GMA LIVE! (03.06.14)

Gio Benitez, Ginger Zee and Rebecca Jarvis check out new kid-friendly gear from the US Tennis Association.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.06.14)
Get ready for some GMA -- it all starts now. Live backstage at GMA. And I'm. I'm Elliott like and they all day Rebecca Jarvis that her dirty water joining us back on the body underneath says -- time getting wet and dirty laundry and thirty adult theater some nasty stepped -- and vehemently to wait to see -- -- that -- -- funny about it. And also showing you some of our favorite moments of the morning and also want to now and about the show didn't rescuers so so I do they show for those of you are familiar with that I do -- show called real thing is him. It's usually around 930 each day right here on And we talk about a lot of real business things a lot of cool -- for -- People who -- doing really interesting things in the community. And things that are really helpful like for example today I'm not sure -- you've heard this it's called Wayne's. -- -- highway -- the traffic out there you -- have any have you heard of ways. -- driver in the house is right. So I don't think we even then after that he. -- -- -- -- What are you talking -- But for those of you would you drive it's really cool because -- this app that allows you to get from point eight it would be the fastest way. And it's using all the information it's collecting from other drivers on the road. Also pointing out where the cops are so you know -- to slow down. Okay it ought to thank you read her enough that I am encouraging -- the -- -- You know who always knows the way the penguins. And we have a lot -- woods today and so on GMA I think we have video of them right. Maybe maybe not. That I -- yeah. We and we had been in the city Elliott admitted that sometimes grab -- surprise I know -- to -- -- where they live and I love it here and make up this morning I'm just sitting there in the monitor is not an agency like little penguins walking they aren't. And they had everything it can only had Good Morning America he gets a -- of -- -- by the door here in America. Natalie Mendoza and ignore -- good jar of guards and students behind us as on the plane now right. Residents from tenth. Day and other assets from pens stay in the right now -- A hookup but I think they're all -- -- studying at that got their smoothie -- -- get credit. -- at no extra credit but you do get us moving where he give you a -- -- -- -- friend -- smoothie king did send a minute power punch plot says the plan strawberries bananas. Thirteen and other nutrients and exercise -- couldn't -- says this data from their work out. Or just get a boost of energy before hand and leads -- to -- one -- the other after more protein after right -- a couple of -- will happen to have sent into the gobbling down. But the great thing to have the 10 morning we will be doesn't joining -- in reading about a six hour that they. Right how many of those movies are great and all but sometimes -- craving something a little more like. This little bacon lover and our play of the day extra take a look. -- -- -- -- yeah. Listen and that that anybody that's exactly the way -- says ginger before here -- -- and I -- -- -- Yeah that's not -- There isn't -- your -- he didn't go out there in the morning yes but ready but he does like bacon and really wakes up feeling that way there is some good news because there's this new -- it's by Oscar -- It's basically -- it wakes you up to this sound and smell. -- -- works through your mobile phone a lot of people are saying wait but how does it wake me up to the smell like get the sound part because the phone -- you know as a whenever. They've got these things these they're called jungles and you plug it -- -- found. That's what a mix with smell and by the way. You can't just go -- and downloading you have to win an Oscar Meyer is making it all available. Under website they're calling it their latest projects for the Oscar -- institute of big get sent it to go win and dongle yet you wish. It's a big -- I'm running water -- -- yeah. Oh yeah floods it floods and -- here on the folks up right back and -- comes negatives for the allow I don't know I everybody had a life. -- -- -- but of course we want more pats because if it wasn't. You know they don't have a bonus had of the day as we wouldn't be GMA life so we got our animal -- and our -- -- this. Yes check out the precious. And these guys. Proving that real men -- their hat on absolutely all part of a Baltimore pet adoption campaign to show -- soft side features some pro athletes other manly men who don't mind getting off to cut only for -- -- kind. Until the other night. I saw a man but I know all too well and -- Economic effect do you think about my view you get in the forty minute he had those jacks he was initially was on GMA life. Think you're handling it now 'cause I love it I love the fast -- video shows