GMA LIVE! (03.13.14)

Ginger Zee and Sara Haines get tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.13.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage at GMA. Same -- CNN live there's more GML today here on Good Morning America that come thinking being that fence and -- -- after sitting next to me in of course not -- and beautiful cake I get it at arm's distance filling that has -- like. Not -- -- so my friendly skinny eating friends. In the event disease over here. -- -- DeSoto square right now -- we are not yet. -- -- try to work we're hovering -- well all of the appetite Samsung yes Howard -- -- -- that's the way to do it and you know that there and I've looked. A bit -- craze who doesn't get that way because these days we've got a lot of multitasking it is -- we just figured why not have some wedding cake in the casing right here on -- today. I don't have a beautiful create more and it. Made by sugar flour cake shop here in Manhattan at the chocolate cake. With coffee -- and Vanilla butter cream icing I love this part because owner aiming LL angry and fondness for me to taste like cardboard. And says -- uses butter cream finish on all of her cakes and okay. Fine -- and various units it sounds like it's gonna it looks good climbed on her however yes but it never tastes like he wanted -- -- I'm glad -- Friday happy with that -- as attending your wedding. -- and you had the coffee Vanilla chocolate and delicious sense that this says I hasn't heard yet I -- -- -- -- think it while doing your face and there. We just like demo cake is -- target locate her back that's that he only got in his. It's much too beautiful the paint comic and I need to not eating it -- eight F five your wedding cake that -- the 15050. Guests how Miller the pieces. The color of the economic Kagan I have to -- -- rose golden wedding rings. Great idea -- the bottom -- -- big. The top the first player is one piece about it is that like the credit NASA -- the reason -- only wonder what is that thing why would you phrase why would a -- a year later -- -- -- one. Anybody do that is some and so have their cake and their freezer behind and in -- yeah. It was -- have put you on freezes they cannot be dead. Get closer -- -- the year wasn't so bad -- -- -- -- -- I think -- I -- And last month the mobile beating out Tinder received a lot of attention from the -- olympians but now getting more attention. From celebrities CEO she Conrad disclose that -- will soon be able to fight past ten years login feature. And adopt the verification that's like you haven't later the little check mark -- and it it'll allow them to mingle with. On the average -- And then they can. Now here's what and the promise before posting pictures and saying they were celebs. You always know when you see that person -- -- and it -- play like that temperature you know how excited I got when Phillip Phillips treated be back it wasn't Phillip Phillips. Yeah indicates nothing about the -- wanna believe it happened. I -- yet -- -- and it didn't. But -- you know -- but it -- -- -- at night I know which Phillip Phillips is the right one OK Pat Buchanan. Parents that I now relying in the verification and this is good but there's a lot of people like Ashton Kutcher Lindsay -- -- stone street who have admitted to being on fingers down. Plots Angel thinks -- no -- you don't need to try now you are hooked up with. Then gets -- -- that my candidacy and no I I'm. Don't know I think she didn't mean it it was not about now on appeal and data yesterday had no apps I don't know what's in there is pretty good shape here they don't need to know what I mean -- -- next necessity reed's intention whatever. I'm making things we did -- -- -- how about pets. Because we need one that kit -- and have a hamsters that we never get to -- -- -- until it's for me and to say today I'm so hit -- -- hit. Up all hope all the little legs -- -- lightly to get things -- belly -- time enrollments. And -- you -- -- the owner of just know that she clearly loves to be handled it according to -- mom that's a different want to -- Andrea what. She was the most common cancer that she has ever seen. I normally not be cancer and I held my nephews and he promised -- -- don't worry here at the signing it now. That's just what does not look like no this like at lake a little happy lake you know like when you showed us -- -- and -- a -- -- That would have even -- and on the union. On yesterday we showed -- -- had gone viral of strangers meeting in -- for the first time -- camera surprising that premise doesn't sound like it sells but. It really was fascinating as just and sweet and tender moments. Between people and is an interesting little experiment and -- tender. Now you're going to be later today. And financially in real harsh reality that you don't need to be on there but good. And we'd like to keep its energy just love in the -- -- -- -- -- -- of the day with this video from -- -- of Dublin Ireland. And his dog that remain nameless public to protect him. We can confirm that the dog is okay -- was not injured but scenes take a look at he found love for something like it look good with his -- -- Oh yeah. -- that -- at the top atmospheric game yeah but yeah. I