GMA LIVE! (05.13.14)

Ginger Zee and Amy Robach get a visit by their energetic child doubles.
16:50 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.13.14)
Ready for some GMA live through it all starts now live backstage at CNN. And Havana graces here again to two months see that. The mere she jumped on -- would have been all hall in this love and -- -- joining us plenty image alive today -- and now. Clinton is the moment. -- -- -- and -- yeah yeah. I don't. That it. I have been -- been practice saying. Slipping in running in the heels look this is so much fun to have you here she said to me on the way down and what it's GMA -- -- -- of news it is just more fun that is expected on the Internet. So are you enjoying New York City is the first time -- say the Fiat what's your favorite -- so far. Think so I mean yeah in about 320 eager to Toys 'R' Us FAO Schwarz can't yeah. That is right next door yeah yeah I don't want to miss the parents well. Not many -- the accurate known inside the toy store last but not lending -- and -- freak who's out on the other way up at me I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doing it didn't heading killing you've got when you sign that we were doing that the -- -- segment is seeing double. -- edition. What did you always love whether. I loved to let them and school loans -- laughing now Philip -- we have a lot in common. As we've we've seen they love their video you're video is perfect and that's in the end this is studying media around you you do it -- that's attack the duke law. Exactly. Yeah Ljubljana that. -- And -- speaking of doubles I just happen to turn around and oh my goodness there's still -- -- over zealous you know leave from yesterday. And was. Mining town -- and I mean she I have the same how she's doing. -- cleanly and moment. We both you know I'm like to hang on -- -- where the serious side -- -- -- the lender will give you -- you stand next me sweetheart. In fact I think and and Shelby is. Just adorable she and I just because she literally looks more like me and I cannot be happy about it -- -- does not happen. -- His -- on Saturday -- Thursday shall be and Savannah grace along with the other mean these are all going to be together and you guys are gonna happen. Thank goodness are you ready yeah he really didn't -- -- conference you yeah yeah I'm that's. Others of them so much fun and anything else -- -- wanna do like -- in New York you wanna saying. Well. -- me. -- And I want. Now but it did a member of the don't want it that now yeah. When I cannot teach your witness. Well I'm not I you captain and Brad he says you gotta get a good. And that they and so when you're down on Friday daddy's gonna take -- is done. Thing isn't a week. And I asked -- and we don't need -- -- apples or -- the and corn on the -- for you know. Now but we will Levy would send some apple high. -- what did you do yesterday in New York City. Not only coincidentally yanks are contained. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hinton -- -- really wondering does the yen -- -- -- -- -- a dozen neighbors and the New York City you get a couple more days to have to fund them. His FAO Schwarz to just on the -- that you that it is up big lately. Yeah. Carl. Yeah. I'm you are selling well spoken and I need to learn from you is this is him. -- Minnesota senate today and this is what we're talking about now is national apple -- day so we have a letter sent to Virginia adding excited. A -- this marriage and that of our favorite dessert with an apple hike from -- so we have. Now four pieces here because in a special -- that's coming up and competition. With your hands look at this you can have some -- -- Yeah now we get an eating contest and Kidman Natalie -- -- lives. They can meet even ethnic cousins and now -- Elliott national something -- Savannah that's what I've learned. Here is involves that you shouldn't eat but you want you can you right in front of you didn't panic -- you coming in -- -- -- cut and can you say. KPK -- look at some healthy food. Could it be okay. I don't panic and terror -- on the I'm sorry I'm gonna get you some healthy stuff some. -- some ideas would you. -- -- -- -- -- Like that -- And then went upstairs at hunter and I don't get me is good operator is Natalie no -- on on Thursday all right Hank I guess I better get -- -- -- to -- to do that camping pays just -- whenever we want something to say -- be thanked but this. -- -- erupted as -- have a camera tonight. Do -- do it well let's -- higher and rob how perfect are many. Who knew there I don't -- and I. Media -- to break it to us now and sure they cut there's any I'll watch out -- an -- evidence that. But this afternoon high -- -- not enough yeah -- having some. I'm how we do Arafat and the daily read into that now an unlikely offensive. We have the video here ensure that Chris. He's hanging out. Within BFS. -- -- Yeah SOQ crisp on the Alabama side highway in Pennsylvania and he knew he didn't do anything -- -- wouldn't survive. After he couldn't find its mother -- touch with whom she threw. -- she could -- that was -- weird -- heavy -- only event that took effect. Take a look at a different name yet elegant very saved his infidel a budding. Now he's the mom and then it got -- with a squirrel from Tupelo Mississippi