GMA LIVE (06.25.13)

Josh and Sam check in with Lara's day of tennis with Jim Courier and Monica Seles.
17:27 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.25.13)
Thank. -- night. -- Sam just glad handing with the lovely student run radio audience alive fans who got the beat -- to be -- not. I think here's the deal I'm not Wallach a royal guard -- -- -- you are to be motionless. That that's a remarkable -- in the late into the program. Which is why it's it'd be fun all right. This is they -- well until they are committed those two we've not that we're gonna -- sun -- in the park I mean like really sunshine. Think -- heads in the park just writing -- now welcome back -- The size of the year got -- like other days -- take up. In the next few days and the more you take another day out of the amazing thing about the beach Josh and and it definitely different effort you don't understand what you I think one day off a year yes wish I can't remember I the idea I think I think that's -- -- -- which you speak -- here's the deal. The beach is substantially less crowded on Monday. Then it is on Saturday and Sunday and so it's like -- you know it's crazy right now on the weekend and you just need a little time you do. -- time just you know bush thankfully yesterday I got -- -- I got this we are still we were limber up. We're live for the West Coast when Sam sent me this as if to prove. Pushing on that they that was from my buddy Sam -- Josh Howard today yeah how's your day because this is -- this is my dad. I look at all those people you'll notice there's no footprints on that -- non zero also actually get look at this would get a phone as well you'll notice the -- I have got I don't see if action will fall apart there's in my hand there's going to be a battery and and a little microphones people have a new electronic devices Josh funds. -- Eagles -- to me to have this it was. Tamara is used is -- still took an escort to she's done to his wife sister and back again you've heard I had this segment again that she is of course -- -- -- -- -- out and -- -- -- complete. It's Jim might might -- can you hear me. Jim -- -- -- so I will be. I'd tell about good it is to see him once again and to see just a little bit of that clip -- -- -- some element doesn't like a brother. Very very good to see you -- that -- beat -- this year even more about it honking that John loves him I think an adult might be. Coach saw the well I'm man on man and I actually think you -- do. Go ahead -- -- guys. How -- -- -- Nadal loses as coach after this. It's his uncle fired on -- records -- but Josh is the guy for the job at my wedding I would be another op Ed you know I want to ask. I want to -- Monica if you will -- about. Serena Williams and Serena Williams aside from what we're seeing and and and the war of words with Maria. You have Serena Williams is starting to separate herself certainly now -- in that tiny short seas on that shortlist for them for the greatest of all time I want -- What what more did does Monica -- Serena needs to do to burnish that -- Do I -- repeat that entire question. Question Larry it's a five minute I wanted to do you might get tennis players selected arguments if I feel left. But -- -- so. What does -- due to need to get to that level of greatness. Those few women players -- sort of on the cusp of that. What do you think she needs to -- to get the greatest of all time yeah. I think just to stay healthy and -- Enjoying tennis as much as she is on the last few years I think has since he lost in the French Open -- -- the first Stratton likely -- -- They continue Lisa lost twice and here it's really explain how do you feel like she's on -- you really Josh yeah totally yeah Josh nice prediction. Now unbelievable also -- you know we briefly heard Jim on the big show. Talk. Having lost -- but we still others big man's but I want to hear -- -- Murray I mean annually. All of -- Great Britain hopes that. You know -- a break can get it done and this in its gonna fall Andy Murray what does he think the -- chances of the all England. Truly what do you think of any Murray's chances you really think it. I think they got a lot better when ultimately I'm not quite feels to you might not like this is easier to win I don't know why. But today he won the -- -- -- last year so he has confidence on the court. He's also Grand Slam champions of the pressure's not quite what was actually lost the final likened. -- he heard it here first -- money on Murray perhaps LL LL I have a question for you -- a gonna do a reading and I want it done to ensure re back get -- say back everything I read tear right now I don't know I just want now is this like a dream come true for you are you having the best morning ever. Am -- having the best morning ever Sam yeah how could you even I know. I am I'm intense light -- getting paid for it. I mean what's better than that I'm with two of the greats in the game coming up to play and I -- got to slam tennis -- -- I did I get up some of my aggression in the last year's participants say god not Terry Harris unless it doesn't get better than message that you honor. To be with two of the greats on the let them down to -- their boat heading to Wimbledon. Today after they play tennis with anybody wants to come down. HSBC sponsoring this little taste of Wimbledon. On 23 and Broadway anybody invited -- new Yorker on gravel flight Lara tell examine -- -- -- that was there. We can squeeze into the carry -- -- they like to take us you -- you