GMA LIVE! (03.28.13)

Josh, Sam, and Lara speak with Robin Roberts' doppelganger and a talented peanut artist.
3:00 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.28.13)
Okay. I thought I. That's right I Chirac when you want anxiety provoking -- mess and -- -- -- -- have great everybody I don't know. Here we are working -- -- first book the lovely ought to think about it. Okay. All of them. It's OK guys it's okay. Very little scary but -- still don't you're all morning -- to -- did that for like five or six years to. He did he was doing -- -- I didn't come out. This is a sad and hello pointed out plant it and you look at items and depth sometimes yeah. You actually -- yeah a lot of luck in your brother's original it is at like 845. -- -- -- we have to that is still on the. Everything behind the scenes now coming out because -- -- a -- and I thought. That we not -- this is the heart of the show where we keep the show moving up. -- adding what did I don't think our doubles a party scene mind. Using Georgia's today and I -- they first thought she's so beautiful so kind yet -- -- invokes the same spirit as Rodney Atkins -- that you have not had patents you. You've observed -- yeah yeah Cornett along -- that we matter. And if you didn't get a chance to see it on the big show you're gonna get a chance to see it right now pat come on over come -- governor -- -- Bring your personal -- out of -- right now. Okay should I say I'm sorry I'm. Everybody here so we have now heard from from Georgia and now Robin they I'll save it for -- Standing rate. Outside the Mir in the final seconds -- Verizon nerve -- what is it like for you. Behind I was I was so nervous sounds like a can't make everybody proud -- got to get didn't miss everything in Dallas they were picking out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the Charles it was so when this -- -- we played well. That's -- the UI according someone nominee -- -- myself but people on FaceBook like you gotta do this and his friends are calling him on TN has to -- -- when it's dark -- didn't -- that people first start walking do you remember the first time it happened they'll come up fifteen news coming -- fiction where I mean we -- the same hairstyle. And and anytime on stand in novel force in town that likes you so much luck you're tall drink -- -- Robert EI yeah I'm tower Harada and rob -- five about a man and a half. And you think I'm six she looked downright you know. Lucky -- Serbia show -- settle at. What is what's real what was -- likely to finally see this come to fruition. Everywhere that goes she's a center of attention she's always spotted people always come and -- out beautifully she is it's not a surprise to many matters. There's a perfect match -- Isn't looking back. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Scared yeah. I'm actually really really good point 88 varied from two to get it really right you have to get the warm you have to get that. There's a special something extra and Clinton rhetoric today it was really see -- as we know. -- -- Yeah yeah yeah I don't love our -- and how -- -- -- -- very nice about -- like some damage in. -- -- -- -- -- 1100 at the super and that's last month roaring yeah you name can. It was -- and Zandi yeah. I'm Sam. You read -- -- tomorrow tomorrow or are you this -- romance goes on to win the doubles so we'll see how that goes I don't know you're coming to the show tomorrow can. There's a degree Associated Press -- ahead -- statement didn't remove. They absolutely do us -- I've -- about yesterday they should take our doubles and make you a little romance yes there at times way I'm sure there -- -- There -- on -- we did. That has an aggressive stance sent him to do a little memo laying some than -- Sudanese deputy of the drinking out want to welcome to the occasionally but watches -- dot org. All likely -- tears and exam yet. Well now we did you. We have -- we did not before but now now we know about soccer. -- -- -- Let me tell yet. And our stage manager she is a tough sell -- she is a top. Tough sell but I gotta tell you Steve casino you know when you are worked out we have that -- she's like that's the -- -- saying we. -- had on the don't want to. He's made a name for himself and this is this is it. It's peanut art it is and I are should. Zoo celebrity sculptures no less actually saw this from ball high into the we may see it made my Halloween who are we -- Let's let's take us through -- are we see in there so we got there -- -- in the Netherlands. Black and white collection over here it's there's a peanut help John. It's terrible. Got to ask you Steve -- how do you find out -- have special left for peanut or just gonna happen. -- -- -- -- myself on a -- and should it to a friend and he cracked up so. If it means ditching begin to make one -- -- like five to ten hours each reeling. -- this is this handshake and water middle Oriole. That what you're -- him what do you acrylic paint acrylic forget how -- -- -- -- and -- -- to -- chicken. Powell and I know the budget we have an extraordinary budget and we just didn't look for a little -- -- and to various natural question I would actually fulfill -- request. Who wouldn't let -- Yeah. Of the embrace that as requested to do -- period when. Gorgeous forest and you know you'll be working out just because -- came to the show you're going to be working an extra 24 hour that's I noticed in the video that we just showed that you take subpoena out. Yet why. Helps preserve and -- -- the inside with this glue and it hardens in their like tough as nails and how long disease want to thank -- dependent. 