GMA LIVE! (05.07.14)

Rebecca Jarvis, Ginger Zee try out some delicious chocolate and talk with football star Blake Bortles.
3:00 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.07.14)
For some GMA lives it all starts now live backstage at GNN. Hundred CNN live yesterday morning. In America that comment but that that hasn't let me. Yeah his girlfriend after the past oh my gosh -- you kill me -- get onto me on -- to grant dead and then people believed to that I really meant that was at all the evening that was cold but I they -- -- rain is an ornery and -- parade. And I -- -- -- the tornado emotion. Leery of -- -- have you got out of my head -- that a lot of man I have detailed it was a rough weekend -- -- -- -- we have and we had our pictured together because you took me under your wing. So then -- in the -- -- correspondents dinner before it was my first time he says like how does assault well not that I'll pick you up. -- -- -- -- -- And I sat next to David -- and then things really fell apart. I'm back and I hot -- paid yet I mean remember thinking thinking a little social butterfly fly around that sexed up. Jesse Tyler Ferguson was right across from asset maybe that's my next well and then you know rent going to the White House correspondents -- in a few days later you're interviewing the president -- so well yeah a lot of times spent with the -- it was it was such an honor it really was like no matter what. You -- you get that little. -- that you don't get too often -- kilo company. I can't believe this is happening that you're inbound calls from the White House like mom and dad -- where I had just say it down that would and then send that picture of events says the so called on the White House says that one of -- -- must chatting and I was the first one to interview and of those seven people -- -- got to see him come across the line indeed been greeting him in all -- I think. He was very gracious I had a lot of questions. -- -- its answer -- that I all of them of course but. With three minutes let -- get there's never have a time with the president now that's what I'm Molly thing. Meat and odds and that -- and Sonny. That was so cute he's up that picture out -- yeah and Dennis sweetness they -- small wealthy gaming -- almost too well get it if I. Really I've never seen dogs and I got his very very very well behaved in that you know mostly asleep while that I didn't they want. That seems to David I don't know yeah. Jennifer -- -- and in the background all the time and look great in and be sweet they're very good at taking pictures we'll say that. What what went through your mind the second before you interviewed the president. Just don't mess up my questions I mean I don't. Larry and I had also asked about Nigeria which is -- off the path of where we were calling it such an important top but because of those girls yeah captain and eliminate their school I mean and who wouldn't -- the US president about right and he was he was the really passionate about it is probably the best answer I got out of the entire interview -- a lot of headlines with an answer junior son needed a great job they really rowdy lunch thank you thank you add. -- -- -- -- you know let me do it did little mother standing get to meet Michelle so that thing. At Mother's Day is that -- -- around the corner as it if he didn't remember as a without some great last minute gift ideas. You can never go wrong with flowers and chocolate so -- -- -- -- Amy his link here to tell us bluntly. Have come on yeah you mean -- how -- -- -- You wouldn't know thanks for coming look at what you brought us yeah right we're only back here with topics covered strawberries please come any time that he could write with mothers. You're right around the corner who can go wrong with flowers and deport me dipped strawberries. We have such wonderful things -- for pro flowers and -- -- and -- kids are really hot being defendant is here. We have an -- display here called -- you again. I'm retort is actually the color of the year this year so -- a great seeing a great color to get your shirt and -- it perfectly as well yeah it's so that -- that if we have so many arrangements so many different arrangements and I don't care what people say flowers always feel good when you get them you know two thirds of Americans will be buying flowers for their mother and this year. I'm according to The National Retail Federation so flowers are popular thing every year for flowers moms just love flowers. How much time do we have because this this is always that he a lot of us remember mother's statement from the people who -- it catches up with them at the last minute and they don't want to forget mom how much time. We have up until Saturday actually can order flowers on our site for I would suggest doing it sooner -- I don't. Com and series -- you can order up until Friday pound on the series very site which is very dot com -- yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We Wear helmets and we're enjoying them this morning I said that from now line the only win coming on Jimmy reminded that their -- time -- to deliberately. -- yeah. You're happy Mother's Day everybody's. Then -- everybody needs and then then and then appears well yeah. Yeah. Thank you read Jerry and Mary -- very -- profiler available I'm still have a good -- -- get. Congratulations and thank you this is such a huge moment for both of the confidence. Doesn't come on Mother's Day Lisa -- that is right involves -- slightly more the -- I'm how do you feel like it's so it's that's awesome no experience to go through for us and have my mother saying kind of give her -- present. -- -- president this is cut and get a part of her president. -- give us something else vote on this part of her press Van Nuys has really been a great experience. What are you going during your minds because I mean you look at the press around this draft. They're so home much and there's so many different people saying -- he's gonna go first is -- -- second. He's -- It's stressful yeah there's a lot of people that have opinions that don't really know what they're talking about. You want to mention it may and. Not. So I mean he's got a he had -- really ignore everything that goes on with the media. Because it's all speculation and their assumptions and everything so hopefully on. Tomorrow night. We'll find out what the teams actually think. And that's probably the only person that you need to worry about what that what she thinks that's your mom -- -- -- very supportive what's the experience been like for you. Husband son. You know he came on the says scene later. Thompson the other guys have very used to being in the spotlight and we kind of got thrown into the event it's been -- we've had so much fun it's been amazing journey and again Michelle Obama -- That this fits them we just felt really incredibly the last two for him to be on -- -- -- history. Congratulations. -- it's really sweet to see you here Larry. Don't be sorry at all what what what makes you feel that way when his -- you know. We we laugh at home. He -- -- treated -- -- high school he was sent you know we went he went to an amazing school