GMA LIVE (07.30.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara celebrate National Cheesecake Day and chat with a creative dress-maker.
16:31 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.30.13)
Do all it. Go to colleges residents. -- your money more and more of your favorite morning program more and more and more. -- we get a look at some business out of the way. -- -- -- -- That's yes let me -- then you're telling us all about the -- the heat yeah most of they'll know Josh actually didn't get a chance to. Because the there are known whether it's so Sam hasn't -- is he has in the past we've seen him use people body part right. As as an area of the country don't -- that. All of definitely go to Google -- -- definitely. -- not. Challenger ride out of shot to open up referred Google that -- -- there's also the daily news and was drawing on his is tell you are widely. Huge -- coming -- like there's a big -- -- known for heading through it looked like something no I didn't. It was it was I was outside. It was -- -- I believe that someone -- -- -- -- champion we're just adding that -- -- week. Until it towed their -- Case you'd think you did bad things to can't please do best -- ask you can't let this Kansas had -- had a -- of body for it all again. Again I did not just wrong and that is today that it has sentiments here's the weather and the naked they're not that. -- -- -- And I'm totally guilty totally me I totally got what -- was going on in San I don't know it was like hey here's what's happening here whether they're willing to I don't really again this is my excuse that. I thought about it long and hard and and but this is much here -- how we thought about it. -- -- -- -- earlier on I can't. Old you know we did talk like this as usual like -- I'm nation becomes an -- and -- nation now which -- which requires you to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To drop in the pasture to scale I mean I -- -- you look -- well. You can see inherent volatility in. And you can't you know whether that is the closely United States' rights and Sam was so use this to you -- I was running what is best that if that's -- -- then -- Seattle is go to -- then we superimpose the -- you -- -- -- -- So that's exit and that's -- -- -- and I was gonna say that's where the Mississippi exists right there right exactly this anecdotally there. Yes that's Texas already hot -- whereas it's going to be hot yes yes that. Into the southwest continues to be hot you know I think they really like the US looks like a cow. I'm gonna who knew how many keep that went on to thank you -- I'm gonna keep how they got. The maps you were looking for -- I that is exactly. The map I wanted to show you a 106 and whatnot you know why is it we got -- ten -- -- and you actually got -- idea. By the way beautiful outside best India what -- What else is beautiful today blow us all aimed -- wow I never at 59 and a half also shorts then around those Victoria's Secret angels. They already there on human greed and WBZ they're getting. I mean and you know and then we had Christina Ricci on from smirk -- yeah I dare I say if they were both buried together in a volcanic eruption. Like a thousand years from now. They would be evidence that two distinctly different species walk the face of the -- of the same course I just as she -- and -- -- any tiny tiny and then they are. Like -- like I'm I look like -- -- I was looking up I was looking up and you with the wings. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I I'm really guys. It was an honor for the number one do you walk after currently is currently class classless turning issues -- I don't know I just -- -- just happened. If you nobody -- a snow so right there -- as a reason no -- no guards and wings so now I am I am being forced and I and I really not not. Sam Johnson -- instead of -- I do not want -- please tell me he red wings no wings no wings so I'm trying to understand Sam will not recover form. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just look how -- if you know I don't. I don't like -- like gotten in my. It brings me back to when I did the pageant in church. Yeah I could imagine yes -- you wish I during the Manger scene in I was the Angel. And that's what I look like I did not look like a model walking the runway and the legacy seven year old from my imagine you would -- system. You look great thing is look great that's the question -- a terrific job thank you -- nice like that now but now many cheesecake well. This ladies and gentlemen Josh. It is clear enjoying -- we -- dry right now and I just -- junior street which it is. The -- Jerry -- has its national cheesecake day happy national cheesecake. Today is actually cheesecake day. You can actually get a picture just to see what actually happens before the show -- of the top of the cheesecake Josh -- -- -- taking strawberries. All the top recruit never actually getting to the cheesecake Lara is eating from the bottom of the -- takes the only thing I'm left with is the -- -- -- around the top. -- -- -- -- Some guidance. The -- wouldn't let me pick Obama. It is he's -- She's getting is something that originated in. -- -- -- -- -- -- But no it is not ladies and gentlemen. The first Olympic Games there is evidence I'm not sure whether it's historic evidence -- there is evidence that cheesecake was used to fuel. The Olympic athletes. In 776. BC. That first Olympic Games dedicated to the Olympic gods had. Held an Olympia agrees you're right you're really buying and selling qinghai that cheesecake is not just -- -- It's an athletic -- you'll. His annual would you like can -- -- to me enough. Let's let -- Happy national cheesecake not -- -- -- yeah. And you actually had -- -- -- I -- -- and we aren't we did. Who knows what's wrong -- -- -- with Tommy and Tanya and it tomorrow home who knows that's why people want to consume this can never know what national day. -- -- chocolate cheesecake and -- Madonna did you. Yeah he's just the cheesecake I would like to give -- little pop back to work that you've got the cheesecake. We're sorry we're. That's where we are true we are tremendously committed to that -- set aside -- everybody. -- a great time to get lost in club Goer in this. Case to Wear a book. Joyful of the 21 year old actress and have a career created address not she made the entire dress out of -- that's what she did pages from a that's Torres -- spent a few months hot gluing them together. Getting a new. Meaning to the German text. -- -- -- she's joining us -- buys now. From Columbia may your day international adoring. Welcome to the international version GMA life. -- would be for revenue and how did you come up with the idea of using tax from a book to create. Fashion. I I don't know if that would be and I have this idea that. Both are you so -- without Katie either so -- that you