GMA LIVE (09.12.13)

Josh and Sam get a surprise visit from Gloria Estefan and also discuss the wonders of botox.
18:08 | 09/12/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.12.13)
Okay. Yeah. -- -- Some school involved you know everytime they have an -- what we have some temple. Crusade I believe joining us. -- with your head however unfortunately there are large and we have we have a little Gator chop back. And I'm sure we were represented by the many fine institute for that -- wanna get out of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- LSU go tigers I don't Traci you wanna get yours and say it -- say Tracy -- -- earth. University of Colorado. Are you a book. Still actually let's start right there they outlines what you're seeing those pictures that we love the show with today. Boulder, Colorado has turned into a waterfall it is and -- it is a waterfall and river. Where city used to be and -- New video we didn't give you control what -- -- let -- go ahead of Sammy. You you showed. I mean this is almost like a national event -- was a low and high pressure system that was just funneling all like from two oceans when you were involving the Atlantic and the Pacific and it's all slamming into Colorado. This is a state I -- -- -- a state that has had a horrible year. Yeah and now just gets worse -- -- that we are we were getting pictures early this morning up from parking garage is that look like. Yeah it is on campus -- he's like oh my gosh that's on campus and you're actually right it is. Because a lot of kids were out this morning and -- ride their bikes through taking pictures forest and and put them up. And it was incredible I mean when you see overpasses and walkways and parking lots that are. -- -- water let's say the conservative estimate which is always kind of the official rainfall total was about six inches of rain that came in came one day. And we've got some reports that are eight inches plus so all of that water and that and one of the reasons I took a little grief this morning from the control room because. We showed a graph. -- these smoldering now I -- the draft Boulder Creek which normally yeah I I had I had to -- I I don't know if we have it back here but anyway. Alder creek usually sits at about 11 -- And so here -- this thing Boulder Creek boulder -- occurred at 3 AM in the morning it jumps up to seven feet. That's that's over your head which is really let me get this is you know would you say -- -- even over here. And that is over my head. And that's hard to do -- When you -- 68 inches they'd always. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Needed terror get a helicopter rescue people from their homes. At last count I believe I'm accurate this -- checked me if I'm if I'm not they know of at least two deaths costs and that flooding and that to me is just harper again. Because it's it's people who. Just like you and I went to bed at night or we're doing whatever they were doing early in the morning and caught thinking -- -- and caught in water that you could not. Possibly been preparing for you couldn't have been prepared. And six inches of water will knock you off your feet rushing water and you won't be able stand up and it. And a foot of rushing water will move your SUV. Wherever it wants to take and it's interesting -- -- happened yes what's happening move as traces -- right near college campus GM -- week and who we're doing -- week because a lot of campuses and we're going back to school. I'm thinking to. Being from Southern California how many Californians went went to boulder and so this is a new place for a lot of people side just wanna encourage -- you mentioned we got some of that footage from students. I know it looks interest and I know you think all go out and just -- you know year old my cell -- stayed put. But -- please just stay put when you see this when you see firefighters having to come to people's homes to get them out. Please. Stay where you are make sure it's safe before you leave because it's just not. That important that we that you have this on -- on on yourself and did you hear it -- that -- and Josh you're absolutely right and sometimes I feel. I feel incredibly responsible. And in so many ways I think we all do it and television. We love the picture city and we love the video. And I think that even when we say you know make sure that your incredibly safe. People just want to get the picture at all costs but it certainly with two dead in that area it is not worth the price of your life. Like that waitress or waiter who brings you the plate and says it's hot. And anybody reaches forward but I just like they don't touch it don't touch it don't go outside your right structure right and I you know what I feel -- -- -- his. You hard to heed this is when you turn into the bearer of bad tidings -- I know it's gonna be there exit and stick around for at least a day or so so again thoughts and prayers again for a state that has just been brutally hit by all sorts of -- fired. So OK so there we have that which we wanted to play today -- -- Can also just say what I do want to say because I mean if -- joining us here you're here -- Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo!. And I mean I like to go back and