GMA LIVE (09.30.13)

Amy, Sam and Lara see a smart elephant and learn how to make pumpkin spice lattes year-round.
14:08 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.30.13)
Yeah. Okay. Well -- Partly protest -- there's nothing and he always no no. I think Darlene took off to get something from the -- asked Brown County. Something sweet -- something something good. -- can we say hello to the lovely folks in -- who were like completely. And. Young lady obviously a great school students. Can you tell me where this -- is from. We have from Atlanta Georgia Dunwoody high school -- come to me I'll tell all -- guys are -- -- students write your all. Kurds having guns and how much -- -- -- how many people have now said I never wanna do us all know -- well. Today again today to see -- and witness the black sand dam will say yeah. Thanks Denise -- Yeah there's this no this is what I wanted to know I really like oh yeah. If they find any -- And I said you know they they all do you guys all do broadcast at school right and you -- all. They take turns every morning being on the broadcast so when they -- -- my -- Amaral. It doesn't matter whether -- rebounding and possible and -- -- like the Josh. Josh is our -- are there. Are. All right -- now more welcome Dunwoody high school. As I can't -- -- and when there's another camera loaded up. Well what's your -- -- you're doing that Alex Alex I have. -- Alex is is not is the photography part of that what you're into he went on to myself I've always -- So you like unelectable in the video yeah. Amazing yeah I don't help but look I don't know where but I just want to say -- want to say Heidi right wing group Adam cameras we have here off. Let's come to CSI look I love to acknowledge that you hear -- and you -- -- at. Not. -- is not my mom. -- Some got some should be get started don't let the show and -- -- the -- -- breaking bad. No let's not talk about how to evacuate and not have -- have you seen I haven't seen in the three of us have not seen because we get a you have to get up really early so we DVR to go to -- apparently and down and yet. Every newspaper -- end up tonight so I think I might hot selling off play. The picture and now I know -- -- I still don't know yet but we did not saying this morning you know we do not credit. That we did like to point out all of you are literally -- calling it. For your whole star. Here junior Twitter to say that we didn't we didn't even -- -- -- very very clear not unlike -- of the newspaper. Ours and yeah all right so that is inching in and apparently -- -- -- Bridget Jones thing that was a big wow that there was another bond. Well also I will say though that to me this this was this was kind of created in a way to make it seem like we were doing something wrong that. And we weren't doing anything wrong because the premise of the book starts with when you get -- -- -- coming out right there's new Bridget Jones's diary book that comes when you get the book. He's already dead are usually aren't he's our he's already dressed and -- start with her being a widowed mom and except that I cannot -- -- also in the -- -- -- was interesting is that. This is all been released. From a publicity standpoint the eye and tell me right fielder wanted people know ahead of time again what the premise of the -- we set this morning it made it seem like I mean for -- a magazine like people like spoiler alert the. It was done and I was very uncomfortable isn't a spoiler alert really and I I think it's wrong that we. That we took that take in the peace to say it like it was a spoiler alert and that makes people mad -- -- when an angry over the long run home. I just great so I'm just saying that somehow when you see this show I don't know exactly what we're talking exactly. Anything else in the show that you -- was your piece was amazing oh my god got me the hard subject to talk about -- Seven years later and with all of the shootings we've seen since that I mean it's just everyone wants to get into the mind. All the people who. -- is horrific and unimaginable -- in the to think it was a father of three. A good man who was you know going to church every week with his wife and seemingly a -- Happy family homes and snapped in a moment and no one saw coming and even to this day his. And his family still struggles with a you know something -- -- Wednesday that his father. Charles Roberts Roberts mother does every Thursday and has for seven years to visit the families. Of the victims and she has never miss a week -- she is made it her mission. To keep these families in her life and let them know. How much she cares for supports my hand and there's a lot of nudity in the war the -- there is that you were saying that -- -- if -- you can -- -- -- that the families -- -- -- -- -- off -- gone down. Also. Caring for his handling can I tell a story and on I'll make -- quick but again. He's got Guzman got so she told me marine the her now her name is now Marie -- -- Roberts at the time. She was so worried about the press and shielding her children from the media we had all you know comment about small Amish town right not used -- all -- cameras. And -- be -- don't like to be photographed right it's it's against their traditions to have an image captured. Well on her way. From the church to the grave site she saw these throngs of media and she thought oh. Dear lord how -- gonna keep my kids. Out of the spotlight and all of a sudden she saw. A line of Amish who came up. And made a wall. -- Iowa and faced the cameras so that no one would take a picture of -- and her children going to. Grieve. Her -- lost husband the man who killed their children right and they stood there in a line in the walled community to protect her -- not -- -- I think you know these. Are you blew me away with that story -- -- -- are really almost couldn't get -- whether it was amazing isn't it beautiful think he's like that she was able to actually finally say. Would have been her heart for so long I mean it's not imagine living. And I said this so many other. Killers families who had nothing to do with the actual crime have to go and -- absolutely never hear from them again they literally have to go underground and moved she stayed in the same community. And never she's -- I never hear from my life. Because of the Amish forgiveness they pave the way to that my family could still have a life. After about an hour big -- -- credit. Card. Yeah. Back we have we cannot play today I -- -- are you are allow another planet then exciting. Instead of a party. To celebrate. Her 22 birthday