GMA LIVE (05.20.13)

Josh and Paula chat with a couple whose scuba trip turned into an underwater marriage proposal.
12:07 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (05.20.13)
Yeah I think. An -- I don't I don't live hello -- -- fake live you know I just dumb. Here let me help you -- that I haven't gotten out that my mother got got -- -- coming ahead who -- -- -- How did you cut your finger of visas for over -- And I almost swore at me and I heard you have a stance -- Development. Not bleed out on the Internet that would be that. I doubt it that you can be OK yeah from the elite not good I'm good I'm Gary vowing I'm just -- throws away his -- bloody -- everybody television. In a trash can have anybody look at -- lovely beautiful lot of -- You think that it didn't think that a big event coming up. And again it's very clearly important. Uniting against lung cancer it is Jeff thank you for that -- Com it is a wonderful event happening in Southampton New York -- weekend at a -- -- there -- -- -- -- thirty dollars. But it's it's going to great cause it's -- lung cancer. Again when used and under funded cancer hand yes looking forward to it I mean this is going to be great -- going to be fantastic and you -- -- they log on and they can find more information where tightening its lung cancer dot or the united against -- some -- yeah. And -- I'm okay I'm clear I had an aunt that passed -- never -- sit and relax again yes of course it still many nonsmokers -- and that and then that you see -- the funding especially and other cancers is so low. In part because -- I mean those. The dollar you know you don't have dollars to give all our and -- somebody's. Unfortunately there's the stigma attached them well you know it's it's something that you brought me beyond yourself so again that's not the case who believes. -- -- -- -- -- -- A wonderful and I -- and a wonderful -- would you like some mad potter. Kind of -- patterns. -- today and everybody because causing them inside Sam. In the Shawnee Oklahoma as we symington. Devastation. Complete shows some of these twisters because they can't afford five -- -- -- eight OC in day six states -- tornado season. Then this thing. These are especially if nothing else cinematic in this not just like eating sleeping off a movie screen I cannot imagine that anything that. And and you know thankfully. We were talking about a heading into the weekend thankfully the early warning systems were in place Sam today it was -- -- ravaged mobile home park but again the people you pay attention to those sirens again we're gonna have. Much more to come on this -- unfortunately looks -- for the next few next -- argue undersea is that chasing those storms did she makes a good point they're not out there -- foyer of the members taking pictures they're actually making legitimate calls calling nine when want to tell us. Hey we just on other stormiest on other -- -- they're actually doing a lot of that. For the world of science and is very about it and it's very much a professional I mean an accumulated -- it's her passion but she do again she is more than safe and. She should be other goods also the day. We have all immersed like -- -- tell -- that he could tell -- Adding that this week with them was in America's Got Talent is that where he came from and expect to bring a British as -- factor. I tell you all we had a -- I wanna say six months ago and. -- how charismatic how great the way the I would say this I will submit a -- this Friday as the official start of summer to officers and Mariah Carey at Central Park. Tickets available log on -- GMA dot com on Yahoo! bought. It started to. I -- his music act an advantage over there in the corner off last week. Fourth I was turning not a good dancer also volume today in part because -- little under the weather Lara -- -- I was -- But it was okay. Cut it did with -- here about you know in my back and an amount is there is comeback believe it was illegal entry Diego as good as how I forgot to get. We just times and blow through this about but I will say this. Vargas it's just not -- as a you all kinds of issues your -- -- -- every bloody thing where it's London and I have left you -- actually have water right here and look how. Commitment that's actually -- show adapted his. I am an applicant -- -- up. -- -- -- -- into the basket -- -- -- -- your -- I didn't even have to accuracy of cheers -- ladies you know why I don't yeah. It actually hey Danielle -- -- a lot of it is -- pop let's do some -- when a video you know you have this you have -- isn't Brady -- -- it there yeah at the break how about that deer in the headlight all the stars of the beloved seventies sitcom the Brady Bunch returns this week. What's it. Early 70s70. Something 73. -- it was a sixty sleepless -- Traci can summon the shine to set -- straight. Right now he's on he'll be back a -- every turn this week to defeat at one of their most famous have a -- the Cincinnati kid. And asking that I'm gonna -- there. The fortieth anniversary so Gregg Peter Cindy right. They had -- -- -- are -- are not -- -- -- north is it where dad had his clients is -- really important architectural plan and it would -- the 1973. Thanks for I was alive. -- -- yet to your right now he wants to. -- he las night you run in the control room again roster update on the current right now in -- did. I do anything and didn't walk down accidentally swap accidentally -- anything out of the -- marry. I'm there's still look at -- I am not immigrant to say that it was actually 6076. The really large air act 1969. To 1974 annual my god I just can't. I think -- -- angers -- -- features