GMA LIVE (08.22.13)

Josh and Amy congratulate Ginger on her engagement and Tory Johnson reveals an exclusive deal.
18:53 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.22.13)
-- -- -- -- That was not easy hi everybody power -- First things first. -- -- -- -- -- first -- -- -- ginger is the off the market everybody. I -- you're welcome by Lincoln square. Yeah letter that expand. What I didn't get a tells me to meet in the -- -- -- and because of his friend was in town but this is all made up apparently supposed to meet her and this is going to be great. And then -- need them it's 230 in the afternoon. Where he's coming -- banana -- it. Yes switched from that accident and he -- banana -- our first date we had banana pudding at the Lincoln Center fountain but I wouldn't have put this together because we banana -- often has made -- event -- the WNBC reporter. The enemy yet sort of -- you know so. So the first day you. He that he has gotten -- would you like to go to Lincoln senator now -- -- -- we had a meal fairest of them and then his extending you know how that goes well you start. So how I think these satellite Pattinson banana -- -- -- -- -- happens -- we're -- San Jose and he is he had a little. Time over with my kids -- gingerbread house is with them and he is like one of the nicest guys he gets Downey plays insists he's going to be. Greenspan went Dalian I mean you can really tell him they've got -- you guys wanted to do it you've got argue that summer when are we -- you haven't yet. Yeah. It got him and I cannot storm chase and ethnicity is now let's see if that's piracy -- no wedding during hurricane season crack there is no season. They're really breaks for wedding but I'll try a case -- do you -- -- you have. Did you have an inkling. I eloquently did he do something with something out of the ordinary that we've given -- now I mean yesterday. No way to thirty in the afternoon -- workout clothes on that it worked out that was it was he wasn't nervous at all he didn't learn as he does because of TV thing I think he can put that behind him really easily to -- -- you know -- and ask. -- I would hope so. Have you let's talk about it. Well that's another thing I thought we talked about how about getting married that today it like kind of far elated but not like fled when we getting gauge what would you like he would never say anything -- -- and you talk to your parents. What he's dead and this is great but so my mom look ahead on my -- plan talk about wanting grandchildren my -- -- yeah. Yeah casinos he's so excited and then it his dad that wave my dad he called her permission or whatever that an old school of my dad goes okay sounds good. Yeah. Traci marks in the control room. -- -- Oh wow look at that the puritan Bennett an event that I really had -- -- discover there and stand and where we're thinking of a funny face to make each other that's the one -- serious pictures we have an essay and that. He looks -- looks intends you have -- we I feel like we're intruding. -- -- -- what do you think -- -- -- -- of Virginia -- abandoning his -- guy -- makes her so happy so we're really happy feet and I didn't say chasing him hand stitching it let everybody know that much. Thanks I -- -- -- your pal there and in the weather center did share this on Twitter yesterday do what -- we showed a picture. -- and I -- lesson yesterday recuperating this is me. Stretching around -- lending. -- control room can pull up to put ideas out there. Work -- out there. So my back he has seen better days we are fighting through it. And Sam I do I do want to point out did not have plastic surgery. Which apparently was the consultant. Sam had a minor error -- Parisian procedure. Done. -- -- preventative. Everything's -- okay. Except for his face that is the -- letting you know. That is the color of any shares. I mean on you walk and then -- -- -- -- -- -- -- no doubt that may have. Yeah it's the -- I think if you would scare children that's -- he brought 700 terrified I was terrified. But we were -- Condoleezza and that Monday -- -- -- ill dish yeah. But -- -- -- it was great and I'll be here he needs thankfully -- was there are taken care about -- and Seattle's. Health -- -- oh dear miss spared Sammy give us there's. Do we do we have a deal visited deal Laura Steele Torre when he'll -- -- Appeals today on the big show under ten dollars and and we have another -- exclusively for the folks on the Internet yes and we're sticking with under ten dollar theme which is pretty may indeed still already so. Chief you can't afford not to do so it's an honest this is like this is a tough one so -- so bombing noodles OK all right we're getting back in college an average of -- darn. So I'll run noodles -- any hot water really hot water to make them more arrests and honestly bringing back in -- sense -- my opinions. That Italians and you just eight cities you're gonna prepare the -- management. If you're an -- that sound you get out instead of preparing in the container you can prepare in these little microwave containers that little that. Square block fits right in there and you a little little water at venues -- microwave. -- -- -- He needs didn't want to didn't want if you wish you do not need to cover and here's what what -- the best parts. It will cook in half the amount of time but even more significantly -- that. You don't have used the -- seasoning -- which means that you will save up to 50% of the sodium that. Theory. Yeah. -- -- Was severely abnormal because Tony not to outclassed like 67% while. It's easy yeah. Already facing -- guitar and does point out the sodium and theoretically has the best part -- them. -- -- buying when I became. An adult last week I finally I looked at just the sodium content. