GMA LIVE! (05.15.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and share some funny videos.
14:47 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.15.13)
-- -- I. -- -- did you good today without this -- as life. I'm god sands is a national television that he my god yeah that's you know started in 1930 by Ruth graves Wakefield. At the told overhead and -- -- -- told how she ran out of baking chocolate and through and cut chocolate now have the cookies sold in the US or chocolate chip. While he's away that forests and before nineteen to thirty there was no talk -- now imagine that light began -- -- -- already very happy Montel I don't know what happened. In addition -- you -- -- -- remarkably good good. -- -- -- Omelet yeah. Well there's going to be -- that's threaten. Hawaii Nelson just -- little while we try to shoot upstairs for our big Friday surprised what -- you know even new series hasn't been a topic but -- Just briefly for the miniseries it's care maybe twice a month -- that's in conjunction with lows. It's all about sort of you know I like to do it yourself and slowly isn't doing to improve this idea -- that no idea because I'd like. That's like I thought it sounded very strong island by they're like what you -- a series yeah like. You know. Get through the double flat out like and I -- this not to like about react so that's of the series called prevents his show and isn't going to be like trash to treasure or isn't so like we're gonna do they the first installment that -- -- -- -- talk that was how to -- collar people -- -- terrified of using color in the -- and -- obviously saw the massive selection of paints. So I teamed up with Jon Nadler who is a designer known for using intense color while I have -- my -- -- on our dressing rooms are hot masses so we went in there and it's like a color explosion but. Don't be afraid because it's like. Nine shades of green and turquoise and you might not logging only years right only here you only did -- we just in mind he didn't do much like would you like Peter. Let's I had no idea you and your radio I was afraid you might get color explosion that yeah. And -- coming I don't really think I'm thanks -- he's innocent and I'm the issue just saying everybody got out here on the -- that he. I'm by all yeah. Well Larry you have daylight and their you have to look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hearing is still around and tackled -- you don't know it's info cyanide but -- got up to the he keeps asking thank you thinking it. Hot. Has gone had I just we just -- photos with a Backstreet Boys upstairs so you're -- without a baby -- yes -- data -- was really looking for a picture with age and she got. She got out kids don't believe him if I mean how long -- and and that audience this wild from an ice -- green screen plane flying -- -- -- -- they -- they really came of age like kitty corner from here on the second floor and TV and right away -- and so I guess nothing else they're used the second -- -- Times Square. I believe it's been -- up there we've had a lot of stuff happening up there that was like airplane hangar -- yeah that was that was crazy crazy crowd as you're down here. When you're already pressing you could hear the screaming they -- it shouldn't surprise -- we had. Actually our first concert reunited very first time last summer the summer -- -- and admittedly I wasn't sure what to expect from you don't know. -- where you couldn't get enough people in Times Square and I were I was -- -- -- Kevin upstairs. The tall one of the nicest guy in the world got -- also. I'm super super nice and he just said he's -- you know there was this moment they -- their first song in the summer last year and he turned from the crowd. And I -- in getting back together here they are -- here this -- the summer. And yet she was the hold -- for the reunion and when she turned he had. Big tears in his eyes and -- senior that was what -- -- like you know what. In that moment I realize how blessed we are and it's nice and -- people can can still you know they're no longer -- you know. And yet they still. Have that -- from Tanya whatever it is that they instill in their fans -- their fans -- loyal and laugh out. -- -- ends in large number. Speaking -- -- what what the Celestine double -- sell it. Active -- and -- and and again we're in the middle. Of of doing a news program. And program. -- need a little beat up I'm I'm I'm I'm really. You're and it was actually calling him behind it was your alarm alarm goes goes off. 710 everybody's so much again now when I'm not on the shall I ran out at a -- yeah. -- Children. Even -- and ten -- I felt like hunting for. -- yeah bring out the basement imagining there's imagining there's a gorgeous young man who is helping them get ready to go they've been sent -- -- have to go until eight in the -- and maximize that yeah. -- -- and give it timed it exactly I need fifteen minutes to get them. -- -- school lunches and out the door selling it so you have created this environment and your house where -- get up and lethally. Good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my kids I'm incredibly -- rounds did. Not go look up and down home -- and dug into. And then come. You know maximize every minute is -- It ends up and I and it gets out he gets in the shower and walks out the door of tonight it's I think -- the morning Sam has more coffee he. -- inside garden alone I. Yeah. And water on the market and make sure everything's got to walk around -- the pill. You now get on line check in he would talk one on you know what I spend the night at -- ended his amazing guest bedroom me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we're sensitive to you. When you're watching each and every morning he -- you. About. I just I just don't like mornings I just am I'm -- -- person in the morning to -- -- I'm -- -- an -- -- and practiced at 3 o'clock morning not been robbed them and function I can I can do work from nine until -- him you know I mean really my brain is going in can function in the morning. I can't spell my three letter -- you know -- devices what time did you just wake up that there were no alarms. Aliens