Hillary sat -- opted to complete 22 random acts of kindness the New Jersey native did everything from giving blood. To leaving inspirational notes on car -- likely. Hillary finished her last eight listed one day taking ten hours and spanning five cities from Pennsylvania -- morally. She's a college nursing student she said it was the best birthday she ever had. -- making other people happy. Makes her happy and is what Israel rain I don't know I have SRI is an instant and asked them not battling the maximum pop means to describe that massive debt -- is it really great story. And is sure nothing makes you happier than you make someone else I'm gonna do rain administering them. -- -- -- Okay. We're. -- I was a little afraid yeah. I just it's just something god yeah I don't know no brainer. Like all. I think he Lara what's actually gotten actually had. The day and I believe we had a Saturday Beaufort. This from the Fort Worth -- I'm asking you weren't elephant named -- shot and her daughter bell we're enjoying some grooming -- as a wallet just up. When Russia decided to take. Matters into her own truck -- yeah. -- -- -- how anybody can -- myself I'm I'm doing fine snow look at things. I wouldn't have so Smart packages streets there behind the ears have been carrying -- me everything -- -- and then nominee then no luck. -- -- -- -- he had. You're not of course the babies like any other baby gone up not going back exactly I'm not I'm not gonna have happened that was nice guys we have a -- Another relaxed analyst -- where this is Stanley -- Bulldog. Was having a hard time staying away. -- -- -- landing gently at the same time you leave -- -- gala event got up well and everything up. Funny how we can't do the same thing. You're just -- -- name scoop. That is why my hardest moment the worst yeah were really. Feeling I'll ask you when your public but on a trainer at a plane unit yeah I I don't know I'm telling you could just when you falsely in the -- John. It looks at you like your free -- -- -- I know I just fell asleep the best time to sleep in the world for me right before the planes taking off. I don't know what it. But I act like a life. Yeah something about the vibration I was sitting there it's like a like sleep so good yeah yeah along I eighty I on good day I'm not -- -- We we hit the ground right right right. Just that hold them nine. I want to wait the Stanley sleeping bulldogs stay Lincoln's coffin yeah yeah there's a -- -- how many he decaffeinated howling on energy -- and I why. They lied IRA did I stare right at a -- yes yes -- warning -- -- -- plummeted giving us. Obsolete do you have a copy demonstrate just around here yes it is telling overnight and party in the -- what's the plan something well -- and. Lots going on pumpkin spice -- my name -- -- fall during. We can do these -- -- that we're telling me -- don't have to stand in line and get one yes so pumpkin -- is only around in the fall so. With just a few things that you -- your kitchen you can make -- year round which is really great. We also this is the DeLong EC sixty has an automatic cropping system. Whose latest push about it enemy you have perfect cappuccino models. Let's hear automatically -- -- does anyone. Yeah. I'm Huntsman and went -- and you guys wanna make our show the economy and I was -- -- treated all right by -- I personally don't they're let them do you don't want that we're here machine that's gonna spray OK OK so we're gonna unlock the -- Block important -- -- that they -- rocket and there really understand getting it -- delivers. Content lock it in -- -- and time again. You know. You must got it right there are -- and then we're gonna put that underneath here. That animals and hasn't so I can do you work for this company. I work with this company -- -- I don't variation and I understood power over recess last spokesperson Brad DeLong -- yes. So what do you do neck okay so now -- gonna go ahead and frothing milk mrs. got a real steam on and on -- so we can. Drop our own milk which is very very it's not dangerous and not eating an -- police. Yeah partially. What did you put in the years to make it we have something -- and just some -- -- -- -- Man it's gonna make it really until. Capita you know that one time a year do you make pumpkin -- everybody has pumpkin pie spice now you can use it. Every day and isn't pregnant alcohol milk -- off play happened I like pulled out but he didn't even eat whatever you want it makes it really nice and he loves you don't know yeah I think you're gonna blow it out with whole milk do -- in the coffee yeah. I don't I guess I. I'm -- a lot I -- that but it makes everything not that much and so much. Arena -- that big vitamin DOE vitamin. Yeah exactly. And not come out strongly can express so strength and Aaliyah -- -- we -- get as strong as you want as you can adjust it to however you want. You can see you got this really nice good Bono and -- and you can smell the pump. Wow now I'm getting -- TV news in the eye contact I have a question about -- next. Is when you put the phone in here when you do this can you draw like happy faces and make like cartoon bare in the things they do give it -- -- hearts and -- -- yet do. At home because I have absolutely I mean it -- we I have some. Videos you can on the -- website we have -- watch your videos that you can watch law but aren't happy that makes -- when you have lots ARD. I like that -- all attempted use them right now I don't know -- with the pumpkin in their makes a little bubbly but -- can give a little. And your little heart maybe got a look at. The that I see exactly what you guys are getting I can you tell I'm really wanting to -- aria. So really really simple and given to tell it it and not -- what our viewers need to now. Well it's really really simple the first thing you want to do when you want to make good copy at all this -- I don't know if I recommend really fresh coffee maybe go to your local coffee roasters -- fresh bagged coffee. Some kind of pressure reached speeds because that you make that's gonna keep the relief gimme flagrant and they don't -- at -- yeah if -- doesn't know if it's a pleasure to meet him when -- -- -- -- whatever. It is I'm getting great steps -- -- wherever wherever you get how -- -- that's all get that I would you. You act I really Garcia said yeah -- -- it really is Melissa is there is getting hot deck that's a nice way to and the Monday it sure NN Atlanta during you know I'm not calling. We've ever for thank you so -- got so much yeah. Okay.

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