GMA LIVE! (04.26.13)

Josh, Lara and Sam chat about Lara's 'Wheel of Fortune' tour and get an exclusive deal from Tory.
11:49 | 04/26/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.26.13)
Yeah. Okay. -- are welcome. GM alive he gets no more alive by the women. I love happy holidays happy Friday so much to get -- -- -- and we'll work. On the engine that essential idea as the board sad and I think it's up for a really great indicator of how shallow valley that is -- hot masses. But it was fun -- -- and I this is behind the scenes. So if you notice -- Lara poking at Sam O'Reilly now does -- tell the story tell the story people sell about a month and a half ago my boss comes across -- our -- our beloved -- an executive from. Producer of this fine program seven Arafat's are. -- sweet we'd like to go behind the scenes when. Wheel of fortune -- York. I'm Sam Champion baton you know -- when -- together and inventory so funny gathering going to be a really special great thing so I -- up Madison square garden and Sam doesn't. Not exactly yeah exactly how I got my number I admit I gotta take America I have been signaling that I couldn't I couldn't -- that -- everything that I didn't. Thank you live. And I did say out loud I can't be there -- I. I know that thing you know why they kept changing the time up day -- was in the afternoon I was no. I don't know what they were incredibly. They couldn't have been more and -- involved but they don't like it merely was an hour and a half out of my -- -- side -- -- mother to all lives in Connecticut. -- I came downloads. UI. Oil glad I. -- -- time and you've had a great time that we literally. Wet air ready when -- -- yeah I don't wanna push anybody out -- -- how regular ready. You're looking ahead in thirty years now I mean you -- I'm sorry I turning you. You are awesome by the way I don't live in the EU agreed on tape distinguish his -- it was a -- trapped -- I didn't know where the -- is Lara. Continue to fight -- just because -- how this is how this is gonna work out. Josh it's gonna get. Jeopardy yes and then yeah we are gonna get we'll look for kinda ABC shows we can keep our day job I'm telling -- stay here and that I want Tony -- -- here. I -- I can even begin to think of that and there are already we don't want to push anyone out the door of his commitment on the but I do right now and how -- -- -- Now. You know I don't know what we don't get bored here either -- for short and usually it's I said if you work 35 days a year -- Art -- hello Ali nothing more I would be no word I would be bored to death of yeah. -- boarding and you get skiing and you know -- What about Steve rescue I would do rescue I have gotten -- to vaccinate whatever to you I'm very stormy weather and are your shows that you don't and here's the. Update -- that style although I've got my body can with what type but -- that I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At a you can log on its at -- W ink. Dot or it is it is -- nonprofit. In Bridgeport Connecticut if you amazing things for families in need. And my dear friend. Former colleague actually Robin and I -- ESPN probably one of the grades. He's on the board and -- having an increase in Fairfield Connecticut tickets are still available on a combined join us how to come -- -- It'd be great analyst Josh come off so this weekend if you -- in the New York City. Area housing works which is charity down very involved let -- which provides housing for. Folks who don't have anything on they have this incredible event it's called design and -- -- -- into interior -- I think this is down at the net pavilion a final 145 west eighteenth street. Everything is 506070%. Off at its all designer stop for your home and it. It's just you name it there really good isn't really just got here there -- allowed I'm I'm I'm -- -- opened -- -- -- -- -- -- over the chairs the event. But I'm every single dollar goes to finding housing for the home I have is that this really want to -- I'm. Such that you were I don't -- whirling dervish I've never seen somebody play the north thousand people there last night and I think -- had. A picture intimate conversations with every single one of them it was the -- it was an amazing thing. My diet sound I sound like hello hello you I don't know what I cannot -- our. -- -- -- it's a wonderful wonderful cause now let's look at one wonderful what Tiger Woods is on tonight better. I have yeah okay. Just had to say I am yeah. You can stay on the television until they rescue -- -- Good morning. Non maybe I wanna come you know what's -- with you and had any time that would be lots of fun once upon I would get -- your own. -- rescue wet snow I want I want why do you have -- -- -- -- the rescue there -- due to refusing more than. It's. Not on Good Morning America don't come on Leon you've got because these giant fuel efficient in the eighties abolish -- -- -- nobody cash needs. Murray tell angle I'm Mary Margaret -- -- in her jewelry and its friendly I am black line that you have. Bracelets earrings necklace is the home antiseptic she is Vermont based on his sort of what you think she's Lional Dalton I am -- -- And if he -- start at sixty dollars but -- exclusively for our viewers he. Flashed back to leave the 70% -- 24. So -- relevant -- -- this just so happens to have L exciting and I had. So Andre -- -- -- insurance is very lucky guy and I'm pretty Louise I know I