GMA LIVE! (04.10.13)

Josh, Lara and Sam discuss Demi Lovato's "GMA" concert and check out an artists claymation creations
16:09 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.10.13)
-- -- Oh yeah. Yeah who yeah well I -- I think about. I'd like to thank you that we did that I'd like to thank you know. Shares from Demi Lovato because -- Natalie out. Okay bill today at -- real quick is it and I. I say something -- back this is Joseph downhill it. Sam Johnson laugh Demi Nevada and -- -- and -- Nobody a lot of beyond it didn't give me why I got -- edited by. I don't know that anybody know he's. -- what a drop of deadly sweat might fall on me and I -- -- I can tell you she worked and out. -- and and and. Love love coming here in the morning and they are one of her fans are wonderful people where they are -- yeah. And so they're out there lined up all morning long -- finally. Yeah. Gotti are there. This morning -- here from like midnight. And listen I get it she's great passion he's great I've ever because it would -- in my birthday -- -- summer she did this summer concert series. This means you get the look that -- huge swath of Central Park -- -- oddly named -- will come strong. But she's a great performer and I really -- lovely young me. You know if we saw on the -- that it we talked about this -- we talked about a man and he did say that. You know especially. Those of you with children it's -- hope. That your kids are seeing what's good and what's bad about yeah I I think that's pretty clear except I wore and loved how she said -- have people around her yeah. You know they're -- -- -- -- we've talked about this but I love the fact that you know Selena might out of Florida has. A great group of young pop -- young female pop stars who are independent. Strong long and successful comedies that artistic and terrific play it's it's a great time. To have a little daughter idealistic what they do want to bring it from the mine mine. It's illegal amount commitment. This is a different mind if you remember the -- -- of course. -- drummer Steve -- Jeff ballot this is the dear friend of his in from that she did they would high school together and this is -- your daughter that's your name is. -- -- -- -- Do you not -- you -- we see the picture do we see a picture this is how you get to be the coolest mom. We'll all time because he'd get in and this is what happens sometimes so if the economy. Join us. -- I want. It's moving here month. And -- yeah. I think I was running down here to get to this weekend here on time -- -- -- -- a lot with me. If she said mom so -- my friends -- on ending the wax statue that I. They'll believe -- -- promise to -- the Internet. It's tells us they'll see this it's real it's really real friends it's really Sosa meanwhile also on the -- it added if you are watching I just Amin now -- -- -- because it's a two hour broadcast media -- to. Yeah how -- -- pound child punishing -- she was you're from new cookbook. It's called on to -- from reminded the name against I don't get around to -- -- there about fifteen minutes. All day it's all -- since its outbreak of the cooking the food is some good it's really clean she -- Chile that Chile was really clean and. Either way -- -- brought me out of all of I had to look nice and save that. Our staff. I -- I -- my all volunteer Elaine. And I thought grumpy cat because I had to go get myself and yeah I -- one of these -- what it was delicious that's why he wasn't that is a good idea. You are wondering am -- on the eyes on me I'm Sandra Alitalia jet that hit the exits eleven and -- salad is -- more -- there. His it is great to actually. -- and went ahead on London's other airport we saw yesterday look at right here January -- gathered there. Promoting pattern here is reasonably -- and and actually -- I do what we do want to show you we would super -- surprise because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now we live we live before and I'll probably young ladies who work and working out of their -- right -- -- -- -- -- out. Com. Then I will say you guys were great I'm so glad you got to see -- And I'm so glad you guys were pursing all morning long but his new Internet this this is what you are missing let's take a look I -- The feeling -- you get this tell me if I'm right and I had the feeling you're like. One of these girls to step got to -- yeah. So you're thinking you're thinking I'm -- -- -- going to keep moving keep saying it -- I need the Mike here because this is this is a moment that I products 1 o'clock right. Virtual tell me name my name's Deanna -- so I mean you're up there -- got -- choreography Downey junior movie and someone kind of like brushes your shoulder. And your thinking and I thought it was like other girls like other girls that they escorted Allen is also posts they came back Craig is still