GMA LIVE! (03.20.13)

Josh, Lara and Sam discuss National Proposal Day and revisit "GMA's" live wedding.
17:53 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.20.13)
-- -- -- Yeah there and -- now we know we're not meet our energy up and just so you know our special guest post is Derek Lam. Yeah. Cat. -- a new patches coming up this. At this hour and regular folks yeah the strip and bring out and yes. Lots to get to Fisichella are lovely -- studio audience might. It's that is why you are holding you relate to. You had to have bilateral -- You're not only. Oh yeah Andrew. You want to meet the Internet cited. So didn't did you want -- committed it did your parents bring you here. My -- for a little. There was awfully early wasn't that. One. So I just want you to know you know if you did them a big solid -- waking -- sorely coming down here they may not have told you. But right over here -- and I ran over here. Right across the street protest. Not feet from where we are right now we -- want to show you that huge building right there is Toys 'R' Us are and -- -- Angie was earned himself. Quite a little something special from Toys 'R' Us all right. Donna thank you thank you we want that we wanted to thank you for joining us and about a here you -- -- Continual -- thank you now I picked up there around. -- brilliant on the cluster are not a -- -- -- let's talk clothes and video. Hi -- -- don't know is stylist to the stars designer expert there really some cleaning gorgeous lines on your things and now. Not only Julianne Moore and the First Lady and many many more can -- Derek -- but. Everybody can because he's got a new line out of calls it's affordable it's fabulous and if you love those lines you will in fact see them on your new collection -- -- you say it's designed nation. Yeah and it's it's really true to you. Yeah exactly immunity to the design and I wanna reach a large audience and I wanted to -- About my philosophy of design -- you know definitely is there -- -- this collection so how would you describe the collection. Kenneth and Barbara Rio so -- -- to take a trip to one of my diversity not. Reports it inspired by tejada. I think you know he's an analyst believes fire -- Our world is -- I understand human and again I think an easy one. The great one doing that yeah. So you know traveling there and getting fired him as one of the city for. Kiffin was skid the -- -- had no -- funny. It's like the perfect place. I think we have some of them he says yes from the new collection -- -- -- Only one -- -- because while the -- only fifteen minutes long but let's take a look at. I don't like that all the big show this is a different right into the -- they did not actually love this one I think I -- -- that -- -- big chunky -- less like a big statement. What's great with the stresses that it's you can Wear it anywhere -- -- travel with it so comfortable. But Scott Eck graphic punch where you can Wear a great -- conduct glass or you know -- -- Larry King so yeah exactly high -- I gotta say not only does that look great on a model. But it's gonna look great on a real woman because of the way you've done the you know a nice curvy woman but isn't we've done the color panel in the middle it's really gonna make her look fantastic. Anything to make anybody to flatter again and the -- so is this something if it works out -- -- continue to do did you enjoy this experience. Well this is you know limited edition -- Launching April 5. Hank get out there and get -- -- he had. -- -- But who knows I think I have so much fun doing it now so you know I would like to help -- resurgent real time thing OK yeah we can -- -- -- on the hook us. How does address the first -- just -- call from the White House -- how does that happen her people call me. And you know they'd they'd -- something on the runway and instead their interest -- and -- and we may get loosened opened and an across America. -- -- related attention to looks -- and everything it's. And you know it's -- Flawless but as a designer I mean it's a big deal -- -- what an endorsement to have the firstly it's like the best advertising campaign could possibly have so I would imagine that Asher. Here people are helping you've created theater like don't don't get this wrong -- each and every everything just yeah we a lot of attention -- Attention did you tell because I think she is. Such an amazing advocate for faction of the -- of American design she really yeah. Thank you wanna designing things for us and descended to again. I. I'm not for a bloated man from there let's turn feeling -- but Tahiti next -- -- Derek went there. -- -- -- All of April fat and it's limited addition you know what I mean I I like yeah. Time to check in with our friend who is now the head of everything that happens. That he had ABC news ABC news he's likely remember 30 Rock when Kenneth the page became the president right. Daylight in -- front and the securities and I think he's and that she's. In introductions by night I am from West Virginia though not stone mountain but -- Virginia -- by the -- -- weekend. And his -- you have to take. Tens of Toys 'R' Us our output landed gonna -- hitting Josh for the rest of their lives -- -- -- and said it ended fans don't take him to go to Toys 'R' Us he's going to pay all our allies. -- -- -- -- -- Hang on guys there's little -- we have