GMA LIVE! (03.01.13)

Josh, Bianna and Dan Celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday.
3:00 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.01.13)
Okay. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- Either Phil you're doing God's work and I've laid out. He's been using them I don't hold -- anything. -- -- when it comes to fill any viral dance craze I'm gonna camp who does he has these his brakes and out welcome. Chuck Berry live as we are here on CNN live today that they definitely -- -- to undo the time it was you know Larry is -- late night. And I won't make you just like San normally -- flew on to -- really put the chats away -- notebook apple float on the road notre. We have lots to get to do we want to try the Harlem -- about the music. Walk -- want to lock up their watch -- won't know why can't we believe can deal with these kids then if you go to Annapolis elect and his -- that we. I don't -- chance team. -- happy birthday Dr. Seuss and. Okay. Whether -- robust 109. Today. And we are gonna celebrate as you can see here on -- live -- just months. Visible from one -- -- Later what's been the lovely -- To the Internet yes you wanna hear from you tell us what your favorite Dr. Seuss book is the cat in the hat floor -- -- all of the places you'll go green eggs and ham I don't know -- -- never renege. -- -- -- If you probably woody green eggs and ham revenues from I have actually I'm gonna go you big boy cat in the hat that's my favorite -- I got I got you covered -- -- -- -- -- -- All right so well what do we have next couldn't have lots to get them we're gonna we're gonna do it. Coming in VW me that I don't work out what has it says -- on the gap in their. I saw you were doing some USI you know the things that I do for work pat elderly people who now admits it may be on the actually what I know I incidentally that I was reading the Wall Street Journal is a good business reporter and family and every morning and then he article on the -- any -- situation -- interest not sequestration it was about the Atlanta dancing whose. I flew out to the West Coast into this class I will -- you -- content I mean I have -- left me so I'm a class sensitive antenna issues. That I wouldn't do this every day for -- work -- but you know it's all about building your Cold War you know your war room there just seems like there's other ways to. Oh yeah I sit up I mean only anything other than the end of the -- -- fuel -- I thought and use men feel insulted her left doubt -- this sort of not a -- -- and -- on eliminated this is not a looks like little miracle of childbirth for me it is. -- That I'm very happy that I get to carry out yet another planet we don't get enough credit for walking around in high heels -- -- -- -- -- will do a story about how high heels -- you know -- and I expanded -- -- also will happen. About a personal about the two with his doctors -- -- you know what it's bad enough to Wear it for a few hours at work than going out and actually exercising straining yourself as an -- But some people -- why did your thoughts. My thoughts are that it says here in the front this -- -- thing about this stroller that we told you that today I ask you this to death early Jack Smith saying that. The only way to handle this story is that the requisite amount of irony he could be the world's most exclusive tricked out -- for babies made -- by now. Aston Martin and it cost 3000. Bucks matching -- from growing up enough stroller out. -- -- -- You ever by. The stroller regularly you know meanwhile -- I can't answer that I when they give you -- for -- now called I L I get the money I got. Look like a business for only bad things happen and strokes like let's -- yes I mean you are -- you spend more time cleaning them than anything else stance and how would you roll it up to the playground with the Aston -- latex is not good bent but never figured out -- -- them and yes playing on the same house that -- -- yet regulate everything you -- -- -- K can I guess I could see Kanye Atlanta and Kim Kardashian pushing national aviary. Aston Martin's ruling loosening credit and banking hitting mostly well -- -- -- in the control room. Your thoughts 3000 dollar Aston -- stroller. Only if I can write it it. Will be given blanket you guys knew she's about three feet don't have actually. That's not funny yet knows the -- actually is likely equipment. That's a heavy favorite show nudity here -- there -- retractable. Her -- That's true you can climb trees in East Asia the audience I'm so happy your city -- -- I shouldn't be any not fired are among. -- fired and she and she actually she thinks so. Always happy Saturday firefighter Tuesday -- we'll let that I am -- this sold the -- supporter at this table let me tell you and you behind the camera yeah. -- -- -- -- -- I don't. And apparently HR intervened she Beckham again that we got a cool we had a cooling off period you -- -- -- exempted her heartfelt apology that's that's. He's back let's move on its arsenal Al Barak and rejected the Harlem