have read it hired a firm marvell right here right out -- how are -- and dean thank you imagine how things and I tell you yeah I'm ray bags from that envelope that may literally 8088 dollars depending -- is that some -- the Levys Susan Monday -- That yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hello to you need anything I'm here and I didn't see it you you -- you carry this in Miami -- -- -- carry -- little bit on the disease constant Hermione. Now we all -- -- I -- the kind of had an iPad and also from red envelope that's perfect. No I -- we dirt and I had. What sort of -- -- and this is not -- -- compact for red -- look I got a little Allentown. Yeah I don't know. -- -- getting the kind of limited all -- yeah yeah these are normally thirty to forty dollars depending on which each used -- past fifteen years. Yeah yeah. It proves to mom that you're thinking of heard something she doesn't have been. Harry he keeps good write your -- -- Can we set it on the big show today yeah thank you join us on GMA next week we are deals and steals -- -- All all week Wallace and I am told are we doing next sirens in the -- -- -- -- -- here today use like that. The biggest in the live television history. And I really don't -- -- lives and homes. This is last. Instead I got an incredible actress like 75% off this woman does not play you need to make sure that you go to good morning America Online. Yeah Jeanne good morning wearing red dot com I'm yeah I'm sorry about -- sound like I'm already on the beach it's Friday com. And thank you don't everybody get any anti Giuliani finally we -- used to always next week get let Torre an -- I can't imagine you. -- -- an -- I could not -- to express I had. I haven't heard anybody. Editor we want and we are gonna learn how to turn trash into treasure with style and fashion -- -- -- my hand -- we've got AD cell okay. MacKenzie Childs you guys know them -- -- home furnishing beautiful this is enamel ware -- This would be really cool gifts from mommy's taxi -- -- and their made up an out of what's called navel where. Which exceeds all of the strictest environmental. Codes and standards in the US say they're all under a hundred bucks and their really their marks or six and yeah bathroom on your vanity exactly -- -- at home the next spring which is used you. Looked very excited about my iron out these and other elements and I'm actually Rachael Ray gave me and get the -- and now -- hot and this I love because you can -- -- a great gift table it's all raptors aluminum. Thompson literally and -- little little lines to bring a one time I know they argued that yeah. I got tired of everybody know I want -- I don't -- -- an Iranian and he all right yeah. Let's settle this right now I don't -- on because these are affordable and they're great they're great for her birthday and you know it's Mother's Day and this is another great idea from all over and it's not units aren't out yet. And beautiful -- sequel gets a paying for the whole family in the bathroom. So Avalon organics. This is a great shampoo and conditioner no -- states no nasty chemicals. And also Jason lavender comes and when thirty pounds. Bottles which is really cool because you now have and the kids. Everyone at the bottled anger it's less -- exactly exactly so you have the packages are all all environmentally sound nice but also. Meet with lab where I'll yummy ingredients. So that you can be even beat everybody up and he could say I'm an attack on the information on these products and Traci for everybody this applies to all this is the -- -- -- I. -- -- How Italy I had to look up the RNC should -- I was like -- I got it I don't know I've been this user experience here -- this package as you -- -- more got lots product the wrinkles -- spots the whole thing a signal -- and everything. You don't need it but nobody you know we like it. And days that packages a 100% recyclable along with the fact that they're donating 1% and it's made it's great -- -- and -- -- -- -- Not real dark spots I will recycle yes I -- city that this isn't win. This just becomes mysteriously. This is when the world they're just trouble doing what you need an amazing -- Isn't again friendly as a mom I would like that commodities mesa Allen and into the fashion all the you -- -- -- I love the service postal collection. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parents or animals well thank you so much that -- in the frontier and I thank you so much thank -- died as a great idea as I turn. -- -- things we cannot do not care of all you gotta do is have a right here and apparently you taking care because -- made -- -- this night. -- -- -- -- hardly know and I don't know why I -- say that's agreed to let's just junk food and assistance. But it has just I don't know where that line. That's totally -- entitlement. And again I'd and we -- what it is that is. These forgets her mom had -- Terror. Guy everybody Iowa and I would have a play -- -- but this is the -- that he it is Friday log off. Go outside it's beautiful out there -- -- Monday. --

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{"id":19049796,"title":"GMA LIVE! (04.26.13)","duration":"11:49","description":"Josh, Lara and Sam chat about Lara's 'Wheel of Fortune' tour and get an exclusive deal from Tory.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-042613-19049796","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}