a little tree -- holocaust. It's. So don't you want your parents to decide when you can actually on this little hot chocolate little cop. This -- because it is live with children who's the next youngest one fleeing -- and Howard dangers here. Just talking about the ARX -- -- -- we have spring worry every day today actually is national proposal that yes and Ali Naimi. -- we talk a little bit out of the show today. But we asked the you're married though so I know I'm just getting into the daddy I'm celebrating national -- -- -- national spring day -- -- -- to bring I didn't do not have to bring up to I really do I like this this is -- this spring -- -- you know this is very well let's -- in a minute this is my first -- like October it is -- isn't. What did you spend in the new heart attack. I don't doubt turn around and made happy I -- he's got a bit of I don't we ask you had your had been proposed CEO won't actually be got a -- -- and he said he get a quarter his hand. DPP's magic he put a quarter in her hand them and when she opened her hand there was a rain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- his -- like shareholders in order him and then became a -- I don't know about -- way they do. Let's take a look at then -- was a Christmas time and he told her that one of the ordinance didn't look like right and when she went up to retrieve the ring with someone of the branch on. That's good and what about says we actually got this amount all of Brandon Jacobs Kenyon. Who see her fiance took her to Yellowstone where they grew up and proposed on the sandbar in the river with like -- watch -- and thank you for sharing his everybody out there yeah I'm a good -- -- how did your husband proposed deal and I asked them -- we rowdy in here. Engines and didn't believe it or not because I'm not the greenest of thumbs but I was working -- -- Garnett. Deciding that I wanted to try and down so that only negative was -- kind dirty hands. But it was a really organic and natural as a vehicle ban on -- has planting flowers and it. He I -- did you really think it seemed very spontaneous I don't think a lot of spot but it was so beautiful it was just this great little moment we were very very happy and I think that's right -- last night. -- -- I can tell you this this one was accused him -- He actually did it at a year after we had met at the same party that we met a New Year's party hosted by mutual friends. And I'm -- try to do this quick because I thought it was going to be someone started the toast. The host -- the party and I thought I know how this is one of those things re gotta be grateful for things you gotta have some wonderful plan that I hatred is. I got an idea yeah. Car I. I'll -- my -- -- an end and certainly did exactly that moment -- starts talking I'm like oh no and then -- -- -- And I started -- -- completely sweat like -- swept through this really. -- I am when I'm nervous I swear I let me say that my parents -- after -- each headed for two weeks. And they're actually got a thirty Izzy you know I love that. Back and look. You know mom went past him and strong enough. -- thank you very good you know good -- -- violate -- grandma did. -- this promotions Reuters. Class and occasionally -- have been an elderly. -- -- yeah Slinger for dioxin and. Oliphant I'm not -- not -- -- on our -- A lot we got -- -- -- the hiring freeze there's a lot of things we got to deal with you -- -- -- a lot of work today are right now I -- and sell out sprint just set it like we should all I am I the only one who gets suspect if things like this when someone says. It's national donut day. Org national marriage -- and I know where did that come from. -- is international just -- -- clearance in referring to a point seconds and losing huge clock counts down Gmail line here seconds before we actually got that she felt. -- -- -- -- -- -- Why -- national. As -- -- national. I just hate when someone says you know it's like -- jump off the cliff always that one gonna -- -- it's like. Proposal today so apparently -- how they can. -- is a man named John-Michael O'Laughlin invented the holiday after his cousin's boyfriend strung her along for years without sealing the deal. So he he said enough already and he dedicated day to marriage proposals -- picked the Vernal equinox which is today the first day of spring. Because -- equal days of day and night we thought it was like an equal time -- art at the that helps a little bit so it's it's. Yeah. Ranking are -- okay with that now. Is that OK and all of this back and beat approve let you guys it's a little bit don't you like knowing why don't think that's don't do that. -- you and thank you for supporting me all right so anyway it. You remember that -- that we Dynegy a -- love live event on Valentine's here they'll never and it yes. That's fair and Brian bond the proposed to Melissa. -- on GMA. She had no idea not only the proposal was coming. But that she would be happy to -- that. Did not know rush through a car wash on getting ready to be married and married lives on GMA. So -- and this on national proposal that we we brought them back we just had that we had to find out how things are going to hear they -- -- -- via -- this morning how are you guys. Hello. Rival how are we still married that I -- does this -- still married first. -- apparently -- friends today aren't