GMA LIVE! (08.12.13)

Josh, Sam and Ginger get a visit from two young girls who designed their own Mars rover.
12:22 | 08/12/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (08.12.13)
Okay. -- back. Backstage. Or actually on the stage -- where we were just -- -- -- my dad always great to get skinny. My mom I don't I need to know snow and it looks like that's the -- -- -- -- Huntington hosting business. So Mike listen. And I'm not saying this if -- love love love the grade algebra and if he ever decides to hang -- -- If there's ever any way that I could perhaps. Just give jeopardy -- -- -- -- -- Rick -- and I are -- -- fantasy is that we -- whenever that day -- that they're no longer -- you -- we want them there apparently and not exactly salmon I would like to -- out like it's. I think in most cities it's like at 7 o'clock hour so we can still being gathered -- United Airlines still are good evening America will give you my evening -- -- I could happen in America on the side -- what. Yeah. And speaking of love sting of -- which any award winning bans. Little big town and update our theme song for good afternoon America -- country music in the -- these days because of DC -- -- festival. We had the pleasure of having Carrie Underwood Collins today killing for -- -- it was -- She is sounding -- and at first Melissa we do work our way back -- the -- you'll give you haven't seen a few well. We did this skinny like we did that mean that. Song we're not a let's save that for not -- you weekly books and we do we we -- jukebox carried it actually is an Internet name and she really was. Yet wall anybody's name is two blocks -- she -- as many songs and a jukebox and then in Georgia is like the smartest human being on the planet I was I know aren't in trouble. And noticing you're accusing cheating and I chatted about cheating at what I said she'd never -- games I was the worst -- all I said was. Kerry Blair is quick on the -- So I don't wanna get in you gotta get -- is that not factually accurate statement. New Oprah -- -- no cheating me. No so Twitter please please note I obviously once again if I cheated that I should go to like cheating school because I got my -- -- -- body paralyzing fact -- there was one of her own songs that we -- and it took her a little longer to name that one yeah things here -- -- -- -- you know I've -- fourteen minutes into the sun is -- mantra you know some. -- -- -- -- A stuffed. But I'm pretty sure she couldn't let us and we can't she's she's upstairs right now it's they're telling -- and is currently do not saying. You know -- healthy and happy Monday 82 Denise actual room. He's just didn't tenacious tree -- for coffee senator Gregg -- can you ever surpass and welcome to you think changing light and power. Yeah -- it started -- -- it is serious fire. Actually yes. You know things seem like smile on his -- -- You know he just -- and the fact that laugh out a million do we have weather patterns and I get -- seasons -- Boy you're leaving the show more from the mountains and yes -- -- -- -- the is there videotape yeah which doesn't hurt either in rock and a video that we that you showed -- What was -- flash flooding class -- springs manatees for just outside but it. -- that I've seen a lot of weather video and a lot of weather right in front of me as -- of the top five. I've ever seen well you know that you mentioned it in in your cast that you know and it's something that happens in California a lot as well when you see extreme weather we're not just talk about what we saw today it was. Actually the extreme. Trying to -- extreme heat that led to the fighters there my that they and level the stuff that would have normally -- the -- to win the when the heavens open. That's just that's. Fire runoff and that's what you get those massive class looks like he can't. It and that might like let's water we noticed was so black actually got out that runoff from the fires I think it's like a bald head presses ahead with hair when the water goes on. Somewhere that's an -- It is a couple -- -- me because I love analogy if I get a genetic thing I saw how about a little play today. Extra. Check this out yet to go pro camera strapped to his head which is -- it's like mobile camera. And Albert Brooks takes a rather refreshing -- take -- look -- Saying I'm not. That's right now among the worries that the bike is gonna fall on you weren't you on the flight guests. Yes that and yes and yes sounds like -- -- -- worried that we've missed it entirely. Yeah there's almost no way that would have ended well I would ever asked that is -- is that it continues to control and -- the technological. -- -- -- The program does that not damaged leave to go pro camera. Ali baby hit water eight sign ups knows I've had to go when -- mess in the northern light about home gas exporting. When I was surfing oh yeah fish -- last week. So writes Dan writes with with -- that looks fun that is. Looks fun -- -- -- -- can't wasn't -- a fish tank was neat now any actually in the ocean nobody was the -- -- he truly let me. -- -- Now he's so fine that it repaid him yeah -- -- -- today in the dad's whole -- to get likely what he I don't Sam does get Montana's birdie on six week. -- in the yet we get things we've I think been hanging out and we -- The power relay any legitimate -- -- -- his real birthday is tomorrow and we did yesterday and it doesn't have to say what -- we knew we had a -- to -- GM MI. Camelot is tightening