GMA LIVE (07.15.13)

Linsey Davis, Josh Elliott, Sam Champion on the return of Twinkies, possible new Alphabet letter.
16:54 | 07/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.15.13)
-- -- And we are here to talk about GMA live -- Michelle after DNA. Where everyone who's on the shelves and apparently some people who are -- Eyewitness sometimes -- -- so young sir what's your name IAI out of the broadcast -- Los Angeles. I was just first time you don't like I want to I was hoping -- I was hoping to there was going to be here today I'm getting all that started supplying -- Mom I was gone -- -- few days it's gonna -- I have heard lazy yeah. I I just tell your little -- of my friend of the show is not the same that I hope that's not true. It's still called Good Morning America it's a rollicking thrill ride. All it needs -- Sam Champion. Foley not certain is Sam Champion now are definitely -- from the -- got it's going to be about it was I will say it. I don't want you to take this personally Sam mud that was phenomenal. If only for a little -- -- tells a trip I went to I was I was over in Europe I was not just -- economic get a little tissue to cereals that -- It will first -- with what this. Sam can you explain what this is because it's -- it's it feels that its iron like 110 degrees a little mama I wanna thank the ball. The audience today although some of you I know. I'm getting -- -- there have been in central -- -- the central -- warning alarm and a lot of guys are being outside. He's so much for being here it is it's it's fantastic Bob like torture. In order hopefully for a little bit of payoff but I hope you guys had a lot of fun you know. It's instinctive -- everybody if people ask and ask it what's it like what's it like. This is the kind of day that it's like can I assume you -- you know what's an avid -- I'm like what couldn't walk -- -- the hall and there's. George and women's defense attorney -- and that's Miley Cyrus and then there's Ryan Seacrest to market and Mumford and -- how and where Christie what to pick a lot. Hey I just Belmont -- and and Monica in front of the program through. I wanna say this about that -- -- Because frankly I was horrified when -- -- side and I don't believe the world of -- nineteen kiddie beauty pageants and up kind of I don't get -- five. Those that family the love of those people and I don't sound she's a phenomenal around looking out for her kids. Greats of today is kind of what it's like to be on the -- it without fish fish. Visit slate and -- and get ready for his last week it was just human. And then this week it's hot. And payments that we really you know we're really -- what's -- latest assault on then last week it was humid and despondent. Anyway since January -- -- I was as well I thought I did I was I was missing our Josh Elliott. Helmet while what we're showing weather graphics like we're really doing. -- that he -- you don't like velvet that you don't that you -- a big area of high pressure setting -- -- middle of the country but it. But somehow for some of our friends in the southeast -- the -- and Carolinas and Georgia that it has been raining for more than a month. Com they're finally gonna get dry today -- gonna -- heat on this. It's much. Is -- something on on the pixelated it because Arkansas is how in force today -- doesn't mean they're obviously. Never saw -- there. And the whole thing. The razorbacks again and attendants also might -- Paul are -- if -- -- and I'll. You're you're you're getting me here -- -- he did and it's not true what he said about you I love you. I'll -- -- big Mike room. Have a representative from the organization. But different mind -- -- who worked with -- ESPN and still does hold them for their heaviest yet that's great work. For the folks in Bridgeport Connecticut. And I had a wonderful opportunity to to meet with the game. And that's what you're here today but I want to tell everybody on the Internet about the organization and how we needed to help this. Called -- services Whitfield is located in Bridgeport the did great work forward charity that organizations all around -- -- Everything from meals on wheels and owners -- now. Helping our guys Internet -- -- it's fine that's. I'm -- -- reading programs. -- hearing impaired. But I got to meet some of the people yeah. Help and it's just a bunch of wonderful stories again halted ball put them up on FaceBook and then that because -- -- -- -- stop its fate of the farm policy. -- -- But I found a crowd that's really true for anyone who's ever been any as PM and -- calls. They -- -- runner he's been let me he's -- -- -- he's he's the one he's he's we was an original and the -- thirty plus years and oh win. He's he's he's a journalistic force that is he does phenomenal work and outside -- great bruising primary night