GMA LIVE! (04.23.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara chat about a new TV anchor's bad first day and check out new styles of Duck Tape.
13:28 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.23.13)
Everybody there that that you guys -- up -- at work and that's we had a good. We had a good -- -- yup -- they're real -- bonding young Pasternak -- -- no -- sometimes that goes for. I don't -- -- and sometimes we look a little tired today. And we -- we may look a little tired but one person who was there actually got to sleep -- so if she logs on today. That -- robot DL yeah one lucky young lady who usually don't and wake up at like noon or two in the afternoon -- blues and we had to get -- -- definitely. And we find -- we did guess is we love going back and it was a great Asia was he really was this morning I don't know a lot of information into the -- turnabout from Senegal. There was what is going to be reality show on I mean on -- -- -- so I didn't -- that they're hoping to have the but on the likes what he's when he failed when he went to migrate here given that some of their submissions I didn't decide without with -- -- -- -- oxygen. Yeah there's that and the example you know these are are they casting for has now they are don't ask -- I martyrs day. -- appropriate given that uncertainty one. We have -- of Giuliani on today and we did threaten the program the favorite -- of the great great guy anybody just -- a -- salad so we're just gonna leave. Knocking back -- cucumbers good lord knows. Lord knows we need it -- -- the people I mean other -- an entire bottle of wine what's inbox and I want to follow in China all the products. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah. I -- zero. -- -- Almost as lovely. Intermediate stage and is greater and talk talk talk about the police that morning -- So what -- -- not -- -- comedian -- because I'm plugged into the matrix. An upset you want the -- we have this clip from I think it was North Dakota this guy in my arms -- let's re not. And he does this two year old with a do we happen. We can we not -- And we'll be coming. Flag we're trying to find out what they did all it can't actually keep people around to run tape to -- -- let me tell you really what you couldn't get a better time. You're watching the Easter Sunday on NBC North Dakota news your news leader in high definition. Good evening I'm then he had an argument -- AJ -- into the seeing North Dakota news and -- be enjoying the weekend news and I'm telling -- tell -- now that I sunny -- The things and I'm very excited I graduated from west whose -- CNN news this you know from being from the in East Coast. -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't ATV crash happened yes -- and actually actually -- as. For a guy and he went and -- you know that I -- Virginia and I Lott's home state but we are really good experience -- -- and self. But we -- guidelines should that -- be fired this is what you for saying one got -- guests from the university Syracuse. The station ever read cover reacted but he should be -- -- fall. It was not -- -- I had no idea why -- the -- some slack. Time is up control of Hamas fired as fine Ronald. Latches that connect. What have you guys ever said something on -- you might -- time. It's never. -- -- so here's the weather and -- and around champion. That column. You know I think I have fight I -- love your reactions and did the guy job we'll look let's. Lets it looking. -- -- you never you never go wrong with trying to help someone out with a little bit of kindness the guy made one day. I mean if he becomes a career -- -- on television. Clearly got to get rid of him. But that if the guy -- his first -- on TV he's clearly nervous you can see it and is amazed me how I had no idea what Yahoo! -- he was on death. But I -- AJ that's a clue and it's a good man Leonard and I didn't know that when you wrong when they roll the credits and -- -- the -- you're actually on TV but. I had -- hit and I kind of myself in the position of that news director. It was getting call after call after call from angry old people's right right there thank you gotta find this guy got -- look at him. You run the network -- I would put a model like unpaid suspension and a public apology but I bring him back and double a plus advice -- this eyewitness for me it's intense. -- he -- You can it's obvious he didn't intend to have that happen again Z visas communion on this happens. An online TV -- then -- Patrick Patrick that are a -- guy made a great point why can poppy and Boston. -- -- the F word and actually says that's fine but this guy doesn't accidentally and -- again. I can understand it. Obviously an issue obviously don't do -- -- people don't like to hear but the but it's not into the Republic's going to be fine you know I think. Victoria that we hear what he is that society can move forward. I don't Beijing how many -- but there was a there was a sports. Yeah it works right way where's it happened until you're ready right this ability go to class -- back. Well yeah we do it informal poll -- up that you think he should not. Get his job back -- can't if you think he should not. If you think you can -- he should get as. Job back after Derek. I'd like -- -- Well. -- -- -- -- And it's everybody -- everybody got up and Paul we've got a little. We didn't somewhere -- the poll the poll. We'll look at that -- there at -- -- -- very I would understand what's the bull (%expletive) they fired. Now. Yeah next like so what -- -- not out there in the big world. -- that tiger in the bathroom. It's now rank it would it didn't blow a team that didn't it didn't blow up the world and let -- -- your parents teach -- I wasn't doing -- it's over now that they did did you see yesterday -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This morning for a