50 hours. -- -- -- Yes word -- one buyer -- art world these actually are for sale but I do custom -- and doing wedding toppers for people that night -- pop art that she really hip hop Stansfield insanely tiny portraits of people. It pops IT POP. Just hit it pop art he didn't know how hard it is I would think Steve casino dot com possible and -- so these are not facilities earlier personal collection yes and why why gallery show wow. It's your show -- gallery and yes amazing. Spider-Man here is spent I think that's my hero on that is and then back -- that I -- not for the. That is homily but they really like they're durable -- yeah someone buys one of these men have to you know really mean -- they're going to last forever yet another partisan era can I ask what what does Batman and Robin gulf war. That -- probably 500. -- I. That I love yeah we -- -- with whom do we find I want to pop actually giving all the credit says -- -- -- okay. You sound and ABC that -- Check it out yeah things are really really call doesn't -- thank. Single time I purchased I'm being. Great as we zoom in -- day -- keep it out I think that was fun -- Hello sorry I love -- -- that would celebrity do you think would make the best peanut borrowed sorry got the poll. We have Elvis. We -- you wouldn't Jordan's king no not pointing out the poll we go live balancing you Michael Jackson Britney Spears or are very honest and. And now generally seen as a I don't know -- -- learned that Michigan. Parents have him I know I was behind I hope you can see here at home because we might -- PCR and artwork here if you can hear us here here -- that we're -- little pop. We're. Here. All that Denise killing a skeleton is -- -- -- does that mean that everything really works in the control room but it it just works when we you know call you out on. Yeah -- is there for you -- Thank you beautiful Denise thank committee's hearing these -- shouted -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Springer isn't it yeah. Talk about landscaping jolly -- -- All -- and now let's. And grew -- literally. I don't commander -- about that it. Andrew let's sucking on social media candidate -- -- how are you how is -- your corporate job great regret everything that obviously and the the kind of big meeting -- given big meeting that daylight yeah its. I'm actually dropping with Jack -- We ask every morning that he wanted to say good morning -- behind but it's great comment lap time -- but the patent hands anything. -- Good morning different morning good morning it seems that -- dad did not feel it straining not put -- this morning with his gray -- -- -- and I will always. Love so we ask you what probably always -- our good -- Andrea -- -- It was over. I want it gotten song -- you are an inside Nevada -- friends and Backstreet Boys. I want -- that I can't see people what we went met. But what you what you what -- would you always -- -- -- to -- -- suddenly appear every time you are near because -- just like me. They long to be. Close to you. -- -- -- -- Just because you maybe not lost -- come over and dump my coffee -- -- -- -- -- Go live up what do you tell you all get what is this tune you speak of from the eighties -- I saw that one from the -- -- -- -- -- That's all right Santa tells all -- -- seeing now let's start I chin in his seventies -- be very careful. That can't -- -- I swear date -- midnight -- this moment. You mean everything I don't know the word. I yeah. Mileage -- and it. This moment you -- -- we're not using -- companies and Internet rules and you're gonna we're gonna do extremely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and Jack Callahan that then -- like new ground so grounds. Frank estimate. One of the great things about that is you don't know 90% of the lyrics of the now -- and by then. I don't think you're just to get around the GO go to Lou Lou I blew out. Oh wow -- -- -- -- -- I was listening to eighties music actually you know while not actually -- I really don't want -- -- some of the. I don't think the overall this -- come on Eileen overall I would pay I would pay for this -- the Internet let me pay for this I would pay to watch this. -- -- -- Engaging -- -- yeah. But you know examine why don't bother showing. It's the it's all coming -- let's. That's what I that make you happy -- -- extra glitzy pop -- attract national I don't know -- The show law hash -- -- campaign. It's not working out for Santa hash attack the ground had this morning and it's got to get. He's got I don't know they haven't gotten yet -- -- -- The need to read our I have not like sweat a. I'm like doesn't want to I don't and comfortable passive aggressive much. All right guys this one. Almost she -- yeah. Let's -- let's get this isn't -- -- they aren't that yeah the car o'clock yesterday others a hotel in Finland's listen. Speaking of professional sleeper to spend 35 days they're testing out their newly renovated rooms and manager of the hotel -- He's looking for a dynamic person just literally stay there hadn't heard a month and lying about their daily experiences. The right person for the job has to be fluent in Spanish and English. Jack Jack react track -- Russian calls Jack Jack dot dot. The job starts may seventeenth so your great sleeper you speak -- national media little -- and onions and mid April to apply and one important note -- myself -- has no bar. That's a problem. The -- available for this job you have until April meeting -- Builders Whitman who by the way there's -- the -- day saying he was big if was big and Davis. I didn't understand -- -- and -- understand. You know there are generally sudden turn I didn't know where -- going that I I don't -- I -- and and I don't like duck -- there was that aren't. This is this marquee show today. That's an update as we the it's I American the jets marquis of fall out of the car for an end but there was that there was yes it was the -- -- -- -- -- From Attica Attica yes it was the -- Jessica. What you're talking about what a week now we're talking only -- what we're going you have to -- going backwards rear of the room we were walking through the songs are. Wins in its fleet foxes and art exhibit so Andrew. It's decided to -- maybe she should apply for the job and then suddenly he sent owing under the current leaders like he's talking Matilda and suddenly. Mentioned -- carpenter song we're talking like ten minutes ago a fifth yeah. This is how we today. It is now twenty -- think I'm -- now I think the axis of. Miller well I -- Carl all this. Crawl all that's across the bottom of the screen in case you know what -- I -- follow along at -- yeah -- let's roll over if you leave you we have roll roll it again. Come -- -- -- I swear. What would -- need at this moment you mean everything. Telling do you imagine -- affluence -- room. Not my I confess verge on dirty little follow come on Eileen -- the song from what I understand anecdotally. What are wrong to drill right in sweet loving and show this is together wow wow Sam did admit. You know the franchise and fell -- They may be tangled in his chest hair back civilian -- and -- It's that big daddy -- hash tag tax. And AM eastern daylight -- about it.

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