GMA LIVE (09.24.13)

Sam and Lara check out cool coin art and see video of a friendship between a dog and elephant.
17:20 | 09/24/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.24.13)
-- I know you're gonna get warmed up a lot of all right good good morning you guys -- you. My mom my. We're glad I thought Lara Spencer she was going the opposite directions though -- thinking it's is it possible that it's just me this is -- So. Is really this is really. Lonely. Here. Hi everybody. -- -- after the hot food -- -- compare we'll hear -- now come on come on come here. This is about that everybody come alive -- -- torturing her right now. This is a -- the one who makes everything go perfectly. During whether it -- on GMA do we have a Mike for her thank you. I have I have rot do you get in -- -- -- now announce that an outfit there are good morning that I think are right up to try to bail budgets -- -- I -- -- now now rise to move makes everything go perfectly. Kind perfect so perfect -- helper of the strong word at GMA. -- -- -- -- who's really in charge of the weather how do you feel about cold breeze petty who not reading hammering home you know out of hand not around the called -- never -- I really haven't. Seen any of this stuff on the show yet -- -- this could be this would be exciting hey did you guys see things like not. Did you guys -- -- were upstairs office it was all I'm telling you -- sometimes you know people outperform. And and they they don't really talk too much and some big stars -- like they're not conversational. The other kind of in whatever there in the zone their -- and they don't talk you very much in their people don't talk to very much and they just are kind of there to do that thing. He's guy. Eyes are fantastic and there are people are fantastic time and they -- are and they're just -- they're talking they're like hey you know we're talking them they -- the Nashville most of the time. Some of -- Brothers -- -- the cousin they had another cousin working with them cousin not show I think this that was out there were. Com and and so it's it's a lot upon what what do you -- your unity young demo validate their -- Yes it was quote reminds me of my -- here is because completely fell out things that we and that's always trying. Yeah so it's fun to see them on the -- in Times Square and. And there are huge deal everybody the first time on GMA and what an even playing now like five years so they've been together for at least on the give -- -- school. Through today and she lands that -- -- the big job like wrangling me. -- the weather team which is Max Max doesn't have a microphone. -- okay. First presented -- this job and hundreds of what originally yeah. -- -- -- Let us stand as a punishment know how -- I saw you where it's already elevator we're going relieving I was so excited group kings Leon and and. An -- turn right to come back down the studio and -- turns left to go back to the dressing right because they were in the hallway. Yeah I don't cent -- do you. Replace -- you alone and. I just went over the. I -- -- elated by -- use somebody that song I was I'm telling you it did not. -- that is one of the biggest things is not just today one of the biggest things the day but for me. What is incredible performances -- you get chills up your bio -- -- -- looking on is that the roof and I really. It was like a strange contemplate of life moment for myself Brett thought I'm so blessed to be in this job. I'd -- -- on one of my best friends nothing to us song that is like a personal pantheon. From a band that still with Cuba and I was like yeah. We're just saying nice like how -- saw an occasional how much they just wanna they want it they're up there it's cool I was following them down -- hallway and then they're like -- That's did you did you yeah game you've put became a grouping behind -- dead behind the CI despondent I just wanted to get a phone -- now. None back and I'm here at its GMA live hello everybody I'm sorry we're a little bit late I'm a little -- the party Saddam's Iraq -- did anybody not at -- assistant -- and Sam. Yeah -- like yeah it is. It was important for the job it was party interview her real name is Karen and I. -- no telling when you. This never so -- came and you -- worked with us a little bit as like public an internship position yet for awhile and -- won't. Okay now be honest because there's ginger and Darcy. And Max and -- I am right and so which ones nicer. You -- say that he has no reason relaxes and then it's -- -- Don't know much higher. Imagine -- guy that's all the graphics that sometimes luck -- Now they -- is seen. Did -- -- -- -- -- not that I'm trying to look like weather and other adults they don't sometimes that they don't look like whether we