GMA LIVE! (02.26.14)

Ginger Zee and Ryan Smith sample gourmet chili from The Manhattan Chili Co.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.26.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now. Live backstage -- Yeah well -- yeah. Towards him -- all day all day every day this is -- and let Alan. Yeah. I had a story that you have -- six at about present yeah possessing letting go every single day you do -- that I didn't employs about movie duo. Then they are all along it's great at it that was enough miles. Now looking. -- -- -- -- -- Part the penguin. I was looking for him around the knuckles I find it in the back hundred weather center behind it -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- the original so cute so -- Really well that it -- it -- -- gate agents he had made everybody stop it everywhere you had. To watch him Morgan. -- was responsible for that's -- -- -- wanna say thank you that they don't want it but you have a great job. They do all that work to make something like that come together it takes. Forever yeah -- director Lillie. Lily while. And I can't even imagine doing like three shots to take -- yeah responsible for and how do you do any of that I don't I don't know I just think it's such a monumental effort in these guys of course. Everybody behind us. Joining him latest thing how about that snowflake that -- like that. Thank you know no better way -- quest to become -- frozen -- than that. -- -- How about them -- Alley doesn't inhaling air from New York City is. Very Manhattan chili company and owner Bruce Sherman can come on over -- -- over -- -- -- A couple different varieties yes -- gently okay. So what are we what are we working with here in our -- looks like you have the Turkey chili. We call with high plains Turkey Julie that's if you have to go about -- -- -- -- until it hits you it yes it's magnificent and that. This this place is a variety of Chile powders in three kinds -- Are and -- about -- there is. They didn't hear that right now yeah. -- -- -- -- -- we got angry outlets -- incessant shelling OK -- what else I read that out if you had me yeah. Come on. This is Aaron medium hot numero uno Michael's -- Maru no -- Mulling inspired fool enemy -- let's -- everything cannot tell -- anything in them and let everybody else coming form yeah that -- And that's a hot begin -- for being with butternut squash a little that you take the hot and -- -- -- -- because I'm kind of a wimp when it comes of the stuff. But since they're not like her myself -- In Philly we just drink it down -- that. -- Not yet I'm gonna bring Valentine said. And then the middle of the -- we have the floor yes I think I gotta go around to giving up and occasionally -- clearly we're -- I'm Grand Central Terminal the lower level dining concourse okay. Gonna start handing a couple out of that it's a desolate -- -- but it would still they look really yes please. Scream and be like selling. Aaron yeah. From -- have a music that's the beauty -- My guess would be the senate and the fire I have perfect nice -- and soon so in self. Yet we'll we'll we'll -- up I want announced we can find in -- and tell. This happened here people -- thinking about spring and it is still hopeful -- so called and the perfect time perhaps suited up absolutely. Lower level dining concourse -- that it is where we are -- look at it commentator all of these different. And I'll leave this here for you guys to finish up violent. Upsetting that -- fifty jobs and for those guys to finish up. IRA. -- -- -- -- -- happy thank you economic and go back let's do this because you know not only apparently -- -- frozen in Chile where counting down Oscars Sunday. And in honor of that. Big night in holly let me ask some film students from Catholic country to send us something called instant shorts. It's sad and to Graham they're -- some of the movies nominated this year -- to show you one now. This clip from New York Film Academy it's their take on the wolf on Wall Street what if into the Sierra. And it's called. Teen wolf of Wall Street -- -- Ha ha ha -- France's admit. Month it. -- do the British balloon. -- -- Actually that's -- media getting -- paper. It is the -- left in the half an -- are written each tiny finding that tiny that I'm finding gang Latin funny honey okay -- busloads of -- hit the GMA and yeah. Yet knows a great -- You just the kind of build some buzz around Oscar Sunday so we -- of top films schools across the country and got them to create these is to -- a 152. Remakes of Oscar nominated films and when we just saw was -- teen wolf of Wall Street. And -- -- -- lose ALCON. New York Film Academy. And I believe we have another clip it's going to be a massive. Her and American hustle. -- its greatest is from the New York it was happy fantastic. All high its fuel remembered me well tell me you least about the chargers -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK so it's a guess is it's really all about like how much you can created and that fifteen seconds. Period and this is you know these students have had a lot of fun and got a lot more coming in so. Phil -- if you're watching make sure that you send an and you just -- -- -- a -- -- tags and remains a short so. They I -- see a 152 is sort of gravity oh added this battle -- -- -- no exit. And. Trust me coming out today they went they do I -- it -- -- that's amazing isn't it. -- calculus second all used to design comes checked her fifteen minutes -- yeah. It worth it reminds him it's his choice -- -- dispensers the DJs like he wants -- like Pollyanna about it now yeah. We'll get him back and make it hasn't Seward are actually talk to him talk -- the day now of course I'll get. -- got -- nobody's going to last night that's right OK so pennant and a little model. OK he's offering a helping claw to cats in need. At a press conference yesterday you see the celebrity -- announced there is right there little Bob's big fund for the AS PC's I didn't get -- up. And the -- go to support the emergency veterinary care so eloquent and -- physical rehabilitation. There we go. The big reveal. Really yeah this is beautiful okay see how in a prepared statement by the way it will block the -- -- -- their claims. No no no no no -- I came to earth and make a difference she and. Giffords will be made grandma I don't know why isn't in the bag -- those are his in -- They hit the ball noises -- -- I think also it's like bush. -- winter cap really. He -- -- he's -- and I like it uses would you say uses -- -- -- some sort smears BCA. Told us -- -- website actually crass from all the traffic after little -- press conference but we're happy to reports currently working without any problems right now so feel free to give to them. And AS PC AV -- -- -- -- -- that pets that need -- home home and yes -- place that -- went there instead of it it's -- the one here -- York city. All the work that they do them and most of the volunteers very impressive self. Not something else impressive I am sure because we have the planet except this morning -- is a very sad moments for a four year old. And -- her four legged friend -- -- -- -- meeting with caught on tape sat him on the orphan. -- -- -- -- Full full president I was actually lost until the family of the little girl reunited the baby -- for the mother Omaha also. Let's -- -- the baby or does not look like he's my new name of cars -- me. Com and Icelandic for little -- friend that she doesn't know. It's so cute and I and lied to me. Is this is -- come over here -- it. -- -- -- -- felt -- we gotta go but I just bombs away ginger restrictive. Brian I don't know whether thank you for having me -- a little things I couple and the but I'll wealth frozen was great today is about as good but it right they -- -- being eaten chili. -- -- right trying to do early on tonight he didn't -- he.

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