and then 1030 -- downtown. Nine -- at 645. Million Syrian. It's an attempt I don't I was lucky -- sort of genetically engineered in part to do this job they don't need to. A lot of sleep like that really I I could -- I go way up early and then we'll stop 710 and development that must be must be glow. We need somebody I don't know 710 on the -- I'm like how do you that we might do you do when the weekend more -- blindness and my girl you know you girls are going startlingly what do you. They big lineup heading your buildings and they get their serial date -- their knowledge that there are happy. Street Joseph Mathieu got me out of my mom's job he's -- 10 -- the victim had better be ready. -- Now the IRS get -- Original pressing the button usually have a better than code first it was stunning to me is -- -- you guys ready for a little pop extra. Does not we have we have and now. We have put up the we have an adorable Himalayan kitten named sugar baby -- Who wants to be just like her owner I don't know what this means a -- -- huge. What does it all yeah sure all wrong -- doesn't. Idea closeup of sugar baby -- -- I -- you that is one cute little furry face. And other than -- breaking out in hives I would hope that cat. -- purity you really can't. Allergic -- swell up can't do and -- was my daughter who she can't have cast yeah. While Josh is a sweaty mess and then it's like what an annual it is like honestly think the -- you'll easily swap in the near lake honestly what is gone. Kellogg I'm not picking up his jacket I've just misses hurt. Reality and if that does it if that doesn't make Michelle -- I don't know why does America. Figured angry sweated out of every site on Montenegro and actually easier and it's names -- I trust him sweating through nice shirt. And we did it right right after this we have to do. -- congratulations for JC Monahan Palestinian Boston the other rattling the project. So we have to say congratulations JC Monahan whether whether extraordinary. Whether person. Morning in Boston is moving to another show so we have to say congratulations how can I am sure I would order to do -- after this vote on tape I didn't. It's about but I'm a sweaty mess and marketability of its value or where -- you -- you don't look like you're planning at all underneath this jacket. On that we did do we do the double -- you know guns we -- we need a vote for the -- -- and just in case one cuddly -- All. Online -- -- that the huge. Oh look he's got he's aren't. -- -- Oh my god -- honestly I Alison Sweeney -- -- cavities that. -- just that that is but certainly sweet potato. -- law that would I love. That would absolutely worth it Josh we have to every -- this on the big show. That's all we asked him we have to bring this back again for sure yeah we question com. -- -- -- -- -- -- I want I want everybody to meet Denise. Who condemned there's a strange voice and -- This morning -- people. Yeah -- Bentley 37 jobs that's not true no hey Denise I have a question about what's going on about the music -- are so can we not use pop music and in GMA the real GMA ever again why aren't we have to clear and -- it clear where we're staying within legal parameters are so so we're gonna play music that. That is like. Tom good food and the studio music -- music Muzak version. Muzak version elevator on unreal Jim -- I. -- -- Okay that's really annoying really railroads -- -- Seattle slot guy -- Nothing says fun like -- but not on this show I mean this show. Not on this show but I mean the big show -- did big incredible tonight and -- tell -- -- -- good morning again tonight at mission semi possible. Crossroads pleas for -- that this could be possible dismissed. This is -- really like Mission Impossible wait for -- waiting. Still -- music has -- don't have it I don't know. The world is waiting we can't even afford that office. I don't know that. Now on itself on the big show though I mean this is this is I'm really upset about this because I think one of the things that I -- about our show was the pop music that is your favorite music gives you being in an Alley just you sing at all morning and you get going. And -- see everybody does everybody does this is really need it can not running -- change. I still I don't know I still won and yet we -- this off handedly assistant I don't know what we put before neon trees released its -- was -- What did we play before that. The kids everything has started with a whisper for two for like a year and a half -- I -- but seriously I'm upset I really hasn't sexy and start a letter writing campaign and they get the popular music back on good morning MSU and angry -- amassed an enormous -- -- -- -- -- it it's money that -- -- -- -- Santa about myself moment. Tell us about money we have a play of the day. I should preface this do not try this at home like seriously don't try this at home because I think somebody might have already and I'm gonna guess doesn't -- well. You can. Electric -- this is now the -- now. I don't even show this don't know -- now -- little. It's. No. Okay. Oh yeah. Well. There are done. Yeah. -- That is and your dad to -- breaking news. -- -- Denise what are -- did you. -- that that's like that's I that's not my false IE Internet that was not my -- I just as need to do that aren't. -- alone wasn't good I need more holiday season he has -- here also rushing three T what about the rest of your yeah. On now and it's very I mean come on yeah it is very important I think their songs about it where you have to go back and forth and up and down and and -- all around all around. Let's close this yeah that's -- allied world body and I don't -- and then I would not give -- a tolerant state. You know tolerant now Angie says no tolerance -- I think we tortured you announced we certainly this morning happy. National chocolate chip cookie that. Started in 1930 -- principal Allison can't have literally so happy I'm and here we go there's the -- a mission that was kind of possible. Please write him please write and leads. Save -- all they had to save yourself save -- 9 AM eastern daylight everybody if you. Get off yeah by everybody --

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