'GMA LIVE!' (07.30.14)

The co-owners of Wicked Good Cupcake stop by to celebrate National Cheesecake Day.
14:29 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (07.30.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage at GMA. And. Good -- America right here on Yahoo! you know -- Saxony -- I -- on the -- I don't let actually met but and -- I thought you on the list of coming into the yesterday and I. Snot running around saying -- -- this going to be losing out and hit yet it before and came to town you know -- -- -- -- says it's a worldly. Best in an attic fan but I came on the Huffington young lady yes you did -- -- and no. That it really -- bad habit of course I hear that I miss out I'm really fun opportunity -- yesterday you have a little -- and -- -- state I was trying so hard to keep it down until Miguel was with me. And here comes -- they -- yeah I'm telling the national. Definitely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thankfully environments Atlanta wasn't 100 days I would smile content and hearing and represent that you -- -- out. And I -- out of news I admitted to having many things that probably should not have admitted to him again and yes and then that was -- and he mentioned -- Sound like that would be a dream come true wow and then I was really hyper for about four hours and -- outside and play. Relax at this point illicitly because he's giving away parts of -- -- -- that I. Everyone behind -- you may just get a piece. Yeah yeah. -- and then Friday at -- today is national cheesecake data of course we're going to celebrate we -- a double dose of the delectable dessert today. First one of my favorites they are always such a great company to work with you lies cheesecake yeah. Yeah they can't get up and slammed the -- of all of their hunting thanks tonight -- and this little one -- -- -- -- just come out with the V inversion. Railing right here really seriously because a lot of people on the begin and I -- And you want to of course be able to celebrate with everyone else national cheese and value -- we humanly and we now I guess we should taste that. I mean now that where you might have worked out really -- up there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like she's next -- the top I'm not mad that I'm not mad at Abbott -- highly not a bad. At a whole lot of other but just -- quick so. -- -- is also -- offering free shipping worldwide. Today -- in honor. Of the New York cheesecake day you can get yours -- he likes cheesecake dot com and believe me. Even when they send them they freeze -- the senate anywhere from they taste just as good night and it starts on self Exelixis in the gay Iraqi who manipulated data back channel. -- -- -- that does to our land and yes how Mets. Pitcher figured she take into our -- And it corn caimans. It -- the majority do you keep out of hand as and a little upset -- and -- -- from a week instead test tapes the and well I recently named snow begin -- pleasant and -- -- easy and I can't have headaches at least did talent -- about to make a -- -- That -- strawberry cheesecake he got a -- on her husband up with the concept. Well we came up with the concepts are retiring cracked cupcakes and jazz in the hands pretty much. We figured well why not quite as much as as we came into intact so we have -- came in and Jared now and it's an Emmy it's like a novelty it's like people love to experience something that's unique and then ran right. It what -- -- -- your best sellers. All right now on one of the most popular is that Karen -- turtle cheesecake. He's really good and a strawberry cheesecake and compete in Korea. -- that in favor area. -- -- Yes -- yeah. We sentiments fluency can dig right in when you get some kind of survey of its awaits -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this. -- -- that you want them -- the only. Absolutely we hear so let's have them sit being nationwide until Solomon about this -- -- all over the country and Hank Aaron. We -- -- frozen and we ship them right now has six half. So you can pick out of the southern flavors you can pick six and will have seasonal that we -- -- -- -- tells. There -- really great you can put the lid back on put it away you don't have to commit to the whole thing at once. There are a lot of fun and ask that you think about that you -- isn't easy but it really great that gets too because you can bring in top -- -- -- with a local woman uncles and yeah and well and -- I would want to commit to this this and I think. So I don't think about it back to the bridge that they he got so much -- well thank you. You might well some -- as an extra does not hot news for -- right now. This is to get Clinton -- doesn't love a little -- they'll -- tonight. Long -- on cell appears to be happening in the summer of all Summers they basically like our dream summer he's letting it out Hanson took his family and my desk -- Has been documenting. The Stanley -- K with that has on -- -- and giving us a glimpse inside of their -- holiday. I said why we've learned that they'd gladly make great lemonade actually the first picture was from their lemonade stand and needs they sold out eliminated it was all benefiting at -- -- And we haven't justice charity -- eighty magnet that I had. Of course now we lingered on the -- so long that is scary he levs ignore that he is diamond and there is some sort of maybe -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that. Time and then the families they're celebrating a couple of -- say -- -- -- -- -- -- case. And sent -- -- nice little shot sent out there and doing little cappuccino and you believe on instruments is this Hamlet that matches here. As a few little -- -- -- head and taking to be really enjoying themselves. Nightcap action on multi Italians celebrate himself finally you share that little a little pieces of life and then we can all imagine that we have a place in the Hamptons. Achille living vicariously through a wonderful -- thank you for giving us a glimpse making -- and little brighter. If you do this -- and a little. Not that -- take action Larry yeah the only that there look at you know in during -- cast Amy