GMA LIVE! (05.13.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara chat with a math whiz kid and comedian Sherrod Small.
14:07 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.13.13)
-- -- I'm born August. Now here. -- like chicken and obviously by the city. We are just saying goodbye first of all these labor. Yeah I -- nice guy. So I just three -- for all the questions I wouldn't have a chance to ask him because we have like twenty seconds and -- -- -- -- -- -- great things crystal Houston who what you it was in the news used to be good you were called Huey Lewis and the American Express. Which is the strangest name and then they get sued and I and I look more like the other their first album dropping their manager. And record label freaked out -- we're gonna get sued by American Express you have 24 hours we needed -- -- And Huey Lewis and The News was it and so the was it also -- -- It struck -- we I'm struck out like that. Yeah. Hello well sort of weak and so let me it's. A lot of my -- -- and -- Ask you this way that like when you sort of puts me like LO Weller -- we ever hear like -- to be the least funny -- ever well yeah. I really important so hopefully they hopefully we made you laugh today and I was really -- just a little -- little Olney channel is phenomenal terrific. How do you -- Andre can't complain -- a new show coming -- -- -- lose tomorrow well really it's 8:30 AM on that's convenient. I think the credit but I feel like -- exploded after probably believes -- -- good. -- on the -- what was -- like. -- what because it was the summer it was. Yeah -- I guess it in the middle of the questions I just translate. G-8 with the very popular good afternoon America in case you're just joining the hosted by -- -- and some superstar. Couple on this end zone now go ahead. I had so much fun to and it's did it did it lead other things they're let's a lot of excellent viewers that man you know. I got a lot of high fives on a subway. I'm -- don't -- on the -- trade with the -- Occasionally tells about Indonesia elegant -- call the United States that have popped off. Sub pop culture -- -- to music show. And we have Chris Rock -- for the first episode true. There beside it is tapes -- airs tomorrow at 830 his -- Motivated us how lucky -- is -- -- to have you that some booking my friend you're my new manager we. And finally we blame for this next -- comments yes I have been Huey Lewis and The News right now. I think that's the good -- -- -- that we have the duty the next him. Yeah do you think it what do you think Harry what do you think Harry's his visit -- -- I hit my girlfriend for the next week. But that -- it -- -- royal road and around. What's a girl or -- she -- the American friends he's the one that we begin one like aids I love them. And -- -- he'd I don't mean that he's trying to do this. But he's sort of accentuates the absurdity. Of an all right right right he's got no actual duty heroes aren't thinking guys had a conversation about llama Hasan upstairs and make up before we -- shop and she's like she's like. He really has this thing that women just -- -- she's like even Jill Biden like doctor Jill Biden. When that -- she's talking to him just like up up up up up up. Reason women just go nuts over this guy is -- cute young prince yeah. Over our beloved guy there there -- -- burglaries that he's handsome he's -- he's -- know -- -- I mean there's always a rich girls like that ingredient -- -- During the holidays that. And available online on the spicy foods come on hand -- And what is the food I hope the so many small donors and there are knew who they are new popularity that do we have a total lunar new pop -- I have. Hard really aren't happy Jordan outside. You just I mean data -- you -- Bob driveway by a who's who of the pop pop target audience yes okay. She toasted or not -- totally -- -- or out of the refrigerator I was not a toast. I would eat it until cinema but I prefer it -- -- that means coming look feel and I'm not is that -- every. How many toast and on the -- is -- Part of -- will put a budget movement college a young navajos have popped sort of exit apparently in America doesn't love that's that counts as a major company. Her -- is still objects to actually yeah. -- -- -- -- -- just not enough to you know what I do make -- -- now. Yes it makes. It makes me feel better about my yeah. I like getting into enemy does he makes a good room I let you see you know I do I make my bet he does I'm not surprised -- -- -- and the bed is made I'm surprised. The backs during these are just joining us. I stand -- -- -- -- -- about her and in some adjustment book living -- yet with our separate families and on some nights we stand sands house. It's not like the Jimmy -- -- Got his man is suing -- living thing I. -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- rose what is your own place and you're -- why I -- my -- with the -- something. Many gardening that he makes -- -- -- and I don't yeah he's up in nineteen that are -- her out. Okay so we should say we have a peanut butter pop tart but -- -- other. -- wait wait there's more we have chocolate peanut butter and I'm. I have to tell you what you want this is