GMA LIVE! (03.12.13)

Lara Spencer, John Muller and Sam Champion discuss Britney Spears' art buy and a new viral video.
3:00 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.12.13)
Okay. Thank -- America. Dean campaign alive where we're live -- -- all day and Lara getting wrote the here yeah. I'm just got a big job big new job at ABC news that we should talk -- I'm going to be anchoring the overnight show Monday through Friday show that goes on from 230 yeah yeah yeah yeah. Out -- thank you thank you I want to get much sleep but it's a lot of fun and -- dabble with -- every now and then and. That's a big deal you know why isn't he added that -- -- the grooming ground salad they say. I'm gonna get for a minute what -- Monday immune to this guy's been you always -- and I. Way back and started in local news here -- -- you got the chops and you're so -- -- I'm sorry I Jerry naughty joke and I half hour. Why don't -- waking up early in the morning would not hinge on how. I might -- you -- like Jimmy today I thought it was really fun right shall I could could you believe the -- news. Not to does -- yeah I first of all I want to get into the -- we didn't have time to talk about the I don't know whether. This letter she wrote honored -- do you -- did you guys do that's what about -- don't you feel like yeah. The -- do you -- that like a last ditch effort. -- -- Yeah I never really knew what was then -- -- -- you saw him see. The letter but you don't really know -- -- like he had already made up his -- -- -- he nearly even though you were led to believe that humans keyword you know sort of vote. The love of his life that's confusing I don't know but none of the -- the letter but -- knows right from fat. To Dancing With The Stars yeah. I'm Mary and camera -- BCA I mean I guess -- you ride -- -- alone while depressing news up. We need you do you take advantage -- things justice and you can't we need to check in but he's not here. He's not here where -- -- -- myself -- -- he's lord knows -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mom I you should first tell us have you been arrested and yet -- by southwest. I'm not I have Ben -- site did this I spoke at the apple event yesterday on the future television I don't I'm point six years old and. And I was the only person on the panel who still work and television -- that people works and the Internet they were all older than me wow but. But since then -- I have been holed up in my room because there is a bug going around south by. And I am not get my room where you are carrying on the other and I can somehow get on a plane later today and come back to New York hello we're -- -- -- model on the bottom. -- -- How do you get our Diana apparently -- -- got here -- -- she's got accused of having him out of ways this morning. All right well other than the fact that you all got sick there tell -- you have a big -- -- there at SXSW and was there because a lot of things come out of this. What what what's going to be walking out of that. Well let me tell you we all come down here and say okay what's the next big thing and we all leading saying we have no idea. But here what kids I -- -- is so yesterday. They demonstrated -- some more. Some ward uses of the Google -- now those are the classes that you Wear right. And -- and homicide you can sort of go through and -- of announces third party application. Like the New York Times so you can be reading the New York Times. -- there's an Evernote app. What you can take notes on -- a safe sitting in class. But here's the big minutes is that the first version of the classes are gonna -- sued Google says her 15100 dollars. -- called the explorer version. Wow -- continues over the phone to our Mike completely out of the -- are they have phone and visual aid because -- off on the little but I I'm an old guys out. I don't. I don't get just below the -- But you can definitely check your email -- would you guys use those would you guys you'd better you'd think it's distracting drivers I have I would like to try to be funny. We did. I thought it like it's gonna look like the old suitcase phone at about two years and if you're actually wearing the glasses Gilbert -- square Sunday to make it just so much very quickly so -- more -- They're inside your eyelids -- that's -- well. That's -- close your eyes and pulled corrupt people are actually working on contact lenses that we do the same time no I'm not so yeah. Why aren't Arianna -- and then you win anything else you hear things about people measuring your brain waves yeah so will be when you don't have to -- something that you can think get and that -- moves that the -- are in. I'm already confused young and good morning -- Thank you feel better and -- at home and we'll see you here are. No matter I didn't want to get into the bug I was afraid it might be in oh I don't. He wanted to welcome lunch crowd -- Speaking up what is local volunteer when he's a rookie let me help -- is because you. Just -- to -- I can't just -- snacks and just go on that's one of the great things Karen -- makes the most delicious. Crops he -- -- get on Good Morning America today and then here is interest rates -- his -- -- I'm just gal that's a new book out -- -- a really simple and clean she's all but eco living and intensity there's a few of the recipes she was -- she's just gorgeous cheers. Total -- I am a really great girl for standing next to her performance. Whatever she does give us more -- that went -- -- watermelon data and and and may agree that you don't have you not -- why haven't I know you're to cut the pilot got -- it because -- -- like -- decider force for everybody. While you do go see -- could take a look at this video. Grant Thompson's dubbed himself became a brand up. And -- a lot of experiments rulers all kinds of an agreement on the. But -- one -- -- -- he is he was setting things on fire with a giant -- a giant glass. Something like he broke up -- all its TV. To harness energy in the power of the -- to show you see just how powerful this it -- please do not try this at home please don't try this time. -- this stuff is really combustible and just about anything is when you put enough energy hunting menu yeah. An audio products out of oh look I'm not happy that haven't you been a lot of I look at hello how -- area -- -- -- to be here are you. It is great to see about that stuff looked wild tell me where you got this idea for. -- the ideas -- back to you about 2009 when we're -- rumors about a recession or depression. There's a lot of people interest in alternative energy yeah I got -- -- that. And there's a man on the Internet I started following me down Rojas was doing a lot of experiments that these kind of lenses he called -- -- giant -- lands. And he was burning things like concrete -- boiling water. I thought I want to -- that try but these lenses are selling for three or 400 dollars on eBay. Those living out of my price range -- -- -- experiment from so that I -- another way to do it. So you -- you must