fixed. -- I -- look this is the show where we go behind the scenes and so let's just let's just say it. We got out a lot of tweets and a lot of messages on social media in the minutes and hours following that show. She didn't want to do that so we've got and now -- I'm really doing in -- -- -- you've been wanting no feelings right there -- -- what did you think. Win it went from proposal to about fifteen seconds later we -- going to be doing this by eight -- 53. -- -- and let it go ahead. Gonna happen again just. Can't you can't even run into national televisions. Did you really didn't feel -- -- -- -- know where you were you happy not. Yeah I was guns kestre it was so -- and found. Letter addressed the that's happens and then reviewed all and I mean and it lands while and Newton got me how beautiful it is -- that I'm gonna ask bar and then afterwards -- Brennan Wednesday on I think that's been released yet. It's and that's and so we should say see you actually went to City Hall because we had lake lake the skipper from Gilligan's Island we -- Actually I didn't -- -- But captain Arnold Randall in Ireland did we wind downed US and then he went down to City Hall when you still to redress in the in the W we -- -- the other you are so. Ask for an all I mean I never -- -- yeah. You lucky or CNN dot it's awesome and how was dinner I know you guys and to don't discuss how -- it. Dinner was unbelievable. We've got to the -- every single person I know you guys you know I'm the I was invited. So that the -- was not real and we didn't even get into the desert is because I was just don't believe everything else that was so good. That's awesome and then we do have a Stell you mentioned the dress and that's heavy dress I was -- You beat you took it home you can we can you what you you flew home with the dressed. Mohammed went on the plane -- there in -- I low end actually getting you there right now for our discussions on -- -- it now cartoon. Yes parts you have their pets we can't we please keep us yeah. -- it -- like Twitter pictures so that we can put it on television and and one more thing you guys. I know it's not for everybody but but do you think it was just the right thing for you guys to do -- this way. -- and literally letting me saying. I'm not adverse event in the united. I'm on TV does knowing who I am sound from somebody here I'm so glad I don't people in my. Well we really honestly sometimes during the show a -- -- The right yeah. It is by the way our producer's -- -- mean they had they had gone to great lengths dissented did say exactly dissent which is. Look seriously if there's one woman out there who is going to get -- -- who's going to. Enjoy this or enjoy the craziness of it we've got -- And so thank you thank you thank you because boy that just could have been absolutely disastrous television. And not another. We don't think it's gonna thank you guys is low because New York City for the first time for me that was unbelievable act in my hands -- yeah I wanted to be zero admitted. Yeah. They got there are no unimportant yearly handling the finishing up in the in the vast and hang happy proposal -- right magnetic. Oh aren't you guys try to pull out a -- That currently fighting terror we wouldn't normally do have -- do we have a -- Paul would call just what -- it will immediately take -- public or -- private proposal. Is more romantic. Public organizing a flash mobs -- -- -- romantic gesture -- I just wanna be. Near you literally -- moment to come and the bison. But just view and -- -- another and the pilot's license which one which one what do you think I mean I want public what -- believed what David had -- publicly at. I'm sure I would have -- say I don't I only know my own reality. On -- so against everything he is as a human yeah. Annan announced I'm a person yet we are totally -- a wonderful guy I don't you know wonderful your husband is wonderful thing it works -- you're agree you're eighteen you are. The public proposals in from the sports world I just you know we see him on the Jumbotron of the game's only. Would you know what forensics testing -- would you like that all remember that remember that dramatic television timeout in the third quarter. Enough about possibly forget a good job now does not what you think the -- if you -- know what you think and I can get out. Thank goodness his we will we've been worried for -- -- it's true and what of those days where we just didn't know with a that is now a good thing. For the right -- -- will -- little behind the scenes actor an hour show ended do you remember how emotionally exhausted we all yeah. We all I think we were worried she wanted to make sure that they were happy. We were not sure there was gonna work it was live it was so once I've never been so stressed hanging on my ears of team we look. Showed that actually a wedding part which came in the like the last fifteen minutes it was one of those only -- we're really doing this is like oh my god. And we have a heart out. You -- look like Thurston Howell got out I -- like like I am just count is down like nine days was. -- -- -- -- -- But -- fireworks fly air national Mosul Baghdad and also Dallas is the first day of spring hobbling on. And -- we want to thank you as almost two -- we'll -- here 9 AM eastern daylight.

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