and I was actually playing this video when she said. That's in the news -- hold on because we just love this video so much it's worth watching again. Five Al -- Had a bit of -- -- because she's realizing that her little brother her baby brother will eventually grow up from and perhaps become less cute. Look at the politics pretty -- from. I hate to Ladd had -- -- Yeah. -- -- Good fat fat fat fat -- evidence. I don't know doesn't inaudible. The yes side. Yeah I mean I don't worry about it -- it that I didn't take providing I'll be like this forever yeah. She just had the compensation. All conversations with her -- does that look at Avis my -- and not that that is really you think and heart -- you know of -- We do you have to grow up unfortunately it's sad news room. And it just thinking he needed a little extra does that keep this to that -- electricity -- -- -- -- peddling at -- a friend that means. Makes my heart pounds that there's little sign that really seem to mind of anyone they grow up. -- that there there. The I think they're both companies are both a -- of -- an elephant and me. And up. -- kind of -- that is most comfortable dogs everywhere and laid out obviously is -- is that -- -- -- -- so happy that we've got videos galore this morning teacher -- still love showing you some really good video we've got. Something that's very touching up next at this clip there is so important to us because some go pro footage is gonna show you Brothers nick and Chris -- Reuniting the children from an orphanage in Cape Town Africa. You gonna see them they're going in and. And it and -- and we're going to be talking. 21 of them here in a moment let's just how it's touching to see how it. Fiat to give -- -- little background initially doesn't want to do last year and monument -- children. Many of them have lost both their parents to aids epidemic and they're losing to -- -- again. And and their reactions are just something so special. So touching and having actually had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and our -- -- there from. It's sex and special place -- notice sent -- special place played aspects of you know sadness inside that these people -- -- in travel. And bring them a little. -- and hope that it wouldn't. On the whole thing is just inspiring south -- wanna say hello to Chris got who his -- there have joining us via Skype. Talking about some of them and other work that you're doing right -- and you're going back overs in. Yeah we'll be heading back -- there in about a week now. -- -- cellular initially got involved adding that we weren't learning that the woman who runs this particular orphanage is extra special. Yeah shooter. You know she's likable it's -- little extra -- and so what I did you guys initially sent to do this. You know -- did. For me its luster case. He didn't plan on -- out there this is visiting. Lets you know you're -- plus the Mexican name there. I think -- you didn't think any other -- not stand. Well and it. It's interesting at crest because we've seen with these go pro cameras. But he isn't -- sheets with GMA that we also see them -- and translate extreme sports on television press is reviewing it is a different PO VNN has. Point you. But she doesn't use in such a unique way and so with that being said what has the response been like. And incorporating -- -- in this capacity. I mean -- -- company is slow in his view you're. You know as heroic as is served finger based on that it. I think they're better than he's not getting enough that first person perspective it's incredible journalists have -- chairman of the split actually. So light and from the year that you would ever afford to what -- -- now what was the most striking changes at the orphanage. Let -- base itself if it's great if we used to -- You know it was kind of shocking. Just the conditions. Now. You know there's still a lot of efforts done at the very pleased that children are -- feet thick air pollutants. So -- -- in its space sooner -- and coming up. So it can you tell us can you tell us the meaning behind your organization's name and hopefully I get -- -- in Siegel a well. That's -- what does that what is the meaning behind that. Yeah that's the first bird didn't -- it's also in Maine the -- that they gave it. You can -- person. -- -- And so now it's that it's the perfect into the substance another blessing for us and Angela because you who has been around the world. And -- -- you're taking people to South Africa to experience as many as ten will never had the opportunity to invest so. How are you hoping in addition to that allowing people to travel there. And how do you hope that this video in your organization. Can create a larger impacts. Globe there it's just that he awareness -- -- in donations. To help fund raiser for her slit count myself. And redundant phrase it's the oldest -- That's and congratulate have been wonderful -- -- you tell us where people can go to help to donate your organization. So they -- -- -- blue slash C they look. Go to our website secret -- up -- And they can also since -- start -- you test scores it. It's important you were a woman who -- -- and -- property -- its credit card or debit card. Thank you Chris that I am buddy David here and he does not -- -- up with this there are intern yesterday who made himself sick and one hour. Blood challenge. You're fine post but but but he's here and that's his went. It with you both of -- bugs that's -- it's it's nice to see you next yes do all the cute videos -- this was important to you as well. -- I was -- business and its market this orphanage to orphanage from outside of run Cape -- And Annette nick and his brother Chris and it's just great to see it. All the -- they've -- -- -- -- amazing job to you repeat that -- -- people that donate just in case that incumbent on us that -- and seek a live dot org three condone or donating and others if there's various ways to donate and whichever way is best for you please do all he -- to grace us. All right thank Jim Henson's thank you all of you for being there what do you do it. -- -- We're yeah. Yeah.

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