get makes them so -- I think. Yet totally agree and I love that you know on -- a big fan of rescuing recycling so I think it's totally -- And I like that just like text and text is beautiful I -- although I will say as somebody I mean I worship at the altar of books and did you have a mean. -- we've given claws tearing pages out of the book to make address. -- -- wouldn't -- seeing a little quiet there Josh Josh is upset that you took. Pages out of about to argue didn't -- you all to rip the pages free from the book and the men to fashion thank you. I do have a response for that I'm I did get a lot of people were saying. You know they had a problem with taking it but -- should be coming out of it. I specifically chose a thesaurus to meet -- good book the dress and the art theater that aren't -- reference well. And what authors you couldn't figure it worked out the -- you create something that and I thought that it would be appropriate that I will be listening tossed -- He'll meet at the story we're -- rates by their heart and soul into -- ripping up I wouldn't. He's my -- I know what are -- -- -- I think doing it for that for a homeland for that is amazing -- Is it comfortable you. Comfortable. It can barely hear you know I'm sorry I'm so -- darkness sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't sell its gorgeous you're designing it. Absolutely it -- it's inspired it's beautiful. A law that would is that the little -- with a flowers I -- bottom Cano is it comfortable where can you mean -- hurt or do you feel like coming here thing it is -- you know five more minutes. It felt their nests in the -- resilience will hold up half. For more than one where. I went form. -- Firm -- flew over the planet I think -- we thought it will not a couple times -- I'm worried -- not gonna last forever now. Some media may be one more aware Aaron many guys in jail that it was safe place for the music podium there really it could easily until it's a want to -- -- -- -- we thank you so -- is on. -- -- -- Share in the and that is our top -- for the day -- thank you have a wonderful that. -- -- In I don't feel like you was -- to answer to -- she was she actually still thought about it. Yeah I was late it's actually what inspired by a lot like his I was I was given what I want you I -- torn apart are -- are one of the few people I know. There is. Very passionate. -- -- books printed literature like that and that you're one of the few people I know that. It would bother you enough to think about asking the question and then she already had answered -- I thought about it that's great. Thank goodness all right we worked that out okay. T shirts apparel you've seen -- optimistic messages. Love is all we need enjoy the ride did. Like -- All everything's curry he Sam's arts. We have a great company life is good and the company applying its universal message to children. In need. Boy who reach for the -- raising almost ten million dollars donating. 10%. Of its net profits. To the cause people life is good Kids Foundation and this is -- let's head on over because we're joined today. By the chief executive optimist. You know I I don't think I like you're sharing like -- Good not and not just as he gets you know you've had to deal and that I have had -- boy isn't that what. You got that both got -- -- right hook yet we do this spring from what me worry you. You wake up when I am. My younger brother and I were on a road trip and we got in conversation about how the media with you guys as an exception. Always focuses on what's wrong with the world rather what's right. So the basic idea was very simple let's see if we can sell something and that. Celebrates what's right with the world and -- got -- and worked. And how it's worked so you until we mentioned 10% -- -- -- of the net profits this has real money it's not on the line item it's not -- some. Budget we'll know the hocus -- 10% of the profits going to the to that the charitable foundation life -- -- Well who's benefiting and and how can we get -- OK so like his good play makers. Steve gross could elaborate on a little bit -- you know -- the panic is all about. Making sure that all kids grow up feeling safe feeling loved and feeling joyful. -- when we got kids to grow up that way in and living their life wide open and they see the world in terms of opportunity. Hand for too many kids this too many obstacles to -- so because of poverty and violence illness they end up closing down. And so the role playmakers they're professionals men women every day to get out -- Salmon making kids like that. And didn't even get involved in so many different ways if you go to like as good dot com. There's a million ways to get involved you can volunteer. We have events like the life is good music festival have Jack Johnson this year we'll have Holland notes and its 30000 people get together. And raise money for kids who really need it. But it's not like a painful process we're out there enjoy live music cabinet cold -- it's family friendly you bring your kids we have -- -- -- and all these other kids Manson. So live like these yeah I am now living in the wrong -- hello yeah come on over to -- brightest -- wrong life. This city has and you -- that gave him a -- optimistic outlook on life founded nearly upended by our viewing -- Hello -- I got better and -- love it. And why I come and they really wanted sample bottle isn't even imagine that might be. How much so Broken -- can volunteer they can buy tickets to the show picking up little fundraisers at home if your kids having a birthday party. We'll support that in some way out of rent your highest selling junk guilt toy or something you -- make a five or ten dollar donation to kids that really need it. We're facilitating that and -- Kevin a backyard barbecue having people over for Monday Night Football. We can facilitate a little something there and be with you let that party one way or another and then together you can teach those kids that. Maybe there are other kids that aren't as lucky as they are instead of just -- of football game or barbecue -- help I -- is that. -- -- And I just you know anything we can UBS kids in the audience today there -- most precious resource -- they are they are our hope they are future and we got to make plays we -- because there is good for them because they're awesome thank you so much you would. You have to wages to miners now that we -- -- play -- delegate lead and the bodies of and we I don't think -- But I think if you got. Boston yankees got a bit unusual -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With that. Just before we lose a lot of equipment. -- while we do we want to thank you for watching thank you studio audience you guys are great and. And we will see you guys 9 AM eastern daylight until then -- tomorrow.

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