GMA LIVE (09.26.13)

Sam, Amy and Tory reveal an exclusive deal and learn easy tips on how to throw a TV viewing party.
14:43 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.26.13)
Okay. Audience and by the way both larger -- I just want to say thank you to you because you guys were phenomenal and folks if you didn't see the big show. Just tell me how to find you online tell me how to find -- to shout it out -- again. -- -- You know EE. BR ED LEE Scott Bradley and remember the twist is the -- toward that it will continue its work two hours ago. -- -- Yeah. Amazing they are all morning that you've -- If if -- not if you're not the best at what you do I don't know anything about any and -- bringing jazz hands back and I were doing -- Here and then why isn't there -- supper club why isn't there a place where people can go have an evening and listen to music like like yours. And -- have a wonderful night that is like I've grown up night why can't. Well we're open to bring that back and we're actually going to be doing in New York show on October 6. The Mandarin bar or -- we will act in Ireland in the article at the table for Amy and and apparently there's a couple more mysteries he wants to come to stats yeah. We'll be able to on the corner thank thank you -- lots. It's no good here. We have what it looked like it -- it -- -- -- -- Which is why Duncan donuts sent over there you are -- how do you take your coffee yeah. You know I do like like a little bit of skim milk incidents when that you like yours is a straight call -- lack blast. Because I want a good B and I want I agree yes and then I just love the -- -- there's nothing like black coffee in the morning from and then look at these Donnan who we are Dunkin' Donuts giving her opponent and pumpkin high donuts. Do you wanna try. Seeing a horse you do I don't want to -- all on the what does that tell me that. That when you got a business of having this is -- and -- are you take the first I don't think the second best roads right -- yeah. The. Moment does that really pumpkin by -- that sell the -- sold guns. But so that it's not there. Oh my gosh I don't know how many calories are there yes not a continent concealed at first we haven't looked for an honor -- today Bob block. And now it's about Iraq and illegally and Jerry this -- in the flop like I can you imagine that -- didn't -- it's. All right -- we have Tory -- I'm worried we're Detroit got. Yeah yeah we'll deal. This is like I mean there's not. Our kids but but. When the danger of an all time I'll be honest America I'll tell you when it's not worth the danger yeah that thing right there where the danger. I have a candle -- rather have a delicious scented candle well that's how you lost all that amazing way to grant that's crazy I -- it's not seen any really look -- off. This thing's called a card -- so I know I when I go shopping. I'm like always fumbling snipers they're like -- do you have your rewards hard -- have this -- -- you have -- so I'm so excited to always had an and I never do you have a minute that's -- this alphabet prizes all of those -- Austria. Sits like a little thing that just you don't want your -- you can put credit cards -- -- -- good -- anything any. But especially all of those cards -- the idea beautiful they -- beautiful it's a great idea right here is that in the driver's license -- -- whenever argues the knows exactly put it right. Outside the club card -- -- -- -- -- -- the ties that stem is regularly twenty dollars and there's a huge assortment on let's take you to choose front. Slashed in half -- Annual Y yankees. Much like on how many times are you opening there at her -- -- -- -- I'm looking for those debit cards everywhere and I can never find is this exactly I want -- again by the way we guys depend and you to have all the that -- back because we don't carry any other. It's just -- It's true I don't care anything accurate but one credit card at an ID we'll ask him a job that we get about when you're out and they say do you have year how -- -- membership card elect now. But does and then he'd like age seven historic thing you can look it -- -- phone number and I never felt that that my home home office -- -- in -- -- -- your phone and you can't -- little behind nearly lady just paid full price and we'll bombs aren't funny -- -- -- -- my key -- then becomes this huge blob -- is like I mean it -- his own zip code to get them all those things like a few minutes really irritated that Eric -- -- party -- -- -- -- to just open another window and what you do. Go to Good Morning America that hot and you'll see on the deals pay all of these deals that we just haven't yet -- plus this excludes the one has offered just -- you think hey I. I was fascinated by the little bought the little the little thing you look like a pod but it's a vacuum cleaner and cleaner it has -- -- -- spot remover has every -- fascinated by the Israeli government is doing what he -- what is this. I had ever used. Good to -- but. His may -- yeah. Did and it became an insult the subway and I've got about a person who never -- -- -- the a lot of pop pop pop pop pop pop in it is -- little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really bring those upon the act zoning has always actually thinking that we -- Jennifer -- because it's just my. Many may yeah. Well I think in -- -- there's no I don't know -- How well I feel -- -- Bryant got a little pop backstretch and this is this is what we call cold greed so -- -- on the -- -- very real confident I'm really not good at best so. You can't wait. Can't -- can we go back to the top of the cult like and in the book Harry got right. Joseph -- saw several Pondexter. Have that is just left sleeve to look at -- And now this. Sara -- -- died she created this urgent bear center. New clients select their bare and then terror hands of those -- -- Hearts and closed while most of the -- it up on the arms of children some of her creations and -- and art gallery she says the bear center is not only spreading comfort. But raising awareness about recycling for that I -- brought Bob. Logs and claims more than 12100 bears have been placed in brand new homes each -- sent home with a prescription. For -- Daly played -- and the urgent. Bear center a place where. It's just many it has been on the island of misfit toys that they get they get all fixed and repaired and sent to new home -- -- -- you know about what this is really all about is this a place where you can take -- like you know damaged bears and get them now made up or -- they just have damaged bears they've salvaged from other places. It's mostly just damage bears that have been salvaged from other places that you can also take your fairy and -- -- discount because I mean obviously you know that's. Probably one of the other big benefits to you don't have to drop forty dollars per stuffed animal that they've the price of those -- in the -- DES. -- like that -- yes someone else is just really speak