GMA LIVE! (04.04.13)

Tory Johnson reveals an exclusive deal on "GMA Live!"
15:31 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.04.13)
Okay. So very beautiful what -- south. That's the way -- to big jump with the big big Motown musical past. Dancing in the streets lecturing me it was fantastic. Fog capped off whole lot of motel media we also had -- not vote on June yeah. I will say the number one overall -- it was looking grim. Sam Champion a strong number two -- was coming on strong too happy when he had told me. No way. I don't know I think believed he had been working there until the leaves are no good now lives of the men into battle that and then Robin closed -- -- -- -- We just does the horrible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd rather than an engineer yes sure -- osmond's -- -- -- -- Don't hate. That was our most passionate game show yet thought my -- I want -- owners I've got. -- I'd never seen you do you that. -- any of that. Intensity that we do I I don't please don't we have the we have everything -- can't. I only pick one dog -- He would Costello. Look at an amazing I didn't want to apologize when Larry Smith yeah you're deserving yeah that's I think it'd be I'm not steer it really it. You should have you about it I didn't Boley hurt during the -- -- during the entire show -- That I honestly very very -- -- I tried to take her out of the competition early by singing songs that had nothing to do in the remote town god I -- all. Ends yeah I heard that the time. And -- really chastising me if I tend to be click on a buzzer I am I know who fled I was so afraid that I didn't -- the -- want to think. But Daryn and kids -- -- kid that said -- didn't. Handing it -- at the buzzer wow that -- not that went down I mean I was growing up titles on his or what was the finals well. All right well my back was against the wall -- like to give a 100% yeah. Dan I -- one -- it's constantly -- brides look good in my dressing yeah. We're gonna have to walk by that -- I could exact better. Banks continued blessings Bob Roberts continued Abrams. In -- it's real. -- I got to vote. I imagine. I think -- embedded. -- -- YouTube worked -- you're thinking -- here you know hundred tons of money. My brother all the heads of I don't take her out before she's a real competitor so I kind of have to get -- remember what we're like yeah yeah. -- that now believe well and worsening -- -- that's just the ugly as part of it is just want to. He would we don't win big time that -- had. When -- -- -- high -- -- because in the Euro and a -- I felt like it -- like Jack Nicholson scenes -- -- is from that movie went to cruise what was that movie. We live. I don't believe I'm like a -- I. I can get there and -- -- my intake -- can't I could not. Being a big loser in Motown -- I -- -- well I had to go in -- -- -- -- -- trickling -- Yeah yeah. Me. Sorry there's first time in their spending and consumer -- -- and then there's. Riding she's right because -- I love my says everyone has on the play nice you're only in that's not gotten terrible -- we have to continue his horrible. Competitive disgusting streak and it's not -- I didn't. It was but what is good cannot brag about -- for a second trip touched change topics is what -- really you and you and I can do all day but. Josh yesterday left the show early to go on a great assignment. Normal not interview an incredible young man I'm so excited -- Jerry Jerry is also wearing on world news Salina. And last night we had a little bit it and in today's -- -- phenomenal he you know this Kevin where of course the key to something this horrific injury last Sunday. And it played out in such a fashion he knew he was one of those and he didn't know what it happened -- them. Zero plot shows a replay and all of a sudden you've seen when my little weight -- was like when my -- -- -- and I influencing our bought Italian and I would not just anybody that you go find it I'll down it is out there until he actually Tommy and out. -- -- -- Detonated essentially and -- -- for treating six that is exciting. Many got your -- that's true but. Back he was a quiet almost sort of an introverted -- prior to this. And -- doomed that the thing they took away while it has I can't think he realizes now. That it's bigger than. Just him it's bigger than just an injury if he was actually he's like Bob good morning America's here -- in SPN was there Vietnamese and while you know and and his mom again looking on during a press conference yesterday cries tears of real -- think they're seeing their. Young son. A man and he had some issues that -- -- as most 1819 year old kids will. And we worked it all out he was back. This team is rolling and you know it's interesting they're gonna do you think I -- think this could. Take them to tell us is what did you think the airplane -- more than over on the once it is a great team will -- great team. With him definitely favored to win at all the airplane the Cinderella in the final -- Wichita State that has no business being there this is going to be a very interesting thing to see. The overwhelming favorite also be the sentimental favorite Afghan -- -- shocker from -- -- I'm hoping for a great game but again what an honor it was to go down tweeted a -- -- just we need to. Yeah you know he's great now but three months from you know when all the media's gone that's when reality is innocent and and I would just saved to people who feel that way. This piece he's going to be back he's gonna. Zain is rallying around. So that was great and then and then -- everybody about what I got to resign. I sat down to -- George has -- Alley -- hosts the daily shots it's an Internet show on Yahoo!. And it was out of control yeah I mean to wild blond guest with a camera in front of them just slightly torturing terrorists to react to being. Yeah -- just hope we can. And -- and -- are cleaned up just Roland there it was half inch of -- all right got through every bill. Why don't have says I hope it's like a red Thong -- -- -- irony forget about will tell and it's -- -- -- involved time. Yeah I'm. They're clean his -- well we don't you guys throughout it was just George Wear boxers are bringing us I was I don't know I don't know why when I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet we can't I -- I love you George I'm not sure of that