a softer side and thank you for computers that fit that. And luckily we've been having the only incidentally. Aren't there I got -- through -- That's adorable he's probably he does not love love as much as I did I have over cuddle and -- -- And I don't have anybody to cuddle when you know my husband's. I think I -- -- hands him. And there's -- you know she's tough there's nothing manly volume we are tough so. You'd be -- -- Tara luckily didn't have these movies today but inside a vacant because right now we're gonna head over to our GMA live tennis court. -- and here. Probably US tennis is -- -- -- That's right this is there are yeah as their leader the morning -- how they'll loaded Milford. The we're -- conflict that -- If you -- that's a reference to the fact that I used to play tennis and -- wolf I was awful. So bad I lost my senior year high school I lost to a seventh grader at her mom was there cheering her -- I'm behind runners in the -- later and -- -- -- -- and it's pleasant tennis is a big -- really handling. -- I didn't play as much as -- should have. But we want to get even the word out because it's something you're trying to -- of new program. Yeah we see some of these kids sitting here -- -- all stars from the national tennis center -- the US open this are coming here playing with. Smaller equipment or bouncing -- different in the way we were brought up here's -- -- on Iraq if this is -- longer racket. And in other kids in -- STJ and Dominic clarity right. I think I go back and they are good but we look at a small space in their controlling it really well. I never really are terrific -- be hard to do that with a one rocket that's one of the things that sports and a great job over the years of making equipment kid size that's really great and parents -- their moms and dads don't wanna get their kids involved in tennis could you tell us dot com and you learn all about how to get your kids. Started -- support -- -- some little some of the things that that your team is doing here what Britain did this month -- really focusing on tennis player that's all over the country there's thousands of facilities that are offering. Introductory programming for kids. It's easy going you fest dot com moms dads go there to find out how start their kids in a program where they can begin. And these kids as you can see hardly ever met -- Yeah they have been really I have I have it's a global sport and I think that's -- in the way of soccer where it that it doesn't always translate. Especially early on and that's that you're trying to change as to how to bring the US and. Look a little -- and and one thing did no it is is -- delighted to be involved in the in the First Lady has an initiative that let's move campaign to to combat childhood obesity. And there's no better sport in the world. For for children at play it's it's incredibly healthy it's great for fitness. It's it's social it's a unique you do if you found only -- your friends. My wife and then I would we have two little kids are always in the driveway I have a stray -- coming we're always in the driveway on neighbors courts playing in the basement. But it's also challenging stimulating mentally because you're always up their problem solving -- it's a lot of independent thinking. That's required to sport like tennis so -- that's really terrific and I can't think of a better support the start. At a really young age need to do all the way into your. Quite all and I -- what age should they start well I started my children when their four days old so -- -- yeah. -- contract and yeah man had with these smaller -- that you just you can pick up performs does what it's -- it's easier and easier to start children a young age and that's going to be great advantages we've had a the last decade the whole industry. The -- and industries gotten behind the ideas criticizing us fourteen. What -- hardest thing for kids to learn like the most difficult thing on the tennis court for the most important things it's always got to be fun and -- -- -- for an initial experience they're gonna do it they're gonna claymore they're gonna enjoy it more. So I would say the hardest thing for us as parents as coaches is to make sure that's a really fun experience and forget -- -- -- youth tennis dot com there's a lot of great direction on how. Provide for that would children -- all right bill thank. -- -- -- If you follow the I don't know about -- if -- Brian Fata area after the incident -- hopefully play well all right you and we got a -- -- will be -- and I -- -- This in the -- and yeah. None of them come on there. Own. The -- FFF. All right and royal united GMA -- I think that little Angel you're married and we're gonna let them keep playing thing all right Mary Manning and CNN and back. 3 o'clock and 930 real women have hailed -- is tipoff that real thing is. We'll see you tomorrow morning yeah.

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