know they don't -- The rain is where the rain is the pattern is with the pattern what's strange sometimes they're shaped OK for all of you. All of you -- right who see dirty images. -- -- weather -- and -- your -- people. We're just telling you where the cold areas it's you'll order. Dirty mouth looking not today when he's healthy hasn't happened here on the net and around the -- Everybody knew what it -- Yeah yeah I know Nazi reuniting audience and her husband that you look like and it's -- dried on salado. We have we. OK that was that was before you got here yeah. -- wouldn't stop them. It was -- items up. Come out to -- and we have no other maps like we have no maps like Walden how to -- -- weather and it's like get the audience and ultimately all right you guys are all my weather map and and and I had you know tall people with -- -- and Al hunt and I got so -- the West Coast to look at. Happy and give me smiles because your sunny and everything is great. There I've been -- -- in the northeast it's a little chilly in the northeast and your call him -- -- Who in their -- -- -- are dissolved and its dropped out throughout. Below the belt region and other very unfortunate young woman who is in the wrong position -- I definitely not -- and yeah I could now. I'm bringing up for five minutes and yeah I was like. Running. You know I'm like hey that was -- look what I did have made the -- working Manila. And Larry and just cannot speak now they can't treat her like trying to inhale air the greatest thing ever and so they basically they tell me -- -- I don't get. And then Leon and then got it all right but he got it on Twitter. I'm socially just and -- -- everybody. Yesterday's -- -- was about Toby is -- real -- meaning that he's sending letters to people at every I think my concept art he's written two and 34 and we don't want. We got a letter tell -- writing hi Sam Dotson laughed. I don't have I don't know have you been to natural history museum right I don't. He loves it can you go to the statute governing -- what is it like living in New York by Tommy. -- Things aren't so natural history museum yeah I am sorry I -- -- -- -- good team leave. -- -- dinosaurs are Phnom come -- you might come -- and no matter how many of the banks are well -- oh yeah yeah yeah yeah so I thought. Fantastic. Please don't literature. Yeah. Like trouble whenever I see that the -- yeah. Corn -- -- -- going to be OK I. That -- had gotten anywhere they were they were a little like minded Lara yeah. Trouble oh and then what was the question of gas W liberty I don't ever in Kobe we love love love not -- -- -- the statue of liberty at night and I know you go to him. Fire at night. But I don't think you can I don't think they closed at work on what you can you -- -- -- that you can take a ferry. From lower -- -- is that islands and at night and see up close the statue of liberty and let me tell you we'll take your breath away that's it is an absolute. -- Young and then there are boat trips even their cruises that we'll go around it at night -- it is it's amazing to see. Turning to do this -- what we've been on the circle went the other a -- I think early on in. Eyewitness News early on Eyewitness News -- blew the -- and I go way back for those -- you. I appreciate your salmon -- stand at -- -- what kind of picture via my wedding have to show I -- The mining -- language and not -- weeks ago you were -- really yeah. Okay. And -- So -- -- -- -- so it asks actually agree I don't think you can actually climate I don't -- know is -- -- it's open to going to. Don't in the top. Cannot -- question when it like living living -- -- -- -- it's -- And yet I -- -- to us. Everybody everybody does it is it is the best. Big city in the world I gotta tell you there's a lot of great big cities I mean I -- Barcelona I love me some Rome. London's very nice stereos not to shabby -- who is freaking -- New Yorkers but to me just beats everything and everybody in the -- LA Toby yeah naturally -- -- you know what's amazing. LA's great but there's no place like home and this is -- million New York didn't thank you very American and I felt. -- you can get in touch with no relation -- Amanda yeah visiting riding to the world dot com worry also raises money for shelter box that's an international disaster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you want him. Did you want tickets have at the -- new. Whenever your company does -- -- my call to make you Cumberland comfortable. -- go for I get that to me -- -- the good and they've got a hot -- both -- we have an artist in Germany who has found a unique -- In which to paint points Andrew Levy says that point I'm massively -- -- reproduce. Cultures could he take money from across the globe and -- yeah. He's