but now I know what kind of under -- -- -- and I didn't need to know that. But I love -- she's so funny -- show I'm once she you know I. She asked me about it a food that George needs to eat and what you didn't see on -- today it was her filthy. -- ads are which we actually snatch at it out she is so -- -- when she was that audience you know like. We now know they sit and they condoning they had edited out it's that it's like eighty so yeah -- beyond me and now they think that she hasn't yet -- -- -- -- out that was taken -- we have a lot of fans who are really I don't know eight of the little she's just Rebecca and the little ones I know very and there are very David. Greatest relationship and a lot of people may not -- George being as has sort of buttoned up and she's super funny but they have the most beautiful marriage and they are best friends and she's -- Outselling the best of television that. It's frankly when -- comes to torture Georgia's -- like it it's certainly the most unleashed television that happened yet and we need on average -- she's you know and -- towards diet that was -- -- yeah. As an overwhelming -- -- loves completely it has just discussing their yeah out their life. Traffic stuff. I do you know what -- know it down and I just want a we have a formal Paul what's the whole problem. What would the podium and I just -- -- -- but I just want kids you know what this audience. Some rose to back -- By the way I just tell me comfort. -- -- -- -- Turner Jian can you to show me that to you who made that did you do did you -- the letter here who did and -- that your mom -- worst moment -- -- -- -- Donna Donna native Donna it's lovely I just wondered because I love how the end of every letter has the little perfect circle -- -- -- thank you and it's like check. Check jet carrying -- and you end -- only listen to lady and one of the great lake one of our great Twitter. -- Yeah my. I I -- I -- he's. Oh my gosh -- super. -- you want me to check it out that that's got to come out with a bomb. Jack. And you got a bonus you saw me -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have what it what is the poll just tell me what it is in case it. You win. All right UN. There's this there's that there's an argument in the running of the showed that he says were scrapping it right after Tracy says we're not what we're -- -- scrapping and -- haven't -- even. Just getting into -- yeah. -- -- -- I know hey -- time so. -- had several for the kids today does this continue to -- Yeah this is continuing -- Supposedly adults -- and this is this really good like diet -- yeah this like little this is like. Food for kids like that you can without -- in the -- take on the dollar lunches but. Whoever does not direct the -- they must deal. So which makes them and -- -- likely date -- clean. PDA free he nontoxic. And all the good things written. Having. They own the -- yeah that's a big -- -- -- science experiment. What a little like lightning -- like him. And it ruined -- -- And on the medicine and -- marking what is basically witness yes it does a good deal it's -- -- renegotiate -- does that normally it's there's a big assortment of stuff that you can get when you -- -- Good Morning America dot -- on now regularly thirteen to 29 now is slashed in -- they like our graphic where are -- -- it -- yeah yeah Ron married starting at just -- very high -- I did I really -- down the deals today so yeah. Isn't happening on their booing her like me I think -- -- -- Our viewers an extreme someone honest Joseph needs to have a baby because we now know what we now -- -- -- -- So it and everybody's kids have grown up now and we need to Jensen in Italian -- yet we need to bring your baby and -- known and -- and -- Sam just the sand is sand now -- And oh yeah -- do what you -- look we're going to do that's where we're going on now it's behind. You lot of sand and room and -- -- all of the. Let's let's -- And we are praying and need to -- that maybe -- exam you know how excited you've -- a new ball high. -- -- Yeah. Preliminary. Does trigger sprayer you cannot save it from you see this -- do you did you think I'll. I was fascinated there TV dinners yeah. It's just like. That just it was a -- Limitless world the promise and they yeah and you just -- look after this announcement is -- -- Dominic about coming here Oleg. Apple -- -- I would -- -- and an apology on the on the on the -- in a favorite TV again. -- did that that -- that Thanksgiving Turkey one. Turkey etc. what he's done it yet taken -- -- -- I think it's one that's a good ones the -- -- -- -- When you are right you're right you're right -- -- when -- -- lands about let what plated excited yes and you'll get you springer they'll fire us we'll get to but we haven't is -- -- one complex. As does high tech. -- three year old -- me. I'm looking for spin on some rather famous movie line -- -- -- -- take -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. And home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Currently helping. We doing -- like the Matt Damon as a show me not to develop -- -- -- -- we ran under Matt Damon. -- roll call us see our polar warming. Nine now it's a -- I think he's got a lot of work he doesn't believe he doesn't -- themselves as a way -- -- an -- for that one. We set a part of The Great Gatsby trailer veto love that are you guys excited I -- and I am excited and I do want -- -- and they'll like I don't. Wanna face sanctions from our boss but I do want to say there one correction what we showed you today. Was not a movie trailer here than we showed you an exclusive. DNA first -- look or revise -- -- and more yes certainly yes I just -- just all the way I don't know trailer to remain an audit. -- -- Should -- should look in your future -- Bob -- Inspired choice for this -- yeah he did with Romeo and Juliette it has the same this its ravishing and diminishing the ending of cannot even imagine everyone the stars of Great -- is he's going to be on the show what you're all gonna be -- right here talk and only -- that -- -- -- -- check that -- I'm not like -- at a time not -- is the. They don't know quite well -- take it away. Let's start please no matter how good jobs now -- now along -- okay how -- on the Internet check out our -- -- Hello 9 AM yeah.

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