GMA LIVE (07.22.13)

Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer on Kate Middleton's labor and the wait for the royal baby.
16:16 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.22.13)
I think Jim -- and then. We got with a bang on my exciting yes. -- -- also be resolved and sounds celebrity he heads above songstress impersonator -- -- it. Ninety voices everybody in the catalog and I bullet -- sometime. I was you're not sure what to expect blew it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well I didn't I didn't -- if I -- like I was -- -- that's interesting -- -- this performer. From biggest on the -- she didn't you won't get. Did you wish you should you -- should secure our sister was amazing he's -- good to shaky shaky and then she'd closed out with -- Dolly Parton. May Harken back to nine -- -- -- that which we do sort of -- and I although it when we woke up. This -- admittedly I went to bed before we got the news -- -- we are in. Royal baby watch so yes critical mass right now yeah as if it didn't really we're there -- -- with Katie accidentally push hasn't -- the globe and -- now. Everybody widened to three action and then get that baby out there -- There are no word -- assembled in London right now -- less. Then I mean -- it. Not to say it's not a wonderful auspicious moment I by the way have a backpack and -- probably going to do regarding the got to get the showdown because you are gonna hand 35000 feet over Newfoundland yeah -- now -- first I'm enjoying some. And Kate will cheat yes there are around personal filthy so as not. This -- this is this is legitimately discussed this -- this is pleased analysts until this is Luna who created this -- that's what I was asking. Whole foods is providing -- she's okay so it's like why did have to have a royal cheese it hasn't brought. I have to let you know what this is actually -- -- lot about this show is a reality and we can taking contrary viewpoint. I was pretty sure we settle this whole thing a couple hundred years ago I give it I'd give it like I get that most of us are excited by the fairy tale of a royal. I L eleven I'm really excited opposition leaves little babies and nobody -- and I and -- connection between a baby and she is I don't either. -- -- you know we could ask. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- your aunt who was in paradise. Island behind these are becoming milk but if you watch the weather on the big show today he was reporting live from the -- I'm pretty sure he's -- doing -- from the moon or he did it on Friday we're not sure yeah. Our did not -- robber picked up. -- did she -- someone will be dry. Elsewhere -- there will be meanwhile heat monsoonal moisture and colds. We have at all here that was a terrific he's missed BS energy idea to go dive with sharks of his it would diving into this again we are and we have royal contractions right now we have well contraction happening you'll probably means you want to princess of Cambridge yes that's exciting time is it. I'm excited are you -- which shows you that you control of the hands of that you're truly excited right. And I want to save -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know because I I just -- -- and. You you are so you're not important to not write this and I think it's. Early exit the future king or queen they're really beautiful couple as and as our friend Larry Hackett from people my -- today. We as Americans get all the benefits of enjoying royalty but without any of those sort of cynicism or taxes -- all the things -- brits have in the past sometimes. Had issues -- well let's -- you know we fought a war and we want. So we don't actually have to -- we don't have them in glad we just enjoyed a whole history and pomp and circumstance and nobody doesn't like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Still eggs you wanna hear about some -- and -- pointless -- this this is the great she does she -- research the -- of. Not -- -- -- sending a London witness and there's really it's so that they're out there accompanied to the hospital by each of their private secretaries right I'll head. Is one of the less all the neighborhoods might have favorite name Miguel having -- -- and then on what will happen is after the baby is born then somebody will -- note from the hospital. I drive it. Escorted to the -- and it will be put upon an -- just be on the gate so that the people who are waiting there can go and read the. Time of birth. The sex of the child and the weight of -- child and if they want to add anything else when William was born it's sad that I'm he has blue eyes and -- the last week. Jiving so -- British police chief -- and other adjectives and power the vote was one. We may never we may not know we we will eventually it will mean -- in the name of the child for quite a few days he -- -- -- -- -- sorry. Diana waited a week and and the queen waited a month. Before announcing the name Charles -- Patrick Jefferson on today he was the chief of staff there after the boys were born four Princess Diana and I got to -- it was -- to hear him say it plainly. They have would you lie and cheat the royal mail -- -- -- that's what a lovely artist -- Tom had not cut -- -- -- constitutional. -- -- -- -- Until it got up at least you didn't adding that they did you had 905 in the office -- you where I didn't -- Yeah. We how long were you sitting on I. I want and I would not be embarrassed -- -- that night. You know and -- you know I'm not you know I -- I loved my job but I did not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By the way do you want to we get to get these are. They were confirmed America's best children they weren't oh my hot and the Omaha Nebraska it's going to the bathroom. These are four of the four of five of America's best children's. -- -- You wonderful studio audience at the central valley represented yeah -- from the -- everybody that's probably thanks for being here that talks are on our little show up and out. His optimism -- the greatest should be you're gonna share a birthday with the loser was a teacher you might. Should you will forever be reduced -- and you but that's -- -- you know special person. It's just that she's it's fast that -- double play of the day saw this Cuba over the weekend this is a way to beat the heat if he had view and -- -- -- hanging out. A ten man. Tell you that a pool Figueroa -- Down the -- Yeah. Not take a lot of coordination yeah a lot of free time. Would kill -- free time like that in the summer remember when that was like the -- accomplishment