GMA LIVE! (03.14.13)

Sam Champion, Elizabeth Vargas and John Muller discuss Pi Day, and one dad's hacked Donkey Kong game.
15:05 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.14.13)
-- -- After the show we barely have time to get the -- out of -- yeah that's still working out -- shall we don't. I -- front opposite the back here early light -- did I really wolf down -- yeah. Yesterday we did with us -- to what a good honest very -- -- yeah that was fantastic I suppose this gorgeous guy on the box right here that. Tomorrow and -- and that you can get your mom breakfast with -- by the way all you have to do when you make -- get this right trees he had to go on line. GMA dot Yahoo!. -- dot com. And there should be a banner on the air yet out of theater in your mom click on the banner and use your mom deserve the breakfast exports. The how many entries out here and it's it's such a moving thing when we finally use -- mom and knock on her door and. Stories about moms in America are so right I tell you what you got -- -- so -- you saw on my mom's admiral Allen worked out she doesn't want to. That's what was yelling about this. That would be -- war one had done several -- -- that has really about what was the whole thing yet. Another great thing today. We change the floor upstairs and everything for the disease or not they're not that I -- Director -- yeah yeah yeah. I'm coming and yeah. Okay. -- such a big thing I mean if you haven't if you're not logged on. When the show goes on the air yeah that he had trouble you're gonna hear double album but how big this stuff is gotten you have mattresses on today met -- his talents sticky cup. You guys from MI clay is Carla -- -- -- that isn't even as good as the ones on sale scared yeah. He more than what it probably only -- tiny clean thinking yeah re always -- -- yeah yeah you are now you're here on GMA live right now guess what we got a special special special we did you weeded out but it did in Black & Decker food -- -- okay. That didn't do everything slice chop shred grades I mean the whole works right now and it regularly a little number like this would set you back seventy dollars -- -- that's a lot that's. But not bad for a big appliance like this. We have it for you slashed by 56%. And and do you spoil me because I see the real puzzle like well I'm not -- -- we. I don't that they -- Florida attic and although sometimes -- knives there aren't things that I gas I have assembled -- nice set of knives is probably -- second maybe the black and yeah. Now I'm not amazing -- the -- -- it we have -- such fun deals they more than ten deals. On air and then you have a new deal every hour today Angela 9 get a Good Morning America dot com -- gallons so you're gonna say your -- right in front I am right. I am I've got folks online for me right now I'm Black & Decker by the way I've always believed in them -- kitchen products look at that -- Take out a long problems and you can experts are well thank you can take that you can pound the nails and then drill -- then they can certainly take -- -- care. Things that a baby to death quickly -- -- quickly. I do -- and yes I. I -- so quickly that -- my -- higher -- well we try not to have that happen I like you know I'm sort of like the drill sergeant for two weeks leading up to the deal thing you've got to be ready you've got to be ready if you don't believe me. And I showed them clips that you say you've got to be ready got to be ready to go ethically and so the companies really tried their heart is did it hit the second down -- something runs out it's not because they weren't prepared it's not because they didn't have. Thousands and thousands of units available but sometimes and you have -- The number 1 morning show on America -- Saw the number what did you yeah yeah. Okay. Believe it's -- morning -- -- -- I -- I didn't help with those customers everybody here. Unbelievable. Yeah something that we like you every day is check in with our -- and answers yeah. Okay. This morning's. The wife what does it resides -- before hand we're -- gone to business and our own social media business. Well we're -- actually make real money for defense -- Getting back everybody wants to go into business with our doubts a deal yeah. That's a -- -- -- chatting online when I was -- that may be ten minutes ago. The -- an unfair it is a happy Friday because today that it is 314. Glitches like three point one which is high standards that are. So we asked people what about that algebra. Ninth crowds I don't know homeless and -- -- one means nothing. Yeah can't account for there's -- -- being. He -- an exciting day in religion I was great yesterday in the control room actually not so much but that's about an attack. What's the craziest -- you've had that's actually good and we got spaghetti -- Look at what if there is take lives and make it into. Clearly there is so there are hard -- -- a lot of tears during what else what all the good bugs that often. Mango. I'll that was -- I'll it now. So I don't think you know why didn't -- -- I -- negligent. How sad I love mango. A mechanic and I like to mix the live as we should just put your. No because it would have to be caught in a pocket. I don't mango relish with fish I -- that actually. Sounds pretty well. I just look at what a -- -- -- went crazy Friday wanted to run doubles they've -- to stay got to have shepherd's book. I would -- shamrock fighting to -- recommend some sort of Bryant putting -- -- -- Eight. I don't like anything with moraine look at the rain you have -- no denying hi yeah. You're -- Yeah that's. About editing out like it if you make it a matinee day. -- entries studied religion I thought I did study releases. Know what was the last time he hit -- of more than 25 point five hours to lead Tom Cole -- now. Well okay. Look I. An American religious history if you want to talk about the prices of Americanism in the Catholic Church -- -- Come talk about oh yeah. Definitely not him not have. Don't let -- -- I don't want had a great. Later that morning at about -- fifteen minute show that we don't need to get and that controversial about a all right I'm right you're right I don't think that for the number one what was that number 1 morning. Okay. Found this very important straight about a dad who -- Donkey Kong. -- -- this had love this story by the way I just found out about it in the same time that Andrew is prepping for this just before that shell had heard that before. But up by the way. -- dad. Who hacked into the -- -- game for his daughter. Now what about my job -- right in the normal. -- a video game developer and when he introduced his three year old daughter. Ellis to the Nintendo game Donkey Kong she loved it. Except for one thing she wanted to play