doing marathons of this -- this -- -- -- Republicans but anyway looks great he should check it out on any hot Cleveland for yeah. Its all right. How about a play of the day didn't bonus here with the Olympics now over we have to turns more creative ways to enjoy our winter sports. For a play of the day -- this -- out. Visited -- yeah. Well well this is how great he did so well as snowboarding. This is what I need to aware route what I learned how to snowboard. I guess it must cushion the fall a little bit -- but -- imagine that in the same time I would think that it's a little more difficult to stay up. -- you do you really need because I've actually always you know my life and the one time I tried snowboarding it was like my scalable and like me and my wrists. We're just incredible pain and it's like really acting blue I put the -- -- -- -- driest. -- -- -- -- -- Okay most -- that I that I came on giant. Now -- -- doesn't sound like it's trending map the planet and we got -- what do you think similar suit. Adventurous spirit here. Avid marathon is over there we got hurt -- calling year up and pull yourself up place yeah. Yeah. I don't -- I finally got his cyber pet of the day we're gonna try -- a little bit different here instead of the typical. Cat or dog that we typically give you were gonna -- a rabbit that's -- his cabinet Monday morning that's right silly rabbit. We'll -- that rabbit has -- unusual way of telling her -- that she's ready to go back in her cage. After -- daily exercise that right there. -- she climbs. On to the fact that captioning true Bonnie fashion hops off the couch in Queens and the trash bin machine guns. Husband she hops out of have been through back into -- age we had a funny without it did you encounter candidate lives in -- -- those cages. And about moving into the garage very carefully because it would kick out the positive about it don't have it's not so much of the fund pet to have no I wasn't a couple of -- there. Another facility Agassi in this kind of look and put them needing no it's terrible that you put on -- -- Well also -- -- -- a little rabbits and I imagine what my upcoming person pads. I did my research and found out that a Chinese hamster they're really only child now I want I. However made it partly -- -- -- -- here tonight and squeeze it. -- was totally made of cartilage while this does not. To. Its -- and it. Fits me like them to the bonus I don't really helping Africans still remember the pain. David -- my girlfriend's. On the I don't. Could go back to answer your sons and what are you saying -- controlled and everybody is that this is the psychedelic as bad -- a lot of excitement at -- morning. In an on camera you're right you're making us -- -- April midsize and a lot of you know emotions that -- -- A senate hearing -- that you had the I'm --

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