yeah I am not. Atlanta after all recycling thinks this week we just don't do enough -- that we have to do it you know we talk about all the time that it. I think like the powers that be think America got tired of it I don't think they did I think they still at any time we have a deals and steals item. That has some element of recycling some green good environmental think it sells like hotcakes and viewers ask for all the time so I think they do can't yet I don't want your charity show it with their pocketbook that they're paying for it. I've got because I mean I still as as much as everyone says hey hey everything's back everything's back look at all the bankers making money. You know we're still -- the money and we're still haven't had to do all that so I I think it's still a good thing. Eight Amy yes what we got up pat out of the day we have -- rescued puppy that. Are apparently hasn't strained concessions according to his owner -- he likes to chief -- depend light food dozens. On -- I would most like the -- from -- -- wouldn't be black and catching the rain that falls off the roof. You he's not biting into the air he's actually trying to catch the rain okay I -- imaginary business now. -- but it now. All of you all of you -- I -- I eighty I got I'm gonna get crazy hard core mail for this and all of you people who went off. There's a fine line between what's cute than what's just fraud. He lying catching the rain is just bought and how -- something off with that dog -- Got a lot of mare yeah the Phillies killer why does the navy's nurse -- Maybe the guy for hell yeah they are valid -- -- not like a little Villa a lot of. So dearly love a good party I didn't love -- -- good parties and there's nothing better than right now. When the TV season starts and delays and gentlemen do this for -- to tell you it's gonna change it's gonna change your neighborhood and change your life. How the party at the house of viewing party for show like scandal. -- Israel or betrayal the new and that's coming on Dancing With The Stars often we turn it into like a game -- shot glasses that you'll have to do. But to find out how to make it -- back to collect but the how to make it five Jennifer Jennifer. Police say your last name for me please the granting -- -- -- because I didn't want to get it wrong have come out of laboratory and we're -- so how do you. -- what what's the best way to set up a viewing party in your home. Well there's really three -- theme -- I'm serve Ellis Island and make it finally Jerry talked about with such classes yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- Texas found the -- ultimate viewing parties for Cheryl Burke. And families celebrate we love yes it's true lover Cheryl Burke. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sitting on top of the -- in my -- I'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this is watching tape have you ever heard -- -- are -- now having -- -- -- -- pattern tape that is removable and very quick to put on Iraq. So we dismay I found out a little -- and we -- -- when these vibrant real chickens on the trade and just let you know all of -- -- Clearly clearly that that's that's a plug but I think -- you know for Wendy's -- I think you've come up with a really good idea I mean when something is good as as good looking tasty is a flapper it is. You can just order a bunch of stuff from them bringing home put on a platter a USA a French Fries are how much -- Put him in Lowell single serving thing -- and Keenan on now on good -- Exactly and that -- that it doesn't take a lot of time -- money when you don't have to be in the kitchen fixing these neighbors going yeah all those darn neighbors come over again. -- brought -- after that I yeah. Exactly and analyze it and make it yeah. Head that can -- say oh -- -- -- a line what Honda. This new part of our scandal -- in the Summers they had to have the Y on the popcorn and that you have to be that popular thing I'm an African planner the I had. Something that you can just music by -- -- its best until that -- probably only army have a choice what did you. What did you do to make this -- I didn't get I've got an imported and then that's the whole point is making ending the Vietnam when I that was -- little ties to the front that kind of place and dinner and a -- Arlington. Not happy moment all -- -- and you look at the seven -- and -- those little tie it -- on our website would discuss this with an assist and that you can get all -- for free download and use them at your own party. So we have we've also given things creative names. There is all the -- -- have a leg cast member -- there that damage control cupcakes and I have all that. They are the latest gas so we have and we thought it would be cute to say -- and -- -- pictures of spitzer's office and delicious treat. Now and then we have an a from -- and flavors like and -- ally is dirty little secret -- you can't you. It's a -- -- -- what's our last viewing parties the modern family. Yeah. Well what a crazy one that's such a good. Good yeah I -- I had to play on the Phil's mustache and if you can -- sent back at such an easy thing to plan so we have. Actually -- -- station. You know that the beginning of the show how they always start with holding a picture frame and has a still shot -- -- -- -- is local idea pictures as great credit there you know. And I. They had just having fun props out arrogant and mustache pit -- clown noses. And again you Obama -- and look. It's always better with -- -- that's what you like that. They got picked up out of this it's easy to do here passing that around so you guys here don't we didn't give you anything because we didn't. They still here have some popcorn tell. -- -- -- -- Carrier yeah. Vendetta character and -- not evident that -- Love this whole idea my sister actually does this and cannot act and I'm -- the whole neighborhood gets together in the front yard. Honey how their little our snack -- act as they going to college mommy's not -- and then. They'll do something like have a viewing party -- You had a little bit advanced and I didn't feel so -- get exactly exactly so yeah thank you so much there and we find your website again -- hw T and dot com. All right hostess with the massive okay company fantastic do you guys thanking the audience. Yeah. -- looking through what Hillary does is upside down it is. Great yeah. It's complex it's much more -- -- yeah. I couldn't tell him. Arnold regular. But what is -- and we'll see you tomorrow all the big show that starts at seven and by the -- be right here every day and night we'll see you later but only the senate. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":20381334,"title":"GMA LIVE (09.26.13)","duration":"14:43","description":"Sam, Amy and Tory reveal an exclusive deal and learn easy tips on how to throw a TV viewing party.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-092613-20381334","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}