am. Something tells me and ailing -- on the way down yeah he. Those hips don't lie like -- -- he now open. My -- too much too much Politico on to -- love that. This -- -- all about love today and our planning your wedding that he -- -- that pavlik come the brides to be when it comes to planning. In need a little help from your friends you've got different -- and that's one got a great friends so let's head back -- wrestle with where pot but Samsung. He had -- -- -- tonight we're great friends -- Oh OK do you. The good the rural pockets anywhere available well congratulations to both of -- saying -- -- -- this moment with the Sophia that's what's so good I think I think that's guaranteed to your Twitter posts here Twitter post reading Q did. -- hasn't had the oh. Cant cook oh that's nice I have very slowly about it when I did. The -- doesn't have been helping me out because I have had his new job that all the things -- Out and face going a little disease it is good to have health and you started me off with the best advice you always have the best investment to help brides to be that mean it just got engaged at that season. What -- got to think about things well. This goes for you and for you the first thing you do you realize you've answered. The business this is the biggest business -- -- learned that the young learning you have to educate yourself and you also have to realize that outside of purchasing a home or Condo. A vehicle. But a wedding of the big -- -- ticket item people so. Educating himself finding out what is the best formula for you everyone has a different sort of pattern they want to work where it's. Definitely you know -- to particular -- -- the -- of Libyan of the day. Can't remember what it's about -- -- out of starch -- -- -- -- -- looks at a business this is what we've got a few prominent party. It would be a completely different thing -- every hallmark -- fact that yes we're getting you're not paying the price the price goes out eight and up. -- which is very true specific with your -- most forested when you're going to say I want front of the affair I -- You know this from my wedding now you have at a party. Instead of the using the word OK to say you wanna get a nose gate and that sounds funny and knows -- -- -- game I'm right here trying to. No but I'm Bob nobody really it's a smaller version of a bouquet -- -- dot -- wired it's just sort of almost like a little tossed bouquets that that prize -- had given today by most part they're going to -- -- more. How casual compact look gather and I do in the whole -- -- here that yes and that we're talking about budget now where you know obviously you know sky's the limit if you have the capability but. At the end of the day -- -- dollars. An Indian man dead. That yeah. Yet you haven't gotten back yet having -- -- yet I'm looking -- -- and that again is it is a huge expense and I really rather spend money on the street. -- -- -- -- -- At -- in New York City and across the -- and I've done weddings in San Francisco. In Chicago here in New York gave -- -- you know across. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The one thing that I -- -- -- are ridiculous. Is that you spend all emulating. I'm -- you can -- the thing with any budget no matter what you do and if you're remodeling your home your planning a wedding you pick one splurge item. And that splurge item is whatever is important to you so -- the case which I thought was quite splurge out there I've like Hillary it'll have a -- so good at. -- of the dress so my advice -- dress shopping is. Think of -- more is not some of the wedding dress would go to the department store try on some dresses in different colors -- designer what fit works for you the best. Then it's. Smart again go home go online see it becomes an ivory white sent pain or even our friend of -- and now who -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- month. Is bringing in this beautiful -- device blew. So there's you know there's ways to -- always. Also you can order online and ordered a size bigger it's going to be easier to Alter that ticket and so let's say he -- -- -- with a cap sleeved red. If there's enough fabric left over from a size of two bigger you can. -- have it added that. There are a lot of stores they just -- one on the other day that was 99 dollars just like -- -- -- that your splurge item there a lot of big ticket stores target cost OK to have states that are only now -- -- -- -- -- went ahead on. But coming up and he was very -- candidates and don't forget about ability to you can also Belichick could have basic you know you for your -- dazzle you can definitely yes. But the barn LBD I mean you could like you know work that out that there's a lot of options but for the bridesmaids the bridesmaids always get -- Yes we do listen to some -- -- let's so here's something you're okay. His real specialty well why -- -- is that no -- -- -- this is the real boot camp but I have many speciality. So these beautiful flowers. We're done treated by city -- And tribulations of the from the friends of -- here in new -- and went -- -- Poland for practice so theater basically your bouquets now this is simple it's -- -- is the simplest thing that'll save you