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And also -- -- -- an impression you look at -- my friend found that. And. That's -- about right. Yeah hate us now daisy may have been missed -- wouldn't ship owners Ronnie Lindsay -- even knows that hard enough. It's great -- -- I'll Oregon meet the big book is gonna drop eighteen days from now and we are going to remove and some products Tory Johnson. They even got -- -- and a. She's grace I -- suitcase op plan today but we need your strength. Yes yes yes please thank you all for those I think we should get a diluted loses phone. OK and yes I lost my wallet a year ago we turn it on that dot com a guy loses. It's -- and skate park. Fellow by the name of Brooks. Three little kids find it. They decided the best way to get it back to him is to actually. Use -- -- Moly gene that is available to them -- a take a look at how they let Brooks know that they had his phone. Yeah -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's amazing that. I think that's some serious inroads in this is incredible. So Brooks saw that they had found his -- ninety minutes later hustle back -- he gets the bomb Brooks. Now joining us from Waterloo Ontario we are going international. Okay. How did you actually see did you did you see the answer Graham -- video is that how you actually realize that they have found your phone. Wouldn't let me partisan -- but sanctions. Until. I won't end this little -- and thank him and his -- -- -- to there are. And it is so when we got home of her sister saying it adds up -- -- its sales person comes. I help -- -- in her car and done. -- -- -- How do you. OK Brooks hang on Brooks hang I'm and it would translate yes so he was with his friend and -- thought. She and the phones. Bottom in place in the bag it hadn't been cinematic there was a car involved didn't even know if it didn't give people everything he moved him closer than -- to the microphone has now he's telling the story really half -- I. If you look at everything -- yes it's actually the best thing you're gonna get on the show that. -- -- Brooks moved closer to the microphone is that it -- -- we're gonna try this again picking up from. Your home you realize you've lost your phone so who tells you may -- to check it out on bond instruments that are -- They picket -- up from there. -- -- sister -- is your candidate is she's following me and but how close diplomats home in her car and that's so we lieutenant -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I its rating against her. So it can creative way to -- It was certainly a creative web Brooks I'm gonna have to apologize back Allen apologized to Canada it's not it's not your -- Canada it's not your fault -- waiting we go well like 5050 on sky. -- regardless regardless. There was a really hit the return of Brooks phone and we can tell you Brooks went back many minutes later. And the little -- found the phone we're gonna -- and we'll try to tell that story again when Skype is up and running at. And within two weeks not -- -- bill is that it isn't until. I mean my tank. It's. But we -- close to its it was awesome and it was agreed that it. I loved and I love that yeah. You always have that panic and that he didn't have that -- -- like oh my gosh -- -- that we might -- and isn't as smooth sailing perhaps there's no way I wouldn't know my phone was missing and really the hard way yeah it's pretty much always I say that I didn't know by now that everything's going to an -- like no I thought I was -- -- -- What -- we have the national two very that it was really isn't really real apparently great as well I mean I don't don't street when he. I think they'll get over Hellenic -- -- area. -- could be hard to get scared a lot of children that -- -- where actually hang on to fill. I just want you to know little money -- did it right there -- -- right. Home home. This is not Derek did this is not this is not the Tooth Fairy I want you to know. Well this is -- is this is -- dressing up like good to fair and in record that I want to. And you still can't be terrified of yeah. -- basically sums up the whole incident -- honestly what has that thing could not making your -- without you know. I love her crusade I do we have had demanded that we have some fun on the we do have different -- let's take -- -- How much did the average -- even -- -- breaking -- -- -- The going rate for the average -- that it probably. Right now -- dude could be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want to warn you. We have no budget we will not be able to bail