GMA LIVE! (03.20.14)

Superheroes visit Ginger Zee, Amy Robach and Josh Elliott on "GMA LIVE!"
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.20.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. -- not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's three ring tastes delicious ice cream who lives slipped. A little beverage all right so -- -- look -- and love on who's giving us this this club first next to speak at. Yeah. Well we got one of Lugo that lets love on this early and often my friend I'm yeah. Actually in my dining and well I'm gonna actually toss it over to Athena from -- belida getting hit home to have dollars and has yeah. -- that's got to -- you walk us through snow throughout Canada. I'm gonna -- in my -- story can affect. Got back from Italy one summer -- few years ago and you know when you leave you have been hankering for July -- -- -- -- And you. Not proceed and ice cream as good as -- ask him as at least for a -- is never quite the same for you then I came back. Few years ago and down this weekend changed my life thank you for that guy is that -- -- -- This is our new packaging with a ton of new flavors that you guys that are. Devouring -- now me. -- that is the new south American dark chocolate fair -- of organic chalk play it. That's -- that's itself with some new talent and I'm looking at the -- that bad right now yeah yeah I'm with you and then you're eating a new -- Carmel chocolate chocolate would you tell us now I don't Holland and how NASA repaired some fun things -- guy is -- here and TV screens across and that's our -- kind of -- -- one -- -- without Madagascar Vanilla. So it's got a little bit of a buttery taste to it yes. And and that meaning decent nonalcoholic cocktail that you could totally put alcohol on the right -- moment. -- -- -- -- Yes. This is a new -- parent that's historic bad outfit Bartlett -- with -- -- -- -- and we put some San Pellegrino exactly in the that you could totally. That you that I had and -- this is the -- very lemon not that's incredible. That allows -- yes that would significantly condition. Certainly had just -- Excellent -- death gaffes and -- it like. Thank you your -- delicious it's all to -- eight chairs with and a. -- that. Thank you judge house yeah. They can't be a great thanks guys. This so everything's tough spots while this is going to be really rude GM alive -- had a lot of talking with a -- hello beautiful. We're. It over here but to move -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your name is young -- it's like CNN -- -- yeah great sign here buddy and guy. -- back -- hot hot hot hot hot hot. Larry -- a -- act right out of the -- -- especially a man having getting they had pains and even worse yeah. Clean McCain's next -- yeah okay. So I just got schooled -- a woman tireless advocate and a tangle at Daimler -- -- was nearing an end to the net yeah here is she needs a little TV at the end I'll there. -- simply isn't Batman and Superman. Spider-Man and nightly villages in the next version of wrapping up the I didn't know that when neither -- got supplement to and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- and hand let's see here green air around green arrow do not you're -- I'll. The wonder twins. -- -- hadn't -- of them yeah candidates. It's a little before your -- Her mom can I can I get -- still hands with the one you're doing and yes yeah they're all of a certain vintage 100 dollars -- today yeah. Yeah but hey I want what are you wishing to it was designs. I'm wishing my mom. Monica Martinez who have very happy 28. -- top. -- here. -- -- -- How much I tell you are honest you are and you're one of the great young -- I've ever -- to think she would be needed varies from you. Thanks very welcome cannot imagine. I couldn't even could be gone by angry at a -- while resting well it will eventually somebody has yet -- -- up on a superhero yeah area I think we have to bring. We're gonna take -- ball the other kids as well have like a riot on. It affects -- out that's all it -- -- here -- -- so ginger yes. It. I don't buy and you'll -- bring him. I wouldn't buy it very you that you can at least celebrate it what are really three out without them just before 1 PM so -- -- -- Zelaya. There's suddenly -- -- it's going to be. Sonny Eliot on all of flowers around the -- out. Actually we're all in the hallway -- that the office. -- never been so excited about -- -- commercials and I does not that I feel -- that mean that actually is going to happen -- -- yesterday we asked people all over the Internet like how do you celebrate even if she could even people yesterday -- -- that -- -- producers is that I didn't Wear a jacket like it's just kind of protest at this point. What -- -- -- boots today that's the other thing. Well they did -- a note last night the anchors we -- -- you know have scars. -- we're -- gonna throw a mop and I wrote about the Mike. We're not like forty degrees Atlanta -- -- -- and we're crying out but he got a chance to give she recalled strain -- this morning color and every morning and and you've got a chance to deliver that forecast is firsthand -- dead and then you brought -- back home at the end you know you're gonna break you gonna break a little five year old parts of that you know she's like -- Yeah spring I am just so a lot of that opens things usually. Isn't -- could be good on Thursday couldn't springs. Pomp but little -- -- let's -- here in the in the tristate area there on Monday agent Monday yet in the thirties 38 guests OK say -- it has. Around you manage. -- -- I don't know it was so great to hear the rain I would I'd never loved the sound of rain so much like his last night because all -- no slots jackpot actually let. So how loud enough we ask let's come on people all over right at about one at this show a couple photos Rosie took the timing and told -- -- -- -- five by some winds apparently to the hash tag by by -- GMA. And we got just all -- the flowers coming up we had people celebrating of course there and -- -- and just saying that their day of happiness a lot of dogs. And just a couple of others have been CNN social square the justice and the -- -- I mean it is like yeah kind of weird and little -- up. And as Andrea -- Saturday premier Internet tonight. Internet tonight can I interest you would have beverage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love plus look at Itanium solutions -- powered by six so we needed something better not refrigerator right I think we should take that on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Water not enough like water -- I think you prayer -- that I thought that was terrific. Oprah Oprah has a new drink giant Starbucks potentially supply is tight he is that we're talking about yeah yeah -- -- about her like defendants and that. Yet and I think also. Business venture with Starbucks as well I also for the Starbucks is going to be adding alcohol to their -- -- -- Really -- make -- the destination not just in the morning and not just at 3 o'clock in the afternoon but it's 9 o'clock at night. -- she calls this the perfect blend its -- bond hope for a child. And I guess like playing and her -- It can't happen he's -- middle -- utter and complete joy a percentage of the proceeds will be going to be Oprah Winfrey leadership academy foundation. And what she should be thrilled to have. To be of the -- education it's great it's great what. Everybody's doing that's terrific and of course she made the announcement. Live. About -- venture on Oprah dot com and it cracks -- it was so popular if I just get Oprah. Re thinking she -- teaching assistant at a -- combat -- I mean isn't -- out restaurant my heart that hey crash frame. -- -- -- -- -- That's great to have available in Starbucks and T lot of stores at the end of April. Which is also in spring and we. We won't want to drink hot. You know and visible you can get crazy I'm -- iced -- I bet you could put T die night some very bad bears that make enough -- got to have a hot cold. -- why do something with a little fun little head of the de -- How -- bunny because we're thinking spring but we're not outing but a puppy that think. He's about what we think he's the money to really hot up huge. And isn't England home red box since -- -- thought. That's -- -- -- apparently he's been doing that. Since he was so young and keeps doing it -- run hasn't changed that much now -- seven months old. If his name creature feet ten yes I can't keep saying why don't we put creature in the -- expected and that Disney and then we can read your. Can we work I'm happy and and I can tell you I -- say as it. -- -- -- and we pot committed and that. Yeah -- would question Al in on preacher OK you -- and -- -- -- don't want me and then now my dog is starting to become a kangaroo and so it does it in -- -- you know it's really -- -- their -- their money and then it -- fingers and and -- furniture gets in the way but it's still funny but I think they do have like mine has -- for several months the same falcons. Wakefield -- -- -- -- on the big dot and it's yeah -- the next city my job and how are you about north mountain. I love I have a dog it's he's a he's got a little and got Maltese in him. So I think the Poodle acquittals hop right where they tend not -- heat later in the Bonnie and now. Week we realize it's a I think we were crying -- -- pounds. He's never gonna company -- and he stepped on -- -- he squeals on Lional. But he used to be three pounds of ten pounds is actually quite quite as -- -- -- like -- Anderson loosening. Yet -- -- -- he looks like I'm a little bear but he bounced back kangaroo pretty easy money it's really cute I wouldn't even think I will -- video if however that -- and some pilots at some point that we've all thought about a super -- that -- liked my I actually you know what's next. After we -- -- I mean seriously I'm so sorry. That cheap night -- -- Spider-Man. Often. Peaking above my my -- mistake feed him the floor. -- -- OK his superpower now has chain has probably raised and so I took one for the team this. I think -- -- -- one but it was very that Amy was a great and the parents if you're the most polite superhero. But just you know we have real superhero now let's get amounting to a real special here -- -- -- where are we going to doesn't look. Now