GMA LIVE (10.02.13)

Josh, Linzie and Dan check out students' solution to help the daily life of a disabled teen.
17:36 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.02.13)
Fighting through it in any -- in any minute now this is all that. You know we might be seem yet -- -- didn't have not quite there. Not quite there should realize a couple of very special guest today the illustrious Dan Abrams -- Jury remains. -- and Lindsay Janice into Iraq. Let's let's take this opportunity -- to get to know Lindsay Janus -- I would like. -- made a comment on the show wanted and I. Always nice to you actually submit a comment about I'm Sonia Barrow -- Frank Sinatra. Possibly having -- you saying that. I saw -- -- I -- she might like to meet Thursday when I it's a very very shows I don't lightning. Are you -- I don't if there was Sutton. We -- media discussing. Publicly for the first time -- a long held the rumor that perhaps. -- -- it is not keep biological son of Woody Allen for a lollar. Booklet and perhaps it fitted. He could be the product. -- Comfortable that the eleventh airline with Frank Sinatra something new and it picture that you look at this guy and it's not -- it's -- -- and -- -- -- I don't know I'm just saying that. From an eyeball test that suggests. Yeah. I'm not the -- but the DNA test Brad and Nancy Sinatra saying they already treat him as part of that we not confirming right -- let's -- England's pianist part of the story. Right because so you're in the attacking her I don't know I am talking about please comment and apparently on what many many. Many agree with -- -- he is not. Hard on the eyes blue ground hazel. Yeah but -- -- see I mean come on. I guess what it would it's almost most fair and we can -- split the -- freeways and Woody Allen and Shanahan and and -- sort of applauding this similarity here. If he has Woody Allen the and in there it is -- but again. -- -- and -- saying either way it's not a bad deal I have a son of Woody Allen of the son of Frank Sinatra -- I don't view that -- apples to apples but nevertheless. The world committee for its. -- About one Dan Abrams sat which outraged Tony -- -- -- in regards to seven. And -- brings out we're -- bring us a news. And often attempts to counter intuitive and what do you say no I did not he believes that. -- -- -- Talk about whether. They'll -- racially split no split the cost to -- yes and I was saying that I thought that I don't have any problem. With the -- exclude costs have tired of these outdated. You know well the women's family pays for the wedding in the dark place and it cited study written and linseed -- just. That have been spent -- the whole why don't we talking. To Parse this it's are we talking about eating cheese immigrants isn't -- wedding -- maybe you. Management the big rock hallucinate that mortgage L I want I want -- how outrageous the housing stats you that. Women -- -- that ends just out for suggesting that just because that's out there -- My ring just gotten bigger -- is so. The entry level says -- and you can didn't send that bill -- and. I'm Dan Abrams yeah I think. You mean the most eloquent points and I just -- which is what which was which was. All the trauma of well I just you know it's like I'm sensing that this is going to be kind of social media outrage and apple anytime you -- I think a lot of underlines that we can we share. The miracle of childbirth perhaps we will -- the -- the I won't I won't point what did what it presupposes. Is that there has been. Discussions of let's get married and OK fine let's go to you -- reigning -- -- who will -- without. I don't know if they do I will say -- I I'm a big believer in. The surprise on the big believer and -- the middle of faith omelet. Actually I mean I always wondered who would actually -- not knowing the answer that the -- but. Gift for you can take several sad event again this. Symbolic -- right and then you can say hey you know let's get married for not -- -- to. Shopping together can't hurt and lovely I don't have -- not -- I want to let everybody. In traces all of the thought. -- the comptroller of yet he is you come down on the side of -- of who I come down the side of Lindsay loudly. I have to say that. I think what you're talking about wedding bands absolutely -- joining. Decisions and joint speaking about -- adventure play this is but he gave you bring. Our biggest -- summer we think it's a little tougher. What if the woman makes far more money than the man does that matter doesn't matter doesn't change -- He can sell all his belongings -- It also -- that's a different story if Nike. Afforded and what can't afford it simply thank you -- and then you can afford it. That you should be proposing