a female character. Mario. To rescue -- damsel in distress. That didn't work for -- -- you know she she wanted someone else to rescue Mike stayed up all night getting into the game so she -- -- Pauline. And -- Mario -- and why not late and -- -- Fat. The morning gave of the -- com. Join the -- -- right now but this incredible story from the Bay Area and California with more on this -- -- Good morning or gracious good -- to use our how are you. Good morning it's up pretty early out here on the -- knows this game developers are used to this. Yeah I now that's the job we should all -- a dollar -- just just tell me what time you generally I don't know roll out of bed in the morning. Well you know and I think most of us I would TV's late nineties -- get out around noon. Yeah -- -- I love -- but let's get back to this story so. This is great your dad who sees his daughter frustrated you know she wants to rescue when -- want to -- -- the rescue why can't she went out tell me what you did. Plus where's it playing the game and dumb when she she pointed to who she wanted to play. I realized at that moment there's a lot of things I like your kids ask you scored better on impossible -- -- -- -- but this is what I do my day. And stuck my head but like I could probably do this if. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And did you know how to do best I'm just curious because I'm not a game developer how easy are -- Elizabeth today. It's pretty tough and I'm going back to it is like peeking over somebody else's work. So you have kind of interpret where things -- -- swapping rounds -- -- like -- it's it's kind of a bad picture. But that woman painted over on the church of Jesus Christ. Changing remember I'm here are like that -- Ziggy. You'll ever ask him a very popular image what was. Her reaction when she side. You know blows he knew this was just like I -- managed to find a way to turn on the character for her but she was -- it's. I did when when they tolerated. In the game -- -- and -- sought attention listening to music. I love that Mike you're here you win for best -- -- -- had a Father's Day breakfast you would win I would. Want to ask you now if this catches on -- I I think it should I mean aren't you in line for some kind of royalty deal here amino what was really going on yeah as there are -- that. Don't work out -- you. He's. -- Nintendo I would rather I not. All right all right what we love having you on the jealous Phillies lawyer Lorraine good I would say Nintendo would you know -- him because he's got he's the one. Yeah. Well opportunity you do not talk about this all the time and that you know it. Yet he's grown finals are really important to little kids have meaning you -- this is something action was anything Sheryl Sandberg about. For her lean -- -- and she said girls are taught we of these T shirts he's one -- that -- say yeah I'm pretty like mommy and I'm Smart like daddy. Mean these kinds of sort of shaking. Experiences start with these kids when they're really little in the. Subtle Carr -- how things the way they've been for a hundred years they shouldn't be our kids should be able to play as they wanna play who they want to play as we should be changing these things right now you have a -- but eighties flashback let's do -- we want your favorite eighties video game donkey Kong's oldest Hubert -- whatever has had to -- -- -- we have -- in the dormitory. And why you. But I couldn't hold additional time -- the driving game double vision that was -- I love that little punch out -- -- knock out boxing is something but that's about it I had them. Now I had rock them sock them robot yeah. We didn't have that there were no computers they were now we had to walk a mile. The one where you admit that tennis thing you know lake food Bob Bob yeah I loved that one my brother and I -- that -- like. Human going off the rails have played squash is -- there will have faster bat after. Hell we had an air hockey we have the real stuff we didn't -- -- digital lives about a half extra -- extra -- back I don't -- yeah. Turns out country superstar Miranda Lambert has -- -- superhero when it comes to pet rescue Lambert an avid animal lover made a pit stop on the side. A highway in Oklahoma earlier this week. To rescue a puppy there. -- -- said he was in the middle of the highway check him out. With a bowl of food in a back -- she's got on Russia's help -- find a new home until then he's Moran -- care and they've named a pistol and. Because floppy ears -- that he was some kind of hound -- -- and -- we don't know how to tell you to adopt this plan B but I'm sure. It went and adopted out go to -- I don't know yes exactly a lot of it has the -- I think you can -- it really -- anyway and Aaron. My first two cats were sheltered cats they were the best. Asked can you really are all they really work and speaking of animals guys yeah we have a play of the day -- do it. At the darling down zoo in Australia honey that -- and want. White -- -- well. Half formed an unlikely special mind you all our best you. They spend time exploring wrestling and playing around the zoo grounds. The -- began zoo -- started hand -- cut back on his mother stopped producing milk and also hiding funds are great pals. Now yeah yeah -- It's only temporary. Everybody must pass did you -- -- a few short probably weeks or on earth summit in the dinner and somebody in the region. And -- yeah. Yeah that it happened -- so great to see these stories where animals cross sort of speech shall be sure that I doubt this Arnold. Please fill in the it's not they still not big news especially right she's right tells -- what I got to -- yeah. Before we -- this morning I wanna say hello and thank you to everybody has in the audience because my. -- -- here today we can't Carla help keep them. You guys got about a thousand pounds -- the show today I'm telling you it was some -- pretty fun. I'm exhausted. Yeah OK I thought you had Mike springer got one more thing before ago whether -- -- point -- it. Man hello -- did very little little. -- -- -- -- Vatican -- I would love to see John between bush authenticity that really the reason that night -- the Vatican three but I don't think that'll happen in this go around. That rightly and I'm get all I don't understand -- American -- so blazes are the Dalai here that -- And brown. Yeah. -- and we -- Yeah -- always -- emerald it. Okay.

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{"id":18727767,"title":"GMA LIVE! (03.14.13)","duration":"15:05","description":"Sam Champion, Elizabeth Vargas and John Muller discuss Pi Day, and one dad's hacked Donkey Kong game.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-031413-18727767","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}