GMA LIVE! (03.26.13)

Josh, Sam, and Lara speak with "GMA's" first doppelganger from their big search.
17:03 | 03/26/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.26.13)
-- -- -- -- -- They had just. It's different this stack of Montana have also -- Zelaya would win but we're going to see enveloping -- -- contradiction. Now we're all gonna meet -- double game. Olivia and let you know this a discipline falls flat if this one doesn't work today right yeah -- -- freaky -- official evening. There let me and there are TV there's a lot of shared DNA I mean there's a lot a lot of side something in the eyes I think that I can that I it's like -- -- AI Aaron and -- is to use. Gorgeous family that this -- springs. They're all here where where they -- -- yeah. That come here and you look beautiful yes. This honor and let's look at -- love and AM but nowadays -- you -- Lara you can you can looking union I do not. Not me. Yeah home and -- Obama where are you guys from and he liked what part the content that your ancestry. Where Florida Florida. Maine yes native Floridians to them but our what is your ancestry -- German IRS Irish and I don't really know what. None -- -- hanging out of muddled mixture yet younger Javier did the did you used to think did you think that your daughter Taylor looked like me all I said you know it's strange for me because I'm a nurse trying to work I would go to work corolla early the morning trading Jesse Good Morning America all the time. But people would say -- marry your daughter looks just like Lara Spencer. I just started paying attention that might but the funniest story formula would somebody cross the church -- she said you know you cause a ruckus this morning. And I said please let us know our sport and everybody over our section -- and elected Slinger -- here. Yeah. I don't think Taylor and I'm happening overnight let's make -- -- always behave well yeah. Thought you could score a free cup of coffee every now -- -- not going to -- Spencer -- a free cup slushy. And. Here's what I want I want to my knowledge to me -- -- you just. I don't. Lara Spencer I could have actually -- you'll be people have been sad that you and I can be brother and sister this to be triplets right here yeah -- -- a whole different. So tomorrow everybody sits today Taylor came thank you coming from Florida we got here is being done that it was really fun for me apple that was stolen money for your mom and I want to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you can't tell right away which ones which you wish that it wanted to get and we have -- -- like Kirk and smiled and -- -- -- acting smile items really -- so cute or -- time you ever had no idea this could have been really really good or really hairy guy I want. Let us see anything that you -- put this stress on wearing Wear these shoes in these earrings and Isaac OK and I said to these guys before the show just protecting it just goes totally -- just how much. -- about what we did it there was a lot of there was fear and they're five and must gather really. OK look when this thing is terrible -- but -- -- -- like that landmark -- and others for days or more horribly wrong and I always tell the patient without a half of it out somebody. -- -- -- -- -- -- just I don't didn't matter that they're picky now I understand I think that he really OK -- you. You have you played catch of the volume double a boyfriend a husband I'm not sure when boyfriend's friend I got my brother is actually an element not entirely -- -- attention is there -- night. I think on -- this -- yeah every shelling but Little -- with -- -- catch tonight's vote there just aren't perfect and -- every game with the. -- catch and she I will -- this in nine weeks never dropped ones in the last. How did not know yeah. That -- -- yeah arguments GM got another taped show others as we did it. Taylor do tonight. -- -- -- -- No -- Little -- applying not an entire neighborhood and takes the hill everybody. -- God knows what's thank you -- company. -- -- -- Very nice mom I don't get -- -- about the box nodding Jim Taylor. About batting practice in the Nevada things wrong -- tomorrow and tomorrow on deck is Georgia's not -- anger -- looking forward to -- -- his wife Allie was on the. The committee shows that got us what we're looking towards it was George squirming yeah. Hey good at least four minute he -- he's going to be sent to turn the camera which are -- -- we were freaked out we. I don't. Looks like this on the person to solve this morning that looks like -- -- person sounds morning look at all I know they're Altman to get our. I am lol yeah with twins could -- novelists like guys however don't. In the digital chocolate from the young ones that -- to. You have people what it has the response OK and his parents and social media. Yes yes indeed it has I think she kind of looks like you're younger sit -- like eight unaudited cash why. The yeah. -- yeah. -- Calls for -- her friend. And programming we have taught during that I know your bombs but there's so much to learn much I Camelot I'd I think