watch the shows. And went back and watched. This show yesterday. It runs in that long rant about 1617 minutes. You lose you we unionizing atop -- 9/11 I just wanna say okay. What a great thing it was to -- here with to my friends and and and talk about -- -- that touched so many so it again if you're here in you have fifteen more minutes click over yesterday's show. May be developed as well OK here we go and Freedom Tower rising god love you New York god look. The plays of the day are always some good when ninety -- I hear you in the mix minus -- -- -- You know I can never get enough Josh Elliott in my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the ground. Let's -- let -- -- And then I also what do you take on the whole big Botox news that I really do you talk about about a guy why do you look at me on the on this. Crammed in the world why do you look at me and say that -- cameras and put up. So this is so people -- away. You know eating you don't get to fifty years old you just you know you don't -- good years old without lines and wrinkles you don't well but you have -- so -- -- Yeah. So why. Zoom in why -- -- data showed up yes they they are the first thing in the morning smoothed over by an intimate look. Look everybody -- the -- As as more ladies -- -- know this story with the make up. But by the end of the day the make up is so deep into the cracks and crevices that it looks like a red VW ducks sticks -- here -- -- -- the worst. So anyway so yeah apparently. The -- the FDA or whoever regulates that has decided that. Botox can safely be used for the -- to eliminate crows feet beside your eyes. Now here I thought we could do I mean I did not know that I thought that's what they used it at 40 I thought. What one may have used it. I've ever done anything like that ever. I need it looks good just be hideously uncomfortable and end and it might make to a place -- here's the deal but get -- honestly that. The thing that -- -- back. I would I would I would register surprise if I could. Yeah. Shock and concern -- funny how it just looks like -- deliberative. -- where there's no emotion whatsoever and I'm laughing right now. Com. You know it's not. And folks folks on Twitter Twitter turned into that there -- some folks on Twitter who are just -- -- Arnold sellers are used to used to bomb the showed your feeling good about yourself and you pick up the Twitter and someone says. Sympathized that -- -- that you know it's a conversation that's been going on to -- -- yeah out that. Sam Champion has had more work done and whatever you don't get it that a sixty -- people know worked their way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But should we just for just heard just to do it let's just say we're gonna have a little Twitter caption contest. That. At Sam Champion. -- has had more work. -- -- -- -- Didn't. While not all I love you know I love -- Nadal -- love him but I will say a law 600 year old bridge. It was dropped that's -- you're all bridges not a bad place to start. Wow you know and I listened to -- I mean like his I have a cosmetic surgeon friend I was at a wedding a couple of years ago and he's look at him you know. When they went to be -- humid and they're not looking they're looking at. You write a -- -- there there thinking wired they've got a list in their head up like well while boys and I knew I would but I don't wanna cosmetic surgeon for a friend because they're. When they're looking around on the a year like can just go to work so what is. I didn't know they did this they call this the eleven. In these lines right -- see that see the one that did those to -- calling he's got UT carrier eleven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I support I borrowed my brow for a long time to get violent -- and decency and writing you know all kinds of expressions when Josh is crafting words like this is. -- -- Miles above its -- -- -- stroke -- through I have you know this eleven this is two plus years of judging Sam Champion -- And you'll notice that I don't have one of them can. I don't have that come home. -- -- -- -- -- Nice try to -- thank you Jeff. But even -- the directors like no that's too late said you can't forget job she's already started a campaign to talk about your work done. And also now on to -- speaking of -- do you know there's that one. There's the want to tell you don't bother anymore not when there's not that one we're gonna hear from them yet CI new our ranks and everyone I brought to -- the program and you should we should we -- -- the program a tiny football player. Could put pros to shame let's take a -- -- on TV. He's been really good one here. And that is less severe harm. He did -- heads a little. And you know -- this -- -- up and. -- -- -- Now I did not -- now he's really trying to make up for -- because he actually knows I'd never touched the football until he put one in my hand about two years ago the one with the oblong Spiro yeah that's the want to -- to now. Now I didn't know why did you do you sports at all I did it I did I've played a little soccer and I attempted rugby in college because I was kind of fast with a soccer ball wow that's really. Did you like brutal sports net and -- and and and here's the thing here their