GMA LIVE! (05.07.13)

Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer follow up on news of three missing Cleveland women found alive.
10:29 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.07.13)
Yeah. Point all day and of course there we go we're behind the scenes -- I choose my camera -- -- -- make their way down of course we just from Lady Antebellum. On the big show Sam. They don't. You know wonderful thing as Bjorn -- dreaming series on Jimmy continues today where. Helping out ordinary people. Do extraordinary things and but he was out breezy point queens of course hard hit by -- -- sandy and he's up -- out -- hero firefighters however redundant. Because they truly are heroes who needed the help terrific stuff that come -- in the and of course the big story this morning and it's really it's it's just it's an interesting thing win the news of the moment the news. The -- she and arrives to us. You know late afternoon. And here was at a Cleveland three women. Abducted. A decade of go man to buried -- dejesus Michelle might. Found yesterday at all alive. Again in a moment Amanda Berry. Her captor having departed -- house on Seymour avenue in Cleveland Ohio she. Made a desperate call for help him and then the average ordinary Joseph. Heard the -- responded did something that so many people might not have done you never know -- he said. You never know might have been a domestic situation I didn't know what -- is rolling up to but she just sounded like she needed help. And -- last season for all of us don't look the other way so many times you hear somebody needing help and it's just easier. Not get involved -- so you think he could easily turn -- -- the other way might add something to do but he stopped. He helped he truly is a hero today. And I love how candid he has. On his soundbites were just incredible we've heard them played all morning long that thing that is shocking to me is that other areas -- -- Charles Ramsey. So my neighbor he come across the street and I'm looking at him go grocery -- -- Yeah. Obviously -- -- -- quite a tale yes. To tell than he has in his married animated in his telling -- that -- -- leave how close they -- and that's where they were abducted ten years in all three it's just a. -- miles away. From where all three were taken again in the early odds. He -- across the street area Castro is now suspect under arrest and we see now the picture of where the three were taken and then look how close. Look how close they were found 2207 Seymour avenue there in Cleveland that's actually where we find ABC's Alex Perez who's gonna join us. Right now again what Alex. You've been following this story and is as it has unfolded overnight and there is some news this morning the three women -- were all again taken to local hospitals. Overnight. Serve more good news to share with you guys authorities tell us that all three women -- been released from the hospital they were taken there of course. It did see doctors after they were discovered here. Inside this home possibly for the last ten years -- it's. It's -- -- a really weird feeling to describe here on this block because -- ours it's somewhat bittersweet people are very excited people are smiling when they came out of that most people started cheering. But also people. There are a little worried concerned scared that something like this could be happening. And right there right on their block right in their neighborhood and no one had a clue now we've had -- chance to talk to several neighbors here. This morning and every -- basically tells us -- same thing that's out. This suspect that raising costs city what was a good neighbor he was someone that would come out with say -- heat oftentimes played with the children on the block they say he had like a four Wheeler motorcycle. That he would bring out and give the kids ride on that -- Four Wheeler up and down the block so this is somebody that they trusted somebody that they thought they knew themselves. You can imagine that sense of disbelief but yet. Happiness here on this -- people are extremely happy. That these three young ladies were found alive and well obviously they're disappearance was a big deal here in this area so most people here are familiar went down. And there right now wanting more answers but really counting their blessings and I was able to talk to. Not only mr. Ramsey who I was one of people who helped get them on the -- but some of the other neighbors who live here also there were two other women. -- next door and heard this and actually came over and help mr. Ramsey. Pushed down that door and get them out and it. He was this one neighbors cordless phone that she brought with her outside of her home it was that phone that they -- to call 911. And that's when -- the very -- I'm Amanda -- come rescue me I need you now I need the police. So these are moments here that -- people are going to be reliving over and over and over for a very long time as this investigation moves forward and we try to figure out. What exactly is going to happen. Out president will be on top -- we do you thank you for that. The scenes he describes as very especially of the suspect -- Castro. Playing with the kids on the block never has normalcy seemed so chilling exactly and and again as you mentioned. You never know you never know old -- I guess we don't know who our neighbors are and you never know when you might be called to do something extraordinary. As we want to thank. People like Charles Ramsey and those others who help them speaking -- Charles Ramsey we do you want to hear again in his words. The scene he stumbled upon yesterday. -- -- -- -- McDonald's. Come outside. It is curable and nuts. Trying to get our house but won't report. They seized as we get out but I'm not been here a long time so we kick hit the bottom -- she comes out with little girl and she says. Called I want want my name's Amanda Beard the girl Amanda. Told the police. Just don't want to its normal girls opened themselves they look like they have been helpful to have been bitten walls and throw you no indication -- there anyway. Wrote not a clue the dead girl -- in that -- anybody out there against a whale because. He is if he has come to his back -- -- with adult ticket what is cars and motorcycles and another exciting about him a little. Until the day. It was it was a reaction on the girl's faces I can imagine to see the sunlight to -- Newsome was home when a little pretty white girl ran into a black -- -- -- is wrong here. Quite a commentary. But again it is a remarkable thing we do want to mention part of that. 911 column and very made. She did identify herself as a woman I've been on the news for ten years and again these are snippets but you figure even if she was tied up -- home. She's been watching -- -- watching this for ten years been watching the search. Take shape and then dies. Only questions. All that everyone your husband now our audiences all sitting there wondering -- how were these girls treated. And I and all of that will come on do so thrilled to hear that there out of the hospital when they're seemingly okay and Alex. Perez did mention used the word bittersweet. It also applies here for Amanda Berry's mother we mention all three women have been reunited with their families however. Amanda Berry's mother Wanda Miller who searched and was one of those who never give up hope actually would -- repeatedly back. To the place where her daughter had last been seen alive. And would retrace the steps hoping against hope. That she would be found suffering a number of health problems ailments. She did pass and never got to see. This -- this day and so again. The vigilance let it be yours and even as we celebrate the happiness of the joy of this moment let's also. Remember -- -- who never got to see this thing. There she has her daughter again -- the Denise I know upstairs this has been obviously social media. Impacts every major news story I wonder what we've been seeing today. On Twitter bullet. Pitchers is how we had our -- to Boston after the bombing there now its parent of Cleveland. So Morgan highlight rights -- for Amanda the other girls and -- children held captive for ten years past Cleveland. This group says Kylie. Pianists insurance. I was is that the is that Denise is going to be the last person to call hash tag -- -- after that it is if you I believe you thank you. -- such a great out such a great day on the show we didn't want to acknowledge again. The -- not dreaming series Sam out there. -- -- sound hit so hard wallet just why my and again this town the town that was first flooded and then when a fire hit. Fire hitting. In this bill one of the worst -- you can imagine a fire hitting a fighter fighting community that because of the floodwaters could not. Not get to their own homes to -- -- -- you see if there. That's to call that a war zone is to under sell them -- -- Putting it lightly -- 150 homes and leave. Totally devastated -- -- one out. They weren't dreaming today you know you have a big check to help rebuild. And it was a really wonderful morrow morning -- -- tomorrow is my turn and it's a story that I that I think about all the time. Its the little things up off saying it's a little things that often make such a big impact. I'm hoping to do the same for. For these folks and others thought -- -- do so much for for people that don't sell us to stay tuned but I also Leo DiCaprio will be with us tomorrow I'm not -- Oh by the way or anything. Look we want to thank you want to thank the -- for stick around we want to thank you for joining us as you -- -- Jamie alive here each and every day we'll see you tomorrow morning at 9 AM eastern. -- alive until then.

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