they also like breaking -- -- -- And in the choreographer. Was like turn around -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Turnaround -- -- -- we'll have all the and I and my immediate reaction I'm Richard gimme -- -- shot -- -- that -- give her bare. The next she's -- she's a bit like. Because my motto might -- I know what I'm Rick in this performance what we're -- Russell who got. She enjoyed she loves her hand so much so thank you so much. Also -- on I -- can do I. And then JD day and everything I. This is interesting Jay-Z is a major trending topic this morning -- the last -- -- is launching a sports management company that's why -- biggest he's got a lot of free time it's better it's and he's -- Adds he does need a hobby itself he -- not a not it's true he's just incredibly talented and it's true businessman. But he forgot the process of selling -- probably not over so that he can McConaughey and EA agents can only seen. And be an agent that's a little conflict of interest he was minority owner. The Brooklyn nets was actually very instrumental in getting them to the -- in the coolest uniforms friends are really really do laundry on Rihanna. Solidarity senators we should all beginning game yeah oh yeah that's below the ground ball into the story I I was Cuddy did you see I was just telling you guys are doing all that -- let -- allowed us. Yeah I didn't have -- -- like butterflies that we had on the show earlier I was there -- in my mind that's what was going on you guys -- basketball and -- London audience. We have no I'm not like Barclays Aaron is that I'm Bob but none of them are there yeah -- it. And I'm downstairs there's a bar -- and now it's getting -- loses let's do. That's IE I would we definitely that into the season is is winding down but got so doing he emeritus that's big big news -- stranding what you heard it here. Right now all I hear on GMA alive. We love to celebrate -- what we do we have an artist by the way it was a very special talent when introduced Eugene Taylor that meant. Who's been making incredible clay sculptures and she was just eight years old when she was fifteen she started her own business selling her original work and and not only that she got. Acclimation -- she here. You can't -- love this now I am not a huge fan of the Skype interview live as we all know but we're gonna give this to try. If it doesn't work she'll be back every day Taylor every day he'll be back if it doesn't work -- got more -- different works. -- And -- There are itself how did you get into this I mean what nations -- of those things that like people my age no I don't know so -- -- people your age you how did you. Just in the. Cleanly separate and and now when I was in college actually on the upper class parents sort of summer we're getting set -- -- -- and meeting your stay here is and now. He showed any Wallace in grammar and ideas into Rendell center -- I gave it a try and seeing that you. And has not. He denies the not to -- -- I forget all these all of those movies like yeah I'm thinking about the old TV shows that I -- -- yeah yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- That had been I'm mr. heat my hair I don't tell us -- Your mind that you create do you create your own characters and and you know what you're gonna do with them or are how does that work for coming up with ideas. Yeah usually -- this Sunday night initialize Ernst and I'm that's probably ten. Past present and -- Just think we're looking I'm sorry to interrupt you we're looking at the pictures of your work and that is that is bad -- you are really really talented deep talent money you don't. I don't want it did so when you make that claim each in short how long process is done. It happens I'm yeah doesn't that character -- and gotten back from. In the cleaning -- can take anywhere. From Amman this year -- few -- -- very out of tedious process background in the hands what's the dream warnings he has going. I mean I could not do anything -- -- the only creations are snow on I loved basically just being -- then you Martina or until light. You know does it as an artist especially does it because it's such it not tedious but. That hasn't slowed to slow things down for you like the things occur to you because -- you have to take your time doing it. I eat into -- certainly think about right -- that might not comes you'd ever eaten much quicker and a different form of Vietnamese do so and that way. -- kind of -- I love yeah it's definitely -- there is ridiculously fast pays for all things down and I love how. -- it's no wonder I. And and yeah. -- watch how. Old room and listen and the -- the burgers. There are -- are you all a Twitter are you on Twitter. Can we do -- and then to. The -- horrific and we hash tag nice blues laugh -- No but I will. To. You know what this is so much thought I would -- to just come back and share some stuff with us periodically -- you -- incredibly. I want to push it and I hope we -- -- see my whole thought that you get a giant movie contract evidence that's and his look at -- you -- I don't know if that's -- you advanced that's great I mean did you I need to -- eyebrows back but other that was good you know seriously. Enemy are -- would you do it would you do and what to do when we little guys come to life. You've got a budget of 87 dollars and he -- Great governor yards as a lot -- -- a budget of at least five dollars and. -- -- Also -- -- plus -- and we thanks jumbled up a portrait going to be great crowds is that I have ever by the white we've given up for -- -- -- -- where are you a follow up follow us on Twitter we will -- that big -- now how to reach older and I want -- elegant way I do. -- was -- the eighty England. Chicago we love having -- -- animals. You are want to think about it. It was sort of a -- -- this. It's not forgotten -- that certainly our generation. Digging -- mr. -- yeah I'm you know god gone beyond Saddam Bob what does congress -- would like Captain Scarlet all -- you know. -- a -- -- -- a lot of -- intentionally a lot -- The Lord of the Rings -- a generation -- -- monsters -- -- yeah -- -- great nation that was that was -- So long. God's love child -- all of them. That's really nice he's got I was counting not really -- models you can read our water energy and -- -- are you so much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Paul it's a very simple explanation we have -- fantastic audience outside. They show up with all manner of gifts and stop for us every -- every down again. And today's somebody brought me the best have a ball. He didn't allow this is that this is what they -- when they make the best -- that can be had. On planet earth yeah Josh and I -- California kids an -- now. While I have -- now let our -- Without getting connected to have -- second because -- should be something that I did not know when you guys may know that if he had the bumper sticker on the car in California sea ice is that what they do as they. Block out the be and the harnesses in an out there. I don't know -- yeah that's true that truth is everyone else. A judge is judges that they have rich just not a dirty that's almost thirty minutes not that's on the -- that what did. Here's what I don't really. Joe Millionaire attorney Denise do you have that all didn't need to find in why -- pretty bad at bat well. As a -- like her can sonic and -- C I don't agree why don't go. And dirty I -- I -- and I forget about an hour 200 -- -- -- -- me. Comes but I accurate. I don't know I had no doubt. Why -- why isn't he doctor in my diluted earnings. Gauntlet. And bringing me if I'm talking power -- got a -- -- I don't know this is you who are likely -- can't judge me if I do I am now about how about I love. News throughout the morning tomorrow that store where are you watch GMA this morning welcome Brad Paisley and LL cool. It's sitting down together in an ABC news exclusive interview to disguise their duet drama they produce all of -- a little -- that is not. Sparking lots of -- -- very theorized that all -- resides close the out of that message. How odd that dog and we wanted to show you a little more of that interview she. I think that's the legacy is gonna beat. People realizing after they get over there the fire storm of the symbolism in the metaphors in the disagreements about how we. Approached it or executed it they don't realize that these two guys were really just trying to give an example. Of where our country could go. I believe there can be good come from this. Way more good I think -- -- I think -- already has come -- -- as we're talking right now on TV I mean I get -- I get to collaborate with you I'm so glad to be in this journey with you did it because you. Lara left and found that I was in the -- -- -- -- anyway they're they're saying that they think that some good will come out of this just the conversation alone. We'll bring some good yeah. As we talked about on the big show you. Leading into this pool. Can Granger the it can be -- sticky thing. -- and so as artists more power to the net and again we'll be talking to Brad Paisley believe joins us Friday he joins us Friday -- B singing. Four -- and I haven't. Have a feeling he'll have something to say about this past well it's always great when he -- we wish we could just. Plow right on through -- -- -- cultural level we have to stick around -- in an interview with her and -- -- coming -- -- -- really -- -- on -- As well there she is still while multi camera shoots today this fancy stuff. So we're well yes so we will tell you that we love you and thank you again and we are on our way out isn't holding his. 9 AM eastern.

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