Alley and I want to bring -- -- -- -- check. There was Sam how would -- try to dress up for sure yeah like it was scary and you went so beautiful I -- Clinton's -- actually had to be -- from based on Capitol Hill and don't think. Some little things aren't as little as little heat smooth and peaceful -- charge that a more terrified of the trusteeship weatherman and he has of -- My amateur birthday is tomorrow but we get -- -- still even going on here I think we should do something for hand and celebrating tomorrow with just to mention at some point Michelle Bennett. The only blog O will be right you should play the partisan I'm wondering why should include him in pop music by -- -- -- I don't want me I know you -- one when you're not yeah. And from college it's fair to say is not trustee tips now -- had -- little -- -- -- that he -- to -- his guns. They were not -- They were not the rapid fired. We have a variety that we see now now what's about it on salmon are putting now watching the in the off chance that you are in love you don't issue very early happy birthday tomorrow -- -- -- -- Without any adult pop -- channel cameraman can -- candidate in this one -- this kind of -- So it just every -- not at NASA's curiosity rumor. Landed on Mars and is giving scientists new images of the red planet rovers and closely followed if you back here you on the Harris. A whole lot okay now you'll find out wow -- go ahead and it hasn't don't Twitter -- it took a large team of engineers eight years 2.5 billion dollars to create the rollover crash. Today. We have the next generation of ambitious engineers. Carried out with the help of their dad thirteen year old -- -- and eleven year old G. I mean when do you think Beatty Beatty he EPH hello -- gals BZ and its track -- built around you know the way ours -- -- It has over 700 mechanical election a lecture local electrical components including. Actual solar panels and infrared camera and the ability to drive or -- -- services there you're looking at it. Merritt is we -- -- yes Larry I hear there's a lot of it instructed in their own mark Rodgers is gaining a lot of attention. And even on display right now -- in New York home sciences where visitors have the chance to pilot the robot. Congratulations. You how -- -- -- -- Do you come up with the idea to replicate the rover. And explain to take things of hi my sister and I just around the house -- love. And things like that that problem for -- and parents like me. Yeah they Wear any interest in what we are dealing I'm sure you like. And then you silly lots we decided to. Can -- something -- me the second building robots and of those robots that build robots that crawl and robots that -- That little. And then we have quadrant case that has the filings made this yeah here's the crowd that I have never felt less accomplished yeah. He had never unless I'm Lawrence -- legs anymore less capable I'm frustrated and other engineers and family -- -- this Brennan -- In look out at -- -- -- what was what was -- yeah what was the hardest part. The highest plus probable that rocket only suspension system. I usually -- had always got that's. Good evening everything this let's. -- the -- right to discover -- easily in Iraq train lives. -- -- -- -- he's -- here he's he's my drummer Tom first of all remarkable second of all. Is this obviously some you to share with your daughters but I mean to pay. It would what's the pride that you feel that. It that you Walt can create something like this dads and -- and it's it's unbelievable we started about two years ago we do know anything at all. And they said we want to build a robot like move -- will try and we'll -- anti NASA's most ambitious road. Right they saw the movie and they wanted to build -- so we set out to do it and and in time learned and learned we've learned everything together so we're seeing this inside and I do and it's on display of senior call signs put it you you mentioned that goes over Iraqi services -- -- -- Testament Israel Italy yes what -- and I'm -- Where king having spoken on -- -- college science. You -- -- -- -- something different it's a replica went -- -- upgrades to it but we have a lot of the new idea as. Can you give us a little sleep -- what's the most ambitious dream. -- We're on hovercraft. And had to move and can you send -- back in time. Before we're done to show -- and possible RGQ Lleyton achieves a label but my house honestly -- -- I'm not -- I'm not handy -- how. This sense is that was just as fun we've heard her big sister was this is fun for you as well is this has been a terrific thing are you guys he doesn't -- electrical Saturn. So inside that bus is just filled with circuit boards and wires and she did all of -- out of -- -- that only you. You know I'm not jealousy I just finished the Steve jobs biography on vacation this is this is how Steve Jobs got started -- soldering -- -- -- -- circuit boards. -- so the -- to get some stock in your future company as well. Remember celebrated -- first right. I -- shares congratulations to you yeah. At last son we have one more. We deal to -- This is freedom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Faster -- to help -- -- I have no idea what event but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I really valuable could. -- -- -- -- Makes -- comment. All right you seriously -- got thanks very -- how -- -- science OC a Mars rover.

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