GMA LIVE! (04.30.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara talk to the "Hardcore Pawn" Stars.
17:08 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.30.13)
Yeah. OK. Hey -- -- -- MA live where we are stuffing your face it. I was trying to get rid of my having strawberry. But you know alive. I was not a big guy grown up no offense I love you you're still the boss we're talking body the last I am I will said. Spot. I would good Marie calendars in Los Angeles and my mama -- -- open faced hot they have these fresh strawberry pies and this and -- delicious buddy. You made me made me think Alan let me tell anybody can say what -- -- everybody by the way. Okay. Show but also big big big news -- -- just a minute and and tell us what where he urine -- right now you're just. Now your hood down -- on the corner of 42 and made apparent hard Times Square. We got a new Kate -- cafe -- have in the grand opening this week. And arm was so excited to be here because we have all the great cakes and pastries and mean it definitely -- all overhaul and we baker on -- -- -- -- -- a -- where -- lobster -- I -- I don't have -- what is so this -- like layers of flaky pastry filled wit. Faulk cream -- infused with a little bit about -- and air and -- units so he's right to see what she'd gotten you that the -- You read that. -- possible. Absolutely. Are finally did what to do what do you. That's terrible can't be that -- should not do that. Yeah. In Atlanta -- rock on the claim that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They can make nice to see that broke into my little hope of seeing -- in the long what I. Look at your faith you'll notice that don't look like you're six -- all right does not. I don't. I'm not sorry yeah. And we'll I don't know the great thing anybody about habeas so close to us in the neighborhood is that we get breakfast every morning I'm guys -- get it -- -- you know -- -- from cage you know I'd get on the premises were so excited not excited too because may 27. Kate plus comes back on the air. Com we got a whole new season so we greet cakes and -- you see my expansion of bakeries and different things I got called on the retail welcome gradually generations of that. They I don't have. I got where we -- check out. They knew the -- -- it's fantastic it was a -- showed everybody. Kenny Chesney was on the South -- and more these deals and steals culminating on Friday I don't know what they're selling on Friday they won't tell us. But it must be dreaming that you you know the -- and I would I wonder where morning television we would be if we didn't have the suffix best play that great tend to be. And -- ever. Well that's we're gonna -- we're getting it and that's ever on that. Today we had choreography like that's the first time I've ever seen Korea are here -- in the details still -- are no well I mean I've seen -- that we. We had show folks before but this was way different realities are now he's at an -- wow. You ought to outside the -- inside behind the scenes -- -- -- -- -- -- she did. Dad I cats and I wish we could. We Iraq it -- -- how to ready but you know she joined us. Six months ago she had another movie out and she joined esteemed colleague Elizabeth Vargas outside. And he along with Kirsten Dunst being discussed. We have a lot of you -- you. Instead it we set it on the big show -- all I don't just only her mom and this is saying I don't know what is said hey I'll turn and you know they they they they asked her to tell the story. -- -- -- -- -- Accomplished actress. -- -- took her mother plus to a strip club her mother -- gotten. And she said that an unnamed represented here -- the program said hey we read that story. Tell that story liberals who likes is gonna ask you to tell that story. And she says Stuart you're sure you want to tell that story because they've seen it on Conan what you wish -- -- that -- before him. And Lisa -- I was really funny that you're sure you want -- to tell that story yeah turns out the -- represented had not watch the story to Marianne. They just on the beginning -- it knew it was funny. Let's fair to say that the and ends with something that we shouldn't discuss -- -- family Internet you know you don't. Like copying you could have the alternative. Don't need. An app you -- -- you get empty 318 year old praying and an -- -- Spiderman and. When we -- just to say hey wouldn't that there was a story told that -- Very -- her husband. Texted her moments after -- yeah -- -- well obviously tell us that way says yes funny says she tells the story and Elizabeth Vargas. -- -- She knows many things about many subjects just -- I had no idea about the alternative to copy and what it might in fact be packaged in and so gave the all time great. Well what is what is that guy -- he -- -- at all like a labor like. And it. -- dogs to sitting in between the two is the stories being told looks like she is just. -- like a hostage to an innocent person I'm clapping and then reaches over and taps Elizabeth I'm and -- -- We'll we'll discuss -- after the show them. So it was it made for a wonderful