to him with every tree or something. I just say on the wedding -- -- a bit more fair and wedding these days are ridiculously expensive and I don't think it's it's in all the -- now. -- -- many indeed and I was a little out there it is yet another tirade at a hospital yeah. Yeah. I'm willing to pay is while it shouldn't be parents anymore -- -- -- well. Okay and okay but let's say you know Serena is five she will. In theory get married one day standing -- right now I'm going to want to. It sounds like we're trying to throw half the traditions -- and out it's like. If tried to prolong life that I would let you -- international action to -- You know what I want I want -- happy if she's happy. And she finds a meets. But partner with -- who makes her happy and whom she makes happy then we can figure -- -- I politely. He's gonna make me very happy -- -- for the -- she's gonna -- and hopefully out and she's gonna -- ring and they're going to be very happy. Of his suburban steak house when he didn't look as if you are if you listen closely as Lindsay Janus delivers. Phenomenal pieces across the family of -- -- insurance. You may at -- -- they. We don't know we're going to -- -- dying -- it like I suppose she from like the middle of the Atlantic has sometimes it sounds like there might be like a little. Wait let -- out of other times when I don't. -- -- -- -- -- This evening at one point accent sounds like you've got an accent to you this is a similar accident so you just know don't know moved to London when you were right out of high school -- Went to college there and I just got back to the United States in America eight want to open so -- -- -- -- -- yeah -- thanks. What if you don't and I worked there I went to college there in my professors -- coming. Excuse that you have to think their checks and found no I think that's fine but it does not -- -- where not doing that. -- no no and -- and it's it has. Markedly decreased is here here and I was just wonder edit it into it but I think I just wanted people to them and I want -- they'll -- on an island there and I went. Oh my god you -- have -- home that. You want to let -- -- units -- existing fleet from America when you really I was ambassadors. Yeah Linda Egypt's everybody welcome this. And Danny -- the government here guessing that I don't get up I'm is amazingly enough to the legacy of both sides. Mr. -- news. How about a little canyon -- -- -- -- allotment I don't know doing. It doesn't -- have stumbled upon mutual we call extra oomph you know with its usual champion receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. But -- -- has -- he and his wife. -- now. -- created chance -- this very -- speaking announcement. You can kind of tell by their bases whose idea that. And it. And especially with Torre's tweet -- is can't believe she got me to take this pick but it's a blessing. -- -- -- -- -- Yes they would say in minister Thanksgiving and Austin Barry Joyce Smith great player and find find them. That's terrific that's good. Upset of the day lives of -- of the day heels on this program and usually -- Elias. And I can 910 hours -- is -- that without a tiny elderly and the Internet to al-Qaeda. What do -- have arraignment Sally I -- a dog with a bit confused percent of the mighty mark this pop and -- quite. Yeah. He -- -- don't give them. Real yeah. Spending time companion. News crews finish and didn't mean to. Talking like a pirate and through higher. I don't Traci I have to be honest -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this year I don't tell me what this -- high. -- -- that line from youth academy illegal alien -- and Ross is gonna make it -- this streaming yeah I don't believe that neither I love them. Well I don't believe them. You imagine living with this thing that I don't have -- Green leaves and barks incessantly. -- Only thing that. There's nothing wrong this guy doesn't cry for help -- -- -- parents and. -- the porch and outside. I'm by the way just so we have. Because surely getting the the other one ready to go it's Lindsey's first day comes I let -- -- it's creating yeah. But first this is. A wonderful story -- it's play of the day but really the play of a life about a team of college students. Who designed a robotic arm awkward teenager with special needs seventeen year old. He fought Steve. TD right there -- brittle bone disease makes it very difficult for him. To do things its -- turn on lights so group and engineering students from Rice University them. Houston Texas decided to step in and joining us now from rice BS -- And we'll be heated to detect these -- -- tech savvy. Folks I hope that are piled Skype works it works like one in three times to -- that Jimmy and the