that this is always an almost and hold -- really -- furniture they. This is the chocolate and asking about -- -- in this indeed a delegate lead over number and I -- -- knowing your money on that. Constant hammering -- Yeah but it turned out that -- could mean about a pop -- is delicious what is shocking surprise. Got to look at him and -- -- and -- not gonna Eminem and we're gonna start -- were doing that. We have a look at the planet after Gloria and I love this one. -- and math. Not things -- likely here together but last week. ESPN which is made. A wonderful thing of the national spelling -- -- the national spelling -- the 2013. Raytheon math counts national congress stands behind me. -- -- -- Competed in the nation's capital for a nap and all national -- championship and middle school bragging rights. And let's be honest enough how important those and two games we have that -- that champagne Alex Simon it. Asked to -- to. I don't understand. Except by -- -- the person you know we should point out of did you see you -- you know we knew it was on the bright and have you found. -- the young young. The death of a young if you think that he's of these major roster who scored in the 8000. On his math SAT that -- -- -- -- a -- didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's either in your near future or you probably did that when you were four. -- I understand that you come bearing some math questions -- On his phone and livelihood. Temporary -- but then how was idea how. How is the competition especially being televised -- -- palace. Com. How to say it was really exciting because site. Going there playing there to a different for people competing from over fifty like 56 territory -- pressure. Com mom I just take deep -- and what helps -- -- I know a lot of people from previous years. Like you're going down you want to than. I don't want -- -- -- avoid using did you have a sense what it was gonna -- like lot's going to be. And now is is there that kind of competition argue that's a little bit more friendly about it -- -- is kind of like walking going you're going to. -- going and going you know any last year and I can I bought with fractions and your. What how how is it bomb is more relaxed -- like -- twelve people sitting in chairs together. And like -- talked during the competition bill I don't know time will I love that country Seattle got. -- -- better -- I remember the winning question bomb yet that is what wasn't what was it home. Look -- your. It's on the -- It's on my cut a -- on hang on we'll find it. We'll find OK here we go developer Randall Stephenson -- -- The when he questioned why it is. Just threatening. What he's the greatest energy that must be a factor of some of any fourth consecutive positive -- managers and how much time if I don't. And I just got a phone call. The answer is. -- of course. Obviously -- -- obviously excited because obviously but it's -- you've got some lessons for us. -- -- -- Now don't you have to look go. He's there every time is there -- time on the -- -- she's read. We all -- as one. Let's got to go ahead. Okay the first question is what is seven times in the -- in the sixty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And fourteen and fourteen and a. I don't mind that if -- apples and. All right we got the okay -- Down from what as the next prime number after seven next. And us. -- -- not it is eleven here. -- -- you need robust yeah. On -- -- -- -- -- that somebody start cheating for. Yeah. And other than just to -- out -- -- -- America stumble around a pop -- someone doing. Start cheating Pacific. Anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the shortest leg over right triangle is eleven inches and the other two sides are contain -- positive today's -- was the area very -- Hinkle. That would be of any five. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't want what they want about one you traded -- There. 330 yes I that I -- -- -- house I -- -- Thank you very much -- That was all also a very popular nightclub. Yeah. Eighty and exit only -- We instantly plane was -- that happening right here. Evidence. Is a question -- all the more what is -- square root of 1000 to the nearest whole number. These migrants. I don't know Josh -- completely Alan -- I was gonna throw this out there -- 32. -- -- I know I know there were terrifying you know in -- anyway but -- -- -- congratulations I'm telling you. Rock star break. -- not a legitimate scholarship and not only will we all be working for you one day -- and I want to remember how. How much I adore you -- chocolate peanut butter and think about getting. You always have to. Ask -- the savings of five dollars and 83 things got. All right Alex we love -- we thank you can. At the -- -- on the -- run out. Sad sad -- oh yeah. Glances throughout the United States united auto hip hop views every Tuesday on -- 8:30 PM. First gets Chris Rock thoughts tomorrow I love you agree -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't want any meaning come here any day at 9 o'clock and you are always life is got to -- government new manager Alex. Eastern today not tomorrow --

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