GMA LIVE! (04.12.13)

Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer challenge audience members to make licorice art.
12:20 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.12.13)
-- -- -- -- And he recognized -- advice and some black -- -- well it is well this is Jim is it what's Alex nationalist Christian. I -- so I think it -- today. We have a lot to get to but first. -- bonds what was worse that question to end all questions -- to really California into an East Coast West Coast -- only one answer this question I high and the red background and read by. Six other you're right I came out here -- can't find them and when you talk when you have -- questions or when you have that discussion here in New York. People looking at -- crops I L radio -- -- -- -- -- soon for me there's just there's no question I would this week to get once that it has just as the movie's scale we're kids. I'd get the -- by you know my brother my sister would get what they we -- these. And I taught them might make them laugh Sinead ripped through this oh really you're done that and yet you want want -- bite site. Yeah and by the what you still do that -- them. So happy -- national interest an ancient theater. This artist this is really remarkable life how you come to think that you mean it's really gift I daresay. The artist is Jason this year Andy he's not here but he did send his -- our and Donaldson Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chapman -- nominal G10 areas the artist himself when he's got a lot of different parts of psyche -- other and mediums I haven't beaten I don't comment that is Charlie Chaplin that is trying to hit and intelligence pow wow is that taxpayers are -- No I think that's about it with any or all of their eyes we -- seeing that there. Champion Sam Champion that's a -- laugh at -- -- and there is. Again Sanchez who I didn't mean beyond I didn't think -- that's -- -- that's amazing. So we haven't tester and he just didn't no idea it has in fact we are joined by three. Okay. We're getting good. It took some time on the clock and we want to see what you guys can do inside time with sadly crash your -- is. -- time a year from human -- can't -- -- well. And. Is one of the -- latest. -- -- she's grown of the -- yeah what's your name. -- -- -- -- -- I nobody's gonna end up with among LA -- OK it's already did -- seven against -- NCR by the end of the show you really connect Herat and can you -- -- Yeah. Yeah -- it's. Crazy about that -- that -- -- birthplace of the G -- main. The nicest guy outlet shopping there aren't so here we go how much time with -- on the clock three middle myself Katrina. 552. -- five. The need is ordered that look like -- let's let our community animals o'clock again to you guys to go ahead and that we're and that we're used o'clock and I know only one. Next to itself that's not enough yeah we wanted to really see it you can -- You'll -- mainly portraits of us of a special. International film and television star. And will be judging them at the end it is a major international film and television star needs to be a -- -- who once was -- teen model. Com and while they whether or not we have you know there -- 365. Days of the year but there are so many things Iraqis. This is almost cruel however because we also want to wish you happy. -- -- -- Our -- -- engine from -- a -- -- has looked up expecting me right now I only got somebody I usually real except food on her hands -- the grilled sandwiches involves far past cheese -- bread. It includes. Everything yeah creative cooks have everything their garlic mashed potatoes I like it just clean and simple yeah I would feel. You know you don't -- not -- facts don't -- -- it's like it's the -- like honey don't NASA actually. Com. All these different variations and parents like a lot of sentiment in the but -- -- you would like everything pizza I don't mediating greedy and I just want to. Just give me why -- focus yeah I -- say don't what's -- why can't we. -- -- -- Now I live right here in history now now I don't think -- I am gonna nominate myself -- not having on the -- -- -- -- the happy birthday is someone on Twitter at comments what -- -- -- -- assaulted Paramount. Salt -- it can melt aluminum and allow what lobster with lobster that -- -- Interest it. He as they work the way I'm not looking to say happy birthday to one -- glamorous about a minute left and probably go ahead take you guys have no pressure means just that -- a -- -- I'm still looking for a -- -- -- drinking -- -- gaffe -- I don't look for -- -- and you got his. Let me -- I do but that Japanese do well this site. Time for a little pop back to everybody comes you know I don't know. Now we know we love ourselves of that Saturday