GMA LIVE (09.16.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer celebrate guacamole day, discuss skydiving marriage proposal.
14:14 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.16.13)
-- -- Okay. Guacamole Bridgestone why not breakfast and -- champagne yet in Seattle you. Anything -- that way breakfast of champions not our. -- -- champion Sam Champion I do you want to acknowledge he is out there in Colorado media covering. Flooding yet and -- again. Region -- in Colorado that already suffered through it hideous fire season I tell you what. No. IKEA and this is the of the bullseye on them -- -- this year so we're got a lot updates throughout the morning did you see and he actually hazard. Tethered for the first shot I -- and -- That roaring river yeah hee-seop behind it was usually tranquil little -- -- about a plane planet and that. I mean these are huge remarkable images -- -- like their special effects on such a massive scale and again. We're going to be updating the news throughout the morning hundreds remain missing although once power. Is restored and -- -- evacuations can continue after the weather moves through today we do hope. -- believe that number's gonna fall precipitously. It is however also two. This about as big gear shift as you can have happy guacamole de witching. And. All right so probably the one who want to welcome our. Over the past W result. I'd -- all united okay okay yeah. We want to thank the folks here at you know Bob. For helping us celebrate happy -- by the life. Tom here will leave one behind him coming coming coming hot -- was sent some smashed guacamole the signature -- of course as well. Who -- us -- you don't look so imagine lot of please just just pass it along permit that -- -- out -- took my hand guns. That's terrific. Nothing goes quite so well with guacamole -- this French -- can be left to -- -- is essentially. The French citizens my game or practice I'm Karen Hingis -- are incredible -- -- -- this Monday were some story. And I -- like -- -- -- And on and we have this new series guess who's coming at a fast and -- -- -- I had I've picked a winner speeds. I knew she wouldn't doesn't point 10 my dearest friends -- to our also -- -- -- wife. And I really want to -- not to torture George the issue lobster rats her -- but I really love her story she and is it has. Fought so hard and work so hard to become a successful actress and comedian how to think that's incredibly inspiring. For a young girl I I wish I hadn't tried I was told I couldn't pictures -- And what you mean you which would attract what I want comedy book he I really do but my real brilliantly funny and you end -- my state of the Lucille Ball of this show and of morning television I mean that pageant -- ultimate compliment -- -- that is you are. Well she's my notes -- well. -- she's so funny insurance and a ground -- I was which you know I wish I would have had the the courage to do stuff like that because I wanted to be on salary and life. Now -- have -- year old daughter says. I look I she watches you know what's the -- parts and and she says I that looks like fun I want and I wanna do that. And Don and I wish that I wish that she will try -- or whatever she wants to do so that was my inspiration -- Alley on however when you have Alley you know you're gonna have something. Crazy happened Alley declared that we are now couple. And -- I'm running away together and she told George she was leaving him to be with me. No that was interesting and we -- she also gave me a drowsiness and this was lovely blue -- -- change she said her only request is that I must the distress on. Which is -- actually spilled coffee on my past so I changed -- -- aren't -- know is that she was in the exact same dress now is a pretty funny picture. It was -- it -- and I don't mean did not let you eat that -- -- extend this question while. -- let you -- because. You must -- of concentrate as he made to last -- you wanna say. IA made it to the pre show to the road to Miss America knows full well that I was taking an absolute dot but the pre show you look. Gorgeous and -- you were fantastic. Our co host the Miss America and Harrison as the low our -- guy is such a -- him so funny. And that is in what that is is -- India could accidentally stayed to our bucking bronco it is insanity we do live TV for two hours every -- Ain't nothing like that is not remember hearing -- talked to you about it saying you now they start to show. Fairly heavy which is to CIA gave packed more stuff into the show as planned -- actually will have time for and then every time something. -- real happens that's more -- -- -- orally or some other like we're gonna want changing as we're doing that I mean I I. And then stopped just happens you know loud and somebody stepped on the back of my dress and ripped the lining out accident and and I huge hole and actually the picture I don't know if you guys can pull -- But there's a huge hole and then holding on the -- you this picture is only part of it but every time I -- my foot my -- went into the hole so I kept tripping on the stage on live TV and it was really stressful so. At one point I literally got a rubber band. And and and not adopt -- the lining of my dressed in a big ball. There's there's there's a shot of it. That's -- that's part of the home I'm looking through it but that's that's one of them the other one is literally you guys the diameter was probably twelve inches. Of in the hole underneath my dress and so it was the hottest that's me backstage I'm looking -- I -- not. I look I -- in the -- ghost outfit I'm look at this one I'm looking in this -- back here who's got the same look on his face deciding which is like how would. Why everybody's Louis that I back after they know what was -- she appreciate that night. But it was awesome and that fact that I retired Jack RA is -- -- Chris Chris saved me he was like you walk here now you go here it was just a really nice nice feeling -- YouTube posting is terrific it's not the first time -- Zelaya reminded me a little bit about a certain somebody knows just frightened that really easy friendship -- -- you -- Sosa thank you Miss America for allowing me congratulations to the new listeners and we did -- the -- Miss America -- once again from the great state of zero cardiac the city in -- -- And the first of Indian descent and she didn't -- a Bollywood number for her for her talent. Do