GMA LIVE! (05.23.13)

Cheryl Burke joins Josh, Amy and Sam in discussing the big "DWTS" finale.
12:26 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.23.13)
Yeah. -- Judge you realize it's fair to say that yet it -- Who lives yes it was on fire burning up it was the -- -- Why -- thumb. That happened at 8 o'clock and I see here's that you guys didn't so we had to cast and had been -- today performing a number and they are. -- limo right there Eric Decker landing that was some and you guys didn't this was gonna happen and I however did -- or her salt and it it is actually. -- look to see it on camera -- wanting to be sitting right. Behind -- that -- -- at all and -- and the left has been asked Victoria if she actually dig yourself that was amazing. With -- portion of the death with her towers something it was incredible and -- in the that foot was -- There are lots of how the human -- in different places yet. In opposite it was a great great show that we had hit -- Jason Sudeikis is just one of the -- -- he's I've got -- rooting for he's been. And the -- -- -- and -- -- lot of the movie I wanna see it against my soda and it. Wait can't wait and idea though want to address. The return. Biogen have from Oklahoma. Tell you Sam. It is in those moments where the job is no more difficult but I want to tell yeah. You as a calming authoritative presence. Tell me of the best in the business and we saw it again and I can only imagine having been in Joplin was. And seeing the tweets like this is unlike anything I've ever before I can only imagine last few days. Buy it it's very it's hard you'll never see people in the worst moment in their lives and and we were saying even if you come out -- your tornado shelter. If you look around and you -- your family and you feel blessed that moment it's virtually the last time you feel blessed. For -- months and everything else on Iraq it's not even recognizable I think you know and I know. Covering that and and seeing that it's something that stays with you permanently forever and then and then he added thing here. It was you know you you had kids -- just didn't know what was happening he didn't know how many were in the school because school was getting right -- left out. And Nam and I I'm gonna be honest I I did a lot of folks came over to do interviews a lot of the local TV stations a lot of. Because you know we've we've done a lot of these things and I basically jumped on the bandwagon and -- every. If you are in that area -- got to know what you live with and I'm fine with I know people build their homes there will we look on the coast I would say we Lewis for eight years that we were in tornado position and -- -- come -- you've got to know the dangers that you live with. Every public building. Every every City Hall every county jail every. Every. High school every grade school every public building should have a safe room or shelter. And they should be open to the public not not you know you're saving kids -- -- saving the neighborhood around them to. That you couldn't get -- in five minutes and when you don't make that decision you're making a very very costly decision because it's costing lives -- -- all -- the planning and knowing what you're gonna do win those sirens go off when the warning because -- don't have time to think it now think. You make the wrong decision and and you'll end up in danger so you just have to do. That you have to you have to -- that so much that you go exactly to the -- space right to the southern percentages you know what -- what are the chances this would happen. -- it doesn't -- in -- nine you know what it's tornado Alley can happen again tomorrow so again. Welcome back to thank you date men do you like let's get the public funds working out for the power of good for the power saving -- -- -- shelters and safe rooms built to. However how are you raise the money -- -- -- calm. So on the -- terrific stuff we rolled in the spring we got -- if you've ever wondered. What -- George looked like as graduating seniors we found out today Tory Johnson here. -- I guarantee Laura Steele to find her and knowing you being here workers had not yet again that we web as we urge on the show I -- -- -- Right now log on right now log on right -- The -- go back to -- -- and good looking London I. I don't I think -- -- -- so so his company. Gas and it's so popular person that runs getting ready for their summer travel and he needs some -- ST let's take you where you're dying each bag had -- -- -- just that both. Like the really is like this but also checked luggage little care little teeny -- -- patches. And and anything -- -- normally depending on whatever you choose. The retail price starts at 55 dollars -- -- to 200 what is already a good deal for that. Back at the travel back and it's it's not right carry on -- so slash -- by sixty. -- twenty Bob yeah does and this is literally doesn't get -- -- -- when you go to the -- say when you go to Good Morning America that coming out and you get the link for this particular deal you're gonna see there's a huge resort and -- timing for summertime summer. Child and -- also an extra bargain for the not a -- family in Smithtown Massachusetts because he's already emblazoned with your name -- yeah. I'll do what and you know every time we featured angles and and bracelets on the show you always talk about how you love the million album in the -- you all the got to keep his hold up this