month ago we should we should take a look at that he should look at that because I'm about is willing to bet I heard all day people were just like no that was you know asked action your man who has. It was still. Like say in all you do viewed as well -- at home loans and I did. -- got hired -- and not know. But I was fine up until at the end of the reasons like British ship might argue that Ireland's. At that moment. Is all exhale for like LA minute. They -- in the end about you know I'll just shift my. With the -- But -- yeah. -- I realized I think god look -- -- a lot of good I don't we heard bought my own mind but you know I think my numerous harmless and you can -- Without so bluntly -- -- credibility my. I'm I am very odd way to punish my pants yet she contends feeling you can you can dance to -- Shall I think that I Jessica my pants he's very convenient yeah. -- -- I'll fix your -- is that negative real time I can't you just got to know. What my -- it's me dandelion. Tweet me why did they spring get away with repeatedly -- GMA fan base. And referring to old people and a negative way that's diabetics can say this I want to send back to you -- the senate and give your opinion already. This I'm not paying an independent this really interest -- You could argue that's far more offensive to the -- to -- -- us then somebody not die accidentally dropping bombs and so there you go I -- it will quiet Soledad I apologize I didn't mean to it than anybody. That news viewership has tends to be older -- that well you're you're gonna you're suspended where those. Senior all we can't G magazine and -- have a little edging back Reggie Reggie escort him off the premises lives. -- -- -- -- That's good luck in your future endeavors. -- -- suspension on him alive you Jesse just -- dispute. I gotta get this -- you don't want this. This is -- and Kevin and Stephen are watching the guess a GMA -- you must be terrified that we're gonna tell you. One clue what is -- we go over -- check out some duct tape yeah. OK we're -- -- from -- OK so bomber to so there and this is not. Duct tape. This is duck tape as opposed to -- all -- -- brand duct this camera granddaughter did so what are we we have. These kinds of more dresses made entirely doesn't and I can't cleaners out an entire store in Times Square dedicated to tend to tell -- outsource what -- What what can you tell us about different on the -- is that fortieth and Broadway tool it's open and all the way until Sunday -- -- but also remember to come by we're selling over a 150 prints. And colors -- friend update now you also. Are you doing this these things and -- -- The ball beautifully -- flawlessly crafted by at least that's all -- tell you at all all docked him 100% one offensive and I don't that'll hold up for years and -- good friends what do you do you deserve more cup if that's really -- And as you could see it addresses those are part of Project Runway -- there -- -- materialized talent that's right that's the winner. -- Michelle Franklin commander Valentine's. He's super popular I just ask one question that amount that we find the burning need to have let her friend of 660 yeah wouldn't have something right -- who doesn't mean left. Why must -- felt the -- that destroy your your bed at night the school setting out right. And it's part of fashion than we're bring it to the runway are so this is one of those examples and as you can see we go all the -- -- yankees started. -- -- -- We've got all and I -- follow all -- NFL teams so how do you needed -- these great you're doing a brisk this system perhaps a little sense of drug dealer with had six. Coming they're trying to save people are coming in every day they're really loving it. This -- for home. For some reason it's been just fine hospitality and other Kelly -- What do you guys I know you're talking about using duct tape more bird like without a box thinking that we've always been in terms of home here this time. What what do you recommend -- use -- for those little expense in life you know there's lamp shades anything you've got rains. People marches to its and -- -- it's unbelievable how -- to marry him with a -- that. I wonder what kind you know everything that it's gonna last forever. You honestly you guys that while you're gonna. Popular for the most -- they've been less that environment -- an office. That's great love kids feel they must love this the kids love it means. Young teenagers. It's unbelievable how much of their imagination can take this. A little bit duct tape and a little bit imagination goes along -- passing. A pre teen's bedroom or anything -- that you could just go crazy or they hardly breathe entertainment science projects now all over the place that the luck endless possibilities are all good -- -- Canada's Stephen -- adopted -- and I -- -- -- Broadway then -- -- god created a big hit that dot. I'm glad that we will not value of the horses that yeah. How we do you want to show you -- little play of the day. We had -- yesterday but let's see it again we have. This is all the -- she's two and boy those kids they say the darnedest things and they're not steal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well yeah. Yeah yeah -- -- I think it's okay pop pop pop pop. Say hello. I am I yourself and drive. At a -- honestly and -- that's that's led because you know Serena is just give me the issue thankfully operational now I know yours -- -- to -- -- In that little window of life winning me they are just giving -- -- language in there just think it's all spilling out of them. And that person now I'm mr. crime and didn't realize that offense what I -- -- And hey everybody worry about yourselves have a great dad often so much. Available time -- at 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow. -- --

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