Mississippi thing here she is playing with her caregiver. Mark justice raises moral in his yard after her nest was destroyed by a harsh weather. -- he's going to very close bond with one arm when he -- -- that she is still. A wild animal do not. Do this for the squirrels in Central -- I'm just warning you -- very ambitious they will still -- out of a baby is -- yes satchel along the way so this is a rare rare -- -- here because I'm telling you they're mean and central I agree and I have a history with them when I used to play piano I was your age and my parents have been waiting for my parents to -- -- in this girls would be up there they would like. The growling at me and they're hot or not other -- and now they are seeing them apart and. Do. You think stuff yeah well. Yeah queen that we didn't bring -- he we need to do a duet at some point. I RA visited the front and I thank you -- To learn any means we're gonna say more than Eileen thank you so much for coming and you say that being careful of the two. And Shelby I'm wearing your bracelet he gave me -- on the air. Today and other industries -- and -- and I love that I work you're ready for and got a little bit. Yeah. Season and it's just ten days anyways thanks dad and me mom and dad right back here OK -- Thank you guys so much I -- -- got lots a lot of other things to get him. And that there -- two words that we know that are in heavy usage right now. They'd have to be at stake and self -- then we hear those a lot of wireless company until. And perhaps later today -- -- we have a truly epic self hate take a look at this incredible video -- captures 600 -- around the world. Alex to -- is on -- modern motorcycle he diaries the trip visiting 36 countries and capturing it all would go pro camera. At the end of the stick. So he -- well over a 100000 miles crossing over 75 borders. Focusing on some of the most remote places in the world on Alex's web site -- see an interactive map of all of this travels from Alaska to Argentina. South Africa. In the fall so this guy has done it all and I used -- lot of those. The Oprah fixated on the idea I have not I did actually in the fall which is kind of funny laugh and it it captures. Especially with travel the most brilliant images that's -- I would lash back and I don't think -- up like -- -- gallon while I mean that's fantastic it's beautiful need to conceal these places in a panoramic weigh in and live like -- have to go after us with this is -- and agree with you know about a -- Hopefully very healthy so we apparently they severe case of -- -- -- because these next pictures are just too good to be true. -- national -- -- -- new ad campaign. We're treated to some incredible shots of our favorite animals who are taking so -- and what better place in the bathroom -- -- The mine you know you gotta pull our OnStar -- pan am actually takes a moment. Wall on an -- but Gator ride and then we have a bear. Being careful. Not to show on the bottom half of the frame and they've done under a mom kangaroo and -- jelly. I'll help you -- staying in -- rustic restroom but and don't forget about. This kulana -- snagging a quick shot and last but not least we have of course we have this a gorilla and a shower. Does that for you often find guerrillas in -- shower this campaign -- two months to complete. It aims to remind people that even though we all think for photographers -- there's not Smartphones professionals are still -- incredible moments out of -- laden. Thankful for that because I've never claimed to be anything more than -- -- amateur I was gonna say those animals are much better at taking yourself been then my mother who I am I glad -- -- it's little else little Fuzzy -- him up. So we want to move mountains this is this is really actually very near and -- two both of us I think for different reasons it's national women's health week. And as awareness about prevention grows there are more and more great resources for women to take advantage of online. And we are joined now by bright pink dot com and that's -- to find them and got our concern is one of the places where you can educate yourself follow things. And -- -- have now. And so bright pink add to tell the back story Lindsay and many -- 89 years a senior -- -- that sounds. Along time ago and it used started and bright pink. And it has taken -- It's crazy and -- -- -- about the organizations looking to start from the well I started organization. Again and eight years ago home. Inspired by my family's battle with cancer so I Graham -- prepayment died a week apart both from breast cancer my mom is a twenty year breast. Nineteen -- ovarian cancer survivor. At the age of 23 Canada tested positive for the BRC -- one mutation. And I was the youngest person in the country to opt for a -- producing double mastectomy so I met you back your Chicago days and you just have embraced us an organization. With everything you've been so incredible throughout the heiress and it was a big choice and in the now obviously have so much connection to -- Yeah also a double mastectomy and gather around. It out grateful for my next surgery and then I'm done. You know what end initially absolutely had an impact on my decision because you know -- there are choices are pleased with to a what do you had a stuffed toys at