mission -- -- joining us more to talk about. Com. And that's gonna start with you. What a beautiful thing you have done -- Well let it all started. In freshman science course come the fall of 2011. We were assigned to -- in projects. And skis are project was he reaching here -- From -- hospital. And we went through a lot of -- or ringing and not at into the date. He had a lot -- between friends solutions and the robot arm was was -- -- solution that would. I -- most independents and soft -- So all order designed for -- area -- We were seeing footage ever right now -- And how -- how much how much women didn't. Talks with -- about what he would need in what you guys would have to specifically tailored for. I mean we definitely met with them a couple times -- or even started seeing anything. You an idea of what not only do you want -- but also what is parents -- and we're gonna make sure everything's -- kind of been -- and -- normal life salad nothing that remains. Kind of dinner today and he brings the reader remember the poll has -- -- So -- economists have you spoken to Andy about how this has changed his life what -- what he's doing now but he couldn't before. Absolutely you know we've we've got to ask them hunt for feedback mostly but. And he's told us a lot about how this will help them and gain more independence especially since he's going to college. And not it's it's just amazing to hear those things -- and what we're doing for and that's pretty good. How did you meet. So it. -- like -- that is part of our freshman cannon designed course one of our professors. And doctors Saturday she is. Personal friends -- d.'s decision -- hospital. So we kind of -- and Anqunette connection. -- the reason I ask is because it's just that seems like such a terrific thing that. To be able to -- to link you guys up you know people -- -- and capable as you guys are with someone who can really use that kind of expertise to be great if more schools across the country we're doing just that. -- Its -- to watch this video is stunning and I can't imagine if you know it's what I guess everybody wants in the end it's just freedom. So. Matthew. And the mission I can't think enough can we can't -- -- community health that is as a beautiful thing. He -- know you didn't do it does make you can thank you. Now you have a -- -- dominated -- something gets yeah yeah. Expect people. -- mandate there town you know this is bittersweet day here on our program. Because is this is not easy. -- you wrangling us right here especially at this time of the day we aren't usually at 9 AM. The public just terrifying -- over caffeinated. We have been going a million miles a minute for a couple hours every morning and we stopped -- we do this show each and every day and it is. If -- -- you have to work with folks like me incredibly thankless and yet are producing staff. We'll see it yet elusive and to -- We're losing our heart and soul producer. So much. You're. It and I want to -- on behalf. Everybody that it has joined us but I know especially. For the game is here Dana and AMI and you just do such great stuff I mean and I think -- -- money to hold people can hear me. He's agreed to -- message out of -- -- and dissent -- and I'm the I expect representatives the senate that. Because if you know what's -- is. How often we just cannibalize this show for GMA especially the next day. And how much content you just have to provide. What's it been like. Well. It's -- is you get to meet guys like these -- university students you know when you're out there looking for content also collecting dogs into the night -- no -- -- that's real. That's it I'm it is an honor that I really intravenous -- days I knew that -- but maybe -- you know. Frank had been taking over Tracy -- to get get to the dug in here not threatening. Get a book and -- and I know that you two worked hand in hand. Sam we're gonna miss you so much you really have -- easy for -- team to -- back a bit. And focus on other things so thank you we're gonna miss you at times and that left -- that other place you're gonna. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I see that we have essentially why don't you tell me that's our part again -- this is apparently embarrassed when you need to four ruling came in you know. Yeah he's extremely rare ping pong balls and all the drinking games the human -- I was at this. And -- specially branded yes you know near beer soda pop and the like. Appear awesome thank you -- Los Angeles. And should not music legend -- I've played a good we will see you. All -- not an AM funds. We're gonna dig and where you need and we'll see you tomorrow morning thanks a lot. A.

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