big big big guys and the only thing they wanna do is hurt you hurt you. Yeah. If you have the ball that's all they wanna do and they don't know you personally they just want to. Hurt you. If you're running they have so now -- their hearts and they're big and so I remember getting in stepping into the shower after like the first week or month or whatever was doing yet. And the entire -- colors on my body that should there aren't Dominic Raiola -- -- about a from my from my shoulder all the way below my hip was like Sama. -- Hebrew. That had been dragged and -- And I just went yeah I have had no I'm not I'm not that -- -- -- that in no. Thanks very much I'm done I have to believe that banks -- -- -- it is not good that's probably not I'm thinking that it's not the way it's not it's not good for your leave the -- complexion. -- a little -- -- news everybody a little pop back. Artist writer on this broadcast and and I firmly stick by -- that the best way to get around the New York City area is by -- -- for a New York city's subways had to -- At every time you're running ladies and I gotta get a cab I gotta get a cap. No you don't know million don't know -- get a get a subway get the subway up it's not clean New York City could do a better job honestly I'm I'm just saying and I'm not saying it's been cleaner and they can do a better job London is going. But entries is like move -- -- -- oh here we got. That is to be a good place to take -- up if you'd like. More people are afraid that they'll miss their bus stop or their subway stop so they don't -- now but now there's an app for the -- if you will to live stop. The app developer created it after his girlfriend fell asleep on the subway and ended up really far from where he needed to see her -- -- metro now. Allows you to select the station. And then -- to -- -- you select where you need to get off. And it will wake you up just before you -- now you don't need. Your phone signal because it will work -- instances when your moving and it senses when you stop. And it catches and counts the stops on the subway -- Sounds like to meet genius. And I understand that little baby's face when you don't get a -- could -- -- Geo Metro if you ask you one -- you get really OC if you are great men get hurt yet OK that was adorable and the it allows me to tell us towards the captain I have to give and go ahead that was on metro north and Middle East train story can. I had to get off leaving New York City on my way. To Westport Connecticut. One night. After dinner woke up in New Haven, Connecticut can no reason I won't have a New Haven, Connecticut -- is that for the trains stop. And why don't look at the Boston had -- might have -- -- -- Newfoundland yet. That would've been nice if there was a sleeper car. So yeah that's a good I have that is -- -- that kept a -- it. Well. A look at -- apparent. Excuse me that was we -- I hope I don't think -- -- are not know members. We were just decided by an angry when he wanted you want to do you wanna do let's not do that let's do this and I can tell America tell go when you -- -- as a boy yeah yeah. We don't -- with a disappointed and angry voice we've gotten -- of -- go ahead. Go ahead -- and I hop you but not -- up. -- -- -- not to seek a month. -- -- You know it doesn't work just get a filibuster they're not gonna do the best shot -- trying to Muster up all the anger you had just moments ago -- I had to kill everything additional -- you'd just popped -- Yeah would you set well with its own commitment -- -- yeah united. Only comes to handling. They're feeling. So Gary here -- a -- look at all the power I have to I don't know I should and I just I just didn't get a chance to hug you while you -- you're -- -- -- Spirit that we could easily -- -- And yeah. Yeah okay. Oh my -- music. Oh my gosh Obama might have -- I don't worry I didn't really is pocket -- show. Well I'm sorry. This setup -- -- because -- -- -- -- candidates and you'll probably coming into -- occasional guess actually this is what. It's like this is what -- -- -- an organization Qaeda glory when she was on the big show today this is. I did not make him do then send beginning of the -- and out there. It's amazing by the way it did it is a big. This isn't the standards it's a zero problems it was two days. Was cool guys you I'm telling you what a great grain corn. What so I can say is that people people get a chance to hear. The incredible -- have with music that you can't take a standard and making your own and make it fresh and it was a it was just. The glorious and -- -- question -- -- budgets in the yes finally I heard Robbins -- five languages people what to do what which well I record. It in Portuguese is a division of being classic this -- -- have did that -- in French and Spanish and in English. And I did Italian and Spanish of smiled and English of course passed the local we wanted -- Hillman clinical. I can't we've never had a superstar we've never had a superstar. In the show that for reasons that never are there it is there it is -- and you know -- aren't -- for this and this doesn't he wanted to end the show on the highest know wherever yeah. -- not tolerance. -- -- I. We'll handle the --

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