GMA LIVE! (03.21.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.21.14)
CNN live happy they. Think -- mean back I've been there. -- -- -- -- He -- that -- -- -- I think opinion on those bracelets for you live eat together -- now -- an account. Lower -- for dehydrated. Why are you drinking water than not Guinness. C because I'm percent. I think that Ireland is England today because he's associating. For many reasons that -- see that -- It says here with the island -- -- -- he's in love with an English -- -- -- -- -- reasoning fingernail and put her. And the reason I -- -- go. Yeah -- stand now. Yeah among the bulldogs -- You I think -- -- this yeah. -- today -- That's what we bring you here on CN Atlanta -- let me learn how to cut from your mom or something really. I -- -- my mother. -- -- -- OK yeah lying on the line that some credibility on me. He -- that -- like. So there was a segment of the population -- to check got a life in the country -- yesterday. Everybody spelling out their bracket. It's an -- -- us and I men's tournament now. Announced yesterday the 68 and other women will be announced today and before we get to put -- -- you wanna -- very quickly. Today's today's people that you are looking -- -- sick on Thursday so that the stay home and what I want to back. -- day start the cost. Read that right now I have read just like just soldiering Truman show up tomorrow and he -- to be in the -- wrong. I left my job. Hi you want a serious a sign of the times -- martelly forty years young museum where you left the lower right hand corner and the grandson and -- -- -- -- -- different Lundqvist explaining we have this this terrific. The grandson -- even at this -- -- like is like Israel. -- -- -- -- is something to. All he wants the wraps -- and let's get -- grandpa grandson got it done. -- Here to win. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't. So lots to get yeah. Here's on the back to the Fed up. -- -- -- -- Look you may remember that you. And playing -- -- -- -- horizontally across an object in an unusual plays well Italian nun at making waves. And it's called it whaling. Okay according divided Whelan when you got it backwards with your body in a public place arching your back -- the whale breaching the services coalition it. Only for the young and this is very -- -- believe I might as well -- will -- get injured doing this -- musical for. Yeah -- -- right now all I could see full -- yeah. You should trying to -- Thursday definitely. -- seem to think. Everybody thinks it might be able to do. Knows I'm drinking. Landmarks -- the music. Cover athlete came up with the -- -- make a mild and live by it for half marathon twenty Kelly Roberts decided to take southeast Wisconsin -- the that -- yeah. I love her fatally. Robertson -- -- I had 53. -- and snap a shot. And -- could still be at every mild looking for a cute guy and -- as -- -- you posted them using the hash -- hot guys of the NYC half. Yeah a lot of the guys are doing -- it anyway yeah. They're aware what do I love watching good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at it -- -- -- -- Involves a lot of Warner. We'll watch starting this. A little bit about. -- absolutely. I mean if your beautiful -- -- Why not -- going to take you home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Favorite play of the day. Updating the story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just an excuse. You feel very late it is a little -- -- very opponents -- the but -- very often a very comfortable in this room. -- -- We've all but it's never been restaurant. -- -- -- The other one. -- -- -- -- -- -- When people. Video. One witness -- understand. Aren't making them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People in Colorado furious after their neighbor -- state Holland to toilets and sinks on the tree. While she says -- she wanted to express her creativity. She hopes these so called art can be used as -- it's either me oh oh and maybe more. The action that a recent pranksters dumped -- -- So could be cold hard bench. I've actually managed confuse myself the story about a let me be sensitive I. -- -- was even an enemy but. And -- we are being -- moment you and it may never be sell. I'm happy coming up let's get a letter from himself right. Reporter talking to them about but I think finale of the show a huge -- -- social media save time. I've got twelve. It's a modern day love story a woman developing across that her -- -- -- But she forgot to grab his -- -- she took to Twitter asking American Airlines for more info about the mystery man. Even referencing a line from -- help tweeting I'm just -- -- -- -- -- OK good I'm -- -- girls standing in front of the world and asking an airline to help her. The airlines that disclose any private -- about not that I. But gave her ideas to apply flight made -- we actually ended up with a happy endings he eventually located mystery man with the help -- -- And she says he's grateful the flight. Seven. I went right Daniel -- and -- we'll interview him. -- -- -- -- I don't know how we -- I'm very happy. American Airlines flight. Yeah.

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