GMA LIVE (07.03.13)

Josh, Amy and Sam get a visit from Sherrod Small and hold a mini-hotdog eating contest.
13:45 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.03.13)
We are actually truly really backstage club I am and women I think you are -- -- tell me and it. -- -- -- -- Vanessa Diaz Vanessa nice to -- -- going to -- super Max medium. Ability as nice to see you sir sorry I'm making you talking in my tribe that the only microphone happy hour on welcomes them garner we -- -- just interviewing the audiences. Jive says but here come under him judge wait till I America we just got out there somewhere don't look -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. -- -- Kong them on China. We hear about your energy needs right now. Hi I'm mighty -- with the bush and the oldest hot dogs yeah. My ha -- home. Everybody wants to hello Tom -- I hear you got yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An occasion I'm -- -- -- -- the other haven't done one thing little we didn't know when -- -- appeared regularly -- now I'm finally -- have a great -- America tomorrow. -- -- don't stand off her on the way here just eleven. I'll just come over here. The man hello yeah. -- Traci in the control people aside for yourself up -- Such issue just that blew all at a lot today -- I want you to pull the video would we were in -- -- I didn't win we've not been out of what I think that would have been very clear that -- we saw students. You must stop today yes scam happens -- here's what I've ever real question for anybody. It's. A 105 degrees outside with a hot and identity letting you know -- -- -- right now. -- I would think they are not a lot of -- -- can we see him again let's get these kids. They have let us look at not -- my -- not sweating right now they're not sure everything else all he. Letting -- madness when he didn't want me I know they're not they're getting there because. They're not covered up and I'm comfortable in -- she -- Which they shouldn't even be in -- people sometimes you Wear -- I don't know but they should be a flip flops right now that's what Jody Gerut ED patent leather banquet are still -- only to violate you know they're -- Patent leather would be shiny like tap shoes. Good and well I had. I was advised did you -- -- I brought well and I'm gonna let all the opportunity to fight back after I come -- -- up from 700 night. Godmother -- I was not a picture of their regulars -- tap dancer on his way to -- their their regular their regular issues where Scott and I think a lot of people putting us. Not been dodging dinosaurs -- a lot of guys do this and not all of us have excessive sweating my plan we should go out on the street and see how many men walk around in Washington -- Good luck. We only have -- A day you have yeah. I'm -- -- him OK got. Well look you're wearing flip -- you're seeing that's what I would do you sir have what the have to talk on underneath the -- -- you know. Right OK that's all right anybody else who else who Jesse I don't get that here in the fold socks and the high top. I can't do that I really I mean I would be really everything would be soaking wet and guys. Who knows what's underneath there right. I just wanna say. Again at any time we have members of military join us it's always very very special and. He's like today up and -- -- close to -- half thank you for the country really appreciate it honestly and frustration. Com what was your favorite part of Saturday what what got -- -- Oh hi welcome other than the woman who decided to take the inflatable. Kayak. Into yeah. Alligator rich Florida Everglades what could possibly go wrong all right I would like to say that we are not generally a shell of its judgment. Now but we may be judging this morning and -- -- helped out. -- that she's fine now she's like she's actually fine but we may be judging because she she knows that she's gonna go kayaking in an alligator infested area. Known as the Everglades. I mean it's kind of like what's fair and so she chooses. -- an inflatable raft. Of course one of the alligators takes a chunk out of it. Now what's what's what's pair allegedly frightening about this is in that moment when you realize -- can't made a bad decision. What am I gotta do it and now my life's in danger because it's true she's on the phone going I really am gonna need some help because -- two -- staring me down and my boat sank. OK so that's not the right time to kind of like judge but now that she's out of the water I -- everything's Ryan. Now it's fair game because it metal boat people if you're going to the Everglades please just. -- and one that can you know move quicker than the alligators yeah. Because as we -- discussing earlier with the alligators. Why in the evolutionary. Olympics -- they won they aren't dinosaurs -- somehow made it okay. They -- they know what they're -- you go into their environment so no inflatable rafts are no longer -- read off of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We wanted to make the plays -- where -- inflatable rafts are probably not appropriate. Carl shock and and water coral reefs straight white yeah yeah I would probably probably. -- and I just I just cut my leg let's go swimming right yeah. Noted that as well let's. I would say that a cut -- little apoplectic with that