shake has been taken the world by storm money's got yards to lead -- -- Well Lance it is what happened were Clement is off camera for what happened -- Where is he what is it what are his feelings about this -- I don't know I think. -- -- community -- was a guy has -- you're expert here. I was very upset you guys did Harlem shake on new live I -- here that -- got -- in the control room. A lot of don't want to -- well -- -- wasn't anything on -- -- -- So fill us I personally have to decide is if I should go out and I excise -- floors of the most part they didn't like a little parity him on Jimmy Kimmel. But that's really -- -- and he doesn't want to perform anywhere show. Mom when can we expect to Harlem shake you thankfully -- I don't know I'm -- may be a couple more weeks we'll probably fizzle out leading other dire news yeah. We've had been something native Canada assured us -- wells but until it Bilbray Y -- I -- -- cellular Eilat. However that he -- -- my home when you come I'm telling you read part of my my my day. Monday here on GMA alive we are gonna have the new sensation for you that will go viral this is like being nostalgic. For something that has yet to happen. It's going to be amazing. And it's all gonna come from that -- On the my observation is between sky and -- and style and then the heartland state gets its -- -- really has. Specific dance moves whereas. It seemed okay Jay get -- -- every morning there yeah this -- Greek style. Yeah I'm being told let's you know having -- in the -- yeah. And we're not talking about you know we're not talking. -- and I mean it's it's really the beginning and I'll just -- Video that's terrific although you know there's -- -- we were talking about -- -- in my days -- head in the lower left hand. They got the guys like I can I just to get -- -- just want to give -- what is happening on the final won't seriously. Get the airfares actually investigating this thing because these views and ultimate frisbee players from a college and they made this -- has gone viral. Would -- propulsion from us here in the American League playing at all morning. We're told that my big question about this is there actually ultimate frisbee teams college oh yeah long not -- out -- -- right he we have a -- four time national champion. Probably I was cut from it. Still bitter about it now ultimate tough phenomenal sport it's basically football -- its. It's great just great for I didn't know that it was actually now legit team -- -- real legit is Olympic that is actually not helping the legitimacy and. Or how would you give the banana cost him on -- my plane and that all but that's what I also wonder about -- museum -- just dressed. Normally go into the bathroom and come out as a -- I mean things are going wrong in your. That's not good there's a lot the FAA had a lot to investigate as you react when you -- there's an air marshals on those other passengers do have a story. It's -- it's not a boring -- also on our pop extra now take a look at these dresses they were made by a group of students for a fund raiser at the French pastry school. Those aren't just any dresses -- they're made -- jelly beans and last night rural organics. Woods oh my god -- look malicious animal dressed. I would love -- the fruit pastry wheel. I would -- hang on 45 east -- around. But their work -- -- jelly beans and I'm happy quote if there. He had a very good embellishment to a basic weighted toward the dresses like puff pastry them. I -- dresses. That also I mean can we again and we -- the FAA in. I could see Leon got out wearing something had happened the -- the board thanks Kelly. That's ten elections yeah plated and then the. You know I guess -- is great -- immune community and our car. Sorry car. Community and our hearts he would joined us this table used -- good afternoon America set. -- do we departed. She's one of our producers actually at ABC news little Alley. And so little -- her little. Lip and she's singing a song with. Won't -- your friends. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On homer and I hear -- -- great yeah. NATO. I think that -- -- sped up a little bit fills dance moves viral. Syria and if your -- ran all my friends are Q I can't wait to see what -- that now. How. And by the way -- you are the sweetest little thing -- -- that is absolutely. My goodness all right -- -- happy birthday to the good doctor. -- it is. One again. 