moment I had asked about -- analysts and that was exactly went up like she think she know how the story ends. And she's like it it is the only -- after the show. That the person and asked me to tell the story had no idea the story actually. -- -- go dives in like minutes after the interview without consent. -- -- -- That's quick it's always come up a little -- hours it is a little time. About cops say yeah that's behind you see -- like -- -- that behave badly as you know we have a man who we love -- and is Gregory is here now. Our senior editor social media ABC news for a look at what you're talking about all you had earlier allowed back on reinstating -- -- -- -- -- pottery and offered to rehire me because the two girls that you interviewed on -- they didn't pan out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jason Collins -- -- Interview that -- half bad -- this morning -- the NBA star cannot again let's take a look at that's. Mentions that is Jason -- the last 24 hours 450001. House. That's probably gone up in the last -- since -- updated -- But take a look at this yesterday at 12 PM when -- ESP NRC meets Sports Illustrated generously to the story 82000 -- that our. Which is just a phenomenal spike around somebody that. Most of the public hadn't really heard -- -- unless you were basketball fan. Come. And then these tweets -- from people like Bill Clinton just got over 7000. -- -- I'm proud -- Jason Collins a friend's daughter of course attended Stanford with Jason Collins -- -- -- know -- I didn't know that and then the First Lady. Also over 7003 -- so accredited this process is a huge step forward for our country. We've got your back. Load them. Yeah while. You know interestingly two. The it disobedience -- drugstores that. -- he runs against type stereotype to be sure but he is -- he's a loser he's -- enforcement. He's tough guy that you're today on the court that his role as they roll he's like -- get a lot of foul goes out and says you know what I've got to give this game six hardball coming and I'm like I'm not -- lot lot -- how many I got -- -- predict the question a lot of people about manulife. -- I don't Landry -- -- to -- let -- lead but but here's here's the question a lot of people are asking on FaceBook how is this news why is this news well that's yeah. I -- -- one of the Middle -- -- some Ebert saying it shouldn't be news because it should be straight people don't I come out. You know it doesn't matter gay marriage and other people are saying they're not there yet yeah they're out there are other more important and here's I. -- answer on not Twitter yesterday because I know people who won and now and they want an -- why. Why do you have to do this you kind of have to do this because. Early on when your growing up your kind of told that there are things that are acceptable in society and things that will allow you to advance society. And -- told by everything around you not specifically no one gets in your face -- tells -- -- are told by everything around you that if things are different about you it's not okay. And you need to hide the things they're different no matter what it is in order to succeed in society and to be successful. So you squash that part of -- you hide here very successful at it because your kid. And -- -- it's a little like survival. When you finally no matter what that is get a chance to accept that part of you've you've been hiding from everyone. That you need to know is OK and you can talk about it it is the most freeing an incredible thing in the world now if you're already one of those people who is just kind of like you know. In in in the in the mix you know you hit all the checks for everything's okay with -- society doesn't say anything's wrong with you. Then you don't understand how difficult this is because if you've got a box that society doesn't appreciate. And and you can't really deal with it because -- afraid. This is a huge this is amazing dad Tim to getting to -- where it's not notice any -- write a TrailBlazer and making it not and yeah -- you know a lot of people and asking that's. Is he at Jackie Robinson is here Roberto Clemente he's look listen this is a watershed my got a tweet today please don't compare him to Jackie Robinson and with all due respect. I will be comparing him to Jackie Robinson this is. It's a hyper masculine world it is hard to appreciate. Just how. You know so often sports a reflection of society but. You know in society you look at the poll if you look at virtually every other aspect of modern American society and this is becoming more and more. Now on the news but there is this still been a world an incredibly important segment. Of American culture specifically. That where we we worship our sports stars and we -- -- it's a secular religion sports are. And so to have and I also do want to point out a lot of people -- is that he is not the first openly gay professional -- There have been many. Men and women come out either -- -- fringe sport. Or in women's sports many big name Sheryl -- to equal Holdsclaw. And so he is though the first. Mail to come out