GMA LIVE! (06.18.14)

Gio Benitez and Sara Haines celebrate National Picnic Day with some help from GoPicnic.
13:19 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (06.18.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. Well yeah. What do you food and luckily I took a bath I think we're doesn't everybody that -- -- But the greatest studio today we we had -- -- -- a think like a man doing errands and everyone's getting their pictures and careful to which it probably explain you look wife. Are you taking issue with my -- -- -- -- -- look you went to talk about. -- so FCC had a second earlier today. On on the big show on GMA and you're talking about some metro look at retro look. Not natural -- what did not know. Every year but it's -- so I don't mean flying and took him. -- my child is coming back and we're gonna win of organized limit leader on yet we get a talk with a magnificent even Chan she'll tell us why we're doing it's possible. We -- -- I just liked it so that's why I'm doing this -- robot. Yeah. -- -- -- watching -- we're in trouble. Yeah I you when you're renting the room but that's. I'll make sure you Wear it. -- I also wonder why we have all the fun food out today it international picnic day. So we've got underneath picnic here with some snacks from the opening next. That's different bragging here to choose from you I love that Carroll also veering -- it's like this is probably the proper serving side from. Only -- -- gummy sharks. Everything my child is coming get airlines you remember those -- remember gotten -- are expected to -- if you remember the white shark. With the best. While both were guerrillas remain. And there's not one and I got to -- -- mentally. Okay out of spot for you know that's very proud of it -- yield that's the kind of food you eat crow about being all about -- Wait let's cut it comes from the -- for what is that can help -- -- -- comes from the peak. That's a stretch. But what originally accused -- of those -- their own wine wind dining out. I think that was just -- -- Right ring around here -- YB that he now gulf wanted to keep paying the union mine -- -- And you can read this next -- that out and about what this kid but what are we doing here. -- -- successful hunting expedition it was common for hunters and villages to enjoy an outdoor feast. OK and accurately and what else didn't bring a -- you to bring your own and that but I guess kind of party was expected. Thinking that throws are always here -- my glossing over the line I know anything I just feeling of your entertaining haven't focused on the -- and OK -- the fact that you've -- insurance. Good. I'll get those of you that are indeed carrying your food around there's a new app development that will allow you order pizza through a virtual assistant like -- But -- mean is -- Which is short for Domino's -- something -- Butler the pizza giant has announced the launch of the new voice ordering program for your Smartphone that will feature humanly voice can recognize. Natural speech patterns and deliver a conversational customer service experience. You can you imagine this is gonna turn out at the -- below -- -- with Syria all the time do you now dom is a new hard -- -- pizza. As fast as I can without like any pronunciation of words to see when he comes up at the -- And then the punishment is whoever can check in -- eat the pizza that -- orders. Doesn't have Friday night Alec I'm liking -- heck -- yeah. Couldn't -- all the sounds really cool. It's cool I think it's cool I mean if Eagles -- ordering process for peace fans all over. But we'll see that moment your little. As -- -- here is my biggest problems could back up at did you see on your -- -- Seriously get -- -- -- -- news for you the popular dating site match dot com. -- offering uses a service to be able to find a match. That looks like your facts is -- -- -- -- because I already -- issues when you go -- a break up. Everyone from -- next meet you feel a little like I didn't like it I don't know I don't want another version that's -- so basically you're saying you wouldn't pay for. No they -- -- need to try it out I'm not pain and well check this out it turns out that the price for this is live thousand dollars. And you'll get a full service dating experience that includes facial recognition software using pictures of your acts. Our -- axes to determine if you have type that goes beyond blondes -- -- And died zeroes in on certain facial states and features the five -- will get -- a six month membership that offers this technology as well as. Meetings with your own dating coach that will help you. Figure out you were preferences so why I like the idea that eating coach banging their -- for a -- if I could pick like celebrities like garlic hot speech recognition and I wanna use what you can trick the system. You have about grocers think he'll be honest here would you wanna date people that look like -- -- community might it is one thing but I never thought about it. Yeah like lonely that -- needing someone feeling you're getting over a breakup and -- you -- have -- your exit their -- like expect. I can almost hear all by myself so he -- the -- It's not working I really want you to sell this harder it's not -- -- yeah. I wanna be convinced GO. Would you want to date your your technical the second GMA you have to pull right here we want -- honest opinion if you like we will not like genial. Who wants to see their acts in this and nobody would. We'll bring it for us that -- -- the formats don't come back up their not a bond driving. You know all right knowing that it doesn't really -- what -- -- out yet investigating a crush at the beginning of a single I love man he's not you know -- I met my aunt to mind just not -- wait I wait once. Yeah we had an OK cupid. Phone Booth and it's of the greatest nightmare I -- and I love. And W look like an X. Heck no they all look like versions of something but they're not the same faith but there's a tightly dark hair. Scruffy of them masculine that's only commenting -- Note like if they have the same eyes as he -- that weird you know I really fall short bill you're acting just like -- -- if you could throw your feet -- out of Oregon. I don't like the clean cut I don't think it'll look like you're -- -- and I -- who bought. We know is that. -- a -- -- -- getting better. -- of the Washington Post is reporting a new trend among women of retirement age. Communal living I love -- older Americans are bored with wondering house alone in opting for real light golden girls living situations. While her life -- larger mortgages due to diminished -- patients have all been cited as contributing factors to this -- in living among aging Americans. Web -- like the golden girls network are popping health roommates fight each other and at the site said live life like its golden I love this -- Did you like that people like. What all -- is is getting further damage my parents are now need to at one point -- would've thought they were older and they've got so much. They -- -- yourself like ideally they need younger people around. They can't be in the house -- -- they're really thinking about this. Get lately haven't looked at -- tube in the boutique. -- -- But -- Appear weak to deal -- -- pot for golden girls calls. Great for golden girls and how cool is that -- see your -- Play like -- -- -- the thing we give us a Greek. You're correct any truly deserving there you go. The idea as totally kidding -- social yes I would -- that situation and salute. Like when you're not working or even be more social I didn't have to come to work I would probably be a big huge social butterfly. I'd want to go to stuff really hard. What you want it. I'm not that I'm -- me if I'm not working I'm at home. People. Come behind yeah. -- did dial back. I don't know me -- stuff like that. OK let's get -- -- of the day Kelly yes we got another real live -- and informed -- How about happy feet check out this video from the Toronto zoo in Australia. -- -- -- The thing we're doing for a rule when -- Jeff Burton. A little fun exercise routine he's the penguins on the day -- -- for a fairly happy. But a foot almost book being with almost he's kind of -- little better about it and -- think -- -- -- Tell -- because levels where. Repaid yet a speaking of social where we -- where -- even -- earlier the -- -- -- Lucky Magazine or she is what did this to me. -- -- -- -- Don't don't come on guys didn't have social and that is why he bowed low power and can only happen and I -- Eighties. Throwback Wednesday today hears -- metro -- went. You. -- -- -- -- You can get telephone tell us more about this because I don't think everybody understands just how on Trent Diane what you sniffer on trend may be a little too on trends with. Like six trends don't -- once but I like it -- Back but I do you have trends going on I eighty having like a little a lot of yeah you're an effective she's she's all analytic you have your back we might have to do not know it's okay keep -- -- any time we think he would Wear belts -- -- Fanny -- instead. Your hands -- aimless and it's lavandera. You know what did it goes with the way it works but Fanny packs they're having -- -- and -- got out and this is what she does in this and then your hands and every time. -- didn't -- I love it you're the epitome of dignity right now days it's good that lets get. What's great because you can keep everything. Here cameras great keep talking evil -- here I think I -- him 100 light years and years. Now I know this and now he'll he -- all the -- handmade in America. -- -- -- -- Looks very -- it's having a -- and I wouldn't have set for guys but. -- -- -- working with today -- that is what we're working with and we also -- bucket backs I don't know I think zebra print one -- -- -- the so -- bags are having a total mom and their -- they can range from teeny tiny like this one from czar. This one that's I think 33 dollars from old navy so this is the police say that all the editors -- -- -- we all love our pocket bags. Admit I don't know I think another -- don't know -- the good thing -- -- -- ninety. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only for me what is your favorite summer trend for plus -- gals are actually think jumpsuits that we're wearing right now are great for plus size women. Look for ones with -- your legs what you have the kind of wider while you're like. Where high heel underneath and it just gives you that greatly things like and it -- -- with -- so you're upset. Yeah he's -- very uncomfortable right -- you know he's. There was Subaru and then you -- everything that scares you exactly they think the slight lack Fanny pack. Yeah we do we have another we have another question yes when it offers for numbers don't. How do you but he doesn't think it's from -- -- of its apple Rupert castle rappers tend to kind of -- and short as -- saw on the segment earlier. What I would do is -- -- with this killer heels of just kind of holiday -- like the super bond. And -- big old statement -- that is the strategy when you're wearing a castle rock for -- just. Little bit one dressed up a big statement necklace or big hearings but not both at the same time to pick your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah yeah so that. He not tonight not -- to keep trying to do it yet. His blames it on me that's right what we love it I think they're pulling all seven trends are very I would argue otherwise but that's and I and I only if companies are exactly. Think you so much -- -- here all morning and I think you -- about ten. He threw a temper tantrums. -- -- -- -- -- It's OK -- behind the thing you know much for watching today -- being there. Let me borrow -- Thursday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":24190427,"title":"GMA LIVE! (06.18.14)","duration":"13:19","description":"Gio Benitez and Sara Haines celebrate National Picnic Day with some help from GoPicnic.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-061814-24190427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}