109 years young had he made it this -- he did not but he's left behind such as well lovely creations of yourself. And so. We have. Which is just explaining how this is gonna work myself in my said that figure skating right it is supposed to be from motivation that's upstairs. You think he's the comptroller of families. You do with -- my -- that's the sweetest look at that since the jobs -- even if -- -- I'll yeah oh. I think. Atlanta the way we go here's how this is gonna work. Our first three questions contestants are beginning to fill in -- -- to prevent yeah so so. OK right all right we're we're -- -- we're very excited well now. Yes legitimately have won a deadly plane to Manila yeah. So here we -- here we are filling in blanks and I am going to playing the part of -- lovely Vanna White not and other. And that the had in fact the. Yeah. OK so Khmer. Some -- out of Egypt Yemen as the Hurricane Katrina it is that -- -- and confirmed they -- Don't think we don't have the budget don't -- the Vietnam so I want you to start and you're gonna fill in blanks and so here we go you read that first and can you read that Kagan -- I want you to read that first thing that first line. I didn't like -- only he and I do not like them blank blank blank. I think -- good mix of music we get some like fund using. Some -- are now. -- -- -- But he didn't do -- can you hum some game -- music. That's -- -- had a budget for me. All right I'm get it every night this is the Internet so he's do you think we wouldn't have a time limit -- we have a time okay. Yeah superhero book is that -- county an area of -- we're not totally didn't have -- it all right guys get a -- a stern talking to out of the program. Furniture at look at all the -- again to repeat. I do not like green eggs and -- I do not like them blank. And flying. -- and the answer is that we had. Sam I am Sam I am I prefer truffle. And the answer is. -- -- Wow. The first no no we that is -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- acting like molasses leaves us. And beyond have taken an early lead OK here we go the next question. -- law. He flying and -- -- zero. -- like you that you. The more I made me feel. No Mora that you can -- -- the more things you'll know the mall or. That you black. More places. You'll go. This is just got -- racing. I'm warning of foreign front -- me so I had Russian books read to mean that enabled us to get it that's -- -- Just -- the lines. And there -- but how about that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He what are what are we have. Remove all learn read and hundreds of -- you gave us grow and know. Riot ensued partial credit and good morning -- you high he'll dance rates and the good -- you'll know. Shuffle could play yeah. We can't -- good -- and gentleman -- -- that you learned. He was there. As that's more like you've narrowed that Minnesota and nobody hockey again the only thing again and again -- you get papers. All right here we -- now lives let's go to number three right now. I love you and I speak of the girls. Really seeking food -- -- and I play. I am the black ice cream -- language you seem to be chopping as playing. -- -- -- -- -- Ahead this elegant dinner. Carter what. I don't know Miguel. Cabrera so much to the answer yeah they're getting answers are -- -- Dumbledore -- ice before the Harris. Johnson as. -- as you please. About. -- I am the walrus -- the see you need shopping as broccoli as you -- That's right yeah. Thank you live album tomorrow might speak for the kids which you seem to be -- as much as he believes all go. The Russian is the only way he got 13 of -- For the trees. Which you seem to be job biggest passenger please why they didn't go -- the only thing one could conceivably be shopping without. Committing a crime I don't know the before all I had I had Riley is legal -- It's a time I think it's a tie with between -- and beyond they have 13 of a correct answered each and so. Dan the man -- went back to the desk we're going to wait we're gonna go -- -- a -- Those that -- wow that's very simply to imply that I've already diagnoses. And water well. Dr. -- is real. What was doctor seuss' the real name nominee tell you that's what you guys think about. Middle name wasn't fat -- if you want perhaps to the way the family did. He saved Gonzales. Massive -- most -- pronounced it suits. So that's what -- -- Go ahead -- it. But that's a good that's -- goes something like Ludwick again yes -- -- -- did not felons with Bryant. That that I know is why am I you know he's Davis did say that this bats is really puts you might -- Mike. Eat eat yeah. Not going to -- yeah. He's the -- today. You think specially developed for lady I don't know I don't know -- Clemens never been categorically proven. -- -- cat in the hat -- By an honor again -- doctor Theodore diesel or doctors choices -- as we like to come PBS kids -- a very special. The cat in the hat knows a lot about that with a cabinet valley for science com. From -- space and as close as inside our very own bodies thing. All as we -- thank you Lisa from Shreveport. And we're gonna walk about Colombia on again. A rollicking thrill ride of a jam and live today you can catch these two tomorrow correct. Yes as GMA barrels into the weekend. Lots to discuss. From the world of music. How beautiful audience thank you by the way you one million strong. You guys get it done today. And all the rest -- -- that we want to thank everybody for being here. -- you go to him alive 9 AM eastern standard he. Every week day and thank you for watching. Okay. Yeah -- room break. -- Or are all -- and that. -- --

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