you have a sense in the auditorium did that was a big game changing moment it was it was the game changing moment I looked over at the -- the the judges and -- -- -- more -- where I can -- was like why. -- and Basra. And haven't -- but the routine was style with spectacular and so much. Better than anybody -- -- that -- I was like and that that counts for 30% the most for your score 'cause like it's over that's huge yeah it although a really -- And I don't know was a Florida. The woman who tore -- -- ligaments in her yeah during her and how let me just tell you guys in case you're wondering if you're watching. Off during her interview when the clock ran out. And then we had to stop her before she said anything really -- also -- -- crest is Chris Chris was like I'm sorry they have stopped and he got booed. On my TV I mean we had so many moments like saying it was it was insanity or sanity. I was like a -- I was gonna cry for him that I don't be mean -- my -- You know honestly you and you looked Hewlett's thank you know of all -- -- -- changes this I'm still is -- like a Roman legion thing much. I can't quite this is very. Not a it's a little Michael Jackson kind of it's also little to little Wonder Woman asked as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah thank you OK stop play the game today on Good Morning America he didn't see it -- did you get it was kind of hard to see. -- but this is a great one a couple -- impeachment. A fellow who adds a sky high idea if -- a lot of the proposals girlfriend actually emirates -- why not doing. While they -- skydiving. -- he had written. Actually I love you will you marry me he actually had it in wagered on his jumpsuit. And actually. That he -- you see it right there and holds the ringing them while infrequent -- yeah. It was tethered. As you can see she said either yes or. We're not sure when she died the young good and happy -- Robin and actually joining us live. Grade B Skype. So I have to it's always a question I ask actually. -- The women right after they've been proposed to did you have any idea. In those final moments that this was going to happen. No earlier on the plane and I had absolutely no idea and been studying and -- and actually didn't even on those guys and he's like her that I haven't Nina link our remaining gas. He claims he hasn't done it previously examined I am that -- guy not bed and cried I wouldn't like. Allow our midair -- businesses where it's gonna happen is exactly -- -- -- I just you know it's all with you hear that story -- like suddenly the guy's behavior in the years so you. Off good grid. It's like -- let's take a walk on the beach you never want to take a walk on the beach right -- -- so that's great that's great Robin it worry you who -- -- you worry I think there's a lot to pull off here not just. Hopefully having your life partner agree to a life with you but also living. Yeah and now surviving down with the -- I -- were -- this is that this was a lot to pull off -- -- Well I always knew that if I'm gonna marry -- I -- -- skydiving and there until you know you're entering free -- because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- women that dandie dinmont SP and sounds kind of lakes. I'm -- -- him I think he has hidden. That's awesome that's so what is this the beginning of a theme is this going to be a multi part series do we do it at the wedding do we do it above the earth. But what -- we don't hopeful we'll. No -- gas letting yeah. -- median honeymoons and NN but I think you know letting him that Ernie Bjorkman handgun and manga and dads and sap. -- didn't call while -- terrestrial weather and how quaint. Now that's terrific Robin and nationally again thank you so much for joining -- -- Sharing your story without some English in a very very fast that we got about ten amendments and an important factors -- -- -- -- -- I didn't really get that they're trying to got to leave it like it was more like seeing my own losing my mind Warren and you actually Ayman Al didn't. -- -- and then yeah. I'm not I think guys everybody got today's not only -- -- only -- it's also apparently the most common birthday. On the calendar it is actually my very best friend's birthday they know that. The least common birthday ironically we falls nine months earlier on Christmas Day -- when he -- To celebrate December 3 back. -- I just added. -- -- -- -- -- -- Officer Bruce Wayne what you're saying at a baby born today it's probably. A New Year's Eve you know how you -- Yeah yeah. Diana happy new year it's -- happy new year -- -- review and second yes or no nation were somber event it's Rosenberg sixty plus days. I'm Seattle's best coffee lover and he's never mind. On fall from the French toast. That's just is it ridiculous that so. Let us about him and -- doesn't come in and take -- -- That's good in his head wound and -- sort that yeah yeah yeah these are easy to make I love that fact I love learning something new everyday nobody. I think that makes sense yes I mean -- It's quite usually it's cold and a lot of parts of the quiet Christmas Day -- people actually. Counted out in and -- I don't want to have a baby at Christmas that's. And that's probably -- -- -- you know taxes it's like you know -- ideally the united get busy in March and that's -- -- and thinking you're not doing enough violence which is you know it's interesting. I'm born early July and I know what fourteen people with my flowers. Yeah and the six so. I'm seventh in my seat early -- -- see I'm telling you do everybody yes. I don't -- like so that works out to you first snowstorm my -- like October. I'm you start -- -- -- Halloween -- generally about how he's going out and it's the first log on the fire log on the piety. I almost -- it. It's not that's amazing night to make a happy birthday and everybody out there. And you all know who you -- -- -- Georgia back to the death something he has something new I don't know what this is actually do this it's really meta. You see what we're gonna do now is -- an update all the stories there's a lot happening. Across the country as we speak. So we'll stop speaking at least here we want to thank you -- for joining us thanks to Seattle's best for the -- days do you feel about. For helping us ring in national guacamole -- -- was actually I hated it -- -- that you are not exactly audience as well. At. 9 AME.

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