GMA LIVE (09.10.13)

Josh, Amy and Ginger get a visit from Florida Georgia Line and meet a hilarious young Vine user.
9:53 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.10.13)
Okay. That's -- all on their lives. And it's in my life and today big gay gay for a country music award nominations it's. This is a great damage we always get announce them and the boys from Florida Georgia line are we -- Not something. You -- you -- Florida Georgia line vs Georgia Florida line because I do enjoy them although you've got to go. -- happy I know how -- your Aruba but it's alphabetical and got a better and I didn't. -- card is Elena Rivera and another. As the Florida people and the Jordan the gators they just it's just an -- -- -- So that's why I'm in the -- it -- it is the geographical line with the wife Florida Georgia line. I'm from Florida college of Georgia and we wanted to look deeper man who -- not necessarily pleasant -- the kind of world we we -- in the middle yeah come together creatively and there's such a big rivalry it's it's kind of a nice yes that come together on the. Tied up so yeah -- without any. In his -- and it's quite -- year. For you guys you know if you're driving around in the afternoon -- -- and kids around with a satellite radio -- you're like wow these guys are real bit because it's. It's there it's an airline has been amazing it's had a dream -- her ma'am in the last. Couple years -- has been a whirlwind and you know it has been. Working real hard and and the fans that are contained in a blow us away man -- -- -- radio and just. Ever buys these people of -- insisted that dream come true music -- a couple of years you're kidding. I mean you really started this in 2010 he -- you know nine years and can't look for you are now -- -- for fears about. -- -- this -- hit -- and it really it really counts and I'll punish. -- like -- what's the biggest change. We can pay the bills now. That's that's that's not the only change no worries about Tulsa -- get ready to get a -- money what else what else managed it's also feel that you know. -- part of country music and family and we've got amazing team behind this that's that's kind of offend my brother and on the -- -- all our -- and. Our fans and that's what it's all about on this huge fan of country music -- and -- are all in the lyrics are what is bringing back at this time. -- continue to cleared -- through what's your inspiration. You know what words fire from from. Different artists and life experiences that -- just come all over the map and we -- -- Rock and hip hop and country -- -- everything so that songwriters in we get the kind of brain altogether and they kind of make our own -- I know and that's what's interesting and and. You know we had to Sheryl Crow on today as well -- on the big show and she's saying. From her new. Country -- might get it like it did she calls the country out and -- it appears. When I was on ESPN and he did in NASCAR highlight all of a sudden you would drop every G -- every you know racing and it's not you know you never say is saying -- in Wednesday. But you know it's interesting to say that it's her first country I'm because I guess I'm always. I've always heard country inner voice I I wonder peninsula but on the same -- country radio big for you guys been nice guys across nobody you guys are on these guys mainstream I don't know we're calling these days what. We when you make that jump what's that like for US. Different sort of get recognized lot more movement. Dream come true man it was nobody saw it come we didn't know how big cruises going to be and that all the departments are fans mentions things -- -- -- Yeah Tennessee you know people Dick Gordon -- near camp I think my -- Also -- saw. Okay -- different -- I guess -- what's the what with the newest -- what's the newest. Well it's a -- get here right now it's -- -- be able infected with -- they don't come around and got on the it's kind of part of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The news Phoenix there CA I -- what he -- to me. Unfortunately she's about to be off the market -- -- -- -- -- -- I have I have -- a and shaven and had a man down -- wire -- already announced there -- I'm so I'd say it's -- -- yeah. Once upon a time once upon a time guys I wouldn't let him -- office. -- -- com seriously guys again terrific it is right Wednesday her. November 6 it's the big show right here on ABC it's going to be hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood guys Brian Anne Tyler from Florida. -- -- Ginger what do you say we get the news that pops I didn't try to do it Skype. And I I. These things work like half the and now is out there and we have to get to that because there -- -- story of the latest Internet superstar that people are kind of buying. Genius you know Levine right the 62 -- videos that you make we'll twelve year old Lillian powers has been blown up the video sharing. Things like -- -- And scoops -- news patents and I love you. -- completely vigilance. Yeah. -- listening posts are so -- popular but then fine outlawed. People under the age of seventeen and about one -- on the Internet it -- -- three million it was -- bringing dreaded telling off I don't and Donna Martin graduate I know exactly exactly finale Wednesday while I am who I talk to you -- -- everything. About how -- became -- buying stock million are -- an error. And it takes to get beginning -- attention where do you picture ideas Lillian. -- -- Because it's it's -- -- -- -- now at your back on your under your mom's profile. Do you do you get a lot of support again from -- -- -- I'm. Well it could allow the build back up once you last year original name. -- so once it got off on -- you had your own name. And then you used your -- -- you have to build your audience back up. Friends and people who -- match how you. So we think here at the future filmmaker can -- get any tips on vine and terrible advice. I'm just turning. I think it's silly instant -- At daybreak behind him a favorite video -- I'm a -- and -- You're favorite video million. Maybe laborers and asks yes and how many came -- day. -- -- how many do you make -- a day. I'm I don't. Confidence of the genius who LAN. What what -- totally ego. What did it feel like wind -- The Internet erupted when they took you -- Levine was -- nice to know if only in that way. How how many people were loving what you were doing. Aaron independent climate -- over fighting back -- and do you like him. But -- fighting back from my Irvine I mean welcome -- the new ways everybody welcome avenue and chest and it's tough it's troubling to try and speak when -- six seconds -- -- -- that part time -- -- with all due respect to the music stars with excellent coolest person we're gonna have -- our. Today. I don't pretty wrap up the -- -- the plan today a top ten yeah. Another child to -- three year old Christine Gailey has to be -- natural on the surfboard. His hometown paper the San Louis Obispo Tribune. Caught a little surfer catching the wave in morrow bay is that right -- -- apparently Tristan has been boogie boarding since he was too. And also skateboard and ride the -- lit up training wheels. It's -- go our race -- in a way. Get -- -- -- -- -- -- For Florida the Florida -- -- I actually since I spent some years into it just looks naturally none. -- -- -- yeah. Yeah they're -- yeah yeah and I'm. That's nightly call -- we'll tell you -- your alternate delegate on the -- losing -- -- -- song about profound. It's -- honoring him. I think -- worst of all. Thank you my home town Fairfield -- -- I'm actually get we're gonna go back. As we just saw the central coast there enough moral -- we're going back to Santa Barbara if you'll join us tomorrow on the big show college week continues here previous -- -- I like to call -- heaven on earth. Reason why. A big big thanks -- Tyler and Brian from -- -- running. Good god and don't let the Bulldog body she isn't. -- god given might point -- did you win Florida -- today that's. Enjoy lunch and other -- CNN and AM eastern daylight tomorrow -- Yeah.

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{"id":20210816,"title":"GMA LIVE (09.10.13)","duration":"9:53","description":"Josh, Amy and Ginger get a visit from Florida Georgia Line and meet a hilarious young Vine user.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-091013-20210816","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}