whether we told you about Kelly Clarkson stopped coming and not well it turns out -- big day. It's gonna have an extra dose of star power -- it's. Country crooner a multi talented. Voice coach. -- -- -- Is not only going to officiate the ceremony. To his manager by the way Brandon Blackstock I guess that's how this all came about. He's gonna perform at the wedding do he's gonna need the wedding day that's great I can only hope it's like the wedding band and and all of Todd Phillips movies -- late night. The hangover of the old school yeah which is it just rented its prominent greatest president of all time. God -- that is not the first celebrity to put. On their minister -- however to officiate the blessed union of. Sick and you will get. We're not really -- morning. In Idaho. And Oregon and -- -- answer -- God got Conan O'Brien and Nortel -- It could have all officiating weddings yeah it's not -- hard to -- The certification you did -- It's likely the universal life minister want to say. If you have fifteen minutes -- a computer. Then you can become -- welcome people -- I don't know tenure at Michigan senior. Congratulations to that I found the name you -- -- say it to you or did you find it -- didn't Denise. Me I'm there I'm just just a guy who's one of the great. Jessica thank you -- -- heard how he's learned that. -- -- -- -- -- Happy birthday. To you know how. -- and we're not saying happy birthday dear traffic cop you're just happy anti bird bird day. We'll have something close UTU. Sale and anymore and not on channel four all right -- Okay the -- It's. -- Okay -- black and I. Is amazing Jack. I'm simply reveal who they were doing more or -- -- -- weeks to get what I don't get to do before a game before a game so I actually -- and -- We got us yet do you -- do you -- nobody got do you guys know you're doing. What what you ask you up knowing -- Now you guys have again that is. And -- Close as anybody I have no idea how many everybody knows that. This doesn't -- let me -- -- adrenaline and the guys around if it was -- was meetings she would win the. They were doing well known internationally famous film and television star Samuel. And -- I'm -- -- -- -- so here's your first this is the first are we judging Denise in the control room. -- you judge it yeah. Everybody's wanted to and that's just OK let's show them with ethics and nearly -- -- -- the Tobacco Road entrance here. Here we go -- what are you going for him. Yeah. I don't think they knew what -- six yeah. Cutting his losses mount that's dominant as it stands for a little shop file in this -- -- yeah editorial -- -- Yeah. -- Yeah he's using his must -- -- an -- -- You're -- viewer Roland with a bump -- yeah yeah yeah. And finally. -- -- -- California. And -- -- Jake's advantage to get a rose -- But -- just a little bit -- Very very close friend and Manila out and we say that the winner is the winner is yeah every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't believe it's always so you are you between congress. -- yeah. Okay everybody. -- -- I want to that was terrific. Great thanks ladies and that was -- a -- -- way of I don't really go. Let's get some trick shots just trick shots -- we didn't do this I believe yesterday. A little play -- -- extra friends. In Georgia doing some stuff here let's take a look all of us for the first time. The pilot one of the stuff real and I wonder how many times it takes these guys to do it and the giant of not caring because just -- -- pretty good. I've that was the hundreds -- right there that's pretty terrific that also -- I mean how do you think that I don't now. That looks real -- -- doesn't careful thought careful and this is that's good news at any given mothers across an -- miles across are now getting dizzy OK so. And she's getting -- yeah. Right others can dive. Oh wow that was details -- thanking electric shocks are providing shelter and it makes you come and it's workshop Friday you can log boat -- there's a there's. All right Jeff -- -- I was appalled I love this one. The human slingshot. -- really don't seriously. OK don't try this I don't condone them. Please don't you that's actually this is not get -- that's almost nodding and that's not a good. That's -- again now when makes everything on handling herself. OK look how great week. However we can't agree -- how you want Iraq. Today is off today. -- -- he's coming back but. And it gets coaches are users get a rebate doesn't -- you know I think I think you'll be OK good McCain -- on the street being. You're all winners and -- Emmanuel. The idea. Value out Scott. Hey everybody we will see you Monday 9 AM eastern daylight that I'm wrong and I'm not want to lot of.

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