we know we're heading to that didn't and they're moving -- -- and then there. This is so -- Wow look at that -- yeah. Welcome welcome welcome first introduced -- it will start with you just if you -- what we introduce yourself -- network which -- done more on the -- guardian. I'm prowler and I give it -- -- And you guys are superheroes anonymous. How did it begin how did you -- -- -- -- So superheroes anonymous who was first all encompassing gathering of real life superheroes we're not the only ones who do this. Special mission there's actually about to a 5200 people all over the world -- -- -- his -- anonymous was in Times Square actually and 07. And we've been -- annual meetings every your sense of as many real life superheroes in the coming together. How old excuse me how intense is this mission but what can you tell us about I think it's different for every. Like myself I'll get a mom and actual crime fighting and put myself in danger -- like what you do -- Gibson is well I call the law I I call the police on stuff. But as somebody -- endanger a misstep -- -- -- help out. Whether he's stopping drug dealers -- Sarah thieves. Out of mysteries series stuff -- can be scary I had my life threatened and get over it think it's crazy out there but you knew -- but your phone call 911 what do you do your job well I have martial arts training in how to defend myself we -- -- teens. We work very effectively. And the main thing -- about deterring crime stopping things before and in concert with police. Tom we get where they're put on one of flyers of we see -- to make sure to call the police first. But we believe in that community policing and had to probably have -- you put I was the most dangerous situation you -- So I don't really do dangerous things I have a softer well I just give. But items to homeless and few animal shelters -- you can't -- -- -- So I have a half cat half woman costume because when I first met let me ask -- -- mission would be got but I wanted to help -- people animals. So I mealy mouth with a half a hybrid customers people at animal at my guess that I go and get -- homeless people have announced an animal shelters and spend time down -- -- -- dogs pet cat and. Give them do it through the -- -- of the people on the street and say hey could you use this is that how do you. How do you approach the problem I approachable on the street and now life. Listen especially. In -- these days -- seeing a lot of origin stories you know. Super -- as they became me you know how they've got their -- happening you know found their mission you found viewers how. Well it really began with the superheroes anonymous being inspired by people like -- guardian has been doing mystery mongers and I have. But in terms my origins story. Regular regular person -- -- but -- My father is actually exceeded rabbi and my mother is actually -- geriatric nurse so for me an idea of wearing a unique. You reformer persona and helping people -- making the world a better place that's not so crazy I kind of just took it to the next level analysts superheroes anonymous. But like you know seeing you know my mom -- -- -- uniform and going out and taking care of ultimately. You know it's not so weird for me -- -- what's -- mission specifically so you know I do do superiors I was workshops that's where -- -- -- Prowler mentioned we -- we developed superhero personas but I do the same thing registry homeless outreach. -- like -- similar things. The Sox toothbrushes. So I actually go out. With like I have. Flick like a sleigh carriage thing that I attached to my bike and I public forty like tax cuts in the Bowery and. -- your home your reaction -- from people. I think generally are positive thing I think you know it captures people's attention than it -- draws attention to causes and problems in the community. And that's really what we're all about. Other tech -- Rick Perry quickly. Can you guys he's in many of them pregnant -- I. Funny then that can anyone get involved with that I absolutely. Packed. -- -- -- -- rock and -- the minivan and I'm life. And is that the kind of get for you but as a gift to someone else hands on -- way home if you see someone on the subway. They think might need that -- -- were asked -- -- you can -- Sox go with your parents so. -- -- -- But there is there's definitely someone can help but that and you got to -- the cost him. And I will now there. Yeah just like BJ plan that -- Holloway wow. Thank you guys thinking on his hearing and I'm -- so that's really to the -- in the -- So anyone can get involved superheroes anonymous dot com and that's always right there were trying to say that everyone has the power to do good average surges you know get involved in something smells. Arizona has dot com don't forget that Steve guy he -- Saturday. That accident I battle that a good for us I know you two are both back here tomorrow I think I. Have I gotta go see anybody in my home. Desert about as. That they had that you're not snow. -- Brackett. Urged him I just Oregon and got this will be -- deserve it. All right we'll see you guys very ragged flag.

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