want to -- -- we can we can make it salmon. Sammy just what do squeezing your carry on -- and only if you're in a very short short of what you thought. I'm wearing them now Lara done where I gotta thank you Aaron -- Jim thank you -- it's great. They WTO com I'm -- is under these -- -- very quickly you know it's great to see Monica Seles of course that the a lot of people still remember the the moment where she was -- with -- -- it was horrifying and it really. It interrupted a phenomenal run -- people I think have almost forgotten how great tennis player she was she was one of the all time greats and it was at a level of unparalleled greatness when that happened and was never the same player understandably so but -- -- I mean. You have to shake you up when something like that happened she looks fantastic just another question for you though I'm passenger my go to sports -- yeah all right so I think of tennis is being incredibly civilized but now. You know and tennis players having to kind of maintain that to keep -- sport. Happy civilized in an elegant and classy but now you have to -- the -- taking shots at each other in the press. Talking about their personal lives I mean that I don't think that's good for -- But is it I know I mean you know and it good question because -- -- it's interesting to on the men's side. If there's a critique right now of men's tennis right now because we're seeing some the all time all time greats playing the Roger Federer the rough and adults it's -- All the great players on the men's side are doing some of them. Some of the great gentlemen all live -- and certainly in sport and so you have this. Very -- serial quality especially when these tournaments get to their last weekend and the -- rise and but they're always very. Acknowledging the other player the women's side not so much and I think -- it is. What we're seeing if nothing else is this is this what happens win. In -- Williams when you have a player. Dominating her sport I mean she is. That a level. Weeks we really and worst telling Tiger Woods when he was just. Every time he went out where he was gonna win -- it was he was do you want to take Serena or all give you everybody else and I'll take Serena -- win virtually every time. She is a different. Player she plays mind games and the mind games she -- she's not afraid to say what she's thinking I don't like to see people taking shots about people's personal lives. And that's an unfortunate thing. Is it good for the sport I think casual fans might watch him I think if Bob Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams -- playing the final. Next weekend I think people are -- -- -- you know certainly an under current. You hope they can put it away but again you know we -- saw the same thing until. And it's like a wrestling smackdown well -- I mean a little bit well it's also I think people and you know it's -- imagine Tiger Woods -- that occurs to me a lot of players. We're trying to talk themselves into being as good as tiger during his unparalleled run and eventually they would get out on the course. And it would all fall apart and so you know I think we're seeing that -- we're seeing Maria Sharapova try to talk herself. Up to a level Serena Williams was courage but then let me tell you -- -- we've never seen a woman's player -- -- And we may never again so it's it's good for the sport if nothing else I'm having. The longest. Sports conversation with. We have well okay that well possibly that's true except for when I fight for the remote and you're watching soccer that's. But -- all the legal mind the soccer the -- about it I'm beginning to turn about is -- I'm beginning to enjoy especially the Spanish national. The entire soccer very good this not one barriers not one special that the entire city's big idea do you wanna go prospects for our player today -- play of the day -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To me. -- Channing Tatum your thoughts. -- -- is very -- yeah he was like unlike. We always say I -- -- -- but -- -- great -- Here you got in with a -- the sad you know he's just he is a guy -- -- feels lucky every single day. And I believe he didn't shave they'll preview in the east of that that I that was I thank you for that that we see here this is on the big show that's Joey king -- his daughter and White House down and where you can. They have argued this is the most -- did you see this. I did I thought and it's much better than the hello choreography. The city. Actually -- and I told the American if you look you arm below mentioned -- -- actually make it out. -- -- -- -- Atlanta design that is great job of it played wouldn't love that day. I didn't think we thought about this for the show and I like to have moments for everybody to sort react. There's no moment that this is this aware that this is a weird ones take a look this is in London. You know the double Decker buses the -- take a look okay standing by he needs and they didn't -- bottom lines down violently with shopping. -- -- -- -- -- Go I'll wait a minute that's a little bit unusual. And this is. His name me. Is Stephen. These guys know the dynamo dynamo the magicians even frame and they go out to some actually I got to take a look I can't. He is obviously -- theoretically levitating off the side of a bus. Now will in turn will thought that maybe that's a fake arm that his arms actually tucked inside the will -- -- -- -- well. Well yeah he's not known where he's there is upstairs hallways Nixon