sky player. Much. Cool off from -- while you do that I can take off Todd is an on button buttons on this -- In the meantime we have a linguistic a lesson for our top news accident today in Australian restaurants your name Paul Mathis. Is trying to introduce a 27 letter asks me how eyeball that's how many -- we need one loss. And it would look something like this this new letter would represent the most commonly used word in the dictionary anybody have -- on -- -- yes of course. Well I don't know because the picture shows -- treaties. And I call that -- high brow I'll -- all -- -- Leslie street when you have a letter. Can see what it is concerned we'll tell you what the letter represent weight that they really cable movies. So well I'm just think you're gonna -- that now I get it done. But you're curmudgeon really about an article about it's -- that a letter. Was pinned against the the -- -- ice cream -- Yeah. I think your -- don't like Ohio I was -- -- UK. -- in -- penthouse apartment mr. -- -- Okay. I'm sorry. And one of the -- -- marriage. You. Where and when you are mean you don't -- -- -- Does that end of it and here's -- -- out to reel here's. This dude and the kind of scary I was cracking a weak -- -- the most visited every minute of everybody in my life my break and here's the deal means -- want a nice. Peaceful quiet afternoon. In the yard right you know the sprinklers going -- -- she can't let them uniformity and there's -- -- -- existence of a long more. They -- a laughing child a splash in a pool and then all of a sudden. This is no longer like -- cute -- this electronic. Music that drives down the road on a loop and never saw -- is one of them it. No actually I don't check in well trust me America America took me out. His -- -- you all I -- painting -- so now you're you're you win just a little. -- -- Beautiful -- you just donated hours. Mr. Rockwell. -- first the law -- -- grass and all. Iraq and a little kids splashing -- you hate. Little children you. I've seen you -- do you scream like it's going out of style -- -- little. Go -- and so. Senators and house them exotic. Here is at and chip I can't imagine that giant hats and don't know economy and yet. Trust me America -- -- last week I had a field all know you are just horrible now mind. -- know I'm a little crazy isn't it odd guy America's guy specific -- it -- like this doesn't it was another. Anyway that's remarkable young hello -- as that of all things but -- Shark NATO you -- certain you know yeah again I was -- -- Other than the Wimbledon men's violence is amazing. I'd -- -- its outlook to Twitter once -- -- just to see if everybody's tweeting about something it's a everybody tweeted about one thing last week. -- I don't know every single I got all like a thousand people I think 90% of them had dropped -- shot near -- -- what. What what happened while I was gone and how many people were -- how many years olds were lost in the terrible -- -- -- lots that I am with anybody but nobody -- nobody I don't admit it now anybody in the studio. Anybody body don't want anybody -- did not real did you really do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their personal command well I want you joke she she -- distances it but I didn't brush my -- come on let's not. An -- will come on but I still you never know what we're gonna get your name is faintly hear your from Arkansas. Your thoughts on -- -- And had and the government -- -- did you describe what it was. Yeah Africa has happened. -- had -- -- I don't well I'm. Did did you see. I will tell us about -- Well it's basically some pressure system -- -- probably tell you about located. -- -- It isn't meteorological however. Sports so there's a tornado on the notion that picks up sharks. That it moves over what have. But it drops looked out onto the poor masses I haven't. And there's one guy played by Ian Ziering who -- it chainsaw and the -- I insert. Excuse me always these -- doing the Chippendale Tribune Vegas right now. That's -- that this show -- To me what has happened my Adeline outlines area that is an -- and so he'd like this one scene with a shark comes down on him from upon the sky and he jumps through him with a tornado with a chainsaw in the tornado in the comes up that is. It was a scary. Yeah. I'm glad I think every kind of -- -- your scariest movie you've ever seen. Here is very scary is that he's seen some of exams early home video wow -- What I can tell you about this is that we're 5000 -- what was -- a minute but something like that. At its peak. Within 2500. -- up out tweeting the -- wedding episode. He moved lounge. Okay American we have -- help and apparently that's totally the deal is even though you know what is it. Well the it was lawyers everyone was mocking it -- I mean why did you watch it. She's I heard that it