in a major American team sport where his co workers will have to accept him. Not just on the court but also in the locker rooms and this is a watershed moment period he is he -- Laser very down yeah there you know. Creating -- weeks I'll let you -- All right thank you Andrew thank you and -- -- wells that I'll be joining us old friends -- come from summer. The -- gone and so we shall be rolled out -- got table forum for joining us now less and Seth gold's sister. Actually broad and as we see them the hardcore potter is there they are well yeah. Listen I just want to say congratulations. Whenever you hit as a television program one. Hundred episodes -- doing something right congratulations. To you guys I was at. -- can't bring that I never owners. -- remain. We're so excited to -- my children at all at college this isn't unusual that it. We actually -- -- Guerrillas it won't unlocked yeah. That's awesome -- god I hope you'll come in do show for us soon where we can have real folks bringing in their items. Like you did this summer jobs -- much time on those moments were great wanted to -- with a good morning. The I can't -- I love I think that must be a great part. Of your day is is that treasure -- moment and that revelation that you're able to give people that what they -- is actually quite valuable. Good experience -- yeah yeah people you know people. The ex president tonight school where inexpensive merchandise and it don't really happy to do -- all due out. I want to ask you about the billboard and visibility outside is the shop. You hit 20% off in the shop and who -- actually quit. So our country. Are you. It is very. I don't get this six there's a sense of not -- I know what it's like to be picked on and we appreciate. Yeah okay. Okay -- Again -- 100 episodes strong can't wait to have you back. I know in June last you've got a great book coming out -- look at Florida that to you come here you talk about it as well. We love having -- on friends of the program congratulations congratulations on the next hundred. -- -- This -- three seeing them on on that remember when we were all in a meeting. At GMA upstairs and we are EP at the time was was about British Fella who's now moved into ABC. And he was talking got to show he was talking about we were gonna do something on on with the show so -- -- you know we're going to go do something with hog call Paul. And -- all like. -- -- well everywhere like you're gonna do this morning message George student visa inaugural ball hawk golf ball. So we're like law -- can't you can't believe you know he meant to say pawn them. His British subject it's just always remind me -- -- -- Wednesday there -- -- I never noticed yeah. On that note we just got a tweet from -- to wife who said Sam and jobs are eloquent speakers and genuinely sincere. -- Okay. Josh is genuinely sincere I'm about -- -- -- what. Good listener and. Terrified that I got a -- -- How great listener I don't you -- what -- I want again I just I don't. I don't know if something we -- we have an expert here Sam would you heard the news yesterday. Obviously -- -- -- Jason Collins but what did what did you think. I was actually doing my biking and I looked up and -- on ESPN. And I immediately to need to show support because I know how difficult this is not know how difficult visit I'd like. Can't I guess I can't know that I can begin to understand how difficult it is in the world of sports because it was very difficult on television -- two years ago. I immediately just -- -- through what I was seeing out there just to kind of say. I'm you know I'm with you this is this is you know get the conversation going get the -- -- you he actually and you want to point out for sports people who. -- you'll appreciate this he -- tweeted Jim Rome. The fact that Sam Champion -- tweeted Jim Rome that's Twitter. Is Twitter SP. -- -- -- I was taught me completely missed that -- I -- yeah on general shows and music on the -- yes he does not now. -- -- -- -- And a half and wondering -- -- caught up I would know nothing that we know enough that would be so great you know a lot about dancing and your compassion is the big news story in this -- something that. I feel like you have a lot to -- You know I guess congratulations to this again young man who did until the very difficult step to let everyone know that he is happy with who he -- Even if he is different from what people would set at 34 years he said he couldn't sleep -- -- tonight. And -- now sweeping look at me ask that as a mascot asking our differences people. Look thanks to the -- boss -- last if you come down and visit us here in Times -- you walk like a block and a half over we have maps for you dropped by he'd take list cake boss and it trying to lobster -- it's unbelievable especially Josh -- I want for somebody. You can tell glass that's that's -- -- -- a euphemism literally -- -- there's greater bat but those subsidies sensitivity training and. Please send him I was the economy -- eastern daylight to enjoy the lovely. The studio -- trying to --

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