that and I factually accurate or not. -- you are actually -- I -- and I just wanna say that to later. Divulge what we were boring you have yet to happen. He was increased -- it was somewhere between 1950s. And 1990. I'll send you factor that in Atlanta I may pick you can view it's anyway it's a -- that I know that it favorite celebrating. Fortieth reunion I was not alive when the -- started. That's -- that's -- but I was almost alive. Throughout analyze it I want you weren't unanimous a twinkle -- her parents I would play golf I was more than a -- bomb didn't. Today -- on the on the big show we did I don't know -- -- side on. These the Internet but there was a comedian singer over the weekend I don't it. During before hockey match especially when -- when wanton when one teams from Canada wants is from -- they welcome -- national anthems and. She can -- great Canadian singer. Had a bit of. Problem with them are of the US anthem which. I have to -- on to our anthem and it's also it's a horrid song to sing I mean it's not an easy one Christina Aguilera arrested after the Super -- a couple of a lot of people have you know either a lot of high -- let me I don't know what Francis Scott -- was doing the -- he is glad she is a roll up talent so thankfully the crowd is one kind of came -- and savior. But that barely eked out. Another play of the day we wanted to hold this -- for GM and lives because they're gonna join us live -- check this out this is fantastic I can tell you. -- I'm gonna steal any thunder isn't about coupled diving and look at -- -- not where he wind down. They were -- they were on on. A vacation obviously -- She she had little creepy. He had that apparently there was a treasure map that he said that -- you know -- the relationship was. Captured here we see it. What is an -- -- and we didn't mind the the treasure chest -- anybody else. I don't want to give anything away and you. It good enough to join us. -- lucky couple Josef and that's. So much to get to -- hit number one. Are you worried that that great I mean you are now putting this trained in underwater just so haven't -- this isn't this is a daring idea how did you get that. What the school. The crews -- prisoners that was like resistance -- I was going to -- that it wanted to proposal that was you know get a result entry into and a Kurdish force or. And well we're -- -- the Caribbean -- -- -- and as you but I think so. Neither upset demagogues you would I don't -- in order to sing like a good idea so. How -- how do you secure that ring doesn't added to that it didn't you know blown away or get buried. There was actually a dental floss illustrated that might be easy. That is and you are a lot of what -- -- in your swim -- far I just got. Again that person might -- mom. Before ice does it come on she had no but I will say you actually give -- away under water you're doing Matt. That thing. That thing with -- -- where it's like she's. Trying to election that -- the way that they -- yours you're not just trying to stay underwater what is your reaction -- of all places he actually did it in a place where he couldn't actually say to you. Well. I honestly thought that it was going to be on -- cruise but I'm happy you're didn't feel like -- Earth Day he's really impatient. And so after the first -- I wasn't thinking about it that's all -- because -- -- you'll still managed accent. And then they're underwater they shouldn't -- -- eat your green light. You know and yeah and -- Trenton like that's cool treasure chests. And kept on winning and it Jeff don't eat play down -- unit and it. I thought might trip over his flip burger at a you're getting out -- me. And I'm gonna rain on the map and -- army air. And the hello. Also and I -- you know at least -- the deal. This is what so hauler. Is the kids it is such a big monumental thing to do -- bars but especially as you just mentioned what you were on the him. What you're expecting it and we can't we can't very from our usual routine because this. He's thinking now let's take a walk I doubt -- you -- so. Did -- -- without tiring to some dental flossing your -- even offensive -- brilliance that is brilliant. Prove a lot. I think annual review because -- the -- there's always that concern like the guy doesn't on the Jumbotron like a you know what I actually like this because it's very private and intimate -- -- have big currently have. Flash the conference are designing -- should be an intimate moment how it was being treated it was basically just between the two have you adjusted to Manhattan and the man to raise you my husband nearly that iron my and -- -- hair that was just. -- listen regulation yeah you crazy kids congratulate have you aren't you -- or we time that I have you -- tied the knot or is that yet to be tied. And yet to -- I'm gonna finish school prayer dying. -- pan am all for joining us today it's fantastic that was made -- was us. Because it just. Just about the two of them coming anytime you see these intricate proposals and that it's almost more about -- pomp and circumstance and the theater but it is about the two of them -- a -- special day. It presented to the come -- come -- from them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love the you won't. They think that everybody yes -- -- -- --

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{"id":19215759,"title":"GMA LIVE (05.20.13)","duration":"12:07","description":"Josh and Paula chat with a couple whose scuba trip turned into an underwater marriage proposal.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-052013-19215759","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}