we get to -- news that we should let how about the -- -- you guys at his ally of the U apoplectic is that Canada's. Certain thing well it is now because -- see where her hand is right now that that extended arm has a finger on the button and in my she's going. -- -- -- He's if you wanna do that Amy has -- the day but would not happen again zealots can't wait for that -- here we got time for a little pop Baxter ladies and gentlemen and to celebrate independence an excellent job over here are waiting we're to like me have been. Mergers hurt and I can't tell me that there look at -- Mural of George. It is wrong kind of I'm probably a couple of -- George want you can tell -- All the sticky notes -- attached to each -- What positions that you -- to the -- window downtown West Palm Beach public library the sticking out masterpiece took weeks to complete. And as the first of several patriotic murals. They're being assembled in sticky notes for the town's fourth of July celebration tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- Because -- I can't really. Yeah I know that okay if that's going to -- you win that's beautiful accidentally that's when you win you -- -- think. Plus George. Washington. -- -- and Lincoln Lincoln. -- you I know you -- -- that was enough. I'll -- with you. George Washington. We. They aren't you -- -- Star. Statue of liberty remember I'm do you remember when these -- notes just used to be yellow PM. Do you remember how you act like -- -- we called hash tag Townsend don't know that abstinence only didn't prevent them it was a pounds on. You pretty impressed how big press pass on that -- that. Wait on the phone they had the press button phone was pressed the -- your right. You're right. My house and country that it. Look at that point it's true yeah that was at the -- for the majority of your life it was -- Why do we have to what was it like -- the road. I did have a rotary phones I didn't even you email I knew it. You look at her that's in the other room he could -- -- yeah. That -- -- -- watch them because I was busy. Snow what he's like. When Alexander Graham Bell -- bell patient Ron what do you want to see what he's -- -- -- yeah. My -- -- to announce -- -- and auto he's giving up doll I got fed up today. The military -- if -- may. Okay. -- -- -- -- The could have bubbly hot Mike -- from the he needs -- yeah. -- -- He knew it was okay and a blanket pigs and I swear to -- Poland or nice to see it is different -- the can't yes he absolutely. And probably want back I come back here about the the gun to Bagram this without buying one of these that and I immediately after it didn't happen the -- the -- -- -- better when he -- -- -- a little cheesy -- Cartagena and hands. Whatever this is genius camp you're in their opening its contest and that we need contestants -- have not yet. Go go go don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm and asked -- to you that we coast to seven the I don't really. President of yeah. And then yeah yeah yeah. Sure there's some good news you can you'll finish at least third so that's. I'm do we have is that -- put some time. -- -- we're -- o'clock we're gonna put some time the F sixteen seconds and what you have in front of you -- But these are anti hands many -- -- dog who just wants these. We figured hey tomorrow as the fourth of July everyone knows about Nathan's Famous -- W competition right until we have a competition of our own yes -- already -- that helped. And we know hundred are we ready. Audience 060 secondly -- Army men are you ready at that moment. -- Chirac's visit go to. A couple of these things. A lot easier to do great job -- -- remark yeah. Yeah it's. Go and -- are better off. All right. That's good -- here in the middle. -- -- about that one. They know about it. -- -- That's that a little code. -- Now Bailey who go I don't know. I don't know world headed our dinner and then finally yeah Aaron I have a neighbor India a heated tent -- Saturday zero -- Quote bring him to. -- All OK -- You're in your name and rank and serial number one every abhors. OK -- I'm sure I'm gonna ask you to. -- could outlook is outlawed their -- but you actually can. That's for sure I don't -- no doubt only be one of confidence they would is this was neck and neck. Here. I gotta be if you're not going to be an -- does not come out Salmonella. On this day. -- -- it tied for first hour right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Second -- Seriously guys thank you very much I didn't know who knew that you are up now that you. You're working on its. A name away from commonly order from comment. Convention part of -- tossed them in my mind that's awesome. And and you immediately yet and that's -- I'm LTV eight months -- by the U. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh god offensive rebounds and -- do -- again so we're talking. -- -- Just really easily DN -- withdrawal -- that many pretzel -- are many pets dogs in a blanket whatever in my column whatever archery and they're delicious thanks very much. -- we want to thank you guys for your service and for him. -- a lot of -- that would impressive guy and we want dangling you for joining us today no. We will see you Friday. The man. -- -- -- It's okay.

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