you out when you -- Says and it's a matter is that matters yeah fun yes lots of Gonzales yes can you apologize a little. RM one I'm surprised -- something like a little -- and anybody he wasn't my top. It that night I want anybody coming from upper end the want to last -- -- hot -- hot chocolate was raped and leaving him. Probably -- that's out of the younger. News is too hot topic of this arena look at how much trying to figure out really well all I need -- -- funny thing is you you off Briton Alison militia like in the an hour and a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. The only morning here on CN name guess what we're gonna have some -- -- -- be -- I'll get a lot and the -- from garlic because I actually need to get a taste out of my -- do we can't sell bonds. In the studio of course everyone has had smelled -- -- Blended -- Some -- the hot and iced coffees with the model light means frosting -- you know what I like that -- Tackle and Paul -- -- -- -- how to make the classic street. -- -- -- Now one I don't I don't want to bring one over its New England on line you know you unite hello -- -- -- -- -- I think Stevens a little like someone had. Are less calories -- writes -- tell us government Kenya. All right so we are making some of on classic mini bonds are only just over 300 calories and there's a middle sized version of our famous cinnamon girl from -- so Paula are. Awesome trainer has gotten the Dell already -- its margarine. The but I am of that letter to -- -- have nothing when it falls out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely and what comes next up next you're gonna take your ball of brown sugar and -- Carlson -- senate on -- and spread all over our. And now comes the fun part -- get to play with your food RA spread the sentiment across the -- Stand on the -- shields and feel good like not even had a the but. And they don't wanna get it all the way to the bottom and that's going to be the middle of the role of the -- -- grabbed. And now Paul's going to show you the very special technique in his hasn't in the minds and our own home right exactly I I'm Salinas murder the technique could drag my travel on the -- you see -- east Allen -- and I can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For this. Pentagon has Austrian roots -- you know. Yeah definitely it hires saying look at that and this is what we call this -- a bond log of gel now we have to measure it up and get cut at. Thanks to even components if your -- end up getting cut into different sizes when I was doing and and they won't bake evenly back tanks or even yup you make little line careful with your loved him. Split up a lot of what did you send lie on the -- the bonds and a mineral. -- -- and then what we do is just slice them quickly. So that they don't end up getting bush on the edges and those little pieces we'll turn into -- out. And so they go into our opinion that's been have to go into the elite Hindu prayer which is -- -- humidity cabinet were the dough rises over about thirty to 45 minutes. And that's pretty get their famous sighs okay then -- -- is simply. You can anybody create a humidity closet in the home yeah well he put it outside right now that are just being in and -- thing. -- -- -- -- -- Aren't a lot of people put in -- in the refrigerator because it has NIC -- -- and it makes a little cooler so yes that's what he's your attack now. They're not what happened is these get good thank you these gets put into this. Little panic and that they -- -- well they Bakes in May end up looking and then business bank and hire our life we had thought they need life and then president off the rolls up there you go off take steps. Some snow in. Kind of still warm. Can they are like -- one expects an even quietly proving not a Maya -- there's -- that I'm here is also -- to -- -- in small value -- and Paula the throw at us now. Now -- -- trading our franchise partners all over the world well. So that another. I don't know world famous processing and all of our baked goods including narcotics and then there were calls to a lot of legal come up and just -- a little shot of frosting so we're happy to -- that he had never thought there are -- that's. Others are not a frosting trying to get a little item processing center had -- menu and looming on the cinnamon -- you've got such a lot of areas are famous blended beverages that if anyone wants to make these at home. We have recipes on our website at about dot com and you can go to our bakeries a -- -- eat meals than a -- sentiment the only place in the world to get it to make them home and relating to my Jesus. There's no time does -- -- on this day. -- -- I'm just gonna thank you for lots it was in 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow. The league's -- coming back actually.

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{"id":20034318,"title":"GMA LIVE (08.22.13)","duration":"18:53","description":"Josh and Amy congratulate Ginger on her engagement and Tory Johnson reveals an exclusive deal.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-082213-20034318","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}