year. I want the -- there. Travel this is the worst thing all the travel right -- Now all up to those -- other you know let the machines -- -- -- just put your hands of the extended you can leave it on. Initiatives sort of an arrogant but usually don't worry John I -- -- -- -- I got another friend a stroke. Luckily -- gorgeous yeah. -- And didn't. I think like it's been likes to win at least two years welcome I'm Tom yeah I -- -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Judge Gerald. She get this spirit what I seriously Iraq. The real deal usually he has another for the program. As they can't believe we -- through week five the man yeah she left immediately one left yeah. It was based on a public love for UN feels badly that -- had -- Well let's sorry yeah. -- the -- and I noted it was like what he's that we what I've got to go stand. It if -- had no idea mind you than you are illegal immigrants and that we're gonna -- it. And I'm like I got in the city but I'm not so sure about that yeah. We do try I don't mess -- we have up to show yesterday it was phenomenal show and we -- -- you deal especially -- remarking. They got the part. -- -- -- -- -- I'm good yeah. -- -- you have. And people who really seem to bring out the best in the other end again about the people like TO have never danced -- -- it really seemed especially we saw before finals just a big. They were with the right -- -- what exactly -- everyone had such great chemistry and I mean that final four was within its amazing ending everyone's face ballots grade. -- I mean obviously I can't believe he's what is. What near -- I. Least wanted and in the -- you know what I know why I make -- miss that plane next -- -- I wanna win here is that you got you're making this is well somebody's. -- shirt and glitter shirt on why I wanted to -- yeah. I don't know I think that's perfectly fine car. Well I'm not complaining are you complain I'm asking is there an -- -- -- twelve -- -- -- -- Nobody except my way out but they -- -- Black that's it -- role. You know I think it is based on the freestyle let me I think that might be kinda unfair because that it all the ten weeks everyone just judges you on the -- now. But I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The scores through the year so that you picture right now you have to go all the way through the -- and every -- yeah I grew up. Here's what I want -- -- What can we district -- second and pretend like no one there were there any like relationships became that is -- there -- who was there any mean India and yeah. Yeah whispers the rumors on everything at this this season nothing you don't know how do you think none of these narrow -- -- looking at right. I like your eyes right now got -- You are here though I am here not just -- grace us with. -- could end -- I actually air because of taking part in the great American -- -- to help millions and millions of women out there a lot of colleges. -- now -- because I did try and -- 50000 dollars goes to an amazing charity dress for success. Which really empowers women -- have confidence which is what I'm about. -- and by the way my aunt and you -- -- -- That wouldn't credit even when we -- he really very yeah. Clearly I -- to be yes and Larry -- in Jesse -- -- -- -- like real underwear you can't even see it actually my butt look better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't I and he had a -- along -- nine -- edited -- I am totally -- right could be. Up at sangatte for ordination yanks can go to that great package I love the. That you would use your celebrity to help people because your your career is taking off and we're just now I'm getting the beginning of view. You are gonna have a -- of your own in a heartbeat and all this happened rightfully so. I would love if you would just come do more -- -- I would. We wouldn't. -- avenue -- that I will see adults and opening. Millions of tail gators across America because let me get what you -- -- little -- -- I don't think you're really. Can you just tailgate away all my money. Are you see my life telling those aren't asking you why it's anecdotal I assure you that -- -- they make the -- but let's say. Yeah. Now for big guy that's when there isn't playing college pentagon policy positions and wearing them -- and -- right now and Elena amount. Yes and by the way dancing that -- -- dancing money coming on the Kelly I'm well yeah. Hired if you and I think I'll move that I cannot now move past I stand down at DW yes -- sandy WAS right. Now now do you -- -- you Palin can't you do it my. I need you inside him -- -- DL nearly -- and another fifteen different agenda and we need to dance -- not doing that. -- -- -- -- -- -- I would be made equitable will love it landed a -- -- we're gonna mix it up I have long said. With the sport of baseball and it is a little more hurtling us both take a look high school player in California. -- -- -- -- This Sean Nicholson of Franklin he's coming home to -- -- in his way this is a man. No. -- yeah. At the end of the sandy Texas she and -- barely and it is and this is the one witness. -- that you can't tell what that looked like numbers -- not any. His second dynamite about a month got him or aren't -- Wouldn't -- -- -- -- -- day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They brought in -- 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow we'll see in my.

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