have a big old television set is that true. Yeah research I found these are actually in those big screen TV is that people are thrown away all the time -- that's homicide thriller. I know it will be put money classified ads for -- -- just can't take it. -- Oakland it is that I don't have -- -- let's come to your TV and -- got a science project a lot of work on. Somewhat to his house right there mister Bentley we -- TV down and we got this big -- out -- it and -- pile of leaves and just started focusing in the whole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing -- how serious and how. Danger at this -- this community don't do -- right where -- to have you on and to celebrate this experiment but -- you explain to people how dangerous this can be. You know I think in this case are taken -- thirteen square feet of sunlight and concentrating it down to one square -- and we don't solar cars. Pretty powerful -- -- -- senate. One of the -- reserves as we want to use for the future lead to test it out and built his big frame -- just started seeing what it could melt. And -- sort of boiling water and in less than a minute I have beer bottle full of water boiling. And -- naturally progressed experimenting with juicy you can cook with it and you can cook or you can scorch it depending on -- focuses. And then. I guess ultimately demonstrate how much power as I started taking melt pennies sixty videos and -- And saw that party just -- start bubbling to boiling down that -- and and that one. After -- -- everybody you can find him online easily -- -- -- random. Now tell you that interest in this in finding out all different alternative -- -- -- out so what's your. What your bottom line and how powerful this -- as I mean a lot of people say. We've turned over all our energy needs to -- companies to move burn fossil fuels and that may or may not be necessary if we just have a little ingenuity it looks to me like that's exactly -- approving what's your bottom line. My line is there's -- time energy and the -- -- practical issues to be addressed like how to track the sun as it moves in the sky but it. As far as the power goes -- concentrate designed to be and we got a ton of sun. And it's coming to us all the time -- promotes renewable resource I think all the energy governors comes from that. Here I am so it's a great experience it comes from things that people are throwing -- -- all the time. And it's amazing to think that government's power energy conference and. Idols and proud -- you proud of you my friend thank you very much for making science you know he's telling everybody yeah. Yeah. Say -- just might have -- -- pop up on ABC -- shots from the -- do you think -- that people saw that I don't know I don't know I don't know if you did -- know that we're you know we're work -- -- lot of stories around the -- live right now one of the reasons obviously Josh is not with us is that he's working very hard. Waiting for -- white smoke do it yourself just one explained in the world of random. There you go and then what do you think. About yeah capital -- Did you guys enjoy some veggies and Allentown take you brought it out some of the stories I wanted to do today we just ran out of time. Top news we are -- -- -- a little bit what's happening while the celebrity and also sometimes some random little moment and this was some sort of that Britney Spears would only allow little bit appearance over the weekend. Without even leaving LA turns out. She was shopping at target he's he walked outside and there was an art best selling his -- Outside of a target in LA and she's. Fell in love with -- painting. And she paid some good money for the -- or priced between six. 112100 dollars and she -- one she put -- in the car's optional she drove. And I just not that -- that's certainly something I would do and I felt like I've bonded with her and. -- shares that would local -- this is something that a lot of people say about Britney Spears and and and from the very beginning is that she's a very real kind of in the yeah. I'm just loves to go out there shop our own loves to walk around and do things according to Oregon he's all right doing that. This to me makes we love -- all. All I know it's not really news news but it's just a nice little glimpse into. It's also looking really and can't -- and I think Paul is welcome she's got so much going on did -- or did -- not get a big show was not confirmed. They're talking about an hour -- -- It didn't get it let's let's I heard it easily and yeah. Calling Britney right now finding out all right -- -- -- -- crying. Kind call threatening and yet -- -- all good in the world of ready at all comic scenes and even in the wake of her break up. -- What planet that's your play today extra Saint Patrick's Day is coming up Sunday night and -- -- yeah we don't. Yeah. Dreadlocks and a little Irish do just a couple of -- -- Irish folks handing out -- as Iraq is successful so we decided. Account their kids just got home that -- -- more. An apartment tennis. This goes on who. We didn't get stranger yeah I am I have in the year ahead and I have yet. All right -- intimidating. -- -- They're attractive couple -- -- know I don't know what it can't damn good looking itself basically anybody's gonna come off and he. Everybody knows in congress and think ninety just brings out the name and frivolity -- all of mindless arrogant little Irish -- died literally got love -- your lot fewer that -- L Murphy the homicide hopes. Hadn't talked champions it's an odd million Tuesday. And aren't yet we can't confirm that -- well extra -- lines is that Britain got that do you know. Yes she did not see choppered no confirmation that he had illegally downloaded to your own mind we didn't think concert former San Francisco I think we should be the ones opening. That would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all like. Their bodies that we did Lincoln Center as well with her yet now she's -- she's incredible you don't you bring your life for yourself -- a house hey dude tree we have the already has yet how my what do you think he'd kiss me I'm Irish thing comes on -- appalled to teach or possibly the legend of the -- -- which is -- for good luck. Is it all made up to -- people can get some kisses want to hear anything about that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama is done don't like -- -- interview -- -- I would say now now now now now we can you please now is that there's this is the kind of even that wouldn't -- that it -- will have to perform. While this is happening 380. Down here and you hear laughter yeah. Laughter it's not -- Black -- and everybody. Ready are we know where are you didn't tell anybody working hand is needed victory America's -- -- -- -- -- You for joining us this is moderately -- we can't we and we -- know. Every American will work on -- -- the time you know. We you know when just one final yeah. Colonial -- thank you. We're -- everybody yeah.

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