we're I. All day and -- bring realize we're gonna have a heart. -- got a minute room floor now -- tell her she should otherwise by the way just can't you just so you know. I think -- just so you gals were hurt when this happens for Josh and on Friday ads you -- say the age. Do not make an -- embarrassing. Themselves. -- but today but what did people actually went crazy I I didn't know about you we're gonna be so excited to put out there. I'm sure it's whether -- not -- because -- actually hear a particular issue. You're double looks like -- -- not go out. -- really yeah. People feel exactly got -- -- I'm can't wait to see Georgia's plan tomorrow yeah W -- -- I can't see your younger version two. It'll be like a baby bottle. -- they have figured out then I'm but I want to. -- -- want to -- -- moment of the morning. Was when we announced that Robin is going to get the the -- and afterwards we literally got -- up to a hundred beats a minute when that we announced that so while I mean I don't born. She mentioned it in the first one was given. Did you not gonna when he was battling cancer fight that he would fight valiantly and and lose and that's beach. He's arguably it's it's one it's an iconic television moment history. And really is his fight is what it's all about she joins section -- and a -- -- -- honorees and. You know where you read his words and -- symbolic national rabbit and you. Iraq if not you -- and. Is doing well and looking beautiful parts energetic again we're and I got -- to go to coffee -- Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait there is a rumor and and to -- GMA live audience if you've -- banded together to form a political unit. Now -- time to do raised him and and get on Twitter and the active with the hash tag. Keep Andrew. Because. Why is he seems to think with this new job he's only going to -- GMA -- two days -- Andrea and I don't know it. Then clearly you -- -- and very interesting to fifty. I I've just I've got a lot do you think they -- Tell -- right now what do you -- -- at nine. Three what you know we have this we have this news Nightline program coming up an anchor Brian working on that provision that's not mind -- -- I'm pretty -- -- three. And I ingredient yeah that we've got this great campaign around the world news on the run out of that area and -- allies tonight six cardiac from the -- nights ago. Yesterday yeah what we -- to get ready for those things right young people now. Can't fix it that's for girlfriends here what you -- you can't answer has to act he can't do yourself. We get a thousand maybe it'll work not now have -- -- and get me out this unit of Google champion until Saturday value well for the people who actually watch as a separate market unless -- shooting daggers into next. I expect blood now Barry I I your number one band -- way I now I'm and I -- -- of like -- running the network again too busy. -- -- old it's really it's going south quack I'm actually doing contract negotiations Atlanta. A year old hasn't signed on again IRAs thank you but you know. This could be an opportunity for someone that someone who wants to tell you want to come in and the board in May lie that is not always keep the because we -- -- -- there's a -- It's not look well Clark can go in this company if you come on GMA life we got your social media director we got you yeah. Yeah and we run the network actually you actually my friends that don't would you data when he saw me during his right -- building that was -- the -- them. They Don pay out there anyone here -- would look into. Yeah. And -- we knew we can be the first show with twins and as social media and yeah. And you haven't. Let the person with some community. Or without valid holiday Kathie Lee did it that's how we got -- -- -- what do you don't want. Doing what network is back. -- -- I think that's -- it has been in the the very best in his future and. Now we -- Yeah and -- security with the video. -- -- -- All -- Isn't -- spray is actually on its way really honestly I promise this -- -- -- what about your big on the show today did you really need to say. Never ending the cold enough he was pleased to meet on were like yeah the grumpy -- that we talk about -- and big coal -- -- -- -- We see -- -- the data back to cost about us on my graphics aren't really never ending gold card and never ending our. Our favorite morning meteorologist in graphic artist. Max that was a little dramatic don't you -- never ending -- that's the way he made the graphic and I thought it was cute but it was I thought it would resonate with America can tell you nobody -- Shot that's all right so getting to the part of the show where it keeps moving. Yeah yeah -- Parents that spurred is not coming but if you look into the -- and puppy eyes that could be right here you know those allergies are back. Probably not an adult beverage last night Dancing With The Stars it's probably allergies. And so with this this morning to show us how do combat this is the lovely Rebecca Georgia Tech fashion and beauty expert -- the you know. Think we're -- the sunshine