and they gave them the opportunity that others didn't. And so he's had to fight his way all the -- True and and Harry is this an innocent he ensuring can't -- -- -- he. He added I think his big dream was to possibly get drafted ethic and or maybe get a -- that's -- you know his mindset was because of everything that happened not to this point and here we are with him you know hopefully going in first round and so -- mean it's it's a huge dream come true and -- That's seen national park and is there. Well -- for you where it all started to -- again. I think goes out in California. You know after the buses and when -- -- -- -- kind of get ready for everything -- wow you know this is actually happening. You know this is this is really. Reality so that was stuffed animal -- since this huge. After calling your mom yeah. How do when you realize you -- put -- That's right come on mom. It was that's when my brother the. Girlfriends now since it was the -- is -- alleged she was tough yeah. Hudson it's only ten there's there's a lesson because -- stated that the overcoming that that moment where you where it. The obvious -- get the beginning what would you tell kids that and that it. Yeah I think it's mean always -- channeling much injury and you know there's never boundaries or borders that can't be crossed and not my thing always you know -- after -- -- focus and I've been dedicated you know goes a long -- thank. Wonderful wonderful as minister moms that your fighters who he might lure and there's a big fight in front of me too I mean once you get and the fight doesn't it's kind of the you know you open on a -- to a new chapter. So I look forward -- we hope that chapter is very bright we know we're happy thank you got suddenly I am very much did take some -- yeah. Then. I am a good senators sent a good life C a blank thank you very much and -- -- and. At the closest they don't end up running it up but yeah I think it. Because and I'm gonna bring -- -- I would Amy modalities. -- editor of cosmopolitan that's how you see it has the rundown on some of the best of the best. I'm used to Graham -- the math involved dad -- not been that long red carpet look what happened online exact. -- because we live now all the stars are putting. All of their write her comments on answering before leaving gets the record and NEC summit's morning -- -- anywhere that they're just standing there. On the right apartment. Yet incredibly you don't have to wait anymore yeah. All of a sudden the second the ball starts the second year. Seeing it on its heading -- good thing about it is that not while it's not on TV it's not only the Oscars where we know inside. So we can be all the -- hiding all the celebrities were also got an hour and ten minutes Boston museum might get up to you when we're not fare so well that wasn't -- -- Stuck out pictures to you live. So I had dinner with one of the first -- -- a share of -- photo of her -- -- where this beautiful hot -- -- here Mary -- the address and she said she could not sit down at that he had the -- out of her car that's up to get to the ball. But I think a lot -- A lot of celebrity it will lie down in a car anyway -- -- greater -- that -- got really really well this yeah an interesting tips for anybody who was wearing a really. And pretty satin and many don't -- Brinkley we got there for the wedding venture for the -- his quest and -- and music and laying down and I'll stick with people home from wonderful thank you I appreciate that they -- -- -- swift with an interesting and right and that's lieutenant thank you so malaria so. See our credit currently clients -- -- -- adorable answer -- of them on Atlantic ten there seems to have some champion. -- and often shared a well Larry it's me about us. Kirk cat attack anchor custom -- and parents of fat eat rats. -- didn't really have had so kids. Well she added that this letter and it. -- -- -- -- Sadly it. We will get more credit retailers happy and -- -- locker -- that you're. I noticed the cat oh my gosh yeah. Mom and I was really -- by the way everybody had that had died the big -- -- -- Out here everything that -- and this year's met gala was Charles James who is the payments to tahrir. I'm -- -- son but his style was really. Glamour and huge ball -- big hair big dresses just all out glamour and I think we really all the stars turn out to hear -- When that didn't get to see half the stuff as I was busy the last couple of days but some of the pictures are just. All of that the fitted that's -- that I don't academy getting out past the hour glass like he's I was Kendall Jenner. But we also solid veterans of malaria -- I don't know we have a -- change. The diaper change dad's -- don't -- She did not Wear it yeah work but that enabled her to lie down on the diaper changing table -- Leon pretends that changed her. -- that -- always nice you know and and people wonder what's going in the back in the latest cabinet together and we do not exactly especially when you haven't just -- it together running around the museum but knowing the -- -- hit the there's also the senate and install photos I guess yes I absolutely love it but. He isn't summer random person who happen to be -- -- gala and as you can see all the -- -- -- -- out from underneath the solid. They -- colorful trash bags and exactly with the flyers who are flat but I think tank. He is aware hijinks but we have one more yeah I believe. What again and -- live act and the area and then -- how to street where the that this diet. I don't know how he got -- experience so -- that he ran right by the red carpet stared at the Parker reportedly saucepan and sort of like. Whenever stricker missed people -- is now higher. I think people do -- -- remains that the man. But people think this guy might have been the same guy who street that in your fashion each hour earlier this here is out of my -- -- -- they have -- ever -- bringing up. -- -- -- You know -- obviously. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have no idea how we look at it we have one more picture or at least the message that was gonna come up but we have. Yeah I think there's something right runs it. Plus isn't it it's devoted. -- have -- -- and I am now. An. So many of you doesn't. That they -- his right -- beat. On. And -- is so great yeah. Produce it myself this is so weird how that happened and really early birthday card and it could you just -- the actions -- -- come to -- as we can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No flames OK but viable -- -- no singing only loosely that I yes let's have hearings in the lineup. -- and that's lights. Saying it's a different candidate we ever do that -- Little kids they make up my home jingle bells he -- and went on -- -- okay immediately -- never acted very angry at -- I had. How old are you today -- and the Big Three 03 and thank you are you illegals. I feel titles but it did my first birthday at my mom Guinea -- he -- And so hey mom I'm and recreate what I -- then and. A year ago -- and I think -- -- happy and content com. Okay -- that's that every day right here at 9 AM to take him.

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