really into many paint everything from teenage me mutant ninja turtles. Nile virus to catwoman you can -- -- -- by visiting the project FaceBook page called -- who can not cool. And. Thanks he would never let up before the new accounting unit Ahmadinejad. Saying that better than mark. Better than I ever do. They aren't I -- I can't get. Not -- and you're not supposed does anyone -- -- -- the legalities of defacing currency anyone here any lawyers in the crowd now. Geithner and that is what is that and that and that's a little like Madonna and the nurse with an -- And I don't know. And I don't know. You just heard I guess it's not really understand I just -- -- promote everything yeah don't don't rush on the face on things. Do we have your -- actually yesterday I tried didn't mean replicate on Saturday it just wasn't the finale was the. Do you any favors because -- didn't take the tight shots of the the. Science from yesterday's head of the day -- this and I got good Ross I want you -- that allowed at the same way everybody else what happened. It -- sorry explain to -- out. I didn't want people that's seen that I'm not big but senate cannot -- -- -- yeah. And we did we get. I can't I do whatever the latest from the Murase here. Here's -- I don't think we make you feel -- not yet run right because -- -- I threw out this is a big competition day today Iran's I basically. The golden poppy Golden Retriever puppy play in the first snow -- -- and you know I actually -- depend on the gave them up. -- -- -- -- -- Telling everybody on the sent to come up with anything that's cuter than that. -- shot and puppy and raise stand with fourteen and it via and that's -- -- -- -- -- and Adelaide Adelaide -- like yeah Saturday. -- I would say the child with a ukulele. Eat away the fact -- there you add that my and that I had been broken yet and so I took myself out of the -- right who has the cutest. Story and I -- you know what I'm gonna go the other way and be a pig. And that's what I do about it well. It was -- would have worked rods now we come back to you he would have worked for us to -- -- -- -- that. So that I could see that's all I didn't elect satellite big month and cannot -- right and then I said something about getting neutered or you're going nuts -- not particularly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Atlanta I know that you know he basically said you know your -- your time. Yeah -- -- and not and that's not happening and yeah. So I want to. Yeah. He's like I don't know what other when -- and I thought you know it was. -- if you don't talk to your cat to catnip and well -- this is what I want this is what you yeah it might look like. -- -- The C a lot like lie at noon I didn't dogs free lap dance is an excellent yeah. I was told the -- tell. Us -- Usually the one who was going to edited so all of this this frustration and really. Yeah I don't think shall we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- use tellem I love you rob I know you're actually not responsible and I know everybody always made a million elements all I know is that I really wanted to. I I just after it was that -- after that that I went up to Georgia a Georgia as a reason I did that story. It's because I care about dogs and I it's all that neither he does know. -- dogs we have a pretty good competitor -- adult we have good US senator why isn't olive -- that's insanity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK. Yeah. How is this our -- of the day it's -- The dog had been you can try tomorrow -- been an honorable best friend. The unlikely Peter many. It Myrtle Beach safaris in South Carolina and spend most of their days in the wild I don't know watering hole like I don't know I -- is not great -- -- and I do want to -- mom were accused. -- -- -- -- I read how to shoot off again. I don't know I don't know I don't know what the weather video is honesty. OK so they're -- they're able. Thank you. I don't I just trying to justify -- actions to George. I -- -- talk to you need to understand I was trying to to a public star and ladies and gentlemen. Is this show closes you should know that this is a conversation I'll be having with -- -- all the wrong. 3 PM today I'll get a tax going but I just don't understand. No I don't know I don't know -- -- will be like best news the. Welcome as well -- -- I can't -- thank you so much lovely audience. OK. Yeah. Love.

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{"id":20356108,"title":"GMA LIVE (09.24.13)","duration":"17:20","description":"Sam and Lara check out cool coin art and see video of a friendship between a dog and elephant.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-092413-20356108","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}