I'm fine with it how it -- -- gorgeous yellow jacket and oil fund is finally here. Right we're gonna yeah warmer temperatures -- starts -- across the country. By the middle of the week to the end. End of the week in the beginning of next week it should be eased somewhat but. And that is where our email news talk. How do we combat allergies if that and you know the bad news isn't going to be worse this year and are especially in -- -- because another hot and yeah the -- and hasn't done prior you know you've got you on the whole week. You don't mind set -- older. -- Don't know about never married Madonna Elton yeah. Our data show that keeps moving -- wouldn't. Since you know the first thing and -- the -- that is beginning to get to meet and you keep you do what you know everything -- the fast and even the protected like in my make up academic my makeup I have to. Honestly cucumbers -- right. You we have probably didn't actually looked at her good that's trying to keep the matter what you absolutely gonna help you feel better with that attacked me up in my style text if you accept that won the first thing you can do -- you want to get rid of the Pentagon got your -- so that means. -- -- -- -- -- Down on -- -- be a little cold compress do you like under as the make you remember that not -- -- -- -- but just so like tight capital and a just and right and it doesn't. That doesn't irritate your eyes almost anything I watched my face with irritates -- and I think there. Like put on a contract Oca this will help to relieve the giant can't get rid of any kind of irritation. A port -- of water. -- yeah Clinton upload a seizure and -- -- the cucumbers just because it's a nice -- need Mars parent conference well that's -- actually but they're actually entire credit for the help to get rid of that poppy I'm getting critical because right now learning community. But felt he didn't you kind of glasses during allergy season I got that they're actually -- no no because they matched by the dark they're all. Some black as are -- hatter you don't see anything wrong but look -- -- Yes yes because they actually blocked the pollen from getting into your eyes. Sunglass and that's what Jack we have an alliance that that's why I always Wear mine Vivian you know went into hiding and I don't have to know it's. Totally true because Allard allergens enter your body year. We're hanging out you better hurry lazy summer all been through yeah well -- -- take their ego you definitely not -- I don't -- Alexander who. Then things like you can get a tissue if you want to get fragrance free tissue is because battle prevent any kind but -- -- and yes and when you're having an allergy attack. Anything that has a remote fragrance and it. Just makes it worse is bad news -- -- -- okay but the. -- -- -- -- -- -- You wanna look for a product like the naked -- it vary in style isn't great -- -- -- can be. Beaten wife because their meat but I think in the shadows in naked I -- -- -- The minute -- slightly irritating but this spring the big brown is. I love -- -- -- and despite really enhancing your guy your eyebrow helped to wake up your entire faith right now yeah lots and lots of -- -- -- on the top. When it don't do it to the bottom. And now and you -- -- the work very copper read color is rarely -- Watson because this will help. -- -- -- Cop car gets rid of redneck relatives out of their parents read Greece -- I don't think he's. Glad you're here hammered on the -- good great take -- -- we thank you so much about has always think you -- it can cover and -- it. Down. Copies my -- and had your eye shadow want to comment get a presentation my love bites you rolling -- wears glasses and cut. We'll bring him over thank you I can collect just that you are such and allergy experts. I am I swear to you I'm the worst I have allergies puffy red eyes. Probably ten months that idea I -- I guess -- out whatever it is I'm allergic to kind of you know rushing really really good test because -- been a popular ads. Can't exactly -- I just thought that was then we can. Aren't playing against great -- -- it really -- count -- little -- -- one. Off from. Not exactly having the -- -- why because she apparently thought he knew of course all of our all our homes. -- -- -- -- It they're not just walking around -- assisting wanted to. Yeah. And he didn't. And we cannot get her one because we keep them all -- a special farm. I swear this is the truth you know cards have to live in this special farm and they have to stay away from people and that's why -- can't have one that a man and that's the only reason it is the only reason otherwise comes every little girl would be able to have her own -- but you can't. You cannot. While there I was in Vegas of them too long and he had like we can't 1989 according that's it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- heart I know I was it has everything else currently every adult life I don't know everybody that really you have a wonderful daily log on morning in the morning. -- -- -- --

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