was a shark NATO doesn't Odyssey. As our NATO attempting tell you they're extremely rare air as someone asked me because this really have a much well it was a little. Slightly over the top let me read that we have reports of you know tornadoes picking up upon all -- frauds -- -- and dropping and still don't -- -- this. Florida credit didn't let go get it hadn't -- at one in 1952. Did pick up an entire group of sharks problem on -- small town. But no one's talking about it until the mill and lived to tell -- -- until February total job I'm sorry you grieve and I it's not my fault that he blamed it on me. -- very much. -- -- -- -- -- -- Minutes we'll read weddings. Look at where they actually -- the death. You know -- -- I obviously has -- disease control and an. I don't I don't want it still engaged yeah doesn't -- on the -- that morning we're on the final count. At least sixty days we sixty. Six it's Friday why hall when I was at a one question how -- -- was right now -- -- plan they're great. Well look at it went off and she's did you tell them yet that you're not having a traditional reception but a drum circle. Kerry now awaits the axles their ability to complete -- commitment okay it lives as a newlywed. Actually one of the two news. -- what 65 days out. Where where where you. I think hill and I talk to -- salute them -- in -- whatever kind of advice I couldn't. Everything was pretty much locked and ready to go home. Especially right would you say. Everything should be locked you should be just kind of on the set back. And there's a lot of people that are complaining you're just waiting to hear your final. Count because people are not getting -- ars -- -- and I will say until this happens you I don't know about you. I never sent and -- -- beat anyone and everyone I wanna apologize because I now you understand right I never understood until you -- something like a wedding. How important it is. Folks are -- -- your finger down like. There are so hot so guilty I never done and -- call on right identifies how many me maybe 65 days out your calling going. Did you get are you coming. We should also mention and it's twinkies they're -- -- they returned. I was told today that apparently they have a shelf life of 45 it is so these would probably be here for all I -- back. -- if by 45 days they mean 45 years then yes they have a shelf life of 45 days. But did he Scotland this morning during the show. As we honor the return of of -- -- and it the iconic. I was just change. And she said that what you say to me. -- -- Is that it hit a new low because they ask Stuart outfit today and I said -- because I have a bar and I have -- By the way here is to -- finding her. That create doubt. I don't kid and not. The -- who's been wearing all morning long period of you look at your mind. Employees actually -- -- would benefit is that -- you asked -- question if -- let me ask ourselves now every week usually out of Baghdad how much do we pay. Not -- And I'll have been. If you watch this show particularly on Friday he's he's he's. Become incredibly important. Yes he is hard to miss out of context here if you -- It's actually I don't think I have ever seen on a Friday just wait until this Friday look for the guy no single right that's -- okay. What -- -- the day to end what this spring and it's. -- there -- just look at and this is Bachmann and turn. And that's a -- my. But it's fun we'll break down. I think you're played drums that's kind of fall off. What -- but there -- more questions than answers. It's like a new standard for air guitar moment when you don't let me let me mention. Violence and she's not just pretty she's Smart. And by the -- in the med -- should -- charts right now so keep your feet on the ground and we'll into the -- -- witnesses everything -- -- That is very impressively here and investors' -- -- you didn't think this -- freaking believable yeah she's she's one of the one. She's one of the ribbon gymnastics right folks. And she did that shot. -- you can watch one foot never. Oh well there's another one where one foot never really where's your pitches yeah where she pitches right I gotta tell you that -- we've got to present. That's an I have that is impressive but -- up continuous abstinence and there. That's amazing so to sum up. Possibly back -- it is fantastic to see very -- And Sam and space is like my friends again. -- state of Arkansas with -- today. State of Tennessee duly represented the -- -- at mid day among other programs and down and Alabama. Yeah Ohio yeah. -- -- -- -- Awesome and it's a union we have have a union at that these days it's great seeing you Richie. You are you've remained the man and and others -- All right thank you. 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow.

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