GMA Live (05.14.14)

Lara Spencer, Amy Robach share slam dunk, dancing bats video.
8:14 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for GMA Live (05.14.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage at GM. I I was flag and -- -- and I am right here on Good Morning America dot com where there's. More GMA evolved long been a long -- and especially gas and a snag some first graders from saint Ignatius Loyola yeah. And hey -- good morning everybody. Did you all I'm saying Mara -- -- -- -- -- three it was a Good Morning America really loud why didn't she is saying. Well okay. They're going to be helping us out of control room we're going to be -- much a lot of them during -- seeing -- week I was glad to -- are big day out he's -- we have all -- -- meaning he is -- -- -- needs today obviously he was so sweet and I mean they did such a good job gathered on inserting a great job that not -- I think to be honest I think -- is. That -- -- well I'm running -- is pretty darn close haven't I have to ordinary I was laughing at how much they looked delighted she was so sweet to share your little -- She hates it when you don't gradually I don't know really fine it's a it's a wonderful way to face painting the engagement with kids that's so as a hope you'll join us tomorrow for not when we I think what they're digging -- that I think cast -- activity. Completely didn't need it tomorrow -- now we've been -- back an accident and examining. I'm trying to -- -- -- your love we love watching high flying slam dunks but. You don't often see one that has -- back -- and it all -- -- let's check this out it's NB 83 X street ball event in Spain. And these guys are called the lords of gravity and you'll see why. Oh yeah come back. All items -- war. And that obviously -- big celebration -- -- -- landing has been has over a quarter million. Hits need to mention it again and snow move shows. -- -- -- That's pretty incredible you know that is incredibly enemy takes until it actually -- it now -- they got it never take which is gonna die for a fact of on arrival that's great thank you -- not so ever wonder what animals do when nobody's watching always I constantly I'm thinking about the -- Italy's. Contact when it comes to bats Terna Nande my keys dancing. Home okay cool slightly disturbing I want the -- my -- last night. I was wondering what got him when no -- watch highlights of this -- out of my cat's ass. I'm -- -- plagiarizing his video of -- past. But your videos need to sneak this morning and yeah I was particularly amusing and disturbing -- Slaton and Elliott I was up -- about you know I know you don't. -- it is is from Paul wanted to -- what did thank you for as. Paul -- to the camera to get footage from some fruit bats believes in Brazil. Coming up that's hanging upside down -- but I thought they were that look like they're hanging -- and -- -- camera around yet they're hanging upside down he had a music. An editing I don't know -- this is -- music for the outage but we have nobody here is just enjoy music you're hearing. -- -- What the we're real excited because summer's just around the corner be -- waiting for it. And waiting for for a very long time and you know our kids had -- -- -- -- of the hottest new toys. To play with right here in the studio in -- tell us the latest and greatest is our insider. According mama -- fact that now that's your new title do you like -- -- -- I RM. And you know what I'm looking everywhere and -- -- -- -- long cold winter and camera is excited to be talking about some -- -- yes and these guys are -- different little sunshine he isn't -- -- -- -- and actually picking -- our voices but they have these cool -- His great movie and and they love to go you know your favorite chance -- money and they're gonna go to the beat her -- an -- that fact yeah I had had a can't answer very. Camden county I saw it -- your favorite in -- summer is self. The on a couple of game pieces and instructions. Didn't think it's a bill of their game -- and I did this on this morning this newsprint and ink and taught he grew. What are your little. What's funny and of course the rain and that the guard -- lol why don't ads. That's in this is funds isn't so they give you throw it throw it on the threat that's great actually really love that aren't do you have -- and today that messy. It is and I think that Brian is going to be our demo that for all the -- So we're live nativity -- can't do it. It's really -- spraying snow yes it's a lot of fun. I wanna do and it's yeah I. Oh yeah did you there. -- and renamed it reaping rich they're pushing out yet constant public. Oh yeah. Don't create it -- line. I think we. Are. Sports com. Yeah. I'm -- it's easy route they make -- thing we need and -- -- -- what are. And not the little let me some of our kids want things. -- -- -- And I can't slap EST Tim -- Yeah. -- -- Sounds to you need to turtle fans going to love these -- wondered toys. Is Stuart Stuart story. Number shots oh -- IDC fashion school or I have to have hit land and water Ryan is going to get ready I do -- -- I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I don't know if not permanent and and -- -- yeah. What do they regulate nicotine else -- never disappoints me is different so in this summer this is Alex Friday strike. -- -- So if they're -- -- of lasting power -- company well okay. I yeah I -- -- now now look we opened our arms we have a triple stream county that have -- home. -- -- And not expect that -- that is not coming back to my house. And I can nine -- breaks a leg bearing -- -- -- yeah yeah. Don't let your kids are working plumber just like in the -- -- is exciting it's a land in the united -- deal -- and it's made of steel and what he's good -- actually think that -- Britain and I love them -- are you tired wanna ride and -- -- sell -- and newstalk -- it well we don't yeah rises already had a hand maybe Ryan -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- to -- Our -- right he didn't miss what. Yeah. Yes no doubt the -- when I'm ready -- -- -- lit -- and going to carry easy. I'm -- and he's got twelve miles an hour. -- oh my gosh. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- yeah yeah. This -- -- yeah. -- -- at all these toys still are they out of albums and remains available right now all right -- -- behind you look. Like yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We didn't yeah I know what does it regularly -- fact -- -- it -- you Brian. For enduring and we thank you know I think I. I've been. I don't have a great day be sure to -- has -- tomorrow -- -- -- Yeah yeah. All right thank yeah.

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"Lara Spencer, Amy Robach share slam dunk, dancing bats video. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23712070","title":"GMA Live (05.14.14)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-051414-23712070"}