yeah so well what do you but still don't think we do not harm the deficit -- what do you think got to be some kind of support going on back. His right arm side it's close and that's sort of a good look -- -- -- some sort of yeah -- I think the only. Book -- it's either that or he's actually -- if you think you if you look really closely you can see two black wires that are attached to birds that are flying simultaneously. Talk about -- so the appearance is that he's actually but actually he's flying he has and that's why there's two very large -- act alike it's true. And he does a double -- -- you never know whenever and as I also want to point out -- tag in internal well. Well you did a great job and play of the day on the big chatted about it. Thank you hash tag but will got 11 -- -- I want it sounded sign now it's not a pounds let executives are going to be the last -- Colorado towns cut. In a very good option to get this guy is this is a beautiful -- -- interview to Bob we've seen them -- kids who tied towels around their necks I. Then turn into. Superheroes. Not again young Clark Kent and and a steal world that if you saw the if you saw that one to remember the wonderful moment when he when we see it and demand a steal museum yeah play I know it all four are now makes that there is nobody who hasn't been a superhero in their backyard take a look. At desk they need accessories however -- -- this weekend would you. And that is where Robin Rosenberg comes -- she started this organization having a little ones and it's called tiny superheroes to provide a superhero -- to children facing illness or disability. Across the country she joins us on Skype today and boy I certainly -- -- portion thereof because it is the -- -- Harris. I can't and I'll -- got round Robin first of all I wanna thank you. Before it for what you do here because you know -- for the able bodied. You know children this is a wonderful thing but. When you make this for the kids really need to -- -- face some struggles some challenges in their lives. You know what what's it like for what's it like for you. To be able to provide something so wonderful yet so some. You know it's changed my life 300 -- they really are extraordinary kids and we feel like we got hired -- -- receiving the blessing in our new relationship strict and very often means. Look at the pictures Robin they're fantastic and I love the lining I love this superhero words I mean you. -- you know way way way way younger and I am but the -- but I remember like when the original like old -- man with Adam west was on. And they had all how. Every time they do that there'd be a little word that would come out of the top of their head and it were they were all of. These words these are all beautiful -- these are so beautifully made such a gorgeous lovely idea of spreading just pride -- I think we looked all kinds of -- what goes into making one of these I mean these are really wonderful quality. You know -- recently my kitchen every -- -- actually plan he but. -- they take they take a lot of time and it's worth every minute you know -- Eight exploded police and over 700 -- since she worried by. You know we're just thrilled -- sent out. So many to power so many kids I am so proud to be in a world where there -- people like you who just think of doing something like this let me ask you if if people at home. Wanna support you and help you. Get out ten million of these things -- -- your fingers are going to be a little sore. But how to how they how they help you do that. Usually right -- -- to get our organization. Been going just familiar looking sir. Funny and on our sanctions for Harris -- you can donate to -- cries. If you know what Cheney secret here you can Summers past they're actually -- -- say some means and -- you do you raise the money. How is the money distributed rob. You know martyr mission intended to fall firstly when power and he can't expressing my parakeet. We know that their tiny superheroes and they know that -- -- to -- -- -- had to keep buying everyone knows. Apart secondly she needs to help them raise awareness a lot of them had very rare diseases -- that had. Less rare diseases. That more people who know about hassles they overcome the more likely -- and -- that I had here. Robin -- I can't thank you enough. Not just behind -- here everything you do it again this tiny -- superheroes dot com. Pluggable for the ego though I do one and why did this start plot why why did you choose to do this. You know -- I. I see over and over again these kids must -- -- -- because I had no planned for this I start on the -- Compete for my -- second birthday and can anyone from my son and my daughter and I -- reading a -- probably regret that I was like oh my cash -- any case. They sent -- actually and it was like opening a Frankie and you're actually high and so in the. With -- -- -- and finally start hugging you now I would never Lego rock. Don't my eyes -- -- -- -- just thank you so much. Part of my day young lady that's part of idea how to. Got them. Thank you thank you thank you can you get club hopper we just let's go let's just -- all -- Hide behind nine notes -- behind Robin -- amazing all for all you tiny superhero -- out here and again it's tiny superheroes dot com. Thank you so much thank you are lovely studio audience that yeah. Thank you -- we'll see you tomorrow -- and we'll see you guys tomorrow on 9 AM eastern daylight until then --

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