hundreds of dollars hundreds of dollars. These are fringe tulips. Phillips a beautiful Phillips big key is knowing that at the -- to look verses of regular to -- so when you're designing your movie arrangements -- whatever. Try to find you know a Florida for the divorce -- -- that involved. As someone do that tattered Guerrilla Girls this way yes I'm a little bit of an answer right now and it's a much less -- it's much less expensive thing when you're looking at -- are holding there is less. -- -- it's not less expensive -- but it is the expensive and -- less expensive and let me tell anyway because we use peonies and it. Which are largely mythical a lot of real estate -- a footprint within the -- -- find larger flowers. Where -- these little mini -- if you want to save money you could remove those and just you know. What's -- carnations in order our dreams as a really big -- to use as well now here's the thing what I like to educate people live it's called double duty. And double duty is basically what can I do with this after a walk down the aisle so you -- you -- -- I don't think that it to do and then -- done and the you don't -- so what I. Really think you should do is. Double your money and instead of spending like hundreds of dollars dinner on Saturdays -- have your instructor bridesmaids in it. -- is included in sloppiness and a vase with a -- -- -- you can also go a little bit further and have the same kind of leaves that are in -- bouquets placed in the mixer but for the interest of you know. Cameras we wanted to show you. Public Slovakia of this and the new you have like you know. It's a simple solution instead of having this lane next year other 600 dollar -- distilling that alone I've done this weddings -- we've -- -- probably. You know twelve 15100 dollars off the budget in the day because -- -- is so expensive but it's also -- in -- I didn't put in the bathrooms or whatever you are saying they didn't just dressing up the rest of the venue when -- is the venue is a huge part that's -- News that huge part -- -- yeah yeah yeah. -- -- a huge part of it I think also another important thing to do is it's. Your favorites at the end of the day when you have -- Your guests and -- want to -- them anyone you know give them something nice you know what's your name on -- -- for some sort of treat. Turn yourself into went to get a business person but a marketing genius you know you're getting married you have six months to a year. Go -- -- crafts fair go to your local you know our artists and stores. Build a reputation -- -- relationship with these people let them know hey I'm having to wait and having let's -- a 150 people and -- our -- that this is a great place for you to showcase your work. And that you're not a contending that a -- us yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I -- -- Yeah well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- equipment unit when another. Photographer -- and what about entertainment that is a great question you know how little monster Rorer. Good -- and I had -- amount -- little over well. Photography excellent question head nowadays I honestly and I know we chatted about the -- but off screen. Your mobile phone takes really fantastic fantastic. -- taught -- the specifics powered by cents a so I would actually advise getting different points of views from all your -- encourage them to do iphones they're gonna do it anyways I know there's a certain you know. Audience out -- that really wants a professional photographer taken great. However once you have the photo there's so many things you can do now you can profit herself -- -- Photoshop it could -- black and white so. People are very self but the difference I think -- -- -- the -- the span of that is as little as possible. Please photographers don't hit me out there are actually talk to them into the have a special package and your wedding we talked to them and said -- You -- do you need some more pictures for your portfolio with the way we could do as much detectives where we didn't. -- eight hour we didn't even ask you don't need to their trade at Wright junior also acts where -- your gas -- aggregate all their pictures you write them back right though there are some easy ways and those are free apps. -- three ops you can also haven't met problem you know neutral yet assaults -- book and entertainment I mean it's totally up to you I've. I'm an iPod -- these days I think that's great if you wanna -- live music for maybe the ceremony person or even -- cocktail hour I think during dinner and dancing at the end of the day. You know mr. DJ mister -- -- -- the record on -- -- -- -- my -- I doubt about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- even somebody places that you can find other ways to say it. He's available all the time and I have ever -- as well. I met Stefano and my -- you can find him think he's so much for governor do it's governed by the Bay Area -- -- -- the you do in food here. I like those tips to -- -- -- -- thank you for -- at the end CNN live right here at 9 AM eastern every day for a month -- a man -- about the -- -- on the -- your life resident Michael -- -- you know -- yeah.

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