a touch -- with my diagnosis of cancer and honestly knowing that she did it and she still looks beautiful because you're you're losing part of what makes you -- -- and actually get really isn't emotional and physical. Decision making goes through and she -- that make it -- scary for me and that's the whole goal I think in terms of letting women now. It's not the into the world when you know you -- -- don't look good you can still feel that. Well and for you know eight years to -- we're out on this battle between people understand about breast cancer risk -- understand that if you have to make decisions like this. It's doesn't need a compromiser cents a femininity and in the day that he -- the world's most famous superstar revealed that as. It was incredible. Just hearing people throw terms like you're seeing positive and -- risk reducing mastectomy around like it was commonplace and I was like guys for eight years -- screaming -- -- but. You know what's so interesting following kind of what we're calling -- not fact making the cover of time magazine. Is that while Americans are aware of this surgery in this decision if you haven't had a per -- felt compelled to take action and and I think that that's pretty yes that's pretty startling you that we cannot talk about this and rings outlet covering and -- The end of the day awareness is okay but as you know actions what saves lives in self. That's what today is all about what happened because you know. What I this -- -- it that that bowled me over when I agreed to do this mammogram -- television which I was not in any hurry to do. Because I didn't feel like I had any of those risk factors. But the truth is more than 80% of all breast cancers have no family -- so you know there are risk factors and then when you know you know but then there are those of us who are ignorant. And and and people think ignorance is close but it certainly isn't in the case breast cancer and had already spread my lymph nodes -- and I -- perfectly healthy had no family history. And couldn't have imagined I could possibly have -- -- -- -- I think this story between your story in my story together shows that he all the women Iraq rests in. And so it's really important to figure out what's your risk level. Every single woman needs to be taking action to either reduce -- risk sports and didn't detect cancer early action because I think a lot of women I know this was certainly my case. Have a million excuses I'm busy I gotta make my kid's doctor's appointments you put everyone else in front of you and your job and you make excuses. But if you're not -- -- -- today. To -- a woman you can be when -- -- your mom are white for whatever or just a single woman. You can't do anything for anybody -- he got to be here he gets you to survive your diet so it's about taking action and being proactive and you have a -- this is what I liked about having you -- -- -- -- Meet someone like me would have no idea what my wrist is. And so where do we find -- what is the quiz -- Are you at average risk even averages legion taking action you know you're maintaining a healthy body leading visiting -- doctor -- the questions -- is important. Or could you -- elevated -- and is that we need to. DeConcini actually topped with potentially visiting -- -- a counselor or had conversations about starting screening earlier so. Again were actually an anniversary this one year -- fact we're trying to get 20000. People. To make the commitment to be proactive with their health. By visiting -- -- your risk dot org. And I had ginger was was playing around on the -- lasting into super easy it takes a couple minutes. On and it's just it's fast fun as taking like a glimmer Women's Health magazine Chris it's pretty -- -- -- very interactive and and telling and that at least that gives you some idea that presently and it's very easy. Like -- -- and also to say if your forty year over. Get your mammogram it's not foolproof but it absolutely saved my life and -- on my cancer sort of growing in my thirties I had no idea well and if you have a family history ten years younger and then when that the mere skeleton was diagnosis was diagnosed settling 4636. Is when we -- -- start -- exactly so could be young and not an -- tackling or forty -- -- -- this is my. Baseline mammogram that our hot one before so people put those off and don't -- now and so it's just. That's the point where you know I don't care what you think your risk level -- -- I had about a 1% chance of having breast cancer if you look at what mine or -- my history was. And I so got so anybody is this is vulnerable if you have -- you're gonna have you got it breasts and ovaries and hearing how are so important -- you. And you are -- an inspiration to me to our entire organization and community and ginger thank you for all your -- the year since saying let's sell -- at some point in everyone's lives touched but I am sure everybody behind -- -- someone and we love you think they are doing -- -- thank you so much again -- -- -- risk Scott cattle. -- -- Savannah is in -- -- having too much I don't agree and I don't mind. And that is show everybody is so we hear from right here every single day 9 AM eastern for GMA live we'll see you tomorrow. Okay.

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