GMA LIVE (09.09.13)

Check out the funniest moments of the weekend from "Good Morning America" and "GMA Live!"
3:00 | 09/09/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.09.13)
I thought this time in -- I'm building -- up thirty feet off the ground. In sand point Idaho. Oh yeah native even important -- can stand living room shoes Suarez decided to take it again a cumbersome -- out of the equation by companies like elevator. I was totally normal normal this year when Tyler yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Getting all the -- to them. -- -- -- Came right back to the ground he. -- -- very very Smart and creative and we salute you. -- -- -- -- The -- -- -- I think I'm not credible but two bedroom two that I love writing dark things I had gotten my best memories you have fruit in ground pool of bed that was incredible. You know we were we weakness -- -- -- just -- -- Like how to -- out in this climate we got there and look good but I usually well why don't we thank you pick up in their life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you do you -- also -- -- wanted to. -- -- -- -- -- A very special surprise to show everybody wrong America and that's and it's really to have -- staging traveler right now I don't think it's kind of debut. The bad news on -- comer. Four -- actually -- I'll let you do I checked it out everybody. NASA set to launch a new spacecraft tonight to begin studying the moon but this. This straight -- way more interesting guy in South Africa. -- his nephew this toy popular. The man who wants -- into the stratosphere on a balloon with a camera affixed of course others tried this before but the -- -- actually got the best view but. All of this kid that welcoming his young nephew to the -- and then the puppy returned but you can. Actually read the shirt on said hubby says are we there yet he actually got -- 71000. Feet -- year netted about 200 miles away from where the uncle Wannstedt. With the letter. It was returned to the uncle who didn't give it. Very little that's. The great story. IPod model and let's tell good morning everybody I can we begin with a man on a mission -- the hi Larry yeah mission in Chicago I've done this Sunday -- your -- out. Okay guys I thought I was hearing things they -- -- Let's China's -- south China native. Gordon angle -- not having a -- doing online dating so he decided to go big or go home purchasing and bill ward on the Stevenson expressway. -- -- pretty clear in its contents. I'm born without dinner helped 45 -- dot com. He's sending -- got fifteen Tony solid applicants I don't know and that means. I sort of disturbs me actually. There isn't wrinkle since putting up the sign -- has moved to Charlotte, North Carolina he said he's gonna keep it up in Chicago -- -- because. Chicago and Ross and he thought he was born parents were -- and that. Now we mission authority that's -- And remember -- -- -- had a moment and now it may be time for the marriage she knows staff. Yes you heard it here first it all started when one man site owners you know William Lyons -- South Boston out -- This is American -- she knows that well. So he's doing -- in Rochester park tonight with an online he's doing it to even live. The lyrics and Nancy. And faster than you can say cherry on top of the Internet had lit up with people -- -- their own version of anything I mean it's literally thousands and thousands of people on lying down here in the -- -- staff and in fact regularly into an -- I do believe that in his head I think you. I love you know these things and -- Are ready then and now I just found out -- -- you -- -- -- -- down. Is it is to have built right behind Tom Tom was solid -- he was like weather net I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Show up at your school on -- my first day. And have nothing picked up last night Peyton -- 77 has done. Unbelievable but is it is unbelievable as this. Take a -- -- -- -- All -- Take a look. That is Collins done. -- -- -- And now what you've all been waiting for. Something donations from Jeff Donna need to cancel famous for the krona and -- -- Didn't keep at it again with a brand new treatment he says his portable magic souffle will warm up -- chilly fall without collapsing. It's -- lots embryos fun and chocolate the interior. I think that -- -- Harding has eaten immediately while -- treat feel warm and lucky breast meat that in advance dose not here. The Fillmore -- -- the planes are in his home. We I want it -- I feel like my first reaction I feel like this might help me later when I when I'm in doubt and I need to figure out. When this -- are looking. Laugh while you guys are looking -- really -- programming alert for tomorrow's -- Event sell these are dying trend is because right when you about that this happened head southeast this is -- -- -- see my little girl. He's taking her own we what is your backpack tell C Pozen -- seeking tweet or integrate and then he DNA with. -- GMA pet. Delve deep within me on the end there and our favorites tomorrow on pet Tel Aviv Sunday well let's just say there -- some very precocious -- out there this is. Self be sunny day and I think she sent what they a lot of these are some of that -- that I really matter I don't. I think bay hit everyone -- sent in their -- healthy and of course we have to show you see and hear cat. That is a really good in that that -- was taken that while. I can't decide the end of that picture and ginger -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know he can't even -- here is. PMI -- again and also we can't forget senior producer Simone sweet lovely -- Yeah Harry is a photo Bob and the -- So what's more an altogether. Where they've -- -- today from our -- -- -- -- -- -- Cats may have their own special language plays -- gentleman but this adorable baby may seem to have a bit of a comedian in the old family dog. Because every time the dog parks. I get right. That was just another victim of the. -- -- unit without cameras certainly hoping that under the. And I know he's like are you kidding me badly audio about the fundamental program the -- 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow we'll see it and him -- --

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