pianists. Gosh. They do I do not planning meeting we're coming through the it's -- reminder of the seriously what are they draw lots -- So that's very that's here -- at -- little extra play extra today visiting I can play today and I couldn't breathe Helen -- three. Credit that yeah I wanted to. Denise left -- will rock the controller -- header off Iraq before we get -- this can leave return. -- arguably it's a top three -- moment. -- -- we I want to we see it's it rocks I want to get to get the dog. Thanks for the all -- review his death don't they refuse and we actually mention buttons on the big show we mentioned that. Yeah areas it was a case of what it didn't. Lara brought this to us today about news gays marry how we got very everybody wants it taken down next not separate this method is not going to -- -- -- -- not -- -- -- there is no way it's happening. And I can I can speak he can stand here a law let me tell you that video it's like seven minutes that double not to get caught. Hey let me briefly mentioned Sam since there to defend himself said I I looked across cable I was cracking up but I think judge did not remind you saying I'm. Your birthday party can you had us up to the to leafy Connecticut -- and we had a lovely time. It might have gone late let's just say that and Sam might have been in. Placing your home that he didn't want to be you and I were trying to move Sam and Sam may or may not have. Barricaded himself in a door -- That honestly short of a tank you we're not moving him look like that on the look like that. And honestly. Did did did did -- real tragic situation as we did not record now in the I can't get an extra was so funny you like a cat disappeared -- on a door for -- -- -- later tonight around it's his -- your son was in the room -- -- trying to push him through -- he said that an idea -- I didn't want -- to see Uncle Sam like. USA. Had. But we're gonna find that he had delegates that this was great that was -- honestly I couldn't collect myself. This at the north Georgia had tears of the movie that was the -- -- data storage cried I think I have I have done my job was -- and seniors are having today. -- remember Cody the dog I know I'll never forget and. -- This is what. Yeah CMA very -- Today now we need tell you run for his money it's apparently. Tall order -- are you sure. This is a baby husky. With a musical -- Yeah. Okay. Are doing. Pet. -- my day -- pzena pzena. We celebrate the upcoming -- -- the future. King queen and -- it does give them how that's -- seriously. We're gonna close with a and it's -- phenomenal so this is great. Serving overseas and that -- staff Sargent Kevin marine. -- -- Bailey -- -- seven month old pop but went. Kevin returned stateside he had to say goodbye. But to the puppy -- -- or so we thought and then. Thanks to two organizations save a pet animal rescue and guardians of rest -- they raise money they brought daily stateside and take a look. Reunite. On the fourth the job here. -- -- -- -- -- -- Crawl inside. This is all part of a project called nobody left behind. That's terrific and we are now -- five staff Sargent Kevin Brady. He -- guy Kevin first I want to thank you for your service. We we depend on folks like you and thank you so much for doing what you've done. What was. What was it what was it like to see Bailey again and. I was also an issue belittled his home I was overseas they got to come back so mean. -- -- -- -- bases and I think that's not. That looked like he wanted to crawl inside and each other's bodies at. What's happening first meet Bailey how -- -- hadn't pairing come to pass. Men executed -- -- -- -- barely unity walk she meanwhile brown Ross is pretty unstable and but so much of those solutions triggers are careful work and -- just razor sported exclude from their show on table scraps its. -- have gone through what she's so why she's downtown well -- six. Kevin why was she so set pushing -- starving. -- just six used to publish our allies -- she's just a little. So now she's pulling and I and guys are really works pretty -- country there. And -- parents to care for her she would have this front of the -- along. You know Kevin what we. On the show a couple of weeks ago they got it delivered a million slices of pizza and you talk so much about just that tiny I mean literally a slice of pizza it's it's it's a piece a home. That over there was so important what it mean for you when your unit. To have a dog -- end to have this. This game primal relationship that we all -- -- remember from our youth it's just -- part of growing up what was it like that happen to have -- you guys. Com. These is resilient and you're back on -- when -- comeback from from doing stuff that. Yup there's little -- there are so excited seizures and -- clues to what's going on around June you know. Let's say you know for the people she -- it was it was night and we'll see. -- figure -- that violence. Regardless there might do in -- home. We mentioned it's part of a project called nobody left behind so how does it work and how we all help. -- -- easy want to go online it's amazing finish now better. Days go online -- -- links on there too up close. Your individual soldiers as well you can don't need to -- -- -- is I think -- refer to sometimes. Com but just check out guardians -- rescued there's also another organization are actually overseas that helps the -- -- the dog. Com into channel there and then from there over to the US or to home. Appropriate countries and a call now -- and -- WZAG. And there reorganization that Malone regarding the rescue mom can always use whether come from donations. Momentarily. Volunteers or even students. And medical supplies. That's awesome again. Seven it's so I could watch that you want -- -- union hall all day Lara you cannot adopt that dog I got I had already. I don't even want to got all -- have capped -- 52. -- Seriously again we want to thank you and yours for your service Kevin cannot thank you enough and how fitting to be reunited on the fourth of July -- home with you little buddy thank you so much for joining us -- great information this -- I can't forget. That was that dot com -- -- OW ZAD dot com and guardians of rescue. Lots of pets in the purview today. Agreed that it thank you so much thanks everybody idiotic. -- like having all day long we're all standing by. Giving you the very latest on the burn rule will need royal contractions under way. At least. Thank you cannot write your -- 9 AM eastern daylight see you tomorrow.

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